Hot Summer Housework with Mom

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“C’mon Big Guy, it’s almost noon! Are you ready to do this?!”

“Ugh, Mom, I’d rather do just about anything than this.”

“Oh it won’t be so bad,” said Mom. “A few hours of hard labor, and I will be forever in your debt.”

“Really? Forever in my debt?” I teased. “Hmmm… I do like the sound of that. How will you ever repay me?”

“I dunno – but I’m sure you’ll think of something,” she jibed. “Now grab those Hefty bags and let’s go.”

As I followed my Mother toward the ‘storage room’ at the end of the hallway, I couldn’t help but smile a little to myself. Yeah, it was indeed gonna suck spending a beautiful July afternoon clearing out and organizing the avalanche of junk that had accumulated in that small room over the course of 15 years. That’s how long Mom and I had lived together in our modest two bedroom house. A house she bought (with lots of help from her parents) after divorcing my alcoholic father when I was just three years old.

For 15 years, our ‘storage room’ as we called it, had been our repository for all of life’s odds and ends. If we didn’t want to throw something away – but didn’t know what else to do with it – into the storage room it went. Now however the small room was nearly filled from floor to ceiling, and Mom had determined that we were going to wrestle it under control before I left for college next month.

But there was one very silver lining to this whole situation, and my smile broadened, as my eyes roved up and down my Mother’s petite form, coming to rest on her shapely derrière. Beneath the taut, black fabric of her yoga pants, I could clearly make out the tantalizing triangle of a lacy, hot-pink thong. Yes, for the next 3 to 6 hours, I was going to have a first-class, unrestricted view of the tightest, hottest little ass I’d ever seen. The ass I’d fantasized about countless times in perverse masturbatory ecstasy. The ass that belonged to my sweet, beautiful Mother.


“Ta-Daaa!” she exclaimed swinging the door open wide, and turning back to look at me. Fortunately, I’d become adept at anticipating such sudden movements, and managed to avert my eyes from her ass just in the nick of time. “Hey what are you smiling about?” she looked at me quizzically.

“Oh nuthin’… just thinking about all the ways you can pay me back for this.”

“Oh-ho really?” she chuckled. “Well if that’s the case, then you’d better earn your pay Mister. And I’m gonna work you hard. Real hard. Whaaa-cheeee!” she made a whip-cracking sound, snapped her wrist and smirked.

I laughed a little nervously, as I felt my penis begin to swell ever so slightly.

The ‘storage room’ was really just a large walk-in closet – approximately 10 feet deep by 6 feet wide. A single 100-watt bulb illuminated everything from the center of the ceiling. The 3 walls were each lined with shelving from top to bottom. These shelves were stacked full with old cardboard boxes of various shapes and sizes. Most of them had been put there when we first moved in, their contents long forgotten. It was between the shelf-lined walls, where the real problem lay. Layer upon layer of boxes, bags, clothing, toys, tools, sporting goods, and bric-a-brac of all kinds. This mass of precious refuse filled the floor from back to front, and rose nearly to the ceiling. Yep, we sure had our work cut out for us.

Surveying the situation, we quickly devised a goal and a plan. The goal was to have the floor cleared out completely – so that we could walk freely and access all the shelving, front to back. Beyond that, our secondary goal was to go through the boxes that occupied the shelves, and determine what could be jettisoned, and what must be kept.

Down the hallway, in the living room, we would establish 3 piles: stuff to trash; stuff to donate; and stuff to keep. The keeper pile would ultimately be returned to the newly organized shelves. As the trash and donation piles grew, we’d bag things up in preparation for their final destination.

We got down to business just about noon. The work went smoothly early on, and I have to say, it wasn’t so bad. It was actually kind of fun. Mom’s bedroom was just a few feet up the hall from the closet, and that served as our base of operations. In her bedroom, we had a couple tall glasses of lemonade. We had Mom’s radio pumping out some classic rock. And most importantly, in her bedroom, we had air conditioning! After all, it was late July in New York – and that means 2 things… heat and humidity.

Of course, we both knew that, and had dressed accordingly. I wore some light-weight grey cotton gym-shorts. No underwear. I knew my balls would be sweaty enough as-is. On top, I wore a simple white tank-top undershirt – a ‘wife beater,’ if you will. Mom too wore a more feminine white tank top – or camisole, with delicate ‘spaghetti’ straps. The cami’s thin fabric did little to mask the pink lace bra she wore underneath – apparently a matching set with her thong. Nor did the sheer lace of her bra, do much to hide the dark, prominent nipples that topped her perky B-cup breasts. Damn, my Mom did look fine!

She kept up a steady stream of chatter as she pulled items out, handing things to me and telling me which pile to place them in. Most of the top layers consisted of her old clothes. And to her credit, Mom was almost ruthlessly determined to make progress. And I was happy to watch her as she’d bend forward presenting her marvelously shaped little ass to my eager vision. I found that as she bent and flexed, the already thin fabric of her yoga pants would stretch and her golden skin would become more visible beneath – revealing the perfect spheres of her butt. I was mesmerized by that pink lace thong. My eyes following the thin strand of fabric as it disappeared into the mysterious paradise between her butt cheeks. And I promised myself that I would find that thong after my Mom changed clothes – and I would inhale her sweet musky scent.

A couple hours passed, and we’d progressed about two-thirds of the way toward the back of the closet. But that New York humidity was causing us to work up quite a sweat. My Mom is of Italian descent. And she has the wonderful olive skin of her ancestors – kissed by the Mediterranean sun. Now, in that midsummer afternoon, her luminous skin was aglow with a fine sheen of perspiration. Her dark brown hair was pulled up high in a pony tail, but a few loose strands of damp hair clung to her shapely neck. And her white camisole had became translucent across her back. All I could think about was how much I wanted to lick the curve of her neck; to taste the sweat from the small of her back; to follow the contours of her body with my tongue.


“Whew!” she exclaimed, “I’m sweating like a pig in here! Why don’t we take a little A/C break?”

“Anything you say, Boss.”

Standing in her blessedly refrigerated bedroom, we drank our lemonades and chit-chatted for awhile about the progress we’d made, and what still needed doing. As we spoke, I couldn’t help but notice the effect that the A/C was having on her nipples. Try as I might to avoid directly staring, my eyes were irresistibly drawn back to those two lovely, prominent protrusions. And, because we were standing more or less face to face, my mother couldn’t help but notice the direction of my involuntary glances. A slight smile played at the corner of her lips.

“Damn, this A/C feels good!” she said, turning and stepping toward the mid-sized unit positioned on her window-sill. With her back toward me she bent at the waist, leaning forward until her face was mere inches from the vents pumping out that icy goodness. She took her time, and I reveled in the wonderful sight of her up-turned ass, and crotch. My cock, which had already been in a state of semi-hardness for the past two hours, now awoke with a renewed vigor. As blood rushed to fill my member, I marveled at the sight of mom’s black tights, clinging damply to the well-defined cleft of her labia.

She raised her torso just a bit so that the vents were now blowing directly down her neck, chest and tits. Again, she took her time, making soft sounds of pleasure every so often. Then, still leaning forward, she hooked her thumbs under the waistband of her yoga pants, and folded the elastic waistline down her hips by about six inches – revealing the top few inches of that lacy thong – just before it plunged into her ass crack. She looked back at me over her shoulder, and said coyly, “I hope you don’t mind my underwear.”

“Um… no… not at all, Mom.”

“I didn’t think so,” she said knowingly. Turning her back to the A/C unit, she raised her shirt so that it hugged her ribcage, exposing her back to the cold air. She raised her arms, crossing her wrists behind her head. Her armpits had apparently not seen a razor for some time – and were sporting a dense, yet delicately feminine crop of fine brown hair. With her eyes closed, her head tilted back, and her lips parted, Mom was the perfect image of beautiful bliss.

She held the pose for a good leisurely length of time, turning ever so slightly this way and that, and coo-ing quietly with satisfaction. The close-encounter with the A/C moment earlier, had taken her nipples to the next level – making them longer and harder than I’d ever seen on her – or any woman! Like twin turgid torpedoes, Mom’s nipples protruded against the thin lace mesh of her bra, and darkly stretched the white cotton of her tank top. Each nipple had to be nearly an inch long, and easily a half-inch across. “Ohhh fuck… this feels so fucking good, she groaned sensuously.”

Opening her eyes languidly as if returning from a dream, Mom looked at me. I had been wiping my dripping brow with the bottom edge of my tank-top – so my abs were exposed. And my dick was now nearly fully erect, trailing down my left thigh and straining the fabric of my shorts. Mom’s eyes roamed at will across my shoulders, arms and chest. Her gaze lingered on my abs and dipped down to rest on my prominent package. Her eyes widened slightly, and I heard a small gasp escape her lips.

“Oh my goodness – look at you!” Mom’s voice sounded a bit unsteady. “My son the beefcake. You look like you should be posing for a calendar… ‘Young Studs Doing Housework – 2013 Edition.'”

“Ha-ha very funny, Mom.”

“Hey,” she replied, “no fooling… I’d buy that calendar. And so would all my horny old friends.”

“Mom, you and your friends aren’t old.” Mom was in fact 43.

“I never said I was old. I said my friends are old. And they’re horny. Me? I am completely ageless… and horny too.” She laughed musically. “Now come on stud. Fun time’s over, lets get back to work.” She stepped forward to pass by me – more closely than necessary. Resting a hand lightly on my shoulder, she turned so that her left breast brushed firmly against my right bicep. I could feel her hard nipple dragging across my skin. Then her right breast, and nipple… hard, pressing, dragging even more slowly. Again I heard a faint gasp as she drew in a sharp breath of air.

We did indeed have more work to do, but ‘Fun Time’ was far from over. In fact things were going to become more fun than I could have possibly imagined.


For a while, we were able to put our inappropriate interlude behind us and attend to the task at hand. Another hour and a half passed, and we continued to make good progress. But it is undeniable that we were slowing down. It’s as if we were losing focus; losing the ability to concentrate. Perhaps it’s because we were beginning to focus more on each other. We were now deep toward the back of the closet and working shoulder to sweaty shoulder. Brushing, sliding, and frankly, rubbing against each other almost continuously. It became impossible to say how much of that physical contact was unavoidable – and how much was intentional. As time went on, I think we clearly shifted from the former to the later. At one point, I even felt Mom’s fingers delicately caress the length of my shaft – inadvertently, of course.

It’s safe to say that we were both functioning in a state of high-arousal. My penis continued to strain against my grey gym shorts. And my dear Mother seemed to have lost the ability to concentrate on anything else. No doubt, the single over-head bulb delineated each ridge and bulge of my manhood in sharp relief. And the fact that I was wearing no underwear certainly added to the effect. Mom’s eyes seemed inexorably drawn to my crotch. She was constantly running her tongue over her lips, brushing strands of hair back behind her ears, and ogling my engorged member. And, as if to ensure that my that member remained engorged, Mom’s postures and poses became more and more self-consciously provocative – like some primate in heat presenting herself to the alpha male.

Yet, somehow, we pressed on, and eventually, we managed to clear just about all of the debris from the floor – save for a few boxes. Mom actually got down on the floor – on her hands and knees, with back arched, ass up-turned and knees spread – ostensibly to examine the contents of one of these last boxes. This pose (aided by that 100-watt overhead bulb) caused her tights to be stretched so thinly, I could make out the entirety of her pink thong as it spanned the full length of her crotch. I could even see where the thong split her labia – pushing her fleshy lips to either side. And, remarkably enough, I could see precisely the dark nexus of her anus poised provocatively beneath that thin lacy strand.

She was looking back over her shoulder and saying something to me – but I had no comprehension of what it was because all the blood had rushed from my cranium and surged directly to my now rock-hard johnson. Mom stood up and took a step back. But her heel caught the corner of one of the remaining boxes, and she stumbled a little backwards to me. I held my ground to help steady her – the end result being that her buttocks came to be planted firmly against my raging, hard-on.

Neither one of us moved. Maybe Mom was still unsure of her footing. And I sure as hell wasn’t going anywhere. Then subtly, she shifted her position so that my downward pointing erection now pressed directly into the crevice between her ass cheeks. Still she didn’t pull away. Instead, I felt her push back against me even more, pressing my erection deeper into her crack. “Wow,” she said at last. “Is that a bottle of water in your pocket – or are you just happy to see me?”

“Um, no Mom. That’s just me. And I’m always happy to see you. Sorry though,” I said sheepishly. I don’t know why I felt the need to apologize – but at least it was something to say.

“Oh, Honey – no need to apologize. It’s fine really. These things happen sometimes.” Neither one of us had broken contact, my dick continued to press into the depths of her ass crack. She continued, “It actually feels… really… good. I haven’t felt a man like this… in such a long time.”

Hearing her say that broke me up a little bit. The realization hit me hard. My Mother was a beautiful, vibrant woman with wants, needs and longings of her own – all of which had been unfulfilled for so long. “Mom,” I stammered, “we could… I could… maybe we could…” I didn’t know what I was trying to say. But I think Mom understood the gist of it. She gently dis-engaged her ass from my erection and turned to look at me with tears welling up in her eyes.

“You are so sweet, my Son,” she said softly. “I’m flattered that I can have such an effect on you. You make me feel very… sexy when we are together.”

“Mom you have no idea what you do to me…”

She cut me off… “I know Baby. Believe me. I know what I do to you. And it’s not fair to you, really, I know. And I’m so sorry honey. It’s just that… one moment, you’re my little boy, my beautiful son… and you always will be. But then the next moment, you’re this gorgeous, total hunk of a man – and I feel so confused sometimes. And – especially lately – I just have these urges… and I don’t know what to do…” Her voice trailed off, her thought left incomplete.

She stepped away seemingly to turn her attention back to the boxes that lined the shelves. Shifting the topic a bit, she asked, “You… are a man now… aren’t you, Honey?”

I knew exactly what she was asking me. “Yes Mom, I am a man – if having sex is what makes a man – a man.”

“I knew you were. You have that kind of self assurance about you. Who was it with… Monique?” She removed a box from the shelf and was poking through the contents absentmindedly.

“No Mom it wasn’t Monique. It was Beth. Remember her?”

“Beth!? Really? That long ago? Of course I remember her. She was so sweet! Oh I liked her. Such a pretty girl. And… were you her first as well?”

“Yes Mom. I was her first.”

“Well Beth is a very lucky young lady.”

“What? Why do you say that?”

She turned to look at me. I could see the emotion in her eyes. “Just because, you are a very caring, and special young man. And any girl would be incredibly fortunate to have you as her first.”

“Uh okay – thanks I guess. What about you Mom? How was your first…”

“Let’s just say – I wish I’d had someone as special as you for my first time.” I could tell from her tone that this was not a topic she wished to expand upon. And sure enough, she quickly found another topic, pulling a box from a lower shelf, and lifting the lid.

“Oh my God – I remember when you drew this picture!” she said, smiling and holding up a child’s crude but cute depiction of two people – one large and one small. “You drew a picture of the two of us on your first day of kindergarten.” The words were barely out of her mouth before the tears started streaming from her eyes, and she covered her face with both hands to hide the sudden sobs that wracked her body.

“Oh Mom, come here.” I enveloped her in a big warm hug, and just held her, letting her cry out her emotions with her head buried against my chest. After some time, the sobs subsided and she lifted her face to mine.

“I’m so sorry Honey. Oh God, I’m such a mess. You must think I’m crazy or something… It’s just – I think it’s really starting to sink in how much I’m going to miss you when you go away to school.”

I continued to hold her and hug her. And as incongruous as it may sound, my cock was once again growing fully hard and pressing against her groin. And Mom – bless her, she didn’t pull away at all. In fact she pressed her pubic region right back against mine – as if she craved the same kind of intimate contact that I did.

I kissed the tears from her cheeks still holding her tight. “Mom, don’t worry, I’m only gonna be two hours away. I can drive home every weekend, and we can hang out like we always do…”

“Sweetheart, as much as I may want that – and believe me, I do… I want you to become your own man at school, and make new friends, and go to parties and experience new things… and you can’t do all those things if you are here with me every weekend.” Mom then gave a none-too-subtle grind of her pelvis against mine, before taking a step back and looking down at my swollen package. “And, most importantly, you need to find a new girlfriend who can help you tame that monster in your pants!”

We both laughed a bit, and the storm of intense emotion seemed to have passed as quickly as it had arisen.


Mom once more turned her attention to the boxes on the shelves, opening some and peeking half-heartedly inside. “You know… it happens with women too,” she said somewhat cryptically.

“What? What happens with women too?”

“That kind of thing,” she said nodding toward my perpetually tumescent member. “Sometimes our bodies do things that are beyond our ability to control. It’s just usually a bit less… obvious… with us ladies.”

“You mean like when your nipples get hard?”

“Well yes… that would actually be the most obvious example. But there are other things that happen as well. Less visible things. Of course, you being an experienced man, no doubt know all of this already.”

“I’m sure I do, but I’m still curious to hear what you have to say.”

“Okay,” she turned once more to face me. “In the same way that blood rushes to your penis causing an erection – whether you want it to or not… The same thing happens with us. Blood flows into our vulva, filling out our labia – our lips become… flushed… and our clitoris… it becomes swollen and hard – just like your penis.”

As she spoke, my eyes trailed down her front to the wonderful cleft between her legs – accentuated so perfectly by her thin tights. She leaned back against the shelves, her hips thrust forward. Looking closely, and aided by the glow from that light bulb – I could indeed see the well-defined shape of her full labial lips – spread to either side of her thong. And more than that, I could make out the pronounced ridge of her clit.

Mom made no effort to avoid my probing gaze. In fact she spread her legs ever so slightly and continued, “And then of course there’s the whole issue of lubrication… wetness. I’m sure you know all about that though.”

“I know at least one thing… how much I freaking love it!”

“Haha – yeah you and every man – believe me! And women love it too – everybody loves a wet pussy!” She laughed a little before continuing, “So you may also know that a woman doesn’t always have control over when she gets wet, or where she is when she gets wet, or even how wet she gets. Sometimes it just happens all on it’s own.”

Hearing my Mom talk like this was getting me so horny. “I imagine that could be quite… distracting, Mom. But I tend to think of things like that – erections… wetness, all of it – as our body expressing our deepest, truest feelings – no matter how awkward or inconvenient that may be sometimes.”

Mom casually ran her eyes over the length of my straining member, while I continued to focus on the delightful view she was offering of her camel-toe. “You may be right about the ‘deepest, truest, feelings,’… And you are definitely right about how distracting it can be. Sometimes it gets to the point where it’s practically the only thing you can think about. And all you want to do is get some kind satisfaction… some kind of relief. I’m sure you know what I mean right?”

“Absolutely, I do.” I stepped closer to her. “Is that what you need Mom… some kind of ‘relief’?”

Our eyes met, and her eyes told me everything. They were saying, ‘Oh fuck yeah – I need so much fucking relief… and I need it now!’ But for reasons of her own, Mom didn’t express that sentiment. Instead she stood up fully straight once more and turned her attention to the boxes and the shelves. “I’ll tell you what I need relief from… this miserable humidity! Did it just get really hot in here or what!?”

It’s true, the air had become very still, very heavy. It felt like a thunderstorm was approaching. We were both covered in a slippery layer of sweat. “I know – right!” said I. “Shall we go take another A/C break?”

“I’m afraid if we take a break now we’ll completely lose our momentum.”

“Mom, in case you hadn’t noticed, we lost our momentum at least an hour ago!”

“I know – but look, we’re so close to finishing – let’s just keep going.”

“Alright Mom.” A small amount of frustration was no doubt evident in my voice. I was hoping for another air-conditioned nipple extravaganza.

But Mom had other ideas. She turned her back to me, lowered her head and lifted her pony tail with one hand, while she fanned the back of her neck with the other hand. “Could you just do that for me a little bit? You hands are so nice and big… so good for fanning,” she laughed a little nervously.

“Sure, Mom.” I moved my hand rapidly back and forth behind her slender neck creating waves of cooling air to sooth her sweaty skin. But honestly, this bored me. All I wanted to do was kiss the sweat from the back of her neck. I stopped the fanning, pursed my lips, and blew a steady stream of air onto her neck and shoulders.

“Oooo – I like that! Let’s have some more of that please!” Happy to oblige, my beautiful Mother, I continued to send a cooling, steady stream of air from my lips to her neck, behind her ears, across her shoulders and down the center of her back. Mom actually shivered a bit with a chill and I could see goose bumps on her flesh. But she was loving it, and to let me know it, she kept up a continual non-verbal monologue of Oooo’s, Ahhh’s and Ohhh’s.

Now this was getting to be really fun. I crouched down behind her, my pursed lips inches from that mesmerizing thong. I blew my cool stream onto the small of her back and the top of her ass. She let out a delightfully girlish squeal, arched her back, and pushed her buttocks backward toward my face. I took this as a green light to keep going. And so I did – directing my air stream across both cheeks, then right down the center of her ass crack to the very depths of her damp crotch.

“Oh God,” she gasped, “you are so damn naughty. That must be why I love you so fucking much!” With that, she clasped both hands to her ass and spread her butt cheeks wide while I continued to caress her most intimate areas with my cool breath.

After a few moment lost in the joy of this sensation, Mom straightened up, turned and said, “Now do my front… and then I’ll blow you.”

My eyes grew wide, and I cracked a broad grin. “Wait! That didn’t come out right!” she exclaimed, laughing.

“I dunno Mom, it sounded just fine with me,” I jibbed. “I mean, it’s pretty kinky, but hey, if that’s what you want to do… I’m game.”

“I’m sure you would be, you little horn-dog. But you know exactly what I mean. Now go on… you do me and then I’ll do you. Make with the air, Mister!” She leaned back against the shelves, tilted her head back, closed her eyes and raised her arms above her head. I leaned in close to my Mother, and blew gently, steadily onto her neck and collar. Then moving down to her lovely breasts, I increased the pressure of the stream as it passed back and forth over her fleshy nipples. Mom squealed in delight and stuck her chest out further.

But I could not forget about her downy armpits. I blew softly on one exposed pit, as she sighed gently. Then without thinking, I leaned in, extended my tongue, and licked her sweaty pit slowly – from bottom to top.

“Whoaoo… what the?.. where did that come from!?” she exclaimed.

“Sorry Mom, your pits just look so cute and tasty, I couldn’t help myself.”

“Well… no harm done, I suppose. It just surprised me that’s all, honey. So… how do I taste?”

“Mom, you taste fucking delicious.”

“You’re damn right I do, Baby. I do taste fucking delicious. Now don’t forget to do my other pit,” she smiled.

‘My God – how I love this woman!’ I thought to myself, as I leaned over and blew on her second pit. Once again, but more slowly and deliberately, I licked up and back down my Mom’s hairy, salty armpit.

“Mmmm… that feels so nice,” she intoned softly. “My Son, you are one very kinky fella aren’t you.” It was more of a statement than a question.

“Mom… you have no idea.”

“Well now you’ve got me all curious.”

“Okay, stay tuned, Mom,” I replied mysteriously, not really sure what I even meant. I continued to blow on her breasts and nipples, as I looked at her face. Mom was clearly in a state of arousal, her face flushed, her breath shallow, her ruby lips wet with saliva. She was alternately looking me straight in the eye and looking at her own proudly protruding nipples. Then she did something I could never have anticipated. Mom cupped both breasts in her hands and lifted them up so that they stuck out even further – her nipples pointing toward the ceiling. She then began blowing on her own nipples – even as I continued to do the same. Back and forth in unison we went – bathing her incredibly prodigious buds in a double stream of cool air. Suddenly Mom jerked her head back and inhaled sharply.

“Okay, okay, okay Baby! Cool your jets.” She paused as if to catch her breath. It was clear to me that Mom had been on the very brink of something intensely pleasurable – simply from having her nipples blown on. Oh what an incredible woman!

“It seems I’m not the only kinky one in the house, am I, Mom.”

Echoing my words from a few moments ago, Mom replied, “Baby… you have no idea. Where do you think you get it from? Now do my belly.”

Obeying her directive, I lowered myself to my knees and folded up her camisole, exposing her lean abdomen. Blowing in an expanding spiral, I worked my way out from her belly button, to her ribs, her hips, across her pelvis, down one thigh, and back up. As I crossed over to her other thigh, I slowed down and blew directly onto her pussy. “Mmmmm,” she responded, pushing her pelvis forward and spreading her legs ever so slightly.

I blew down the length of her shapely leg and came back up via her inner thigh. When I once again reached her pubic region, I simply stayed put, blowing a strong constant stream up and down her labia and clitoris. “Ooohhh, Baby, that’s so fucking nice.” I could see her pelvic muscles tensing. And her groin was rocking to and fro – almost imperceptibly.

I moved a bit closer and concentrated my stream directly onto her clit. I could tell that she was heading straight toward orgasm, and by God I wanted to take her all the way there. “Unnnggnnn,” she groaned. “Oh fuck… oh fuck Baby, oh fuck… okay that’s enough – that’s enough!” She pushed my head away gently and stood up fully. I stood up as well.

“What’s the matter Mom – are you okay?”

“Yeah… yeah I’m fine, I just felt very light headed all of a sudden. Must be this damn heat!”

“Mom… you were about to have an orgasm – weren’t you?”

After a good pause, she replied simply, “Yes.”

“So why won’t you let yourself cum!? You know I would love to do that for you! You wouldn’t need to be embarrassed. It’s a beautiful thing, Mom.”

“You are right Baby… it absolutely is… a beautiful thing. And you are such a beautiful man.” She caressed my cheek lovingly, looking deeply into my eyes. “But I just don’t think I can cross that line with you. I’m sorry, Honey.”

“Okay Mom. I get it. No problem – I understand.”

“Oh thank you Honey, I love you so much.” She raised up and kissed me generously on the lips. “Now, are you ready for me to blow… ON… you?” She smiled.

“Blow away M’Lady. Blow away.”


I leaned back against the shelves behind me and she pressed her body against mine. Her tits against my belly, my cock against her loins. Mom may not have been ready to cross the line of orgasming with her son – but enigmatically, she had no problem with ridiculously inappropriate physical contact. Not that I minded of course.

She started on my neck, close to my ear – blowing softly, sweetly – her cool breath against my overheated skin. Down one side of my neck, and up the other, she went. When her lips were next to my ear, Mom whispered, “Honey… I think you will be… a phenomenal lover… to some very… very fortunate… young ladies up at college.”

“Thanks Mom.” That’s all I could think to say – though I wanted to tell her that she was the only ‘lady’ I was interested in – that I wanted to be her lover – today, tomorrow and forever. But I knew that’s not what she wanted to hear at the moment, and I didn’t want to break the mood.

Mom continued blowing her cool breath across my shoulders, and she lifted and stretched my arms into a Christ-like pose. Looking at me with a devilish gleam in her eye, she said, “Now it’s my turn.” She blew a strong stream of breath into my armpit, and buried her face against my hairy flesh – stroking my pit with a strong circular motion of her tongue. Down and up and down my armpit she went until I had to exclaim, “Oh my god Mom – that feels awesome, this is so crazy, I can’t believe we’re doing this.”

“Hey – you started it, Big Guy,” she smiled, and moved over to my other armpit. Now she raised my arm above my head – for better access and lowered her mouth to my skin. I think she forgot about the blowing air – because she just started licking and sucking my sweaty flesh. Yes, I said ‘sucking’ – she was literally sucking, kissing, swirling her tongue all over my smelly, hairy armpit.

She raised her head, and looked me in the eye. I was astonished to see the look of unbridled lust on her face. With her glassy eyes, her flared nostrils, and her flushed, puffy lips, mom looked like she wanted nothing more than to throw me down on the floor and fuck me like an animal.

“Do my pits smell Mom?”

“You smell… like a fucking man. And you taste… like a motherfucking stud!” With that, mom rolled up my tank top – exposing my entire chest and abdomen. She blew her cool breath upon my perspiring pecs – paying special attention to my small dark nipples. “See?” she said, “your nipples get hard just like mine!”

“You’ve always been good at getting me hard, Mom.”

“Ha-ha… very funny Mister!” She lowered her head down my abdomen, blowing onto my ribs, my glistening abs and my belly button. Lower still she went, now kneeling on the floor in front of me, her head level with my pelvis. Mom tugged on the elastic waistband of my shorts – pulling it down, until it rested just above the base of my cock – and exposing my thick crop of dark pubic hair. “I knew you weren’t wearing any underwear!” said Mom, as she began blowing strong streams of cool breath into my steamy thatch of pubes.

She worked her way down my right leg and then back up toward my crotch. Then, my wonderful Mother pulled open the leg of my shorts, put her mouth to the opening and blew her sweet breath directly onto my overheated balls. I laughed and squirmed and shivered with the sensations she was inducing. Mom then positioned herself directly in front of my hard-on which was extended more or less horizontally to the left. She looked up at me, licked her lips deliberately, and began blowing slowly up and down the length of my shaft. Her mouth was so close to my cock – it actually felt as if she was licking me. She took her time, and paid much attention to the head – hitting it from various angles and with various intensities.

Seeing my beautiful Mother’s face like that – so close to my now rock-hard cock – poised in a position which I had so often imagined her in – it flipped a switch in my brain and I threw caution to the wind. Mom may have had a problem with orgasming with her son – but I sure as hell had no such qualms. I wanted my Mom’s mouth around my cock, and I wanted to blow a tremendous load all over that gorgeous face. With one hand I pulled my elastic waistband out and with the other hand I reached in to grasp my member and bring it forth.

But Mom, quickly surmising my intent, stood up abruptly and gave me a light peck on the cheek. “Sorry, Baby, Let’s not get too carried away. That was a lot of fun, but it’s time to get back to work!” Feeling dejected, I stuffed my johnson back down the front of my shorts, tip pointing toward the floor, reflecting my downcast mood. Mom, seeing this, made a sympathetic little pout with her lips and said, “C’mon Champ, I think I might know something that will lift your spirits… embarrassing photos of your old… I mean – ‘ageless’ Mom.”

Standing on her tip-toes, Mom reached for a uniquely patterned cardboard box on the upper shelf. Just barely able to reach it with her fingertips, Mom began to slide the wide, flat box out from underneath another box which rested on top of it. But as the box she pulled cleared the shelf, and began to angle down, inevitably, the box on top began to slide off – on a downward trajectory toward my Mom’s head. Seeing this, I stepped in quickly close behind mom, reaching up and steadying the menacing box. “My hero!” gasped Mom, playfully. “What am I ever going to do without my faithful protector?”

“Um – maybe just try not doing dumb stuff.”

“Yeah – not very likely,” replied my Mother. “Okay – you hold that top one still while I pull out this one.” And we did just that – Mom extracting her box and setting it on a lower shelf in front of her. As she shifted position backward and came down off her tip-toes, Mom’s crotch came into full contact with my still-mostly-engorged trouser snake. “Oh my,” sighed Mom. “Somehow, we always seem to end up in this position – don’t we?”

“Sorry Mom – here let me just push this box back onto the shelf a bit.” As I slid the box back onto the shelf my member pressed deeper against Mom’s most intimate lady-parts. But rather than withdraw, my Mother held her position. And more, she leaned forward slightly, arching her back and raising her ass to meet my manhood more fully. Mom placed both hands on the shelf before her, and then slowly, deliberately rocked her crotch down and then back up my stiff meat. Again, she did it – rocking her vulva and anus down, then back up. And yet again.

There was no longer any pretense. No longer any rationale – other than the carnal desire for intimate physical contact. Everything else dropped away, and all of our attention became focused on what was happening at the point of contact where our two bodies met. Only a scant few layers of thinly stretched fabric separated our genitals. All along the length of my now rock-hard cock – I could feel my beloved Mother in all of her feminine glory. Toward the tip of my cock, I could feel the nub of her swollen clitoris – rocking and rubbing. The main meat of my shaft, bore the full weight of her puffy labia – soft, warm and enveloping. Toward the base of my cock, I could distinctly perceive her taught anal sphincter pressing hungrily against my member.

In essence, we were fucking. Except we had our clothes on. Certainly, we were dry humping to say the least. Though, there was nothing dry about it. Heat and moisture emanated in waves from between my Mother’s legs; and her neck, shoulders and back glistened with the sheen of her sweat. “Oh God, Baby,” whispered Mom breathlessly.

“Oh God Mom,” I echoed, pressing deeply into her. “I fucking love your sweet little ass!”

“Mmmmm, Honey, my ass is loving you… But we… we can’t do this.” She said this even as she continued to grind her asshole down against my cock. It’s as if her brain was telling her one thing, while her ass and pussy were working on a completely different agenda.

Within another few moments, however, her brain was able to regain full control of her rebellious nether regions. Mom straightened up, grabbed the box before her, and said, “Come on – let’s go take that A/C break you wanted. I think we both need to cool off!”

“I’ll meet you in there – I’m gonna go get us some iced tea.”

“Oooo good idea,” I heard her say, as I headed toward the kitchen. Opening the fridge – I looked high and low for some bottles of iced tea. In the light, my eye caught the outline of my still-swollen member stretching the front of my grey shorts. I noticed a dark patch staining the thin cotton fabric – midway down the length of my cock. ‘Is that sweat?’ I wondered, as I ran my finger along the damp spot. It was slick – and viscous – definitely not sweat… that’s… that’s where Mom had been grinding her pussy on me just moments ago. I put my fingertip into my mouth and tasted the nectar from my Mothers flower. It was so sweet. I definitely needed more of that. But how could i make that happen?


My eyes came to rest absently on the iced teas, and I returned from my reverie. Walking the cool beverages back to the bedroom, I found that Mom was sitting on the edge of her bed, with the opened box at her left hip. I sat close to her on her right, and handed her the bottle of tea. With a gracious smile, Mom raised her bottle and we toasted. “To air conditioning!”

“And to Yoga pants!” I clinked her bottle, she pushed me playfully, and we drank deeply. She then put our bottles on her dresser and turned off her radio.

Sitting next to me once more, Mom said, “Check it out – my old High School Yearbook – from my senior year!” Her voice was filled with genuine excitement.

“Cool – let’s see it.” We scooted closer together, hips and thighs now touching. Mom put the large hard-cover book between us – on both our laps.

“St. Teresa of Avila, Preparatory Academy for Girls,” I read from the elaborate seal on the front cover. “Wow that’s a mouthful!”

“Yeah – that’s the long-winded way of saying, “Catholic School,” she chuckled. “We were partners with a boys school in the next building… ‘Saint John of the Cross Preparatory Academy for Boys’. We were always having events together. Going to Mass, and dances and games. It was basically the same school – except boys and girls had separate classes.” Mom opened the book and leafed wistfully through the pages, chatting about this friend and that.

Her yearbook was from 1988, and the school was in the Bronx – so there was a lot of big hair. But it was, overall, a pretty small school – so, in addition to the standard yearbook head shots, there were plenty of filler photos – most of them in color – of the students doing extracurricular stuff, sports and just horsing around. “So where are you Mom?” I asked, growing just a trifle bored.

“Look, I’m right here,” she tapped a group shot, “The Debate Club!”

My eyes scanned the photo and locked onto the face of my then-18-year-old Mother-to-be. There she was – seated amongst a handful of similarly attired young ladies. It was a cool photo – because they were all laughing. Then it struck me… Oh my God. She was so pretty! Not just pretty… stunningly beautiful. They were all seated on, or leaning against a table – my mom at the far right wearing a brown turtleneck sweater, her tartan skirt, and long dark socks and loafers. Her cascading brown hair was pulled back from her temple by a narrow hair-band. Her bright, laughing eyes looked directly into the camera. Her full lips, her generous mouth… I was seeing my Mother in a way I never had before. As a peer. She was 18 in that photo. I’m 18 now. This is a girl I would be absolutely smitten by if I went to school with her.

“We used to call ourselves the ‘Master deBators’… that was always good for a laugh.” She flipped some more pages and landed on her official head shot. Again – so beautiful – like a young Marisa Tomei. Mom’s lips bowed in a Mona Lisa smile; her dark eyes sparkled with wit and mischief.

Mom continued to flip through the book – and I could feel myself falling in love with this delightful young woman. I felt myself longing to be her boyfriend. To laugh with her. To share private moments of joy and sorrow. To protect her. To kiss her deeply. To love her. And to be loved by her.

On through the rest of the book she flipped, pointing out pictures of her and her friends. Tucked into the back of the yearbook were some loose photos… out-of-school photos, her goofing around with friends. When not at school, Mom had a penchant for big hair and tight jeans and skirts. In some photos, she’d be wearing heavy lipstick and eyeliner, holding a cigarette – looking tough and sexy as hell.

“Damn Mom, you were so cute! I bet you had all the guys asking you out.”

“Not really! I was pretty book-ish… quite shy actually.”

“Did you have… like – a boyfriend?”

“Yeah, well I mean – I only had two real ‘boyfriends.’ But the first was early-on and he didn’t last very long. The second was only pretty much toward the end of senior year. So there was a long stretch there in the middle where I was just… single I guess. But I hung out with friends, and I went on plenty of dates and stuff.”

“‘And stuff’?” I asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Stop it – I was a good girl! Don’t believe everything you hear about Catholic school girls!”

“Like what – that you know how to give the best head?”

“Oh my God!” Again, she playfully pushed me – but this time, she pressed her tits against my arm. “You are so fresh today! Maybe I should have sent you to Catholic school – teach you some discipline!” Again she made a whip-cracking sound and laughed.

“Damn – I wish I went to school with you back in the day, Mom!”

“You’re so funny. Why? Would you have asked me for a date?”

“I totally would have asked you for a date – absolutely. You were so damn pretty, Mom! And you still are – I mean, even more-so now – but back then – damn, so hot…”

“Shhhh,” she said playfully, “don’t hurt yourself.” She leaned back a little, looked me up and down, and said, “I would have dated you too, Honey. I would have loved to have dated you.” Suddenly, the word ‘Dated’ seemed charged with extra meaning.

“Me too, Mom… I would love to have dated you… I’d have dated you… so hard.”

In the span of a breath, her expression went from confusion to shock, and then to bemused outrage – as she once again pressed against me and pushed in jest. This time her right leg ended up draped across my lap. The underside of her thigh – resting against my engorged bulge.

“Well, I would have dated you too Baby… so very hard. All night long…”

She smiled a naughty little smile, looking me in the eye. Then her eyes shifted around the room and fixed on our reflections in front of us. Opposite us, was a closet that had two mirrored sliding doors. She and I – and the entirety of her bed – were reflected in those mirrors.

“We would have made a good looking couple,” said I.

“We sure would have, Baby.” Mom was looking at our reflection, her eyes roving hungrily over both of our visibly aroused bodies.

“Your body is so fine, Mom. I bet you’d still fit in your old school outfit,” I nodded at the neatly folded bundle of clothes in the box next to her.

“What my uniform? Oh get out… You think?”

“Most definitely. Why don’t you try it on.”

“Well, see – now you got me wondering…”


Mom lifted the bundle from the box, placing it on her lap. She flipped through the items… a crisp, white button-down shirt… a dark blue and grey Tartan plaid skirt. Long, navy blue socks. And, still in the box – a dark brown cardigan sweater, with the school crest… and a pair of worn leather loafers. “Do you really think it will still fit?”

“Only one to find out Mom.”

“Okay – but you have to promise not to laugh at me if it doesn’t fit.” She stood in front of the mirror. Putting the clothes down on the bed.

“I won’t laugh Mom – I promise.”

“Good. And don’t look at my ass either!” She kicked off her sneakers, bent at the waist, and pulled her yoga pants down to her ankles, and over her feet. As she bent, her firm, shapely cheeks parted, revealing that pink thong as it passed gently over her just barely hidden anus. The pink lace nearly disappeared between her generous labia. On either side of that lacy strand, Mom’s lips spread like the dewy petals of a rose… vibrant pink toward the center, a rich golden olive tone toward the outer edges. And between those glistening lips, Mom’s thong was darkly saturated with an abundance of juicy, creamy mom-nectar.

“Hey I told you not to look at my ass!”

“I’m not Mom. I’m looking at your pussy.”

She stood up quickly, looking at herself in the mirror – before exclaiming, “My goodness, sorry – I didn’t realize I was so… exposed.” She quickly tucked herself back into the skimpy material and straightened out the soaked thong as much as possible. “Now, hand me that skirt.”

Dutifully, I complied, and Mom stepped into the skirt and pulled it up to her waist. She smiled as the waistband hooks clicked home comfortably. “So far, so good.” She pulled her camisole off over hear head, looking at me in the mirror. “Now the shirt please.”

In no time she had the simple white shirt tucked in and buttoned up. And though it fit well, it was clear that Mom had indeed filled out in one area… her tits. Her lace-clad dark nipples pressed urgently against the thin white cotton shirt. She undid the top three buttons. “Ah that’s better – let my girls breathe!”

Then, Mom was looking in the mirror and adjusting the height of her skirt. “This is how we were supposed to wear it.” She showed me the hemline – about 3 inches above her knee. “But when we wanted to be a little wild, we’d wear the skirt like this…” Mom hiked up the waistband of her skirt – nearly to her ribcage. The hem line ascended a good 4 or 5 inches – exposing the lovely olive skin of her shapely thighs.

She sat back down on the bed and pulled the long dark socks up her well-turned calves. Every so often, her skirt would ride a bit high, and I’d get a glimpse of that pink lace between her legs. Mom didn’t seem to mind.

Standing, she slipped into her penny loafers. Turning, she looked at the box once more. “Ah – there it is.” She held up a narrow tortoise-shell hair band. Undoing her pony tail, Mom bobbed her log dark hair up and down a bit, and then put the hair band into place. It gently framed her temples, while her locks flowed freely down her neck and shoulders. I’ve always loved that fact that Mom has a well-defined widow’s peak – which makes her look just a little bit wicked – in the best possible way.

But, something about that hair-band just made everything click, and it was as if I was looking at my Mother in 1988. She looked so young, so pure and pretty. So full of optimism and hope. And, simultaneously, I saw my Mother as she is now. So smart and fun. Still optimistic, hopeful – but more tempered by life’s experience.

“My God Mom. You are so beautiful. I wish I could… take a picture of you.”

“Thank you Sweety. I think your phone’s on the dresser – if you want to snap a few pics.” Wow – I couldn’t believe Mom didn’t mind me taking photos. I couldn’t pass up this opportunity. So, I grabbed my phone and got the camera ready. At first, Mom struck a goofy thumbs-up pose. Then she sat on the edge of the bed – legs extended… looking up at me thoughtfully. I snapped a few shots of her. Then she moved back on the bed a bit, bringing one thigh up to rest on the edge and exposing most of her inner thighs. She bit her lip and looked directly into the camera. And I continued to snap away, thrilled with the direction this was heading. “Okay Ansel Adams – photo-shoot is over. Oh, and hey listen – those photos you just took are private. No social media – no showing friends… Got it? For your eyes only. And my eyes too – I want to see them! ” Mom laughed.

“Here, sit down, I’ll show you.” Mom sat next to me, our bodies resting comfortably against one another. We scrolled through the handful of photos on my phone, and when we were done, Mom said, “Those are fun – thanks for taking them. Maybe we can do more sometime.”

“I would love to, Mom… In fact if you don’t mind, there’s just a couple more I’d love to take now.”

“Now? Like what kind of photos? Oh wait… I bet I know what you want.” She paused in thought for a moment. “I am only doing this because you were such a big help today… and I’m very appreciative.”

Mom leaned back away from me on the bed, spreading her legs, and lifting her hemline to present a full-on view of her crotch and her pink lace thong.

“Is this what you wanted to photograph, Honey?”

“You know me too well. Thanks Mom!” I stood up and began taking more shots – varying my distance and my angles. Mom looked into the camera, her tongue gliding across her upper lip. She was even fine with me taking a few closeups of her damp thong-clad crotch. I knew these photos would provide me with hours of masturbatory stimulation. I wanted to ask her to show more – but wasn’t sure how to, when Mom said, “Let’s put the camera away for now, Baby.”

“Sure Mom.” I laid my phone on her nightstand, and sat back down next to her. She, however, made no attempt to close her legs or cover herself.

“So do you like seeing me in my school uniform, Honey.”

“I love it Mom.”

“I’m not sure the priests would be too thrilled with my choice of underwear though.” She allowed her right thigh to rest lazily on my lap.

“Well,” I replied sardonically, “I bet more than a few of the nuns would be thrilled to see you like this.”

Mom laughed, “You don’t know how right you are about that!” She rolled her eyes and smiled. “What about you though, my Son? What am I gonna do with my naughty boy who wants to see his Mother this way?” Her thigh pressed lightly against my erection.

“Maybe you could let me touch you?”

“Touch me? Where Baby?”

“Right there,” I nodded, “between your legs. You know how hard I’ve been all afternoon. Now, I want to know how wet you are.”

My words seemed to strike a chord with Mom, who subtly shifted her pelvis closer to me, opening her legs just a trifle more. I allowed my eyes to roam over her brazenly – taking in every erotic detail. The saturated, semi transparent lace of her thong literally clung to the fullness of her womanhood – revealing so much – yet maintaining such a thin veil of mystery.

“Oh Baby, I don’t know about that… It’s such an intimate thing… to touch your Mother like that… down there…” For all of the wanton, provocative display of her sexuality, I could see that Mom still genuinely struggled with the implications of this situation.

“Mom, what if we tried something? You know how we were saying that we would have made a great couple, and how we would have loved to date each other and stuff?”


“Well… what if we just pretended for a little while – that I’m your high school boyfriend. Say maybe we’ve dated a few times, but never had the chance to spend real quality time together. And now finally, we are hanging out in your bedroom, and there’s nobody else home, just us… and…”

“Okay, that works!” she interrupted. Smiling, she closed her eyes and said, “You can touch me now.” Outside, we heard the long, low rumble of a thunderstorm approaching.


My pulse pounded in my temples like a jackhammer. I couldn’t believe this moment was happening. It felt hyper-real – like a dream. With my right hand, I reached across and I touched my Mother between her legs. At the moment of contact, I heard her draw a deep breath, and her pelvis pushed forward. Her right hand caressed my shoulder. My fingertips slid over the pink lace of her thong – pressing ever so lightly against the firm bud of Mom’s clitoris. Over the hump of her pubic bone, my caress traveled the deep cleft of her labia – down to the base of her vaginal opening. I pressed my fingers firmly against her soft flesh, feeling her heat, feeling her moisture, as the thin lace sank between her butterfly lips. I began to rub her with a circular motion – opening her up, spreading her wetness beyond her inner lips.

Mom’s eyes were still closed, her brow knit with pleasured concentration, her parted lips slightly pursed. Sliding my fingers beneath her saturated thong, I continued to rub her fleshy labia and eager clit. Mom moaned softly, reached down and pulled her thong to one side, tucking the thin strand in place under her butt cheek.

For the first time, my Mother’s pussy was now completely on display for me. Her right thigh rested in my lap – pressing against my cock. Her left thigh – wantonly draped over the edge of the bed. I paused for a moment just to take it all in – marveling at the wonderful sight of my Mother’s vagina… the very source of my existence. Mom had a small, closely trimmed landing strip of dark pubic hair. Both her clitoris and her labia were fleshy and swollen, glistening with moisture. Her inner lips were parted, with strands of gooey cream between her rose-flushed petals. I could even see her cute little puckered anus presented proudly to my enraptured eyes.

“Do you like what you see, Honey?” Mom’s soft voice called me from my reverie. She was looking into my eyes , a small sensual smile on her lips.

“Mom – it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life!” She laughed, and I put my hand to my mouth, “Oh shit – sorry Mom – I guess I shouldn’t be calling you ‘Mom’ – I mean if we’re supposed to be pretending and all…”

Her smile broadened. “It’s okay, Baby – I don’t need to pretend anymore.” She gently reached down taking my right hand, and pressing it back to her pussy. “Now touch me some more, Son. Touch Mommy’s pussy.”

She didn’t have to tell me twice. I firmly slid my middle and ring fingers both into Mom’s eager twat. Her back arched, her head went back, and she ground her pelvis down against my hand. “Oh fuck yeah,” she groaned, rocking back and forth on my long fingers. In no time, Mom’s pussy was making wet squishy sounds as my fingers stroked in and out of her. Outside the rain finally began to fall with the sudden heaviness of a summer thunder shower.

I pulled my two fingers out of Mom’s snatch and looked at them. They were coated with the thick sheen of her sticky juices. Raising my fingers to my mouth and looking Mom in the eye, I sucked them clean of her tasty honey. She tasted fresh and clean, and dirty and nasty all at once. And I wanted to taste her more.

With authority, I pressed my fingers back into her vagina – sliding them deep up to my knuckles. Mom ground her juicy cooze onto my hand once more with an intoxicating undulation of her hips.

Once again, I withdrew my two fingers – covered in her honey. This time I offered them to my Mother’s mouth. With a lustful flare of her nostrils, Mom grabbed my wrist and guided my fingers to her mouth. Our eyes met as she eagerly bobbed up and down on my fingers, savoring the taste of her own horny cunt.

Without hesitation, we leaned in close and kissed each other – Mother and Son – with open mouths and probing tongues. Our tongues swirled, dancing together, and I tasted the sweet saltiness of Mom’s pussy in her mouth. And she tasted her own sweet nectar in my mouth. Continuing our deep kissing, I managed to fully unbutton Mom’s blouse, exposing her tits – which were pressing so eagerly against her pink lace bra. Mom slid her bra straps down past her shoulders, fully exposing her tits and incredibly swollen nipples.

Again I dipped into her wet quim, and pulled forth my two slippery fingers. This time, I grasped her left nipple with my slick fingers. I pinched and pulled on her dark bud, using her own lubrication to stiffen and elongate her already turgid nipple. Repeating the process, I dipped into Mom’s twat once more before rubbing and pulling on her right nipple “Oh God damn, Baby,” Mom whispered, “you keep this up and you’re gonna make me cum!”

“That’s what I want Mom… I want to make you cum.” With that, I reached down once more and inserted my first three fingers deep into Mom’s cunt. My Mother squealed like a school girl and pushed right back with her tight pussy. With my thumb, I strummed her prominent clitty back and forth. With my three fingers, I drove deep in and out of Mom’s sweet little fuck hole. With my pinky, I reached down and tickled her taut little asshole.

“Do you like that Mom?” I asked as I slid the first two knuckles of my pinky into her ass.

“Yes, Baby…I fucking love that!” said Mom breathlessly.

Looking at her face, I noticed that Mom’s eyes were fixed on our reflection in the mirror in front of us. Following her gaze, I too immediately became transfixed by that reflection. I saw Mom’s whole figure – her loafers and knee socks, her shapely thighs spread wide, her pink thong pulled to the side, her skirt bunched up high at her waist, her pelvis rocking and grinding against my large hand. The sinews in my forearm rippled as I fingered and stroked my Mother’s engorged and dripping pussy. Her white shirt wide open, her bra and tits on full display. Mom leaned back a bit to her left, and began rubbing her nipples with a her right hand. We continued to stare at the mirror, making eye contact with each other’s reflections. Somehow my Mother – even with her uniform in total disarray looked so pure and innocent. And at the same time, she just looked so radically slutty – grinding passionately against my fingers. She started grinding with more intensity. I rubbed her clitoris faster with my thumb, fingering her deeply with three fingers and pressing her slick anus with my pinky.

“Ohhh fuck Baby… I’m… I’m gonna cum! Ohhhhh fuuuuck!”

The heavy rain pounded against our roof like a waterfall. A tremendous thunderclap split the pouring sky above our house. And Mom’s orgasm slammed into her with the force of a tsunami. Her head was thrown back, and she uttered a long growly moan. Her hips lifted entirely off the bed, and she humped my hand spasmodically. Her pussy muscles erratically clamped on my fingers like a vice, and I could feel her asshole twitching and flexing, and contracting. Juices gushed from Mom’s convulsing quiff – dripping down her ass, onto the bed.

Mom’s groan became a throaty scream. Then a series of hoarse cries and expletives, until with slowly-fading fury, Mom’s orgasm passed. She flopped back onto the bed – momentarily exhausted. I withdrew my fingers, but continued to lightly caress her lips and asshole.

We passed a few moments in breathless silence, until Mom recovered enough to say, “Okay – I’m gonna need you to do that for me… every day – do you understand? Every single day!” We laughed.

“I would love to, Mom,” I said sincerely. She smiled at me lovingly.

“But now there’s something I have been dying to do for you.” With youthful vigor, Mom hopped off the bed and quickly shed her shoes, skirt, shirt and bra. For a few moments she stood before me, nearly naked, save for her thong, long socks and her hair-band. I couldn’t imagine a more beautiful woman than my Mother, and my pulse hammered with expectation.

She took a long drink of iced tea. Then, looking me in the eyes, she slowly removed her thong. With our eyes locked, Mom raised the damp pink lace to her face, pressed it lightly to her flared nostrils and inhaled deeply. A satisfied little smile played on her lips, and she tossed the thong into my lap. It landed across my erection.

“Here you go, Sir… your daily wage… for a job well-done.” I picked the thong up and looked at it – amazed at the thick layer of juice and cream that coated the delicate pink fabric.

Then Mom pushed me gently back onto the bed toward my right, and she got onto the mattress to my left – with her butt facing the wall behind us. She reached over and tugged my shorts down off my hips, exposing my erection. I kicked my shorts off the rest of the way – along with my sneakers and socks.

Draping her torso across mine, Mom gripped the base of my cock firmly with her right hand. With her left hand, she began lightly stroking my shaft. Then, looking at me in the mirror, Mom dipped her head, parted her lips, and extended her tongue. My Mother dragged her long tongue around and around the gleaming knob of her son’s cock, while watching herself in the mirror. It was without a doubt one of the hottest sights I’ve ever seen. She opened her mouth more and took me in, pressing herself down onto me – engulfing my entire head and an inch two more. I was impressed. Most girls were just barely able to get the head in.

“Oh my God Mom, that’s so fucking good! Suck my cock just like that, Mom.” I raised her thong to my face, pressing it to my lips and nose, and breathing in her essence. I opened my mouth, and sucked on the soaking gusset of Mom’s thong – savoring the salty, musky flavor.

Mom moaned in response and began sucking the tip of my cock in earnest, bobbing up and down and dripping saliva down my shaft. Her left hand pistoned faster up and down my shaft. Her right hand tightly gripped the base of my cock and squeezed it in a twisting motion that was driving me insane.

Damn, but my Mom knew how to give some head! This blowjob was all business. No teasing bullshit, or unnecessary display of technique. Mom knew exactly what her son needed. This blowjob was all about making me cum – and soon – like a fucking rocket.

It had actually been a few days since I last jerked off, so I knew this was gonna be a big load. Poor Mom though, she didn’t know what to expect.

The orgasm hit me, and with a loud grunt, I ejaculated a hot torrent of jizz into my dear Mother’s mouth. Then another even larger load. She pulled back, cum overflowing her lips. Another jet of cum landed diagonally across her face and into her hair. Still more jism shot onto Mom’s neck, chest and tits.

After what felt like minutes, the orgasm subsided and Mom relaxed her grip on me. “Ooooo – Baby,” she said softly, “you came so much for Mommy. I fucking love it. You came all over me!” Mom knelt on the mattress, looked at her reflection and commenced to clean off my cum by scooping it up with her fingertips and sucking her fingers clean. She looked so sweet and so nasty in the sexiest way possible.

“Mmmmm, Sweety – I love the way you taste!” She smiled as she licked the last ropey strands from her fingers and swallowed. Now, I wanted to taste her. So I spun her slightly, and gently nudged her down into a doggy-style position. She spread her knees further and presented her ass and pussy up to me. Leaning my face close to her crotch I inhaled deeply – getting high on her warm intoxicating scent. I leaned in further and kissed Moms butt cheeks, relishing the feel of her smooth skin under my lips. I kissed her parted lips and I kissed her asshole. I kissed my way down to her turgid clitoris. Mom’s clit was meaty, like a ripe raspberry and she moaned as I licked it and sucked it and swirled my tongue around it.

I licked her all over – savoring the salty sweet flavor of my Mother. It had been a long day of sweaty work and creamy excitement, and even a dripping orgasm. And, my Mom was so damn flavorful and tasty. And, to her credit, her pretty little asshole – sweaty and juicy as it may have been – was otherwise clean as a dinner plate.

I swirled my tongue around the sensitive rim of her anus. Mom moaned and gripped her ass cheeks in both hands and spread. Her puckered little sphincter winked open, and I slid my tongue into the opening. Mom grunted like an animal and pressed her asshole back against my tongue. I swirled it deeply in and out of her ass, then deeply in and out of her pink juicy twat.

“Baby…” she gasped breathlessly. “Baby… I need… you to fuck me. I need you inside me Baby… I need that big dick in my pussy!”


It had only been a few minutes since I had blown my load all over Mom, but the fact is, I was rock-hard and ready to go again. So I straightened up, and I shifted our angle, so that looking over our shoulders, we could both see my big hard cock aimed straight at Mom’s ready cunt. She reached back between her legs and guided my manhood into her vagina. We both watched in the mirror as I slid deeply into her – a loving son fucking his own hot Mother. Outside, the rain continued to pour down torrentially.

Looking down, I marveled as my thick cock slid in and out of Moms moist quim. Her fleshy lips stretched wide around my shaft with each thrust, and they clung and dragged wetly down my length each time I pulled out. Mom, still watching the mirror, began to hump backwards with passion, grunting and squealing with each deep thrust of penetration. As she slid back and forth along its length, I noticed that Mom’s pussy was leaving an ever-increasing coating of creamy girl-jizz on my cock. Mom, noticing this as well, reached back behind, slid her hand up the length of my rod, and slathered her puckering asshole with her cunt cream.

Then she bade me to sit back on the bed with my legs over the edge – once more facing the mirror. Facing me, Mom straddled my lap. She paused a moment, cradling my face in her hands looking into my eyes intently. She kissed me passionately. “Baby, you know I love you more than anything in this whole world. And i will always be your Mother – always. But right now, Son, I am gonna fuck your brains out.”

With that, Mom slid down hard on the length of my cock. I felt myself bottom out with the tip of my cock pressing deep against the inner depths of Mom’s pussy. Mom moved her hips slowly in a circular motion – just grinding herself on my cock and groaning softly with her eyes half open. “Baby, no man has ever fucked me so deep… oh my fucking God, your cock feels so good!”

“Fuck yeah, Mom,” was about the most coherent thing I could manage in reply. But cupping her tight ass in my hands I began to slowly ride my Mom up and down on my shaft. Our pace gradually quickened, until every thrust made a wet slapping sound. Mom – true to her word – was indeed fucking my brains out. With ecstatic energy, she pumped her hungry vagina up and down my full length of my erection. Well, nearly my full length. There was maybe 2 or 3 inches at the base of my cock that just wouldn’t fit.

Looking into the mirror over Mom’s shoulder I had the most incredible view of Moms ass and pussy riding up down. And, I could see the base of my cock – which had once again become a frothy creamy mess. “Damn Mom… check it out… you look so hot.”

Mom slowed her speed, and looked back over her shoulder into the mirror at her own sexy ass as she slowly slid her pussy down my big unit. As she slid further down, her asshole would swell and pucker a bit from the pressure within. “Yeah Baby, we do look good!” She continued to ride slow, up and down, watching the reflection.

“We should make some movies together.”

“Yes, we should. We will, Baby.” Mom’s pace was rhythmic. She rocked against me – on me – leaning forward so that her clit was pressing and dragging against the topside of my shaft.

Reaching to the base of my cock, I scooped up a palm-full of Mom’s girl-cream, and began rubbing her asshole with the slippery load of goo. Mom moaned in response and pushed back against my hand. Her sphincter felt soft and relaxed. I slid my finger in – then out. A few more times, and I added a second finger – in and out of her smooth, slippery asshole as she slid down on me. I could feel my fingers pressing against my cock inside her.

“Here Mom, let’s try this…,” I kept my position seated on the bed – knees over the edge. But I spun my Mom around so that she was seated on my lap, now facing forward. We looked at each other in the mirror. Mom braced her sock-clad feet at the edge of the mattress and raised her pelvis up, aligning her genitals to mine. Then she slowly sank her flushed and swollen pussy once more onto my meaty manhood.

This was one of the most mind blowing things I’ve ever seen. Facing off against our refection, Mom deliberately worked her horny cunt up and down on my cock. Her ruby lips were spread wide on either side of my thick dick. Her butt-hole slid along the topside of my shaft as her pussy bobbed up and down. Her prominent clit stood out loud and proud and begging for attention. I reached down and rubbed that clitty with my fingertips as Mom moaned and fucked me even harder. Thick white Mommy juice was oozing from her pussy down her ass and all over my shaft and balls.

“Damn, Mom you’re gonna make me cum again!”

“Baby… do you want to put it in my ass? Wanna cum in Mommy’s ass?”

“Fuck yes Mom!”

Mom uncoupled herself, and stroked my cream-covered cock up and down with her hand. She positioned my big shining knob at her back-door and slowly sank down onto me with her ass. The sensation of my rock-hard length sliding up her smooth, tight love-tunnel was nearly enough to make me blow my load. But I tried to hold out just a bit more because it felt so damn good – and she looked so fucking hot in the mirror.

Mom must have felt the same way – because her heavy-lidded eyes were fixed on that reflection as well. Together, we watched ourselves – engaging in that most luridly taboo tableau… a son fucking his own mother in the ass. We watched, as the ring of her anus – stretched tight and shining with moisture – slid easily, rapidly up and down my thick shaft – from the bulbous tip all the way down to the thick base. We watched, as with each thrust of deep penetration, Mom’s pink puffy pussy would bulge and gape from the rhythmic pressure within. We watched, as a steady stream of milky milf-cream flowed from her oozing cooze – coating and lubricating our passionate penetrations.

My Mother moaned in decadent ecstasy, inserting her two middle fingers deep into her spread cunt. I could feel her fingers pressing against me deep inside her. Between her thumb and forefinger, Mom pinched, pulled and stroked her prominent pink clitoris. She slid her asshole all the way down on me and just stayed there, groaning and grinding down against me – taking every last inch I had to give. I could feel my balls tightening, and I knew my orgasm was inevitable. And Mom was right there with me. She was tensing up, and fanning her fingers back and forth in a blur on her clitty.

“Unggghhh ohh fuck… Mmmmmm… I’m gonna cum, Baby!”

“Me too Mom, I’m gonna fucking cum in your ass!”

A loud throaty, cry burst from Mom’s lips, and simultaneously, a single, thick jet of feminine fluid burst from her cunt – splattering on the rug and even splashing droplets on the mirror. She cried out again and again as her pussy convulsed and her anal sphincter gripped spasmodically at my big dick.

It was all too much to take, and my own orgasm hit me like a fucking freight train. For several ecstatic moments, my own consciousness was completely obliterated, and I simply became a turgid cock and an eruption of semen – shooting load after hot load of jizz deep into my Mother’s lovely ass.

We continued to groan, grunt and grind into, and onto each other, until our shared orgasms subsided, and we collapsed, trembling back onto the bed.

We lay there side by side, looking into each other’s eyes, panting breathlessly, dripping sweat, and listening to the rain as it slowed to a light shower.

After some time, I found my voice. “Oh good God Mom… that was the most incredible experience of my entire life.”

“Me too Sweetheart. Me too. You made me squirt! I didn’t even know I could do that!” She laughed lightly. “Oh my God, I don’t think I can even move!”

I continued to look in awe at this beautiful woman – feeling more in-love than I’d ever felt in my life. “What do we do now, Mom?” My question could have been either general or specific. Mom chose to answer the specific.

“Well, I think we can finish the closet up tomorrow, okay?”


“And I think we both really need a shower!”

“Very true, Mom.”

“And then, I don’t know about you… but I am freaking starving! Are you up for ordering some Chinese food?”

“Awesome idea!”

“Then maybe we can open a bottle of wine… maybe cuddle up on the couch and watch some Netflix… or something.”

“‘Or something’?” I cocked an eyebrow.

Mom smiled. “Well, now that we are… dating… I suppose anything could happen.”

She moved her face closer to mine. “In fact… I think I’m gonna want to date you… all night long.”

My beautiful Mother kissed me warmly on the lips. Then she slipped her delicate tongue into my mouth.

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