Unsatisfied Muslim Wife

Hello everyone. My name is Jasmine. I am a housewife. I was 21 when I was married to a 39 year old man. My parents forced me to marry this man because we where 6 sisters and we belonged to middle class family. My height is 5 2″ and my figure is 35 28 34.

My husband name is Yasir. He is a rich man with cars and a big bungalow, servants. Since my wedding night I understood that he will never be able to satisfy me as it took him only 15 minutes for the whole session. But our life moved on. I tried my level best to get satisfied with my husband. But after a year my husband completely lost interest in sex and had started giving lame excuses to me.

I was getting frustrated day by day. One day when Yasir came back from office we had a great fight. I was really getting badly frustrated and in anger I told him that u will never be able to satisfy me and went into the room.

4 5 days passed and we had no chat at all. Then Yasir to me and said that I am sorry that I am not able to satisfy u and we then chatted and then when I asked him for sex he said that he has planned a vacation for me so start packing up your bags. I was thrilled about it.

Then the day came. I asked Yasir where your luggage is. He said that he is not going. I said then I am going alone. He said no. I asked then with whom he said that a surprise. I thought that it might be my sis our mom and he is trying to give me a surprise. But as I reached the airport two guys there age will max 27 – 28 came and starting chatting with my husband.

I was looking from a distance. I saw my husband giving two envelopes to them. Then came my husband towards me and asked did u see those guys. I said yes, so. He said that those guys are going to accompany u. I was shocked and said WHAT. He said common Jasmine now don’t act, that day u said that I won’t be able to satisfy u, so here I give u a chance. I was in no position to understand anything. Then he said common on she is a brave girl.

It’s just a month tour and if u don’t wish to do anything don’t, they are not going to force u. Then he said are you ready to go jaan.

My eyes where downwards and I slightly shock my head. There was something going on in my stomach. These things were happening so fast that I could not understand anything. I knew that my father cannot afford me if I go back. Then he said good girl, common I will introduce u to the guys. Then came the guys Imran and Aslam then my husband said to those guys my wife is all yours for one month do take good care of Hera and then he gave me a kiss and he departed.

I was just moving like a doll with those two guys. They whole way they were trying to get free with me by chatting and offer drinks and food. But still I was not yet mentally prepared for what I am going. Then we reached Singapore. My husband had hired an Apartment Guest house for our accommodation and it was nice 2 Bedroom Flat at a location close to beaches and tourist spots.

We settled in our rooms they both settled in together and I was in my room alone. Anyways 2 3 days we spend visiting tourist spots and having fun in malls and everywhere. In the mean while I had started feeling comfortable with them. We started sharing jokes and outing together. As dinner time we all use to be together because we had to call for food from outside, so as it was Friday evening Imran suggested that we go out for dinner and look around Singapore, I agreed..

After dinner both wanted to try some alcohol I had no hang-ups as I had no sex in my mind at that moment. I was having fun shopping. So they asked me if I would join I said okay but I don’t Drink alcohol so they said I can have wine beer or any Colas. I said cola. Then Aslam said common have a non alcoholic beer. I said ok that will be fi9. We purchased and took it back to our Apartment. We were having our drinks and chit chatting in the hall and over our routine and how we find Singapore etc.

Then we had general talks happen, and subject went to sex, I was blushing with Shame, but didn’t want to behave like a spoilsport just did some usual Hu-Haas, They asked me that what r the sex positions u like. With how many guys r u fucked. Then they told me that they have fucked about 9 girls. They had porn movies in their laptops; they asked me if it was okay to watch as we had our Laptops I said okay.

Eventually we watched for some time and we all were got high and Vinay came forward and asked me if they could see in real the private part of a women I was shocked I told them I don’t think it was right, but they assured me they would not speak a word to any one I was to scared and hesitant, I knew that one day this had to happen because this tour is meant to satisfy me.

Then Imran started proceeding and he kissed my lips. I was getting real aroused and then I felt a hand on my boobs and I started breathing hard. Then they started undressing me. I resisted but was now getting under their control they even removed the bra and panty.

They were astonished to see my body for the first time, my husband does not like any hair on my private parts so they are always clean, they could not believe how it looked, and my heart was beating fast as they saw me from top to end. We were on sofa in the hall and Imran and Aslam moved down on floor and held my legs each in one hand moved them apart, of course I was already wet and they literally blushed like I was to see it clean and wet. I was not expecting but Imran move forward and kissed it and his tongue started to lick me…

I was shocked and was in pleasure as I didn’t wanted this but I could not stop myself. Aslam started to feel my breast and playing with my nipples I was too high to say anything. Imran inserted his finger in my vagina and started to spread my vagina lips apart and show Aslam how it looks and I like a exhibitor was quietly letting them explore the anatomy of women sexuality, Aslam inserted a finger too to feel how it was, I started to get wet again, then Imran inserted his finger and my juices were already out.

They wasted no time got undressed immediately and in no time Imran took his penis in his hand and without informing I pushed it all the way in and I was all shocked and realized how far we have gone. Aslam too didn’t hesitated and he placed his penis over my face trying to push it inside but I told him please I don’t do that, so he moved his attention to my breast and started to suck it hard. I could not believe how I far I had gone. Pushing it hard n rough inside me with pressure, I was in deep pleasure.

I had never got a satisfied fuck in my life. But I was enjoying. Aslam hinted Imran to stop for a while and he moved in between and he was similar to Imran a pure first timer his penis went in straight with great force and he pumped in on and on. Imran kept playing with my breast and sucking and I couldn’t speak a word saying no to them. Aslam was now at his peak and he came inside me, as soon as he released Imran moved in between and he pumped me hard and he too released inside me. We all were tired and rested for a while.

Again after they regained their strength and them both them I once more and we all slept on the same bed eventually. We had many days to go. Next day after noon when we woke up and meet for lunch Guys started asking please don’t mind we r not going to force u. Please do understand our condition. (My husband had paid them for giving me pleasure). With a silent voice I said its ok.

During the afternoon things were normal by evening them again played a movie on the laptop and asked me to join and I knew what they were trying. I still went ahead and joined them. In no time same thing happen but believe me this time Imran was to powerful I don’t know how…

But I was getting high pains inside my vagina when he pumped i was moaning madly and he was almost like a horse and Aslam was busy fingering my anus, I must have already cum twice. Aslam replaced Imran and asked me to bend in a doggy position..

I did he entered in my vagina giving me couple of stroked and then I don’t know how his penis pushed right inside my anus making me pain and cry out he didn’t stopped and I started to cry in pain.

Imran tried to console me kiss my face, and Aslam kept moving faster, after some time I got comfortable but still it was pain. I told him at least he should have asked me or inform me that he was about to try this and he started to grin. He came eventually inside my back and we relaxed. We all took shower together in the bathroom and they kept fingering me and sucking my breast…

I was really enjoying all the attention, but was scared from inside what if anyone comes to know. I shared my fear with them and they assured they will never speak to anyone about it. At night they both came to my room and undressed them self and in no time got me undressed also. First fingering me in my vagina and anus then sucking and playing with my breast.

Imran lied back on the bed and asked me to face him and come over him and ride him, I did the same and it was nice position, he pulled me over and hugged me while he was inserting in me and I was moving over him.

Aslam was fingering my anus and already had 2 finger deep in my buns, taking the lubrication from my vagina he pushed his penis in my anus and I cried out loud again you are hurting me, he said it will be fine in seconds. I told him at least inform me so I am mentally prepared, he didn’t listen to what I told and started to push in slowly and then fast. I was moaning in pain and shouting slowly and ouches.

And they both took speed and I was having tough time having both the entrance filled and getting worked at same time. They both went on for 15 min and one after another released. I was too worked up and tired with the action. They kissed me and thanked me again.

Next day it was Sunday and I knew they won’t leave me today also, we all showered immediately took me to bed having a round of hardcore sex with me taking turn one after another. We all released and rested. Around early afternoon we were all sitting they started to talk to me about all what we did n happened, whether I felt bad or disliked them.

I told them know it was all fine and I have no complains and I hoped it was between us, which they assured. Imran asked me is it okay if we could try more things and I cooperated them to fulfill their fantasies, I said what more can they think a they have had me all different ways, they said they had many more in mind but they r scared I might feel offended, I said we had already crossed our lines so no question of feeling offended or bad, they said then I must co operate I said okay.

We went to the bedroom and they ask me to undress and spread my legs I did though I was feeling funny they also got undressed and they got butter and jam from the kitchen which we had. I got little idea what they were about to do but kept quite Imran removed the jam and scooped it on his penis and asked me to taste I said no I don’t do that I will not like , he agreed .

He asked Aslam to come close to my vagina and open up I said don’t do that it could give me some problem they said it won’t and Aslam opened my vagina hole and he put a scoop of jam Inside my vagina opening .

First Imran licked me with jam in my vagina then Aslam licked it and i was seriously enjoying, then they tried butter same way after that Aslam inserted his penis with a butter in my hole and pushed that all the way in , which was needless to say went smoothly inside and pumped me hard. I was getting banged like a dog and the whole bed was shaking with his rough fucking.

Imran also didn’t stayed back he told Aslam to lie on the bed and asked me to sit over him , I knew they were trying to double entry me and yes Aslam entered in my back hole applying some spit from his mouth I couldn’t say much I knew it hurts but it was waste to tell them.

This process went for some time , then Aslam asked me to turn over and I had my back to Imran and he was lying on the bed, he entered my vagina and Aslam was in front facing me and Imran under me already entered in me, Aslam told me , now I am informing you this will hurt, I said what exactly you are planning to do he said he is trying to enter my vagina while Imran is already in there, I said it not possible he said let’s try ..

I was reluctant but he didn’t listen and slowly began to push in me and yes it really hurt like hell and I was in tears in no time, I asked them to stop but they didn’t listen , I asked them when are they about to come, they said they had vodka so it might delay to ejaculate.

I was having tough time. Aslam held my breast and pumped me roughly for some time and I was getting to settle and my entrance was now getting comfortable in accommodating both of them, and I think that was the longest sex I ever had for half an hour both piston me and eventually coming inside me.

We all relaxed, they said sorry if it hurt I said it did but its okay something different and we all laughed. They said they had many more in mind if I co operated. We carried over the coming week till we were in Singapore. I said fine. I had tough time satisfying them.

Worst was once they had me continuously for an hour and my vagina lips got swollen. Over the next full week we enjoyed and I got banged hard n soft at their likings and fantasy I do feel guilty of what I did, but I think life has its own goods and bad. Then after a month we returned back and my husband was there to receive me. I hugged him then i thanked Imran and Aslam.

Then while going towards the car my husband said it seems u r finding problem in walking and gave a raw smile. Then he asked r u satisfied now. I said nothing just kept on walking with my head down. Then we reached home. I had a bath then me and my husband had dinner and then i went to sleep. I was not able to sleep so i stepped out of room towards lounge.

I saw my husband watching TV.

As i moved towards the lounge and viewed the TV i was stunned and shocked. I saw myself on the TV getting fucked by Imran and Aslam.

My husband was viewing it. I quietly sat down there and viewed the whole video. It had all the scenes. From day 1 to day 30 I was scared what if Imran or Aslam spread this whole video which was a 30 day package.

But at least my husband knew all what happened.

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