Small town wife is now public property – PART 1

Hello readers, I am Palak Arora (name changed due to privacy), 26, stats 36-30-38, very fair skin, a little plumpy at the right spots, married to Sagar Arora(name changed due to privacy). This is not fiction but my true story that I want to share with you. This story will have multiple part, so please be patient and don’t forget to send your feedback. My email ID is at the last of this story.

Now let’s start the story without any delay:
We are from a very small town shifted to a big city after marriage as my husband works there. He is living there since a couple of years. Now, It’s been one year since I got married to my long time lover, Sagar. Although I love him a lot but his Dick is way too small for my fat pussy and I can’t say this to him due to male ego issues!

So, instead of telling him, I decided to share this issue with my maid because she once told me that there’s a medicine that increased the size of her husband’s penis. When I told her this, she laughed and asked me why it took so long for me to ask her this (I felt strange since she was talking as if she already knew.

Later I found out my husband met her at Girl with a room, which is a escorts directory and fucks her and use to give her money which I’ll tell you in upcoming episodes.). I asked her to simply tell me and she told me the name of the medicine. I asked her to arrange the medicine for me and I’ll pay her extra. She bought it for me the very next day. It was in powder form so I started to mix it with milk and give to my husband every night. (Male Ego!!)

Unbelievably, the first few weeks, sex with husband was amazing. There was no size increment but he was very energetic and last longer than before. Slowly slowly things started to change. He started acting very emotionally and doing a lot of mistakes then start saying sorry multiple times. I thought there is some issue but I ignored.

After 2 months of everyday consumption of medicine, one day, I was going to the market. Midway, an old friend caught up. So, we went for a coffee. While billing, I remembered that I forgot my purse at home. As I entered the house, there was an awkward sound coming out of my bedroom and when I peeped inside, I was shocked and couldn’t believe my eyes. My dear husband was on all his fours and my maid’s husband was fucking his white ass like a wild animal.

His name was Shiva. He was pitch black, slim, tight physique, 6 pack abs and had a massive 9 inch Dick. Sagar is although very handsome and fair husband but his Dick was merely 3.5 inch when hard. Looking at Shiva, I thought, what can I do with good looks if he can’t even satisfy me, while black ugly people like Shiva can use me like a sex slave all because of his dark long thick Dick.

As I was watching, it turned me on. Shiva was using raw abusive language while fucking Sagar’s ass and my sissy husband was enjoying every part of it. Suddenly shiva stopped and did nothing. To my shock, my husband started moving on his Dick like a submissive sissy man hungry for Dicks. Shiva said something to Sagar which shook my head: “Aee chinal tu toh meri biwi se bhi zyada horny h aaj.. Tu Palak Madam jaisi biwi deserve nahi karta… Dekhna jald hi Palak ko bhi apne niche le aaunga me aur tere samne chodunga..Bol chudwayega” (Hey whore, you are more horny than my wife today.. You don’t deserve a wife like Palak.. You will see Palak will be below me soon and I will fuck her infront of you.. Tell me you will make her fuck me) and my husband didn’t reply but just kept moving on his Dick. Shiva suddenly slapped his ass my hard even his fingerprints could be seen on Sagar’s white ass and then he stepped backpulling his Dick out. Suddenly my husband gave my another shock of my life, he said, “Shiva tu meri biwi, behen, Maa sabko rakhel bana lena magar abhi ruk mat please..” (Shiva you can fuck my wife, sister and mother.. make all of them your whore, just don’t stop fucking me)
Shiva: Mujhe Teri biwi ki tange mere kande pe chahiye Kal tak bata dega tabhi dalunga (I want your wife’s legs on my shoulder by tomorrow, only then I will fuck you)
Sagar: Done. Kal se wo teri rakhel hogi magar abhi please fuck me. Don’t stop. (Done. From tomorrow she will be your whore, now please fuck me)
Hearing this, he put his Dick back inside and started fucking him even harder. With each stroke, my husband was moaning like a bitch in heat. He said “Aur zor se… Aur zor se.. Yes! Yes! Yes!”(Harder.. Harder… Yes! Yes! Yes!). One the other hand, Shiva went crazy on him. All of a sudden, I saw cum oozing out of Sagar’s small Dick and he feel down in the same position while Shiva was pumping him hard.

Watching this, I started masturbating at the door itself. I couldn’t believe that maybe tomorrow I’ll be Shiva’s personal Randi (bitch). Moreover, my own husband agreed to make me, my sister-in-law and my mother-in-law, a fuck toy for our maid’s husband. This was brutal and unbelievable but I don’t know why it was making me wet like never before. I was lost in my own thought while masturbating. As I focused, Shiva was about to cum. He dragged Sagar from his hairs and brought his mouth near his Dick. Without any resistance, my handsome whitish husband, opened his mouth wide and took Shiva’s Dick to Suck. The way he was sucking looked so professional (later I found out Shiva was fucking him since one month which I’ll also tell you in upcoming stories). Just when I thought things couldn’t get worse, Shiva tried to pull his Dick out while Sagar didn’t leave his Dick and pressed it inside his own mouth. Soon Shiva came and Sagar swallowed his entire cum. I was speechless, thoughtless and quite shocked to see this transformation of my husband from a macho man to a sissy.

As I thought to leave before any of them come out, I turned around and I got the shock of my life. My maid was filming me on her phone looking at my own husband’s fuck and masturbating. I was shivering in fear because I knew how damaging this can be. Before I could drag my panties up, she stopped recording and pulled me by my hairs dragging me inside the room where my husband was getting fucked.

I was embarrassed and so was Sagar. He quickly tried to wear his clothes. Looking at him, Shiva went to Sagar and slapped him hard on his face. I didn’t know what to say. He said to Sagar, “Chup Chap jaakr baith.. Zyada sharam mat dikha warna Tujhe samajik Randi bana dunga”(Shut up and sit. If you show shyness, I will make you this society’s whore). Sagar dropped everything and did what Shiva asked him to do.

Suddenly, Shiva looked at me and said “Palak kesi hai meri Jaan.. Teri tange toh me Kal kholne wala tha magar mujhe lagta h aaj meri kismat mujhpe meherbaan hai”(Palak How are you my love.. I was planning to stretch your legs tomorrow but my fate is too generous on me today). I knew I was going to be his personal Randi (whore) today itself and looking at his Dick (which was still hard and nerves could be seen on it) I won’t even mind being his sex slave for life. After such a good fuck, I don’t think my dear husband Sagar will mind me getting fucked by my maid’s husband. In my mind, I thought fuck it, I’ll do anything to get that Dick! And I didn’t know that this step will change my life completely.

In the next part, discover how Shiva fucked me mindlessly and then tossed me around to many men who fucked my ruthlessly. I was made to go to public places naked. Even my husband was made to run naked on streets where auto drivers pulled him inside the auto and beat him for satisfaction and then fucked his mouth. There’s a lot more to come but in the meanwhile please share your views on this story through email. My email address is [email protected] I’ll be waiting for responses as more responses will motivate to take more time to share my stories.

Thank you.

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