A new day with mother (Anal sex)

A new day with mother…This day would change his life, if for the better who would know. But the day started much like any other day, accept that he was late for school. He was in the sixth form college and today he had a free period first thing, but he was drinking with friends the night before and had overslept. He sneaked out of his room hoping not to bump into his mother.

She was in her late 40s he guessed and a good looking woman. She was well built and curvy. His mates often commented she was horny, but he had never looked at her that way. She had always had male company some stayed around awhile some came and went in the night. He had heard the sex noises over the years, and recently he had wanked listening to it.

As he sneaked down the landing he heard the familiar sound of a toy in use and the groans of his mothers pleasure, she obviously had not realised he was still here, so that was a stoke of luck. As he neared her room he saw her dorr was slightly open, that was unusual and he could help but glance in. He stood transfixed at the vision before him. His mother was on her hands and knees, her round bottom sticking up high and towards him as he watched she pushed a large glass dildo slowly into her arse groaning as she did, how tight it looked without realising what he was doing his hand was rubbing his young cock through his jeans. His mother oblivious to her son watching slowly lowered herself on to a vibrating dildo that had a wide base that made it stand alone on the floor.

He stood mouth agape as she lowered herself onto this massive vibrator all the way to its hilt, the glass toy staying in her arse. She was fucking herself deep and hard and it got faster and louder. His hand was on his cock now which stood out proud and hard as he stoked it softly at first but harder and harder keeping in rhythum with his mothers fucking as she came in a loud crescendo so did he, his young cum spurting hot and hard over his hands and onto the floor. Fuck he thought that was awsome and messy, she would kill him. God he thought how did she do that to hm, never had he cum so much and feel so good. His mother had collapsed to the floor and so he retreated quickly. Forgetting the mess on the floor.

His day at school did not go well, he could not get the vision of his mother out of his mind, he imagined shooting his load into her or all over her, that couldnt be right surely. He made his way home, feeling horny as fuck, hoping that maybe she would do it again he so wanted to see it agian, maybe from the front see her tits and her cunt lips swollen and red from use. What would they look like after been fucked hard by one of her men, or even by him. His cock begand to fill with blood, bugger he thought, better stop thinking of her.

He walked in the house, it was all quiet. On the kitchen table his mother had left a note for him. Be a love and come wake me when you get in, love mum xx. He quietly went upstaires she was there covered with just a sheet Spralled on her back like she had just been fucked. He krept over to her watching her closely, he wanted to see her naked body, he gently lifted the sheet off from her body and pulled it back. OMG he thought as his young member sprang into life. He wanted to touch her, wanted to fuck her with her toys punish her for making him feel this way about her. She stirred and began to wake, he dropped the sheet and called her, time to get up he said. She groand oh thankyou ,be a love and make mummy a cuppa, as he turned to leave the room she rolled over exposing that bottom he had seen that morning , he couldnt help himself, he turned and gave it a hard slap, leaving his handprint, it felt exeedingly good.

His mother gasped in horror and turned her head around, smiling at him, you fucking whore heard himself say, have you seen what you have done to me. His mothe got up onto all fours and spoke softly to him. That she had seen the mess this morning and that she was sorry. She told him that he aught to punish her. She opened her legs and pushed her bottom towards him. He could smell her sex, see her cunt lips begging to be slapped. He obliged and spanked his mothe on the cheeks and on her lips. His cock was so hard it felt like it would explode, he asked her what she was gonna do about it, She turned arond, her eyes looking hungrly at this young studs cock, she took him into her her mouth slowly sucking it in gently. He quivered his wanks never felt like this, the quick shag he had had back in the summer was nothing compared to this. He felt like he would burst. But not yet he thought, she had to pay for doing this to him. He pulled away from her, she looked so slutish sthere on all fours begging for his cock in her mouth. He flipped her over, head hanging over the side of the bed spreading her legs and her cunt lips wide, he slpped them then feeling satisfaction at her flinch. He leaned forward as she opened her mouth for him, he slipped in slowly into her throat gagging her, he looked at her face, the tears, he chuckled and began moving, it wouldnt take long he thought. He moved now faster and haerder fucking her face properly. he leaned forward and nibbled her clit, whilsy pulling her pussy open and inderting his fingers into her very wet love box, she was so smooth recently shaven, the slut he thought, pushing his hand in harder and faster. he felt his juices coming not long he thought, he stopped giving her pleasure and concentrated on holding back, but here it cums he thought no stopping it now, my mother the fucking whore is gonna dring my hot cum and beg for more. He kept fucking pumping his cum forcing it down her throat. Drink it you bitch he said, you wanted it so bad take it all.

It took several mins for him to finish jerking the last drops into her mouth as she drank it hungrily down. His now limp cock flopped out of her mouth, she look exhausted, but had a smile on her face, bitch whore he thought. He stayed in the position, dangling his limp memebr over her face. Lick it clean he ordered, she tried to move away, He stopped her and told her again to lick him clean. He leand forward once again biting and sucking on her clit, she liked that. He inserted fingers into her very wet cunt harder and harder, he spat on her arse hole and using her wet cum explored her tight little hole. He had seen what she had taken in both so put 1st he placed 1 finger in her arse streching it open, he found he could get more in, so he had 3 fingers in her arse and in her cunt and was sucking her clit hard he fucked her like this, she had stopped licking now, he could her her panting she started screaming she was cumming to stop, but he kept going feeling her wetnes getting wetter, she ejaculated squirting all over his mouth and hands, oh it was heaven he thirstily licked her dry . By now hiis cock had sprung back into life and was ready to be used again. He asked his mother where she wanted it, she said enough was enouh, but he pulled her to the floor, pullling her legs high, and was gonna fuck he pussy, yes it was a sweet pussy, but her arse oh how tight it was. He pushed hard, feeling the resistence at the start, she screamed out as he slammed into her hard and fast. I know you can take this mother I saw he told her. He pushed her legs right over so he could see himself pounding her tight arse hard, no gentle sex this time for mother, but a hard arse fuck. He ponded her till he filled her arse with his young cum.

He left her on the floor and went to shower. He went downstaires and made her a cup of tea. When he returned to her room, she was sitting on the edge of the bed, tears in her eye, but a look of such utter wantoness and stisfaction. He told her to drink her tea, and clean up. He had mates coming round later and they needed feeding. As he walked out the room he turnd to her and said, Mother dear, I love your sweet cunt and tight arse, but I cannot keep you to myself, so wear something nice Please …

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