Curvy mom pounded by Uncle for my mistake – part 2

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Mom was still in doggy displaying two of her love holes stretched oozing white cum by her new lover.And this view again made our dicks erected.Mom tried to stand up which she was almost unable to. Then my ever-smiling uncle with his semi-erect cock ordered my exhausted mom to clean his dick by sucking. His sticky cock was also dripping mixed juices of this new couple.

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Mom : No way. I’ve already gone so far with you and it was the last time you could force me into it.
Chacha: Suck my dick fast Or else I will kill your sleeping son.
Mom: It’s disgusting, I’m not a slut I can’t do this.

Chacha strongly held her chignon and made her sit. Mom was sobbing for this humiliation but was forced to suck so did she. Mom put that anaconda in her soft mouth again and led it to take it’s humongous form.

According to the plan, I entered the bathroom pretending that I came as couldn’t find them together as my sleep got broken by screaming from bathroom. I saw them two in this position and was acting to be dumbfounded. Seeing me, mom instantly went to the corner by creeping and tried to hide her jems and was crying like a baby girl.

Me: Mommmm! What the shit! What you guys are doing at the middle of the night???
Chacha: look Malini… We have an audience with a boner.

Mom looked at my elevated tent at the pants and felt hell shy and dropped her sight down.

Chacha: Look raj, I’ll fuck your mom be it with your consent or without . But if you want you can join me.

As if mom was waiting for my answer.Uncle approached me .

Chacha: look she is as sexy as hell, come and join and enjoy. Or see your mom being fucked.

Suddenly, he held my boner and started to unzip it and freed my boner.

Chacha: Look malini what your son has got for you.

Mom never expected this from his son and lost her last hope as if she wanted to die.

He tried to bring mom to her position. I acted to resist him but then he again forced my crying mom and put my dick in her shivering hand and made her stroke. Mom couldn’t match her eyes with mine. I closed my eyes in pleasure as my sweet mom is now stroking me. He then whispered something in my mom’s ears but I didn’t care. I then approached her and infused my dick in her mouth. To my surprise she said nothing and kept sucking. I saw uncle masturbating at some distance. I couldn’t hold it longer and released everything I had.

Me: Mummy ahhhhhh! Ahhh.

Mom almost Swallowed most of it and rest of it was dripping down her lips.Then I got ready for the next round in the next hole. And for that reason, I laid mom down on her back on the floor. Mom’s silence was killing me. But to my surprise, uncle came to action and pushed me.

Arif: That’s enough!

And he brought a mini camera behind the curtain which he earlier set to record everything. Neither me nor mom expected this, but once again I got victimized by this creep. He was laughing hard. I felt that mom lost her last hope as I lost mom. I was numb so was she.

Arif: Raj now get out. Don’t you see that malini baby needs to be cleaned?
By saying so, he pushed me outta the bathroom and locked from inside. I saw mom staring at the floor with sobbing eyes but glamorous sexy body. I again felt a sensation through my spine thinking that what uncle is doing with mom. Then a sound of shower followed by a soft moaning and then screaming of mom broke my trance.

And this “Ahhhh uhhhh oooohh” sounds kept continuing for half and hour. I thought uncle filled all the three holes of mom. I was imagining but uncle was doing. After about 45 minutes uncle escorted my crying mom who was wrapped around a towel.

But mummy’s huge breasts and butts were too big for this tiny towel to cover. So far, mom didn’t look at me.I was too much angry on arif uncle for single-handedly enjoying my mom. He then laid mom on bed. Abruptly, a knock at our doorway took our attention.Uncle then ordered me to open the door.

Mom tried to pick her saree up and wrap around her waist. I wanted to wait for mom to atleast wear the saree but arif uncle snatched the saree.

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