Impregnating My Aunt

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Impregnating My Aunt

As soon as my aunt and uncle pulled into the driveway, I started getting nervous. Aunt Lizzie was incredibly beautiful, and because I was shy, I always felt bit awkward around her. She had a face like a supermodel, but she was also significantly curvier than those overly skinny people striding down the catwalk. Whenever she was around, I had a hard time keeping my eyes off her. I knew that. And now she was coming here.

When she stepped out of the car, my eyes started darting over her, taking it all in from her toes to her beautiful head. She had fair, almost pale white skin, and long, free-flowing red hair. She wore sandals with leather straps wrapped up around her toned calves. Her light summer dress was blowing in the wind, showing off most of her smooth thighs as she made her way up towards the house. Holding her wide-brimmed hat to avoid losing it in the breeze, she came up to the porch where I stood ready to welcome her. She immediately threw herself at me, giving me a wonderfully soft hug.

“Hey, Ben!”

“Hey, Liz…”

“So great to see you!”

“Thanks… yeah… great seeing you too…”

“Come on, let’s get inside before we get all blown away.”

“Uh… yeah…”

Smooth, Ben. Real smooth. I was already blushing. Now all I could think about was the feeling of her breasts pushing against my body. She made it even worse by brushing her hand along my side as she made her way past me and into the house.

I turned and followed her inside, finding it impossible to stop myself from looking at her behind. Her narrow waist gave her that kind of incredible hourglass figure that made guys stare when she walked away from them. I couldn’t help it, my eyes just became fixed on her butt. As I saw her hips sway from side to side in front of me, I practically had to shove my fist in my mouth and bite down to avoid yelling: “Oh, my God!”

This was ridiculous. How could anybody be this hot? Liz was the kind of woman you only saw in movies. Or magazines. How could she be here, right in front of me? How could she be a family member, coming over for dinner at Mom and Dad’s house? How the fuck did my distinctly average uncle even manage to marry this goddess?

Okay, so Uncle Ted wasn’t bad. He was my mother’s brother, so we had met each other many times when I was growing up, and he was a pretty good guy. He also made decent money, but not exactly enough for women to marry him for his wealth. Especially a woman hot enough to make Hollywood stars come crawling.

I tried to keep myself from staring at her during dinner. We sat outside, enjoying the sunny summer weather in the garden, and I positioned myself at the other side of the table so that I wouldn’t constantly stare at her cleavage. Man, those curves… She had such a well-rounded figure, it was hard to think about anything other than her breasts if she was seated right in front of me.

For some reason, we all switched places as dessert was being served. At that point, we did sit a bit closer to each other, so I was a bit distracted for a minute. Then, unwittingly, she came to my rescue. She started talking about the one subject I could go on about for hours without breaking my stride.

“So how’s university?”

“Oh, good, thanks…”

“What did you study again?”


“Oh. That sounds interesting.”

“It is. Right now, I’m reading about the ancient Greek city states.”

“Like Athens?”

“Yes, and Sparta, Thebes, Corinth… and many others. It’s really interesting to see the impact they’ve had on the development of some modern democracies. Then there’s the cultural influence; the ancient Greeks were seen as the high point of civilized culture by the Renaissance artists, and again by the thinkers of the Enlightenment age; they brought up these old ideas and integrated them into the political debate at the time…”

For about ten minutes, I went on and on about my favorite subject, almost as if I was giving my aunt a university lecture of my own. She managed to pop in a question or two occasionally, but once I got started on this, it was hard to stop me. I even managed to avoid staring at her breasts while I went on about Greek philosophers. Throughout, Liz listened patiently with a lovely smile on her face.

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