Bengalee Film Queen 17

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Episode : 17

“Lie down on the bed Duttababu,” Mustaq ordered… pushing Nandan forward as he moved in a trance. “On your back now, there you go”.

From his lying position, Nandan now could see his beautiful young staring down at him….. biting her lip and trying to cover her young pussy with her hands. He also saw his tormentor smiling towards Surindar who was behind him. He could feel the bed move as his turned to see what was happening.

“Indudevi, I want you to sit on your 's face. Put your knees on each side of his head and let him clean up that messy cunt of yours.” Mustaq winked at the matured Tolly celeb.

Indrani didn't need to be asked twice. Hearing Mustaq's words, she felt her pussy spasm. This was so wrong yet her body was responding to the idea. So crawling down the bed quickly, she looked down into her husbands eyes.

“We have no choice honey. Just do what they say”. Indrani said to her husband compassionately.

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Then straddling his face, she positioned herself directly over his head. She could feel his hot breath on her pussy-lips as she felt a wave of desire roll over her.

“Open your lips for him”, Mustaq once again instructed as he looked at Indrani, “Now get your cunt on his mouth”.

Indrani did as instructed using both her hands to open her overflowing cunt for her husband as she slowly settled down into position. The smell was so over whelming to Nandan. He could hardly believe that his wife had only fucked one of the antisocials and her pussy reeked of sex.

As she settled down on his mouth, he was forced to breath in through his nose. At first she just sat there but almost immediately she began to writhe around….. grinding herself on his face.

‘The Whore,' he thought, ‘She is getting off on this and forcing me to eat another man's cum… was making her hot.'

Indrani found herself pinching her nipples with each hand. She really did not remember cupping her own during their sex but now she was twirling her nipples like a common slut. She could feel her husband's hot breath as he huffed into her ripe pussy. It felt so good. She could feel her pussy spasm as her husband's tongue made it's first tentative stab at her cunt. She reached down with one hand and began rubbing her clit in time to her husband's tongue motion. She barely stifled a moan.

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On the other hand, Nandan could feel his wife's body tremble as he could taste and feel her pussy lubricating. The taste was salty and thick. He realised that what he tasted was a mixture of his wife's pussy-juices and that of Surindar's semen as well. It wasn't bad really but salty and more pungent than Indrani's by its self.

As he felt his wife tremble above him, he realised that she had never reacted this way to him before. He also realised that despite being forced into this act, he was now really enjoying the effect he was having on his wife. He began eating her with more enthusiasm and soon was rewarded with a steady moaning from her.

Indrani's pussy was now leaking more profusely into her husband's mouth and he knew there was a good amount of Surindar's Punjabi cum mixed in there as well. However his wife's continued groaning surprised him. It almost sounded like a siren. It started out low and worked it's way higher. He realised the sound he was hearing was his wife starting to cum. Her legs were trembling violently on either side of his head.

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