Step-daughter and step-dad have sex along with other family

Step-daughter and step-dad have sex along with other family, Wishing it was me as I continued squeezing my titties. I was on the verge of cumming again when I saw the most amazing sight ever. ( Read prev story Step-daughter and step-dad have sex ).. My cousin Alyssa wrapped her hands around my step-dads neck as he lifted her off the desk with his arms under her thighs. I was amazed that his cock was still inside her as he started to bounce her up and down on his enormous cock. Alyssa saw me by the door and just grinned at me. And started to talk dirty to my step-dad. He just kept bouncing her on his cock as she begged for it.

“Harder, harder, harder!! Please Daddy fuck me deeper. Deeper, deeper! You cock feels so fucking BIG! God! I love your cock. Please don’t stop. Fuck me. Fuck me. Daddy please don’t stop. Fuck my tight little pussy! Please daddy! Please!! GOD IM GOING TO CUM. YES. YES. I’M CUMMING, I’M CUMMMMMING!!, as her eye rolled to the back of her head. That should be me. She quickly recovered and was staring at me as bouncing on my step-dad’s cock. “PLEASE DADDY” she yelled. “PLEASE DADDY. CUM IN ME. CUM IN MY TIGHT LITTLE PUSSY. THIS IS YOUR PUSSY DADDY. THIS WILL ALWAYS BE YOUR PUSSY. PLEASE CUM IN ME. YES, YES, YES I CUMMING AGAIN DADDY. CUMMING OH DADDY. I’M CUMMING!!” She bit her lower lip and stared at me.


My step-dad stiffened and grunted “I’m cummming. I’m cumming. God your pussy feels so good! It has been too long Yes it is my pussy. Mine to fuck whenever I want it”. He let her stand as they started to kiss. His hands were squeezing her gorgeous ass. “Next time I might have to fuck your sweet ass.”

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“Anything for you daddy, anything for you. I have never ever been fucked so good and can’t wait until next time,” as she winked at me.

That was my cue to leave.

What to do. I wasn’t sure where to head next my head was spinning. My pussy was wet. I had just witnessed one of the most incredible things in my life. And I feel it should have been me. I needed some cock and I needed it now. But who’s. I had no one so I decided I needed to talk I headed toward my friend Tamara’s house. She was someone I could always talk to when I needed advice.

She was an old friend of my moms who I could always count on. She was built like me but bigger in all the right areas after having 2kids with the last 5 years. Long brown hair and sultry green eyes. She was a yoga instructor who was always wearing tight stretchy clothes.

I knocked the door and Tamara answered. She hugged me tightly as she could tell I was upset. She felt so good as I hugged her tightly. She asked me what was wrong.

I said “there is this man I like and want to fuck. And we almost did the other night but he said we couldn’t. Then I saw him fucking my cousin Alyssa not less than 20 minutes ago. I am still horny and really needed some dick. But I have no one to call. I needed to get this off my chest.”

She consoled me and told me, “boys are dumb and only think with their dicks.”

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“What should I do? I want to fuck him so bad. I don’t want anyone else.”

“Then go after him. Fight for what you want.”

“I will. Thank you so much. You always help me and are always here for me. I appreciate you so much.”

“Your welcome sweetie. Glad I could help.”

I went to hug Tamara to thank her and I brushed her breast and the nipple started to harden as we hugged. She seemed a bit flustered as we hugged for way too long. She caressed my check and I felt something stir inside of me. She said, “your a beautiful woman and any man or woman would want you.” There was a long pause and then she said “I want you. I want you now.” She leaned to kiss me as our lips met ever so softly. We started to kiss each other hard and passionately like 2 teenage girls who dared each other. Her body felt so good against mine that I ran my hand down her back. She pushed me back against the couch as she straddled my legs. She was kissing my neck and working my way down to my covered tits. She started to unbutton my blouse and unclasped my bra. Her lips touched my nipple and I felt a jolt of electricity shoot throughout my body. I shuddered underneath her. What the fuck was happening? Don’t get me wrong I like what was happening. But I was just shocked that it was. I held her head to my tits and she sucked and bit my nipples. My pussy was so very moist. I felt between her legs and could feel the heat. I start to rub her pussy thru her yoga pants. She moaned on my nipple.

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“Come on let’s go to my room. We have some time before my husband gets home.”

“Ok.” I was horny and needed something but never thought it would be this.

She grabbed me the hand and led me to her bedroom.

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