I think my wife is cheating

I think my wife is cheating (True story) So I ate her pussy a little restrained she wouldn’t give me full access to eat her pussy completely but the little I could do I still got the chance to make her scream and lost a couple of hundred of hairs. After that we engaged on oral sex for several months, after about eight months I was able to fuck her, I promised to put into her pussy only the head of my cock and I intended to stick to my word but after teasing her pussy with the tip of my cock and getting her really nice and wet the very first push I made in the entrance of her pussy my cock slipped into her the head and two more inches of the shaft of my cock and unintentionally with the next two thrusts I hit bottom, and my balls were resting on the crack of her ass to that point it made no sense for me to safe anything for later I fucked her as rough as I could and I tried to destroy her pussy that every time that I felt that I was going to cum I stopped to make it last longer and continued with my punishment and she was crying like a bitch in heat, she sounded like someone was watching a porn movie, she squirted about ten times the mattress was soaking wet and her pussy puffy like snitch in heat when a handful of street dogs had fuck her in a row, when I got to the point of no return I went all the way into her tunnel and emptying my sack of cum into her waiting pussy and I kept my piston going in and out for a little while and when I withdrew my cock from her aching pussy a flow of hot white lava started oozing from her puffy pussy. From that day I learned that she is a piece of hot meat.

Added by C. R.

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