Candy plays doctor

Many years ago when I was a pre adolescent my next door neighbor Candy and I were playing. If I remember correctly I was 8 and she was 7. We were wresting and rolling around on the floor. All of a sudden Candy tells me to pretend I’m hurt. She told me to lie down and that she wanted to check and see if I needed an operation. Following her lead I stretched out on my back. She slowly groped her way around my body, rubbing my chest, up and down my arms and up and down my legs. She could tell I was enjoying this. All of a sudden Candy tells me that if she’s going to be a doctor she needs to examine me more closely. Not knowing what she meant I just went with the flow. Next she pulls my shirt up over my head and starts rubbing my bare chest. I was starting to get feelings that I’d never experienced before. Before long her hands slid down to my pants.

She unsnapped and unzipped me and slowly pulled my pants down to my ankles leaving me lying there shirtless and in just wearing my underwear. I was slightly shocked, but still enjoying it so I let her continue on. She was kneading my calves and thighs telling me she needed to check for broken bones. By this time I was getting an erection. She turned her eyes to my crotch noticing the little bulge in the crotch of my underwear.

There must be something wrong, she said, you have a lump that wasn’t there before. I’d better check it out to make sure you’re okay. If you let me check it out I’ll show you mine later. Being in a state of semi bliss I agreed as long as she promised I could do the same to her later. She agreed and grabbed the waistband of my underwear, slowly pulling them down and exposing my little erection and sac. Wow, she said, that’s the first one I’ve ever seen and mine doesn’t look anything like yours. My little hard on was lying flat against my belly and my tiny sac was hanging between my legs. I better make sure that you’re not hurt , she said, as she reached down and grabbed my hard penis. She lifted it up and moved it around exploring every inch of it.

Slowly she cupped my tiny sac in her other hand. I was experiencing feelings that I had never felt before. She commented on the texture of my sac as she rubbed it gently. She was amazed at how stiff my penis felt as she kept playing away. All of a sudden I began to quietly moan, I became light headed and my legs became stiff. My penis was tingling like it never had before. I was getting worried that she was hurting me, but it felt so good I let her continue on.

My breathing was coming in gasps as my body became rigid and my legs started to convulse involuntarily. The next thing you know I gasped loudly as a wave of tingling, tickling and throbbing flowed through my penis and it started twitching in Candy’s hand. What happened, she asked? It was jumping all by itself and then it just stopped. Oh look, she said, now it’s all soft and wiggly. Why did that happen? Did I do something wrong? I tried to explain to her what had happened and the feelings that I experienced, but being an innocent virgin I couldn’t convey my true feelings because I didn’t know what an orgasm was. I did manage to convince her the she didn’t hurt me in any way and what she did felt very, very good. She did stay true to her word and let me see and play with her pussy after I got dressed, but that’s another story. We continued playing “doctor” on occasion for the next couple years.

Boy was I sorry when that friendship ended!!!

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