I am a cheater and I can’t help it.

Hello there! I am MACAR a 37 years old married woman with 34b, 30 and 36 frame, high octane when it comes to sex my closets friends call me piruja, only they know what that means. I have been a extremely horny bitch since my early teens, I remember I used to get my underwear wet and chills all over my body and always felt tingling sensation in my pussy, over the years Iearn what might be the reason now I know that is some kind of rare condition sord of speak, in younger years my clit developed different than other girls it became very sensitive and that was why my underwear used to get wet at very young age and when I got married got even more sensitive, when I had my first sexual inter curse I felt the same sensation coming from inside my pussy I screamed like a porn actress and I squirted like a water fountain, that scared me very much that I even went to my gynecologist and expressed her my concerns, she told me that what I was feeling was not common but it was normal and she told me congrats because that was going to make me a happy woman. I enjoy pretty much sex but the problem is that when I see something that I like, I have to try it at least once if I like it I keep it if don’t I let it go but I don’t let nobody to push me or boos me around I want what they have as long it is available I can get it my way if not I can go somewhere else, and they want what I have and they can get it my way and on my terms and it is available when I say.

This particular story is not the first one neither the last one is one of the latest ones and it happened became unfortunately during that time my husband was injured in a work related accident, ever since I been married my sex life always have been taking care by my husband I mean for the most part but in some periods of time I have derailed for different motives my husband is pretty much healthy and he provides in all aspects and when it comes to sex three to four times a week and every once in awhile a bad is two times but I can live with that but in the ocasiones that I have fallen it had been for different situations that I

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