I am a cheater and I can’t help it 2 (True story)

I am a cheater and I can’t help it.. couldn’t control, for instance on this occasion I got me a part-time job a nearby company, working from 1:30 pm to 8:00 pm three days of the week; Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday; the first day a I worked with this lady who was training me on some kids of paper work that they use to track the product they manufacture which that was going to be a part of my job, the following day I was training on the same part of my job from the day before and another area that is related to my duties on my department, that is when I sense that trouble was heading my way, the second half of my work day I had to work with this gentleman about two or three years older than me, he looked very clean, serious and straight but at soon he laid eyes on me I could read his mind, because I felt it between my legs, he looked at me like thinking how long is going to take me to eat this forbidding fruit, when he passed me bye he would look my ass with the corner of his eye,

I caught him a few times staring at my ass and biting his lower lip through the reflection of the window glass because of the mirror tints on the glass window a few times he passed by behind me and brushed my ass at the beginning I thought it just happened but after a couple of times I noticed that he was doing it on purpose because he was getting a bulge in his jeans and I felt it getting harder and harder then I waited for the opportunity to let him know that I had noticed that and the next time he came to walk through I bucked my ass back to feel him better and at the same time I pretended of losing my balance and he grabbed me by my waist since I had part of my weight on him and trying to regain my balance I ground my ass on his hard on,

I told him that I was really sorry and that what I could I do to repair the damage, he said that there was no damages to be fixed and I told him that he couldn’t lie because he couldn’t hide the bulge in front of his jeans and what are you going to do about it? He said I reply not much but I can help to release the stress that you have in your balls but I warned you if hear anything about this is because you said something to somebody and I wanted you to know that you will lose more than me, do promise that you won’t tell anyone or say anything or let anyone know about this; he said I promise, ok I unbuckle his pants lower the zipper of his pants very slowly just thinking if I should do it or not lower his pants stock my hand in his boxers fly and reach for his cock,

I massaged his cock that I could feel it getting harder in my hand I pulled it out through the hole of his boxers as I was looking at his face, he painted an smile of lust as kept teasing his cock so made my decision and I got closer to his cock and began licking the tip of his cock for maybe a minute or so and then I opened my mouth and shoved his cock into my mouth all the way to the back of my throat he moan with pleasure as I gagged because of the size of his tool then I started to suck his cock vigorously with passion and determination making sure he was been taking care well I let go his cock for a moment to focus on his ball for awhile and then I kept alternating from his balls to his cock and back and forth until he held my head with both hands and started to fuck my face hard and roughly making my saliva run out of my mouth down my chin and onto the floor, he pushed his cock into my mouth that I felt like my eye balls were going to popped out of my head, when he started gasping for air I knew he was about to burst his nuts and managed to free my head from his hands and just when I did that he sprayed my mouth and my face with a big load of cum and just kept cumming and Cumming ,

when he stopped at the last drop I had my mouth and my face full of cum, I swallowed what I had in my mouth and with my fingers I clean my face and licking every drop of cum that I had on my face. We went to clean up it took me longer to finish and when I got done came out of the bathroom and he told if I wanted to leave for the day I could leave.

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