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He probably thought that I did that on purpose, or probably he thought that I was teasing him (Read prev story), or an invitation that he could get this one also, or take a pick, that one or this one or who knows what was in his mind, but for sure I know I didn’t do it on purpose or send him any kind of message, I just wanted my car fixed. Okay he said and called for Bruce, do you want to come with me, you might be included on this deal, he got up and said lets go take a look and headed to exit the bar, he opened the door and put his leg to hold it and he was facing me staring right on my breast which bounced as I walked and as I was passing by him beautiful babies and smiled and I to myself

thought just because I need him I don’t t tell him to go to hell. We walked across the street to where my car was he asked me for the key, I handed it to him and just when he was entering the I remember that my underwear was exposed for him to see right on the parking break handle, he put the key in the ignition switch and started the he remove my underwear from the break handle and released it, he drove forward a little and then backward I was standing right at window looked at me grabbed my panties sniffed them and said they smell good I bet they have your scent on and laughed, I felt my face blushed by the embarrassment, and said don’t get mad or embarrassed boys love how women smell at least I do he said, he walked to the side of the shop opened up a door, few seconds later he opened a garage door drove the over a pit, he came out and said you have to come in because the shop is close for the day and I don’t want people to come and think that we are open, he had a small office in the back with a low couch and and matching love seat, I sat on the couch because the love seat was right in front of the desk and he was sitting in front of the computer checking on something, in front of me was a poster calendar with a girl with an air pressure gage on her hand, she was bending down with her ass resting on her heals her legs wide open with no panties obviously showing her attributes he smiled while I was staring at the girl on the picture, he said pretty girl huh, he said, she looks like you, he finished. He got up from the desk came to the front of it and said, lets talk business, I am going to put you back on the road but only depends on you, I said what do you mean, how much is going to be I asked, is not only how much, is also how you want to pay he said, then I said here and look for my wallet in my hand bag and got my credit card out and handed it to him, he took the credit card and put it on the desk, no credit card miss he said, cash only and plus he said, what plus means, labor, parts, and the chance I lost to my date, you have to make up for that pussy and I mean it. He said.

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