They both Know Now

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They both know now – Steve Wright loved his wife, Charlotte. He thought she was the quintessential English Rose. Honey blonde hair, big brown eyes, petite nose and full kissable lips; with a swan neck and nice sized breasts he fell in love with her every time he saw her. Like most women Charlotte liked nice clothing; she wanted to look pretty as well as feel pretty; she wanted to be admired as well as be desired. Her husband also enjoyed seeing his lovely wife wearing feminine outfits……for he was a voyeur.

Nothing excited him more than to see Charlotte in skimpy clothes; low cut tops and mini skirts were some of his favourites. He would encourage her to select a size smaller when buying garments and to choose bright colours and see through blouses. Steven Wright had an ulterior motive for wanting his wife to wear revealing garb.

Watching other men looking at his wife with lustful eyes, trying to see down her low cut tops when bending or casting sneaky looks up her short dresses hoping to see if she was wearing panties or not always excited him greatly, He had a more, deeper, complex need; if only he could persuade her to spend time with another man, a little kissing and cuddling, the holding of hands; he didn,t dare think about his ultimate desire, his most exciting scenario, that of his beautiful Charlotte naked and moaning ‘neath the thrusting loins of a big macho man Best not think about that; a wild, impossible dream that could never happen. No, just enjoy the flimsy clothing that he could coax her into wearing and leave it at that. It was better than nothing. What does he know…

Chapter Two Charlotte was looking forward to Saturday night; it was her husband,s bowls night and it was also her chance to have a little fun. She loved her husband, she knew he loved her,provided for her, but somehow… Well,there was just that little something she was missing. Steven always treated her carefully; in bed she was like a porcelain doll; oh yes,he always made her orgasm usually with his mouth but it was a fleeting climax, there one second,gone the next. She wished,sometimes that he would be more forceful, ravish her, not hurt her, just a little roughness and certainly she would love deeper penetration.

When her hubby had an afternoon bowls match he would leave about one thirty and he wouldn,t be home before midnight; this gave Charlotte plenty of time to enjoy an evening out with her next door neighbour, Dorothy, and be back before Steve got home; Not once did he realise his lovely wife was ‘out of doors’; that is not to say that she was cheating on him. She,first decided to venture out when Dorothy, next door suggested it; before then she would stay in,watch telly and retire to bed by eleven. Talking with Dorothy, they opted to go for a meal but that soon became boring. ‘We should go to one of those night clubs, do a bit of dancing, pick up a couple of fellows’ was her neighbours idea. ‘I couldn,t do that’ was Charlotte,s reply,’my husband would have a fit.’ What does she know… On the Saturday Steven said to his wife ‘here,s some money go and buy yourself a pretty dress,something a little cheeky, give the boys a thrill, take next door with you I know your friendly with her, and later I wish the two of you would venture out, I don,t like the thought of you sitting here while I,m out playing bowls. You never go out.’ What does he know… That same Saturday the pair of them wandered up the high street looking in the shops and trying on frocks; Dorothy was full of advice; ‘oh! you must try this on,’she gushed, ‘you,ll look very sexy in it.’ Charlotte rather reluctantly, and with difficulty,tried on the dress. ‘Oh no, this won,t do you can see most of my titties and the dress is so short, when I bend over you,d see my knickers,Steve would never want to see me in this.’ What does she know… Nevertheless Charlotte did feel very sexy wearing the dress and after much persuasion by Dorothy bought the miniscule frock. That Saturday evening the young duo found themselves in the local night spot. The place was already fairly busy with many couples dancing and a number of single men and women drinking and chatting at the bar. Dorothy soon spotted a group of young men rowdying at the bar Charlotte thought they were a noisy, juvenile lot but Dorothy was quite excited. ‘Mmm’ she said to Charlotte,’ fancy any of them.?’ ‘Not really I think they,re a loud, immature bunch.’ Shortly two of the group approached the girls,and after the ‘good evening greetings, the dark haired one asked Charlotte if she would like to dance. ‘Might as well’ she thought ‘I don,t have to take it further.’ Soon she was on the floor and began to relax; she found her partner quite a good dancer and surprisingly kept his hands where they should be. She noticed Dorothy being hit on and she soon joined them towing a blonde young man. Charlotte saw them talking and Dorothy seemed quite animated, laughing every time her partner spoke to her and then nodding her head as if agreeing to something. When the music stopped the girls were escorted back to their table where Dorothy, excitedly told Charlotte, that she was going outside for a little air, ‘perhaps I might get lucky’ she enthused. Charlotte gasped, ‘you mean having sex with that young man you,ve only just met. You don,t know what he,s like.’ ‘All part of the fun’ Dorothy exclaimed, ‘strange new sex makes the fucking much more exciting.’ ‘Won,t your husband be angry’ Charlotte pointed out.’ ‘No actually, and here Dorothy lowered her voice,peering round in case of eave droppers ‘he rather likes me enjoying other men and when he gets the chance he likes to watch but, if he can,t, he always wants me to give him all the details. He gets off on it. It,s the ideal situation, I get lots of sex he gets lots of ‘one’ sex and we still love each other.’ ‘My Steven wouldn,t want me to do anything like that Charlotte replied airily. What does she know… Charlotte watched Dorothy leave with her young beau; ‘look after my bag please, I wont be long.’ Fifteen minutes later she was back, hair mussed, clothing in some disarray and cheeks red hot. Charlotte gawked but couldn,t hide her curiosity. ‘Well was it worth it’ she inquired. ‘Short and sweet,’ Dorothy replied, I managed one climax but he came rather quickly, still he had a nice size cock, all of seven inches. I,ll have to pop in the toilet, get rid of his sperm.’ ‘You let him ejaculate inside you?’ ‘Yes I love the feel of men shooting inside my cunt.’ Charlotte winced at Dorothy,s use of the vernacular but even so she felt a little envious of Dorothy,s escapade, her own vagina moistening at the thought. By ten o’clock Charlotte had danced with several men, feeling their hard cocks pressing up against the mound just above her vagina. A number of times she couldn,t resist raising herself sufficiently so as to direct the end of a hard penis fully against her throbbing clitoris only to realise what she was doing and hurriedly, shamefaced, move herself away from the tantalising pressure. There were several margaritas lined up on her table when she returned from dancing and she was having to drink more quickly so as to catch up. She couldn,t stop thinking about Dorothy,s indiscretions and,in deed, Dorothy had been outside twice more, regaling Charlotte with all the exciting details such that the young wife became quite horny. Soon she was feeling very frisky and abandoned and no longer held herself away from the hard cocked men but indulged shamelessly with their thrusting bodies allowing her partners free access to her clothed body. The occasional fumbling at her sensitive breasts and stolen kisses only heightened her horniness. Whatever would Steven think she giggled to herself. What does she know… Shortly after ten thirty three young blacks entered the club. As soon as they spotted the two girls they strutted over and in no time were hitting on the young women. Dorothy, of course immediately took a shine to two of them and, after dancing with both, went straight outside. ‘I,ve never had a blackman;’ whispered Dorothy as she passed,’certainly not two. My hubby will be thrilled.’ Coloured men need no encouragement to fuck and Charlotte quickly came under pressure to ‘take the air’. She,d already had several dances with her black friend and was quite surprised at the size of the cock pressed up against her. She,d heard about how big blackmen,s dicks were but this black cock appeared huge. Charlotte thought about the pros and cons of having sex with this handsome young black man; she was feeling very horny and the margaritas she had imbibed had banished any reluctance or shyness. She badly wanted to feel the intimacy of a manly body, her breasts ached to be sucked and caressed, and she had an overwhelming need for her vagina to be filled with hot, hard flesh,so she threw caution to the wind and, before she could change her mind, took hold of the young black man,s hand and dragged him outside. For a second she thought of her husband; she had no doubt that he would be horrified if he knew that she was, for the first time, about to break her marriage vows.’ What the eye doesn,t see the heart won,t grieve,’ she reasoned. What does she know… At the rear of the club there was a grassed area laid out with tables and chairs mostly used on hot afternoons. Now it was dark, the only light coming from four ornamental wall lights; they gave out a pleasant glowing illumination. Charlotte was glad of the lesser lighting she was still feeling a bit shy even though she was full of excitementd about the coming action. Some movement in the shadows caught her eye and very quickly she recognised Dorothy with the other two young blacks. Before she could take any further notice of the three illicit, struggling bodies her own black was pushing her up against a table, thrusting his loins into her belly and kissing her. The black,s obscene pressure on her lower body momentarily took her breath away but with an excited voice managed to pant, ‘What,s your name?’ Charlotte asked,’can,t let you ‘do’ me without knowing who you are,’ she giggled. ‘Jamal,’ the young black growled, he didn,t ask her name; it was of no interest to him, he,d fuck anybody, name or not. Jamal pushed his tongue into Charlotte,s open mouth ; now that they were starting to enjoy each others’ bodies any remaining doubts had vanished from Steven Wright,s wife and she was relaxed and happy. Her own tongue slipped into Jamal,s mouth and Charlotte relished the naughtiness of her cheating. Already her toes had started to tingle and she was giving as much tongue as she was getting. His lips now moved to her neck and Charlotte wriggled with delight,her neck being one of her most sensitive areas. Jamal sucked at the flesh of her neck and Charlotte realised there would be a hickey there by the morning. ‘Oh dear,’she laughed to herself,’how am I going to explain that to Steven;he,s not going to like that. What does she know… Jamal began fumbling with the buttons on Charlotte,s dress,she helped him and the first four quickly came undone. She felt the cool air on her upper body and then Jamal was running his hands up under her bra and squeezing her breasts, moving his palms over her hardening nipples. Charlotte gasped aloud as the feeling spread across her breasts and,then, much to her delight the black man bent his head and took her left nipple into his mouth. Steve Wright,s wife could not suppress another loud gasp as Jamal,s thick lips began sucking. She groaned into the black,s ear. ‘Bite me please.’ Charlotte always had a latent desire for a little pain and with her body shaking with lust she lost all caution and abandoned herself to the black man,s cruelty. Jamal bit down on Charlotte,s nipple bringing a moan from her as she felt the pain pleasure coursing through her body. ‘Do the other one,’ she panted, ‘a little harder.’ The black did as he was ordered and Charlotte,s upper torso spasmed as she felt Jamal,s teeth biting into her tortured flesh. This kind of treatment was exactly what she,d always dreamed about and now she was revelling in the roughness of the black man,s handling. Shortly his mouth left her breasts and Charlotte groaned her dismay but it was short lived as Jamal, trailed light kisses downwards. He impatiently shoved her dress back away from her shoulders and it fell down around her waist. Continuing his kisses down to her belly he pushed his tongue into her navel and at the same time pulled on her dress so that it fell to the ground billowing around her feet. Charlotte was naked now,apart from her panties which were soon following her dress down onto the ground as Jamal ripped them off eager to get to her leaking vagina. Charlotte, in a moment of lust, slipped her shoes off and stepped out of the discarded clothing;she was now able to open her thighs and allow the black man free access to her most intimate parts. ‘Oh my,’ she giggled,’ poor Steven would be aghast. What does she know… Jamal wasted no time and was soon slurping on Charlotte,s plump pussy lips. ‘Hold your cunt lips apart,’ the black man grunted and Charlotte, eagerly, with her fingers, felt for them and pulled the fat, eager lips apart. Jamal immediately pushed his tongue into her vagina. The sensation was fantastic if he hadn,t been holding onto her hips she would have fallen over. Nevertheless Charlotte literally buckled at the knees. The feeling of his thick tongue licking over her pussy lips and then running up and over her distended clitoris was almost overwhelming and she couldn,t stop herself from moaning, ‘Oh god, oh my, oooohhh, that,s lovely,’ she gushed. ‘Aaaaahhhh Im cumming!’ and the tingling in her toes rushed through her body and finished up in her vaginal area then the climax exploded in her clitoris just as if it was blowing the swollen end right off. She couldn,t remember ever having experienced such an orgasm even when her hubby used his mouth on her. The combination of the taboo sex with her black lover and the cuckolding of her husband was enough to take her breath away besides her balance. Jamal abruptly stopped sucking and licking at Charlotte,s burning cunt and again she felt disappointed but the black quickly stood up, pushed her onto her back across the table and moved in between her thighs. It took just a few seconds to release and drop his trousers and in the light from the wall lamps Charlotte could see, what appeared to her as, a huge bulge in Jamal,s boxers and she couldn,t resist reaching out and pulling the offending garment down. ‘I want to look at it.’ she heavily breathed,’I don,t think I,ve seen one as large as this’ she said wide eyed.’It looks huge to me,do you think I can get it in,can I take it all?’ ‘This cock will slip into you like a hot knife through butter,’ jamal proudly exclaimed and stuck his hips out and twanged his dick with his hand so that it slapped up against his belly which to Charlotte made it appear even larger. She gulped but even so she was bewitched by the pleasure giving tool such that she could hardly wait to feel it filling up her wanting pussy. However she had to feel it and look at it lovingly the mesmerised young woman bent her head down, took hold of this monsterous,hard,hot flesh and pressed it to her face. Charlotte could smell the manliness of the blackman, could feel the undoubted strength in the throbbing meat, and couldn,t stop herself, didn,t want to stop herself, from opening her mouth and closing her lips over the fat glans. She felt quite content kneeling in front of Jamal just holding his black penis in her mouth but soon the urge to start sucking overcame her and with tongue and lips she had the black man moving his hips back and forth, enjoying the naughty wife,s soft lips slipping over the outer edge of his glans . A couple of times he pushed in a little too far and made her choke but she soon learnt to hold the thrusting cock with her tongue. The black finally pulled his penis from the young wife,s sucking mouth and, lifting her up, quickly turned her around and bent her forward. Charlotte,realising what was coming next, laid her head down on her hands on the table and opened her legs. Jamal moved between her thighs and rubbed his spit wet, cock head up and down between her swollen cunt lips, occasionally pausing, and pressing onto the distended clitoris, bringing gasps of lust from the eager wife. The black penis, lodged just inside the fat, grasping labia was giving Charlotte a myriad of small thrills up and down her spine. She badly desired to be penetrated and pushed her bum back hoping to get the pleasure, giving tool deeper,but the experienced Jamal liked to keep his women waiting and moved away from the frustrated wife. ‘Don,t be mean,’ panted Charlotte, ‘let me have it,you know I,m ready.’ ‘Do you think you can handle it?’ teased her black lover. ‘Yes, please, fuck me now.’ Jamal couldn,t wait any longer and easing his hips forward drove his throbbing, monster appendage straight up into the desperate wife,s grasping, hungry cunt. ‘Oooohhh,aaahhhh,’ gasped Charlotte, already pressing herself back onto the thrusting prick.’It,s lovely, what I,ve dreamed about for ever. Fuck me long and hard, how and what I,ve always wanted.’ ‘Your old man doesn,t fuck you,eh,’ drawled Jamal enjoying his control. ‘Yes he does but…’ Charlotte trailed off, not wanting to stop her concentration of enjoying the wonderful fucking she was getting but also she didn,t want to sully her husband,s character. What she was already involved in would have him more than disappointed. What does she know… ‘Mmmm, I love it, love it,’ Charlotte breathed, catching her voice every time the black man thrust up into her body. Her feet were tingling and that delirious, delicious sensation was beginning to envelope her trembling body; she could feel the black cock head opening up her vaginal cavity and rubbing over the glands lining the walls. Her pussy was producing lots of slippery mucous and combined with Jamal,s pre-come her vagina was dripping with lubricant. The huge black penis was sliding in and out of Charlotte,s stretched, tiny white pussy with ease; she, grunting with pleasure every time she felt the cock bang up against her womb, couldn,t help moving her hips in line with Jamal,s thrusting and him, croaking out ‘oof,oof,oof on every movement. Now the hot wife was starting to tremble as she felt the lovely pleasure coursing through her body. Her breasts were swollen with sensation and this gorgeous feeling quivered down her spine,lanced into her belly,over her ‘mons’ and swelled into her cunt. ‘Oh!oh!,aaaahhhh,’ Charlotte moaned, ‘it,s wonderful,lovely, ooooohhhh I,m cumming, cumming stronger than I ever have. Go on, do it, fuck, fuck, fuck,oh,oh, aaaahhhhh, aaaahhhh,’and then her clit was exploding as the acute feeling shot out the top of the pulsating organ. She collapsed onto the table still feeling the after tremors but with black Jamal still fucking, hard and fast into her hot cunt. The limp body of the breathless,bawdy wife quickly responded to the continuing stimulation of her vagina and was soon on the brink of another heart rendering orgasm and Charlotte surrendered herself to the wonderful sensation. ‘How do you like that?’ crowed the black fuckster,’are you enjoying it?’ ‘I,ve ‘cum’twice already,’ the weakened girl sighed, ‘the best I,ve had.’ ‘Good,’replied Jamal, ‘and now it,s my turn. You have a lovely tight cunt just crying out for a regular servicing and I and my ‘bruvvers’ will keep you satisfied. Forget your wimp husband, and enjoy a gangbang with us.’ ‘I love my husband and he can,t perform like you, but I don,t think he would appreciate your interest.’ What does she know… Jamal was now thumping into Charlotte,s body and she groaned under the weight of the black man,s thrusts,but still appreciating his stamina. ‘How exciting it all is,’ she mused, still trembling from her massive climaxes, who would have thought I would be enjoying the ministrations of a black stranger. She listened to her lovers moans and then Jamal cried out his pleasure as his balls tightened and Charlotte felt his penis jump inside her,felt his cock stretch and then she was relishing the feeling of the black,s scalding sperm spewing into her greedy cunt. ‘Thank god I,m taking the pill,’ was her last thought. Chapter Three Charlotte was home and in bed just before midnight. She,d managed to tear Dorothy away from her two black lovers and see her safely indoors. Dorothy was still on a high babbling non-stop about how thoroughly she,d been fucked and how much she,d enjoyed her double penetration. ‘My hubby will have a hard-on for days after I tell him,’ she jabbered excitedly, lust still visible in her eyes. ‘Mine would probably divorce me if he ever found out,’ replied Charlotte wistfully. What does she know… Steven Wright arrived home a few minutes after twelve; his mind totally taken up with his bowls night; his team had won the match and it was he who had done the most damage to the losing team. He was feeling quite pleased with himself, humming a jolly tune as he let himself into the house. The hall light was on and this brought him back to the present. ‘Charlotte, Darling, are you in?’ As there were no more lights on it was clear she was in bed and hearing her answer confirmed his reasoning. ‘Oh dear,’ he muttered to himself,’she,s had another quiet night in.’ What does he know… During the next few days Steve reminded his lovely wife of their forth coming anniversary; ‘I,ve been speaking to one of my work collegues about our anniversary,’ he remarked,’I thought we might have a meal at a nice restaurant and then Sid, that,s my friend from work, thinks a visit to a night club for drinks and dancing might be nice.’ ‘That sounds good,’ answered Charlotte enthusiastically,’we haven,t been out for several weeks,I shall look forward to it.’ ‘Sid says he knows of a great club that has a floor show and as he,s a member he can get us in for free, er, by the way I should mention he,s a coloured man and he did say, in a roundabout way, that the floor show is a bit naughty but he has a white wife, will that give you any problems.?’ Charlotte, on hearing that there would be a black man in their party felt an immediate tingle in her belly and she could,nt help but remember the fucking she had received at the hands,or rather the cock, of Jamal the well endowed young black. Before she could think her immediate response was to say, ‘I,ve no problem with coloured people I find them rather exciting,’ and then realising what she,d said added hastily, ‘I mean they,re rather good dancers and as for the ‘naughty floor show’ the naughtier the better,’ she grinned cheekily. Steven, ever the hopeful one, took on board his wife,s observation and wondered in what respect she meant ‘rather exciting’. Did she mean it in a sexual…;before the thought had even entered his head he dismissed it as wishful thinking, ‘no way,’ he reasoned,would she indulge in any sort of naughtiness. Not on your life. What does he know… ‘Would you mind if I invited Dorothy from next door?’ queried Charlotte,’she,s good fun and would liven up any party.’ ‘No, that,s a lovely idea,’replied her husband, ‘the more the merrier.’ ‘She,ll probably want to bring her husband,’ Charlotte continued,’ I know he loves to watch his wife having a good time.’ She laughed inwardly at her little joke, ‘I wish my husband would like watching me having a good time,’ she mused. What does she know… ‘I wish I could watch my wife enjoying herself,’ Steven Wright thought,sighing as he did so. What does he know… The next day Charlotte mentioned the anniversary to Dorothy and with excited voices the two of them discussed what they would wear. ‘As little as possible,’ laughed Dot, ‘when is it?’ ‘Saturday week, and I think I,ll wear that little dress we bought the other day,it,s what Steven suggested I should buy anyway.’ ‘You never know,’ ventured Dorothy,’he might see you in a different light, perhaps he likes to watch like my Bill.’ ‘Fat chance of that,’ grinned Charlotte. What does she know… ‘It,s alright if Bill comes along?,’asked Dorothy he would love seeing me in the arms of another man,it would be nice to dance close and give hubby a thrill.’ ‘Oh you,’ chided Charlotte, wishing she could do the same but she didn,t think her husband would agree. What does she know… During the next few days Dorothy several times nipped into next door showing Charlotte varius items of clothing and they at last picked out a ‘bolero’ type blouse and a ‘peasants’ skirt. ‘I,m not going to put any underwear on,’said the bubbly Dorothy,fully animated, ‘and with my four inch high heels I shall look very sexier,just how Bill likes it.’ ‘You,re sure to get hit on dressed like that,’proffered Charlotte. ‘And so will you dressed like that,’echoed Dorothy, and they both hugged each other,laughing happily. The day of the anniversary party duly arrived and the four party-goers got ready to celebrate. When Steven saw his wife,s frock he was secretly quite pleased that she had dressed so sexily. ‘Perhaps she,s going to let herself go at last,’ he thought to himself hopefully. I,d love to see her dancing with another man in that outfit, it,s nice and short and I can see the tops of her breasts, lovely.’ Charlotte,s hubby also cast his eye over his next door neighbour,s spouse, he was sure she wasn,t wearing a bra and he could see no panty line. ‘Your girl friend isn,t wearing any underwear,’ he whispered to his wife,’she looks nice,I wondered have you discarded any clothing,’ and he winked conspiratorily. ‘No I,m respectfully clothed,’ admitted Charlotte,’but I have to admit she looks quite stunning and nicely cool.’ ‘I,m happy for you to do the same,’ sighed her anxious husband, ‘it,s going to be fairly hot in the club.’ Charlotte looked at her husband in surprise,’You mean you don,t mind if I go braless.’ ‘And knickerless,’ Steve added winking again. ‘You old ‘Roue’,smiled his wife,’I,ll think about it but you do realise if I walk across the floor in this dress I,m going to be looked at by many watching males. If I walk across the floor in this dress ‘sans’ underwear those looks are going to turn lustful, can you cope with that,? not get jealous and cause a scene.’ ‘My darling Charlotte,’ chuckled her hubby,’if I didn,t want anyone to look at you I would have to lock you up in a windowless room and that would probably be impossible and, even more, would not be fair on you. You are a gorgeous woman and it is quite normal for most males to ogle you. On top of that it is perfectly natural for females,including you, to want to look attractive and be admired by the male population. I accept the situation so, instead of trying to stop men watching you with lust filled eyes, I join them and watch also.’ Steven stopped talking and picking his wife,s hand up began raining kisses on each finger. Charlotte giggled, ‘ooohh that tickles,’and snatched her hand away. ‘And I,ll tell you another thing,’ continued her husband, ‘I like it when I see men lusting after you because it proves to me that I picked the right girl and it makes me proud to watch other men lusting after you with envious eyes knowing that you belong to me and no matter what you,ll always return to me.

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