Little sister seeks anal ‘advice’ from older brother

Mae sat cross legged on her bed, teasing her platinum hair, and scouring through the 30 tabs on her phone. Buried in advice blogs and online gurus, she had lost track of time. Her head swelled and she griped at her phone, before throwing it into her pillow, and folding her arms with a silent pout.

Mae went to her full length mirror, and held her arms to her side. Her oversized t-shirt gathered over her bare thighs. She pushed her tear drop boobs together and tilted her head, pursing her lips. Despite her friends telling her how jealous of them they were, she wondered if they were too small, not round enough, or looked asymmetrical. However, even Mae herself couldn’t deny that while she was small, she had a prominent curve to her body. Turning around, she lifted her long shirt above her white cotton panties wedged between two pert, and round cheeks that jiggled when she propped on her toes.

She grabbed each cheek, spreading them, and slipped one hand down her backside, resting it over her rosebud. She poked tentatively with her finger tip. ‘How the hell am I gonna fit Derrick’s cock in that?’ She said to herself. Pulling her hand away, she flopped onto her bed, staring up at the ceiling in defeat.

Silence sank in, until her ears picked up a conversation down the hall. She poked her head out of her door; it was coming from her brother’s room. His voice was low and deep, becoming louder as she closed in. She stopped just outside, her back against the wall, and extended her ear as far as she could without being seen.

“- too hard. Just ease it in there. Good girl.” Her brother had a rasp in his voice. She could only hear him talking. She edged closer. “How does is it feel? Describe it to me?” His voice again.

Growing up, Mae and Logan’s parents led a lifestyle most would envy, and were away for long stints of travel and business trips. Logan was the person she looked up to. They were each other’s ‘adventure buddy’. She even used to tag along on dates with some of his cooler girlfriends. He taught her how to be more assertive, deal with bullies, and how to box. But once he started having sex in his teenage years, they spent less time together, had less to talk about, and his girlfriends were not interested in meeting the adorable younger sister. Mae was heartbroken.

Derrick made her feel special again, and she thought after losing her virginity, she would be able to relate to her brother. While they could now talk about their sexual experiences, it was on a superficial level, and not at all what she imagined it to be. It only made her feel rotten inside, and further apart from him than before.

“Fuck that’s hot. How many are in there?” After a long pause, Logan’s voice broke Mae’s inner dialogue. “Now pull them out of your ass, one by one.” Mae held her breath, her ears perked. Who the hell was in there with him? “I’m gonna come too.” The sound of a zip being undone triggered her heart palpitations.

Mae had to see this. She turned around, hands on the wall, and leaned her head past the door frame. To her relief there was no girl with him. Logan was angled away from her, his phone to his ear. He had no shirt on, and his blue jeans were hanging low on his ass. His cock was hidden behind his body, but it was clear he was working his hand up and down the shaft. “I’m coming.” He let out a series of grunts, but strangely enough, it didn’t look like he actually came. His grunting continued, more exaggerated this time, before calming down to a heavy pant into the phone. “Shit, ok. I’ll talk to you later then.” He hung up and placed the phone on the window sill.

Did her brother just fake an orgasm? He rested a palm flat on the wall, his gnarled back and broad shoulders hunching over. He was alone now, when he started stroking again. Mae didn’t notice when she herself had started, but her legs were pressing together, her hand caught between them. She pushed against her panties and into her folds, a wet line appearing on the white cotton. Her brother was moving faster now, his back muscles rippled like wings and his thick veins trailed through his arms.

“Fuck it” He slapped his hand against the wall, giving Mae such a fright that she jumped, and had to steady herself against the door frame. She caught a fleeting glimpse at his cock as he tucked it away, and sat at his desk. Mae didn’t understand what happened. She pulled back and darted to her room, shutting the door behind her. He was clearly angry, but she had no idea why.

Logan sat with his fingers pressed into his brow. He hadn’t been able to come with Chelsea for the last month, let alone any girl. He was used to having sex daily. Sure his reputation of being a man-slut was not the most glamorous title, but he was proud of it. He had recently opted for phone sex as he didn’t want to hurt the poor girl’s feelings.

The trouble started that night he found Mae and Derrick having sex. Mae’s door was wide open, and he watched Derrick pounding her little ass, her legs spread wide across the bed. The image was burnt into his mind and he convinced himself that the sight of his baby sister being fucked had turned him off sex completely. There was no arguing with Logan once he made up his mind, and there was no other explanation he could think of himself. Sure Chelsea didn’t make his stomach flip and his heart turn sideways, but since when did that matter? He prayed that he hadn’t become one of those people who had to be in love to enjoy sex.

Mae’s head was spinning. She’d listened to her brother talk about sex before, but that was the closest she had come to actually seeing him. She was frowning and gritting her teeth, but the tingling between her thighs wouldn’t go away. She went to touch herself, but in a surge of self-restraint she resolved to forget her slutty brother; she had her own problems to worry about.

Derrick was expecting them to try anal once summer break started. She recoiled at the thought of his cock stretching her virgin hole. Derrick was as inexperienced as she was. She still remembered how he jabbed and prodded on their first time. The thought of that same feeling in her ass turned her off completely.

If she could just fit something – anything- inside her, maybe she would feel differently about it. She opened the draw and picked up the dildo she bought online. It was about the length of her forearm. Of course she knew in hindsight it was an overly ambitious purchase. She stuffed it back in the drawer, and retreated to her bed.

Guys had it so easy. She only had to look to Logan to see that. He sounded so confident telling someone what to do. His tone almost sounded fatherly. She drew parallels to when he had taught her how to fight, their bodies close together, responding to his gentle touch and corrections. She knew she was safe the entire time. If only he could help her with this. Mae repeated the thought several times: if only he could help her with this. Well why couldn’t he? She sprung up in the bed. They had talked about sex before, so it wouldn’t be too weird. She didn’t expect a hands on lesson after all, she only needed advice.

Mae was mature for her young age, but she was still impulsive; she couldn’t wait until morning. She flung her door open and trotted down the hall, the pitter-patter of her feet resembled a seasoned thief’s. Like a cat lunging for its prey she popped through Logan’s doorway.

“Logan?” She tried to make sense of the scene in front of her. He had his cock in his hand, but this time he was fixated on his laptop screen with a photo of Mae and her best friend, Gina.

“Mae what the fuck?” He struggled to fit his swollen cock back into his pants, completely forgetting about the photo. She just stood there. “Mae? Get out!” He shouted.

She had never heard him yell like that before, she wanted to cry. Logan noticed her lip tremble, and his face softened. “Shit Mae I’m sorry. I should’ve closed the door.” He stood up and gave her one of his bear cuddles. She couldn’t help but smile.

When he released her, she looked back at the screen. “Is that me and Gina?” She asked.

“Uh yeah.” He rubbed the back of his neck “Err – Sorry but Gina’s really hot.” Mae looked at him with disgust. “Oh come on you know I would never go there. She’s too young anyway. I like girls with a little more experience” His words made her look down and shift on her feet. Girls with more experience, she thought; girls not like Gina; girls not like Mae.

“You’re so gross Logan.” Her face went red.

“You’ll understand when you’re older little sis.” He said.

But Mae knew she understood now, and she didn’t appreciate his tone. “Well it just so happens I’ll be losing my anal virginity this summer.” She stood tall and proud, certain it would impress him.

“Oh, only three weeks to go! Have you made sure it’s on the perfect day? I hope you didn’t forget to write it in your diary.” He laughed.

“You’re being really mean.” Mae said, clenching her fists. Logan knew the look, she was about to have one of her temper tantrums, which were always entertaining.

He thought about pushing her off the edge, but he admitted to being enough of a prick already. “Oh it’s alright sis.”

“No! You know what, it’s not alright.” She kicked the foot of his chair. “We used to go to the movies, and fishing, and camping, and the beach, and everywhere and now all you do is fuck girls.” Tears were pooling around her eyes and her voice started to break. It was like she was a little girl again.

“Oh my god, Mae?” His heart ached. “Come here baby sis.” He pulled her in for another cuddle as she quietly sniffled into his chest.

“I’m – fine. I just – came here for help – and you threw it in my face.” She tried hard to keep a steady voice.

Logan petted her and pressed her cheek into him. “I had no idea. Why didn’t you just tell me you were feeling like this?” He put his hands on her cheeks and held her away so he could look into her glassy, brown eyes.

“I didn’t know how. I’m not strong like you Logan.” Her sobbing had lessened, and she rubbed her eyes with her forearm. Logan wiped a forgotten tear drop with his thumb.

He held her hand and led her to the bed, where they sat together. “Remember your first day at school.” Logan said, smiling at Mae. “You looked tiny in your oversized uniform. We spent your first recess together, and when Holly Simmonds came over to tell me how stupid I was because I threw away her ‘do you like me letter’, you grabbed a handful of dirt and threw it in her face.” We both laughed together and Mae rested her weary head on his shoulder. “The poor girl didn’t deserve it, but I knew then what kind of woman you would be. You might have trouble standing up for yourself, but when it comes to someone you love, there’s no fear in you Mae.”

Mae’s heart grew lighter, and she snuggled into her big brother. He draped a heavy arm around her and kissed the top of her head. She must have been exhausted from her stress because she drifted off to sleep right there in his arms.

Logan held her a little longer, letting her fall into a deep sleep before shifting. The smell of jasmine and saffron filled his nostrils, the same shampoo she had used since she started high school. It brought back memories that did make his stomach flip, and his heart turn sideways. Logan shook the feelings out of his mind. He lay her down on the bed with a blanket, turned off the light, stripped to his briefs, and crawled in next to her. No photo of Mae could compare to how perfect she looked lying beside him in the night.


The morning sun opened Mae’s eyes. The golden light showed her brother as a silhouette. Once her eyes adjusted to his shadow, she could make out a grim look on his face. He was strong, but she knew he kept a lot inside – especially about their parents -, and it hurt him.

Logan opened his eyes. Mae’s face shone like the sun, her pale skin reflecting its light, and he smiled.

“Morning.” He said.

“Good morning.” Mae wriggled under the covers. Logan leaned in and kissed her on the forehead. Her cold button nose touched the dimple of his chin.

“So hey, what did you come rushing into my room for? Before you saw me, you know…” He gave a devilish smile and glanced sideways to his desk. “It seemed urgent.”

It felt urgent at the time, but for the first time in days it wasn’t the first thing on her mind. “Well, it’s not that big of a deal, but you know how I told you I’m going to try anal?” She avoided Logan’s eyes, as he nodded. “Well I’m really scared, and I don’t know how. Like how can a penis even fit in there?”

Logan rolled his head back and laughed. “That’s it?” He raised his brow at her.

“That’s easy for you to say. You’re the guy, all you have to do is stick it in.” she threw a bony punch into his bulky chest.

“Fair enough. Alright.” He leapt out of bed, and fit his jeans and a black t-shirt on. “Get dressed, we’re going out.”

Mae rose to her feet and after a quick stretch, she sprung on her toes at the thought of hanging out with her brother again. Logan’s eyes were drawn to her budding boobs as she stretched and bounced, then the spring of her ass as she walked away. He lingered after she disappeared, trying to make sense of how his little sister could make his heart thump like it did. He shrugged the immoral thought, and made his way downstairs. Mae met him in a flowing summer dress. She liked the way it trailed around her bare legs. They each grabbed a snack for breakfast, and Logan drove them downtown.

Mae held her head high while she walked down the street with her brother. His height made her feel like a tiny pixie. “Here we are,” He said. Mae found no sign at the front, and it wasn’t until she noticed the giant wall of rubber cocks inside that it clicked.

Mae pulled on her brother’s shirt and stood on her toes to reach his ear. “You brought me to a sex shop?” Her eyes were wide and face flushed. She had been online for her toy at home -which received no use – but she would never have actually set foot in a shop.

“Relax, just follow me.” He took long and powerful strides which Mae almost had to jog to keep up with. Logan brought her to a back lit table in the centre of the shop. Upon it lay a few high quality anal plugs, beads, and vibrating toys. Mae held onto her brother’s shirt, as if she would be invisible behind him. Logan picked up a black, spear shaped plug, about the width of two of his fingers. “This should be a good start.” He held the toy between his sister’s eyes.

She glanced around the shop, and took it from him, studying it at multiple angles. “It’s so smooth.” The silicone toy almost slipped through her fingers. She imagined how it would feel between her ass. It seemed like it would be pleasant, and the thought made her feel like a different sort of girl.

“Seems like a keeper.” Logan said, and he picked up two more progressing in size. The largest one was the size of an apricot. Mae looked in terror, shaking her head in silence. “Don’t worry I’ll pay for them.” It wasn’t the cost that made Mae’s knees feel weak. But she trusted Logan, and so she went with him to the counter.

“In for a wild weekend?” The woman behind the counter said, winking at Logan.

“You could say that.” Logan swiped his card, smiling at Mae.

“Have fun you two. Go slow will ya” The woman held the bag out for Logan and held his gaze. Logan just glanced at Mae, the bag hanging in front of them. Mae didn’t notice, she was too busy secretly snarling at the girl and the way she looked at her brother. Once she realized Logan was letting her take the bag, she snatched it from the shop keep.

As they headed for the door Logan bent down to Mae’s ear “She thinks we’re a couple.”

The redness returned to Mae’s face again “Let’s just get out of here.” This time she led the way with her quick step.

They were back on the street, and Mae could breathe again. “Oh come on, I think we make an adorable couple.” Logan looped her arm into his, and closed his palm over the back of her hand. They walked like this the whole way to the car, and she couldn’t stop herself from smiling.

Once they returned, Logan had work to do from home, which was ok because Mae was excited to check out her new toys. Her brother gave her some tips, but essentially he mostly warned her to use plenty of lube, and go slow.

She shut herself in her room and scattered the three toys on her bed, kneeling on the floor before them. She examined the biggest one first, her heart racing at the thought of a woman using such a thing in her rear. She went down in size, the medium one was still quite big, about the size of a strawberry. Both the cashier and Logan had said to go slow, but what that hell would that girl know about her, and Logan had no idea how good she was becoming in bed. Besides, holding the sleek toy in her hand filled her with confidence. Thinking about what she was going to do, she looked in the mirror and saw a slut looking back at her. Like one of Logan’s whores. She made her choice.

She removed her panties, and licked the tip of the plug, soon wrapping her mouth around it. She became familiar with its edges as she sucked. She bit into the soft silicone with her teeth, and it met her with resistance. No longer able to wait, she pulled it out of her mouth and covered it with lube. Spreading the lube was a messy affair, it dripped onto her hand and the floor, and she had to rub the excess on her thigh.

When it was ready, she shuffled over to her mirror, and hiked up her dress. Her ass was tensed while sitting on her knees; she needed to relax. She bent over and rested on one hand, causing her ass cheeks spread. She painted her cleft with the glistening tip, brushing up and down. It was cold, and gave her little goose bumps over her body. She poked, working up the courage to push harder. She tried rotating it like a cork screw, the pointed tip now budded inside her. It starting warming her up, allowing her to go a little deeper.

“Shit.” She hissed. Mae was only pushing in millimetres, but it felt like inches to her. Her ass was loosening, allowing another few millimetres. A gasp escaped through her sharp and shallow breaths, and she closed her eyes. Gaining some length, she was now able to slide a quarter of it in, and out. It was slick, and the sweet sound as it pushed inside her made her bolder. She pushed harder, and anything she had gone through earlier was nothing compared to the burning sensation now. “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.” Her eyes squinted, but she was determined. She pushed again, as her ass resisted her.

Her heart raced, she knew she had to go harder if she wanted to get it in, but she was terrified. She wished Logan was here to help her. She wondered what he would do. She wondered what he looked like naked. Was his cock bigger than Derrick’s? How badly she wished she got a proper look at it last night. She could only imagine now. And her imagination replaced her toy with Logan’s cock. “Mmmmm.” The thought brought her in tune with her sex. She moved with more rhythm now, in and out, in and out, feeling a little tighter as she progressed deeper.

Mae lay her face into the soft carpet to support her upper body, allowing her other hand to play with her clit. There she was thinking of her brother’s cock, with one hand on her pussy, the other shoving an anal plug in her ass.

“Fuck. Logan.” She wanted her brother’s cock, his loving hands holding her hips. “Fuck me.” She picked up her pace, lost in the moment now, her hole nearly at the toy’s full girth. She pictured his thick cock pounding her, slapping her ass, telling her how –

The toy popped inside her and she dropped to the ground. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!” She screamed, her voice filling the house. “Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!” It burned, the whole plug stretching her ass, it was too big. Her eyes squeezed shut, jaw clenched, face wincing, and the burn didn’t stop. “Logan!” She cried out without thinking, “Logan! Help!”

When Logan flung her door open, Mae was splayed out on the ground, tangled in her dress, both hands trying to spread her ass cheeks apart.

“Shit Mae!” He crouched over her writhing body.

“Please! It really hurts!” One hand was clutching her ass and the other on the waist band of her brother’s pants.

A sick thought filled Logan’s mind, a thought he couldn’t avoid with the scene before him. Mae’s ass looked tiny with the large handle of the plug sticking out of her. She kicked and curled and clawed at the ground, a wounded animal trying to escape. He lay a hand on her back with the pretence of calming her, but really he wanted to feel her bare, sweating flesh while she struggled. Really, he wanted to pin her down, mount her himself, and fuck her cunt with the plug still stuck inside her. Of course he did none of these things, but he couldn’t remember a time his cock pulsed as strong as it was in that moment.

In Mae’s state she didn’t notice Logan’s bludge by her face as he kneeled. The edges of her vision faded, and she grew nauseated. Logan’s voice was coming in and out.

“Mae listen to me. You need to try and calm down, wriggling like that is just going to make it worse.” He sat cross legged on the ground with her, and pulled her head into his lap. Mae bit into his thigh and sobbed lightly, a single tear running down her face. Logan brushed his hands through her sweat streaked hair. Her breathing started to slow as she focussed on Logan’s touch.

After a few minutes, she had her bare legs curled up, and was holding her brother’s thigh like a piece of driftwood at sea. She could hear more clearly when he spoke this time.

“Ok, we need to get you on your feet. You can use the bed for support. Can you move for me sis?” He looked at her, and she nodded. Logan helped her to her knees.

“Aaaaaaaaaah.” The new position hurt her, and Logan had to support her dead weight.

“It’s alright, just a little more.” He guided her arms to the bed and continued supporting her upper body. “Now put your feet under you, and get into a squat. Don’t worry I’ll be holding you.”

Mae was terrified of putting weight on her feet, but again she trusted her big brother. With his support she barely had to carry any of her own weight. As soon as she was in a squatted position at the end of the bed, she felt an instant relief of pressure.

“Oh god that’s so much better.” She could speak now. Logan was rubbing up and down her back.

“Good girl. The hard part’s over.” Logan looked down, her dress had fallen back over her ass. “Mae I’m gonna need to take this off you to help you. Ok?”

“Just do it.” Mae had no energy to waste on her inhibitions. Logan hauled her dress up to her shoulder, and helped each arm out from the straps. Without a bra her boobs fell with gravity, her alert nipples swaying against the edge of the bed. What a sight before Logan. His little sister’s legs spread in a squat, as if she was getting ready to straddle a lover. Her whole body was tense, showing her toned muscles through her back and down to her legs. This was no help to his protruding bulge.

He knelt behind her and examined the lodged plug closer. “Can you try push it out Mae, like you’re doing a number two? Only gently though.” He stressed the last part, as Mae had a knack for rushing through things.

Mae tried to push but it didn’t budge. “It’s stuck.”

“Ok, I’m going to touch you, it might feel strange but you need to trust me.”

Mae didn’t care, she just wanted the thing out of her. However, once her brother’s hands spread her cheeks, she was transported back to her fantasy of him fucking her. It distracted her from the pain. She hoped he wouldn’t stop touching her. He did for a second, but only to add some lube to his fingers.

“Please don’t go.” She clutched one of his arms, nearly losing balance.

“It’s alright sis, I’m not going anywhere.” He reassured her, and returned his attention to her lower region.

Mae calmed down once his hands were where they belonged. She focused on them massaging around her hole, gently circling the plug. The sensation was so pleasurable that she no longer remembered the pain.

“Mmmmm” She moaned, closing her eyes. She continued to enjoy the smooth circles as they increased in pressure. Her hole puckered, and the plug shifted.

“She’s ready. Ok, now on the count of three, I want you to push gently, just like before.” He continued rubbing “One, two, three.”

Mae pushed but she didn’t expect Logan to pull at the same time. “Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” There was a popping sound coupled with a two seconds of intense stinging, then instant relief. She fell to the ground, and Logan guided her into his lap.

The top of her head was against his belly, and she was resting over his crotch. She didn’t realize yet, but the uncomfortable protrusion behind her was indeed his cock.

Logan held the medium sized plug in the air, Mae looked up at it panting. “You didn’t go slow” Logan told her in a disapproving tone.

“I thought I could do it.” Her voice was sweet. Lying naked in her brother’s lap, resting her aching hole. Logan placed a hand on her belly, rubbing her navel area, and tossed the plug on the bed.

“What is that?” Mae swivelled her head against the uncomfortable bump, “Oh.” She realized instantly.

“Um yeah,” for once, Logan couldn’t think of what to say. He could no longer deny his true nature. “I don’t know what to tell you sis. It’s fucked up, but seeing you like that…” He didn’t need to say any more, and Mae hushed him by reaching a finger to his lips.

“I imagined it was your cock inside me.” She brought her hand down from his lips, and touched his bulge behind her head. “This cock.” She tickled the tip up and down with her finger, and Logan closed his eyes.

She grew braver, and turned over to sit on her knees. Her asshole was tender but she didn’t care. Her face was inches from Logan’s, and they stared at each other, as if playing a game of chicken. Logan wasn’t playing anymore; he grabbed her face, pressing his lips to hers. He opened his mouth and she let his tongue inside. His tongue nearly filled her mouth, and hers wasn’t strong enough to push against it, so she sucked on him, feasting on him. She angled her head as he moved deeper into her. When Logan retracted his tongue, he licked her lips, and bit her lower lip on the way out. He tugged gently as they separated, finally letting go. Mae opened her eyes and met Logan’s intense gaze. She couldn’t remember ever being kissed like that.

“That was – the best kiss I’ve ever had.” She said smiling.

“Me too.” Logan held her hand and stood her up. He scooped under her ass and brought her into his arms. Mae wrapped her legs around her brother’s strong torso.

“Oh my god. Where are you taking me?” She asked.

“Right here.” He undid his pants with one hand kicking them off, and lowered his briefs. Mae felt the tip of her brother’s cock pressing underneath her. While being carried, she lifted his t-shirt up and over his head, helping his arms out just as he did for her dress. She marvelled at his carved chest, her fingertips pressing into his muscle.

“You’re so fucking hot.” She said, and he just smiled, as if it was not a matter of opinion.

He held the weight of his cock, and pushed it between their bodies. The thick meat was wedged between his navel and Mae’s pussy.

“Oh god. It’s so fucking big.” She pushed her shaved wet pussy lips against its shaft. It was like a hot, steel pole. “Please not in my ass, not yet.” There was no way she could handle it right now.

“That’s fine, but your pussy is mine.” The command in his voice was surreal. He seemed like another person. Mae imagined this to be the feeling of being one of his slutty girlfriends. She liked it. She wanted to be talked to like a slut for once.

“Talk to me more.” She said, closing her eyes and pressing her face against his.

“I wanted this pussy right when I saw you squirming on the ground. I was gonna pin you down and fuck you with that thing sticking out of your ass.” He slid his cock against her wetness, the folds of her pussy wrapping around it.

“You should have. I would have let you.” She planted firm kisses on his neck.

“Damn my little sister is actually a fucking slut!”

“Yes.” she whispered in his ear before nibbling it. “I’m a slut for my brother’s cock.”

“Tell me what you want?”

“I want you. I want your cock.”

“No. Tell me exactly what you want.” The command returned to his voice again.

“I want my brother. I want my big brother to fuck my dirty cunt.” She raised her voice, she wanted to be sure he heard every word.

Logan lifted her higher, then brought her down, his engorged head piercing her hungry fuck hole.

“Ooooooh fuck!” She cried, gripping his neck. Logan let her weight go, letting her body slide down his length, leaving her with no leverage to slow herself. In a smooth motion she was filled with his shaft, impaled and unable to move anywhere he didn’t want her to.

“Haaaaah! Yes! Yes!” She hissed, her nails digging into his flesh, biting his collarbone. He started moving her body, while driving his hips forward. She just held on tight and let him use her. His slow grinding soon turned into thrusts. “Fuck yes! Fuck me!” She looked down, watching his cock disappearing inside of her.

Logan was lifting her up and down while moving his hips back and forth, his sister’s thighs making a slapping sound against him. They were both looking down at Mae’s pussy being fucked. “You ready sis?”

Ready for what, she wondered, but she was ready for anything right now. “Yes,” she said.

Without further warning he gave a deep hard push, so hard she arched her back, falling backwards. Logan was strong though, and held her tight, but she was now suspended horizontally in the air. His arms across the small of her back and the cock inside of her pussy was all that supported her.

Mae was powerless from this angle, completely at his mercy. Rather than thrusting, he was pulling and bouncing her body to and fro with his hips. Her neck was flung back, looking upside down. Their slapping bodies echoed through the house, and her screams must have been heard by the neighbours.

“Fuck me Logan! Fuck your me like an animal!” Mae screamed.

This sent him over the edge, and he turned into a furious piston. Mae’s eyes rolled to the back of her head and she couldn’t even scream anymore due to the jerking of her body. All that came from her mouth was a strained moan that pulsated with each rapid jolt.

“Comming. I’m – comming.” She finally managed to say, her body twisted in Logan’s arms.

“Come on. Come on your brother’s cock.”

Her body shook and she came hard. She couldn’t breathe as every muscle in her body contracted, her lungs were tight and out of breath. Mae’s inner walls gripped him, but it didn’t slow him down.

Mae gasped without a sound, her voice disappeared again. After several seconds her lungs were able to expand, and her breath rushed in. “Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!” her body dangling in the air, her hair flicking back and forth as her brother fucked her like a doll.

Her legs squeezed him tight and her screams turned into squeals “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” It was like her last breath of life, and she went completely limp in Logan’s arms, her legs weak and all four limbs swayed with his thrusting. Slowing down, he let out a few hard and deep pushes, as Mae grunted robotically with each one. With the last, she was cast onto the bed, and her brother fell on top of her.

Mae’s chest heaved with jagged breaths, the wind taken out of her. Her brother’s weight lying flat on top of her didn’t make it easier. “Logan.” She pleaded in a strained voice. He quickly climbed off her, and she let in deep, wheezing breaths.

“Holy fuck. Holy fuck that was – wow.” Mae’s hand’s covered her face as she rolled her hips from side to side on the bed, still tingling between her legs.

Logan flopped down beside her. He watched her wet naked body swaying “You’re so beautiful, Mae.”

She peaked through her hands, and smiled, then removed them from her face. “Thank you.” She looked down and notice her brother was still hard “You didn’t come?”

“I didn’t want to come inside. Just in case.”

Mae rolled her eyes. “I’m on the pill you idiot.” She then got up on all fours, her knees right on the end of her bed. “Hop on.”

Logan leapt up and placing his hands on her hips, he moved behind her. He steadied his throbbing cock, lining it against her sopping hole.

“Uh-uh” Mae reached back and pointed to her worn out asshole. “I want it, here.”

“Mae, you’re surely too sore for that.” Damn right she was sore, but the burning seemed to have some pleasure to it. And besides, surely it would feel looser now after what she went through? She thought.

“I don’t care. I want it.” She rocked back and forth, intentionally manoeuvring so that his cock slid between her cleft.

Logan watched as it glided over her brown hole, it was still ever so slightly gaped, but his cock was thicker than the silicone toy. He decided to test her determination. He reached under her and slid his fingers through her pink folds, making sure they were wet. Mae took a sharp breath. He brought his index finger to her asshole, encircling and wetting the area around it. He prodded gently, and Mae stood firm. He opened her up with his finger tip and slid to his first knuckle in a fluid motion. If she couldn’t handle this, there was no way she could handle his cock.

“Ooooooooh.” Mae let out a long, gentle moan. Logan pulled it out, then in again, past his knuckle, his whole finger inside her. “Fuuuuuuuuck.” Her posture broke, face against the mattress, but her moans were still calm. Logan stirred his finger inside her, feeling her inner walls like an exploratory probe. In and out, up and around, making sure she was warm and loose.

Mae’s moans continued, and she didn’t show any signs of pain. Unfortunately he couldn’t say the same for himself; he needed release. Feeling how tight her hole was around his finger, he knew he wouldn’t last long inside her.

Mae seemed more relaxed, and Logan was having too much fun toying with her hole, but he knew she was ready to go. He withdrew his finger, leaving a small gaping eye. He ran his cock through her pussy lips, coating it in her fluid. Trailing the now glistening, pulsating flesh up her ass, he poked her. Her wrinkled hole responded, spreading and sucking in air. He pushed forward, resting his cock against her it. He removed his hands, letting his cock sit there, then gripped her ass cheeks and spread them apart.


“Yes.” She nodded, closing her eyes.

He edged forward. Her hole resisted but it was no match for the weight behind his hips, as the tip of his cock buried inside her.

“Haaa – aaaaaaaah!” Mae yelled out, but it wasn’t the pained screams he’d heard before, he knew it was a good pain. He knew her being relaxed, made all the difference.

“Is it in?” Mae asked through ragged breaths.

“The hardest part is over.” He said. They stayed like that for the moment, her hole sucking on his tip, as he traced his hands over ass and hips. Logan knew that if he made any sudden movements, he would come, and he wasn’t finished with his sister yet. He reached his hands up her back now, massaging her exhausted muscles. “Play with your clit.” He said, and she obeyed. His hands came back to her hips, and holding her steady, he pushed an inch inside her.

“Oh god that feels so good. It hurts but it feels so much better than that plug,” she said. Logan felt her muscles relax even further, knowing she no longer anticipated the worst.

Logan smiled, admiring the sight of his cock disappearing into his sister’s peach. Pushing another inch further caused her to whimper this time. “You ok?”

“Yes. Keep going.” Mae’s jaw clenched.

He stroked further this time, opening an untouched area of her body. “Oooooh. Fuck. Fuck, wait!” She clenched the sheets and pushed a hand against her brother’s thigh. He stopped, and started rubbing her body again.

“You’re all good girl.” Patting her rump like a mare’s. “Only a few more inches and the pain should be over. You alright?”

Mae only nodded in response, her eyes squeezed shut. Logan rocked forward again, this time he went all the way until the base of his cock was lost inside her. “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” Mae squealed and threw herself forward, now flattened on the bed with her legs hanging off the edge. Her breaths were short and sharp. Logan noticed the anguish on his sister’s face as she tried hard to compose herself.

He stayed in her though, his feet were planted firm on the carpet and he had her hips pinned down. He pulled his cock out, and drove it forward again.

“Aaaaaaaah -haaaaaah!”

This time they both cried out together. The tightness was overwhelming for Logan. Despite his worldly knowledge of women and the female body, he had never experienced anything as strangling tight as his little sister’s virgin ass. He moved in and out with more ease now, picking up a steady rhythm. “How does it feel?” He asked.

“So. Fucking. Good.” She said. The pain seemed to be fading. Mae lay there with her eyes closed, her arms by her side, and her legs hanging off the edge. It reminded Logan of how she would bathe in the sun. She had learnt to fully relax and just let her brother move inside her. If it were anyone else, her asshole would have been brutalized by now.

“Seems like you were born for this sis.” Logan admired her talent.

“Mmmm. Born to take my brother’s cock up the ass.” She placed emphasis on ‘my’.

He bent down, planting kisses along her neck and shoulders, mounting her like a bear.

“This cock is all yours.”

“Then fuck me harder.”

Logan raised an eyebrow, but he gave her what she wanted. He stopped grinding, and started thrusting. Each thrust forced the air out of her lungs, but she stayed relaxed.

“Please. Harder.” There was a desperate ache in her voice, and she extended an arm behind her to grab her right ass cheek, gripping it with her nails.

“Are you sure?” He didn’t believe her.

Mae pushed her ass back, bucking against him “Shut up and fuck my ass like you mean it.”

Logan’s blood pumped at her words, and without wasting time he drove her back into the bed, and started pounding with his full body weight.

“Ah – Ah -Ah – Ah -Ah!” Mae’s pulsating grunts sounded each time Logan drove into her.

“Fuck, I’m gonna come.” Logan hissed. This time Mae was getting the better of him.

“Don’t – fucking -pull – out.” She groaned. “Fill – me – up.”

Logan threw himself forward, slamming into his sister’s poor breaking ass. It only took a few strokes until his cock spasmed, and shot out powerful ropes of cum inside her. “Aaaaaaargh! I love your fucking ass!” His gruff voice bellowed as he released a month’s worth of sexual frustration inside her.

“Yes. Fill my little ass, fuck me with your cum inside me!”

Logan kept pumping even after his orgasm subsided. Mae’s ass was still milking every last drop which seemed to be endless. Once his muscles could no longer keep up, he fell on top of her back, his semi hard cock still twitching inside her. Her used hole was puckering around him. Neither one of them was ready to leave. He brushed her hair from her face, and she turned her head to the side. Logan kissed her, licking her lips, then playing with her tongue.

After Logan’s cock had softened, he pulled it out of his sister’s ass. He sat back and watched her hole quiver, until it spluttered out spoonful’s of cum. Mae curled around to watch it seep into a puddle on her sheets and around her thighs.

“Oh my god there’s so much in there.” She panted. “It’s all over your cock too.” Logan looked down and his cock was covered in a mixture of semen, lube, and the scent of Mae’s ass. “Come here.” She said, facing him on all fours at the edge of the bed. She held his cock, ran her tongue along its underside, and engulfed it. Her mouth descended the shaft and she didn’t take her eyes off her brother’s.

“God that is so fucking hot.” Logan said, grabbing a fistful of her hair. She sucked long and hard, running her tongue all over him. “Lick your ass off my cock.”

Mae nodded, and hummed along. In fact the scent of his manly cock, her ass, and his cum all at once was so intoxicating, she wanted to make sure she lapped every inch. She was like a hungry puppy sucking the marrow from a bone. Once she was satisfied with its cleanliness, she drew back, letting his cock fall from her lips. She wiped her mouth, and looked up at her brother.

He eased her back and lay with her on the bed. They kissed again, this time sharing what had been in her mouth. When they separated, the taste lingered on both of their tongues. She broke into a sweet giggle.

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