I am a cheater and I can’t help it! 5

He probably thought that I did that on purpose, or probably he thought that I was teasing him (Read prev story), or an invitation that he could get this one also, or take a pick, that one or this one or who knows what was in his mind, but for sure I know I didn’t

I am a cheater and I can’t help it 3 ( True story)

Hi, my name is Macara and what I am about to share with you is a true story, and it happened by accident. (Prev story part 1 and part 2) Well this incident took place one Saturday afternoon, while I was driving to visit a friend of mine who’s happen to leave about two hours

Swinging couple enjoys a new playmate at the fair

Swinging couple enjoys a new playmate at the fair.. It was an interesting sort of microcosm, this event. Luke looked around and smiled, at all the people in medieval garb, random weird tents, period items. Men splitting wood by hand, and all the strange accompaniment. They would be here for three days, enjoying the festivities,

Las Vegas Vaca

Matt and Susan had been married for 3 years, work was going well, their love and sex lives were wonderful. It was getting to be autumn and they were thinking of taking a vacation, someplace fun and exciting, “How about Vegas?”, Susan asked. “Sounds good.” said Matt, “I’ll call the travel bureau and see what