Las Vegas Vaca

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Matt and Susan had been married for 3 years, work was going well, their love and sex lives were wonderful. It was getting to be autumn and they were thinking of taking a vacation, someplace fun and exciting, “How about Vegas?”, Susan asked. “Sounds good.” said Matt, “I’ll call the travel bureau and see what they have.” Matt called they next day and was surprised to find a fabulous deal at a great hotel and in just 3 weeks away. Matt called Susan and told her the news, she agreed and the plans were set into place. Some last minute shopping for a few new outfits, and some lingerie, for Susan and the ball was rolling. Before Susan left the lingerie shop an outfit caught her eye, she decided to try it on, perfect! Susan had a great shape on a 5’6” frame. 36C breasts that stood firm and proud, great legs and an ass to die for, firm and round. Susan and Matt had been talking during sex about a fantasy to have her strip in an amature night at a strip club, their vacation in Vegas just might be the perfect time to do this, she bought the outfit and a pair of stripper heels to go with it.

After dinner that night, Matt made them some cocktails and Susan went to change clothes, she was dying to show Matt her ‘special’ outfit. When she returned to the living room, Matt took one look at her and got an instant erection, full blown. Susan took one look at his crotch and said, “I see you approve.” Susan explained what the outfit was for and Matt lit up like a Christmas tree. The thought of her dancing naked in front of a bunch of guys excited him completely. They even picked out some of her jewelry to complete the outfit and that part of the plans were set. The couple decided to leave on a Saturday morning on a plane, stay in Vegas for 6 days and 7 nights and return home the following Saturday. The date for leaving came along and off to the airport they went.

Upon arriving at the airport they checked their baggage, with the exception of one carry-on bag each. They decided to have a cocktail in the airport lounge before boarding the plane, after all, they were on vacation. Their flight was called and they boarded the plane. The flight out was uneventful and pretty smooth, a great way to begin their week. They landed in Vegas and caught a bus to the car rental, got their rental car and headed off to their hotel. Upon arriving at the hotel they immediately unpacked, Susan checked her outfit and decide it could use a good steaming to get rid of any wrinkles. Matt ordered a bottle of champagne and they sat out on their balcony to enjoy it once the bottle of bubbly came. After they finished the champagne they decided to go down to the hotel pool, Susan put on her new bikini, a thong bikini, Susan figured they wouldn’t know anyone there so what the hell. She put on a bathing suit wrap and the two headed for the pool.

Once arriving at the pool they found a couple of lounge chairs and broke out the tanning lotion, Susan removed her wrap and gained immediate attention from all of the men around the pool. Matt looked around and thought, “Yep, that amature strip show was going to be great!” They stretched out on the lounge chairs and took turns putting tanning lotion on each other. Susan was laying on her back and soaked up some sun. It was a pretty hot day for October and they both were sweating pretty hard. After a while Susan turne over to sun her back. She laid there for a time and Matt looked over to notice drops of perspiration forming on her, some of which were on her butt. He was watching one drop in particular that formed close to her butt crack and eventually started to ru down her butt between her cheeks. As it started rolling slowly down between her butt cheeks he found himself getting aroused and a tent started to form in his swimsuit. He wasn’t paying attention to his swimsuit until a young woman walked past their position and she smiled and giggled as she walked by, staring at his crotch. He looked around and decided, what the hell, nobody knows me out here. They continued to lay there a while longer and Susan raised up on her arms and looked over at her husband, also noticing his ‘condition’. She smiled and suggested that maybe they should head back upstairs where she could take care of his predicament, Matt was happy to cooperate.
Matt held a towel in front of his waist as they walked through the lobby and to the elevators. Once on the elevator Susan felt a little playful and kept pulling the towel away from him. Matt decided to play along when all of a sudden the elevator stopped and an older couple got on. The woman took one look at Matt’s crotch and her eyes opened wide, breaking out into a broad smile. She winked at Susan and told her, “lucky girl.” Susan laughed out loud and they continued their ride to the proper floor before getting off the elevator. As they exited the elevator the woman smiled at them and told Susan, “have fun!” Susan smiled and thought to herself, “I will.” They both laughed and entered their room, where the door was still closing when the two began to strip so that they could enjoy the moment. Susan was a fond lover of oral sex and it was definitely her forte. She wasted no time at dropping to her knees and taking Matt’s member into her mouth, she began sucking him in earnest. Matt couldn’t help but to start pumping his hips along with her sucking, driving his cock deep into her mouth and throat. She was sucking him so hard and deep that he figured he wouldn’t be able to hold out more than a couple of minutes, he was right. Susan was pulling his hips tightly into her mouth as she sucked him hard. Matt blew his load into her throat with a loud growl, Susan took every last drop and swallowed it all. She cleaned his cock up before standing upright and looking him in the eye before saying, “my turn.”

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