I am a cheater and I can’t help it – 4 (Ture story)

Hi, my name is Macara and what I am about to share with you is a true story, and it happened by accident. Well this incident took place one Saturday afternoon, while I was driving to visit a friend of mine who’s happen to leave about two hours away from where I leave, I have been at her house a few times but all the other times I have been at her house my husband drove.

When we were younger we used to hang out quite a lot, do wild things but not to wild, by then she was sexually active and I was only a teaser kind of, and this to remember old times I decided to show up at her house like old times, and kind of play my part as a teaser, and I picked to wear that day a wrap mini skirt, which only have one botton on the waist, a opaque pantyhose, a nude spaghetti straps under shirt with no bra, long sleeve dress shirt botton up just below my breast line and a pair of fuck me pump shoes, dressed with sophisticated clothes looking trashy, or corporate whore. I was on the road by 10:45am hopping to be there by 1:00pm to 1:15pm. I set my GPS and drove off.


The GPS trick me, after half an hour on the highway the GPS send me to back roads, right there and then was when I realized that it might take me longer than the the anticipated, so just kept driving in the woods for quite a while then was when I noticed that I already been driving for a good thirty five minutes and still know where I was heading to, and all of a sudden a light lit up on the dashboard of my car, it was a hot day, when I saw the light on I turned the air conditioner off, it was getting hot inside so I lowered the windows down a little, then I noticed that the temperature gage was rising, I started to panic when about three miles up I started to go down a hill and at the bottom of hill a big corn fields and far right after the corn fields I spotted a gas station singh which brought back a little piece of mind, I drove up to the gas station and I noticed a small plaza with few small business and across street from the gas station was a bar and several cars parked on the dirt parking lot, I had the urge to go to the bathroon and I rushed into the the convenient store at the gas station and I asked an old lady behind the counter if the car repair shop next door was going to open later in the afternoon and she said that they usually stay open later on Saturdays but for some reason they close early today, I asked her if I could use her bathroon and she said it was out side of the building on the corner in the back, but when I turn to go around the building she said wait you can use the employees bathroon at the far corner of the store, once in the bathroon I noticed that the light was about to go, was blinking and dim, I noticed a hole on the wall about two inches in diameter and a small one about eye level if you are standing., finished taking the leak and decided to remove the pantyhose, because it was too hot out side, but my pantyhose was crotchless I had my panties on top of them, so I to remove my panties first and then the pantyhose, I was trying to remove my second leg from the pantyhose when lady started to yell young lady the mechanic is out there hurry up before he leaves. I pulled my leg out of the pantyhose as fast as I could and I ran out of the bathroon in a hurry with out realizing that I my pantyhose and my panties on my hand. When was out the lady said he just walked into the bar, people call him sugar daddy, go ask for him he might be able to help you.

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