FB leads fun with an Indian Housewife and more…

I am Derrick (name changed) 38 years old from Bangalore, 6’1 with an athletic build. I’m a business and keep travelling on business both domestic and International. Anyone interested in discreet relationships in and around Bangalore can reach me at [email protected] and I can assure you full pleasure with utmost secrecy.

This is a story about how one average freakish encounter on FB turned into one of the best nights of my life. Just scrolling through FB, and looking into friend suggestions, there was a request from an unknown person in my inbox. I curiously peeked into the profile but unfortunately no details were provided and it was sure it was a profile created recently to find some fun.

I accepted knowing this would not lead to any issues on my friends list and couple of days later, I started to get a ping on my messenger to check how was I and blah blah blah…The chat went on for a good couple of days and we both exchanged our general details. Interestingly this profile belonged to a lady (let’s call her Shalini) who resided in Bangalore and was working in a reputed IT company. She was married with a kid and husband who was working in an MNC. They were well settled and had their own apartment in a posh locality in Bangalore.

We had our chats for good couple of days before we started to get more personal details about ourselves. Shalini had an absolute beautiful face a fantastic body and one to die for. Without a doubt, Shalini has one of the most stunning figure and breasts I have ever come across in my 15 years of work experience. She was fair, tall and curvy and was wondering how she is making people go mad at her workplace and at her social circles.
My work nature had late hours, which Shalini knew and we had been in constant touch throughout.

One evening I had actually finished my work early and thought of trying out my luck with Shalini instead of going early. I pinged her and she agreed to meet me and I was looking forward for our catch up. She shared me her house address and I was expecting her to be more modern and she caught me by surprise to see her.

There she was wearing a dark blue plain chiffon saree and a sleeveless blouse and looked like a dream. Her navel was clearly visible from her saree as also the folds of her fleshy waist.
Her house made the ambience much more comfortable for the catch up and I asked her about her family. They were away for the weekend and here she was alone. I came to the point and asked her if she would mind spending some time with me. To my surprise she agreed and wanted to know if there is anything in particular on my mind. I gave her a smile which she understood and asked me not to waste further time.

I thought the best place to be is her house as I was alone those days and could spend in some quality time with Shalini. I casually felt her legs shaking and she was moving close to me when we were chatting. I offered her some roses and chocs and she returned the gesture my giving me a light handshake and a kiss on my cheeks. I wondered what was in store a little later if this is what it is now.

We reached her kitchen for a coffee and had a casual chat about our work lives. The heat was turned on and I planted a soft kiss on her bare back and she was enjoying it to. I turned her around and planted a kiss on her forehead and her held her tightly. She arched her body to give me more access to her body and we both were enjoying it. We headed straight for the bedroom.

I pulled Shalini in my arms and started kissing her and she did the same very passionately. The aroma from under her arms was driving me mad. It was a woman’s aroma, which any man would go crazy with. I noticed that she had an absolutely hairless armpit and got aroused by it even more.

By now, Shalini was giving me wet kisses and running her tongue over my lips and squeezing my prick at the same time. She pulled away from me and dropped the front of her saree to let me have a close look at her breasts through her saree, her naked waist and arms. She was looking gorgeous. I ran my hands over her waist and felt her tits from over her clothing. She said that her bust size was 36”, which is a great size to fondle. She wanted to undress me first and took off my shirt and gave me a bite on my nipples and went on to remove my trousers. She ran her long fingers over my stiff manhood and also gave it a tight squeeze. I almost fainted with pleasure. She sat on her knees and pulled down my undies and out sprang my 9” rod, which was stiff as a rod waiting to be used. The foreskin had already moved back due to the pressure and the purple head of my dick was shining waiting to be sucked. She held my balls and tickled them and gave a very light but wet kiss on the head of my dick and ran her wet tongue over it like an ice cream.

My, what a feeling it was. I lifted her up and told her that I would give her the best fuck she would ever get in her life and she promised me all co-operation and an assurance of the best woman I would ever have in my life in her. Without wasting time, I began to unbutton her blouse and saw her deep cleavage, which had perfectly rounded tits like mangoes. I pulled off her blouse and saree. She dropped her inner skirt and stood in her panties, which could barely cover her tight and bulging cunt.

I unhooked her bra and released those magnificent wonder balloons, which were for my use today. She had dark nipples, which had gone erect and ready to be sucked on. While I was squeezing her ample buttocks and feeling her hole I felt her hands cupping my balls again and very gently squeezing them making my erection even more strong and long. I had fucked a few women before but had never seen my dick so long and thick. Perhaps Shalini knew the correct points to place her fingers on!!

I put my hands inside her panty and felt her pussy. It was hairy just enough to cover her precious cunt. It was absolutely wet out of excitement and well lubricated already. I pulled down her panty kneeling down and covered her pussy with my mouth and sucked on it.
Shalini gave out a long aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and held my face tight against her thighs. The smell of her sex juices was amazing. I pushed my tongue inside her pussy lips. I put her on the cot and kept on sucking on her cunt and tasting her pussy by parting her cunt lips. The smell and taste were mind blowing.

My hands were working on her thighs, waist and the massive breasts which had erect nipples. I pulled up shalini and held her naked body in my arms. She put me on the cot and began kissing me on my chest, legs, thighs while holding my balls and tickling them. She kept doing this without touching my prick which was paining due to the hard erection.

I begged her to take me in her mouth and she refused. She then held her breasts and took my dick in between them and began squeezing it. I almost came and began moaning. She began to bounce her tits on the tip of my dick and I pleaded her not to tease me any longer. All of a sudden I felt her warm breath and wet lips covering the length of my dick and a sucking motion with a slurping sound. She bit my dick and squeezed my balls. Her tongue was running all over the length of my shaft and I was in heaven. She began to work her palms on my wet and slippery dick and I could feel the climax rising. I asked her to keep sucking me very slowly while I do the same to her cunt.

We lay accordingly and I began eating her fleshy, tight and clean cunt. It was a pleasure which no one can ever describe that I was going through. I was actually fucking her with my tongue and her juices began to flow out in a gush. She tasted divine and sweet. We parted and Shalini guided my massive rod into her divine cunt. Her cunt was well lubricated and wet. I was giving her long and very hard strokes and she had spread her legs wide enough for the cunt to open completely. She kept on moaning and pleading for more and wanted me to give her faster strokes. I could feel her warm juice flowing out of her pussy on to my dick and at that moment even I climaxed. I kept on pounding her hole and my hot semen was filling her hole.

Shalini held my dick in her hand and squeezed the remaining cum from it and spread it on her cunt and tits. She wanted more immediately and kept telling that she had not got enough still. Her hunger for sex was unbelievable. We made love thrice in a span of 2 hours and finally she gave me the most glorious blow job I have ever got in my life with her making me cum inside her mouth and her swallowing every drop of it till my dick had no energy to be erect any longer. Her hunger was still in her and she then masturbated in my presence.
She paid me handsomely too for the pleasure and we still are in touch and fuck like rabbits whenever we get a chance.

Anyone interested in discreet relationships in and around Bangalore can reach me at [email protected] and I can assure you full pleasure with utmost secrecy.

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