Indian maid’s husband is humiliated by her and her lover

Fateh woke up early the next morning. For a second, he wondered where he was and what he was doing on the floor. Then a warm feeling of shame crept over him as he remembered the events of last night and how his wife Narges had cuckolded him with me. Fateh got up, walked over to the partition and peeked in. (Read part 1 of story – Indian businessman enjoys Indian maid while husband watches ).

It was merely 6 in the morning, and both Narges and I were fast asleep. I had been tired out after a night of repeatedly fucking Fateh’s gorgeous and buxom wife, while Narges was spent after being continuously pounded on all of her holes. Her hair was plastered to her face and there were a few mottled red patches around her neck, throat and breasts. Narges was asleep on her belly, her naked butt exposed for all to see. Fateh stared at the big wide seam of her buttocks hanging over the edge of the bed in the early morning light. Her clothes were all crumpled and lay on the floor to one side of the bed. Even hours after her final fuck, Narges’s naked body was sweating and glowing. Her relaxed breathing made her plump derriere rise and fall. Fateh’s loins stirred, and he took out his cock and started to rub the tip of it.


He remembered how he hid and watched my forceful pounding of his wife, of Narges’s fleshy buttocks quivering and wobbling as she was being continually mounted. The sounds of the rhythmic creaking of the bed frame as she was repeatedly penetrated rang in his ears, as did the humiliation of his wife’s unfaithfulness and arousal for other man. What excited Fateh more was that he himself had allowed her, by not stopping her. Both Narges and I, her lover, knew he, her husband, was in the next room, and we didn’t care. As Fateh remembered the increasing squeaking of the bedsprings he began to stroke his rigid tool furiously, until he came in his lungi.

Ashamed at his inadequacy, Fateh cleaned the area and began to attend to his tasks. Mindful of Narges’s orders, Fateh freshened up, went to the henhouse to collect the eggs, and then chopped up the vegetables and other materials that would be used later by his wife to make me breakfast. He made himself a simple meal of milk and bread, and was off to the market.

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I woke up late – it was almost 10 in the morning. Bright white sunlight streamed into the window. I turned over and hugged Narges, who began to stir awake as well. I took in her curvaceous figure, squeezed her big tits and gave her round arse a big smack, making it jiggle. Narges giggled.

“Sarun, we have one whole day. There will be time for my butts later.” Saying this, she got up and went to freshen up in the washroom. I also stood up. My cock throbbed; I needed to pee and Narges was in the bathroom. I stormed out of the house, down the back alleyway and to the latrine. The door was slightly ajar, and I pushed it open and entered.

Narges was naked, squatting on the toilet, peeing. She looked up in surprise, but when she saw it was me, she relaxed and continued to urinate. I waited until she was done. Narges got up and started to dress. I unzipped my shorts. Narges watched as my hot salty piss gushed out, meeting her own urine at the bottom of the commode, two becoming one.

We both walked back to the house. Anyone watching from next door would have seen Narges and another man who was clearly not her husband emerge from the lavatory together. Luckily, there was no one around.

As we entered the house, Narges made a move to the kitchen, but I grabbed her round behind and started to grope and massage her tits and ass. She responded by inserting her hands into my shorts, and playing with my cock and balls. At that moment I noticed that Fateh was coming up the pathway. He had of course heard his wife’s wanton noises. Narges moaned uninhibitedly and loudly as I pawed at her breasts. Fateh crept to one window to the side of the house, where he could hide in the bushes and watch. I of course noticed his reflection in one of the mirrors and grinned.

I made Narges kneel in front of me, grabbing her by her hair and pushing her down. As Fateh watched, I lowered my shorts so that it fell to my ankles. I was now naked from the waist down, and rubbed the tip of my prick over his wife’s eyes, nose and lips before placing it in her mouth. I bent down and whispered into her ears so only she could hear, “Your husband’s watching us from a window, and wanking off.”

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Her eyes glistened, and she nodded.

“My randi,” I asked her loudly. “Who has the bigger cock, Fateh or me?”

“Mmmm … mmmm” Narges was in heaven as she licked my penis up and down. “Sarun, my husband is at least 2 inches smaller than yours! You are a real man!”

I laughed. “”My tool can reach parts of you that your husband’s never been.”

Knowing Fateh was silently watching as I was pleasured by his wife, I ordered Narges to give me an early morning blowjob.

“Baby,” I told her affectionately, “how about you suck my cock and give me a blowjob before breakfast?”

“Thank you Sarun, I will do as you say. I never give my husband a blowjob.” Narges confided to me loudly. “But for you, darling, I will do anything! You are welcome to all of me!”

Narges’s big eyes widened as I tried to force my snake down her throat, her dark lips stretching wide, cheeks bulging. Before last night, for the last ten years or so, she had never sucked a cock that large before. She held my manhood and kneaded my balls. Pulling her hair I began fucking her face, “Baby, you make a very nice cum dump, now suck me off.”

Narges grabbed on to the base of my cock with one hand and she started to rub my balls with the other. She stroked me and felt my dick get even bigger as I forced it into her mouth one more time. She started sucking on my penis as hard as she could while moving her head back and forth. With each thrust, my dick was able to get a little farther into her mouth and she soon felt it touching the back of her throat. Knowing Fateh was watching, she kept sucking me harder and harder. I knew I would cum any time now.

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“Mmmm… mmmmm …” Narges continued to moan as she sucked me.

She moved her other hand back toward my asshole and rubbed around the rim at first and then tried to push a finger inside. We could hear Fateh’s panting as he rubbed his little wiener and jacked off while watching his wife give her lover an expert blowjob. Narges squeezed and jacked my prostrate in time with the movement of my prick into her mouth. Fateh could not understand why, but his wife was giving her former employer the best blow job she ever gave to anyone one, and he seemed to be getting aroused as she continued with her efforts to perform this humiliating act.

In less than two minutes, I shot a big load of sperm into Narges’s inviting mouth. She knew that she had to swallow every drop of my spunk before she could expect me to take my dick out of her mouth. I continued my in and out motion causing the last vestiges of my seed to dribble into her mouth. Her furious sucking cleaned out the last milky white drop and she let all of it go down her throat.

I pulled my dick out of Narges’s mouth and stopped when it was just in front of her face. I looked at her with an evil grin and said, “Clean it off, soniye, and don’t leave a speck of anything on it.”

Narges quickly started to lick my dick to clean off any remaining traces of my orgasm. She pushed back the foreskin skin of my circumcised dick and used her tongue to clean the area under that protective skin. She deep throated me a couple of times and finally felt that she cleaned off every bit of the mess from my orgasm.

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