Holiday Fun: Last part of my London trip

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I promised to tell the second part of the night I spent in London with Sanjit, Dillip and Ian. (First part – Holiday fun: London trip fun part 1 )

I have explained how we met and of the fun we had back in my hotel room.

After our first session, we all got cleaned up, showered and dressed in bath robes. We ordered some wine and champagne from room service and settled down to chat and generally have a nice time.

The guys admitted that when they saw me in the hotel bar in the afternoon that they thought I may be ‘afun girl.’

I asked what they meant by this and they admitted that I gave off a bit of a look that I may be ‘game for a laugh.’

On chatting further we talked openly about sex, what turned us on, and our experiences. They had all been unfaithful to their wives on several occasions and Sanjit in particular had a liking for white, western girls.

He and his brother told me they had both been fucking a couple of their shop workers on and off for several months and that they had also enjoyed sex with the same woman in a threesome on a few occasions as well.

I was asked about my past and freely spoke about my love for oral sex, my encounters with Eric and my open attitude to sex when on holiday. They enjoyed hearing about me having had some 3 and 4 group sex, my liking for cum in my mouth and some of the dirtier things I had done. As we chatted things obviously started to get quite arousing again.

As we lay on the bed talking and getting more in the mood again, Ian slowly began to run his hand up my leg and I was getting ready for another session myself by talking as openly as I could and loving the looks on all of their faces as I described being fucked, sucked, licked and spunked on and in by some of the guys I had previously enjoyed shagging sessions with.

As Ian ran his hand up my thigh I opened my legs and let my bathrobe fall open to allow him easier access. Sanjit was starting to get hard again, I could tell from the very large twitches and bulge beginning to show in his robe.

Dillip was beginning to toy with my hair and was slowly kissing my ears and nibbling on my neck as well … something that always gets me going.

We played gently around for a little bit, the three of them slowly unwrapping me from my robe to leave me naked on the bed. Ian got to work first by going down on me and giving my fanny a good licking and sucking. He worked with his tongue on my clit and also probed up my ever moistening gash with his slippery tongue as well.

Sanjit and Dillip were both sucking on a titty each and getting my nipples hard and jutting up.

Ian asked if I had any more sexy undies to show them and I told them that I had a pair of black fishnet tights in my bag or another pair of black stockings as well. They decided they wanted me in the tights, but I had to rip the gusset open to allow access to my fanny for them.

I put the tights on and it was Sanjit who did the honours of ripping the seam at the gusset and making a hole in them big enough for Ian to continue lapping at my cunny and for easy cock access to my slit for a fucking.

I also put on a pair of high black strapped wedge shoes I had taken with me.

“Now you look like the tart we know you are,” said Ian.

I lay back on the bed and let the guys get to work on me properly. They took it in turns to lap at my wet cunt and also licked and teased my arsehole with their tongues as well.

As I lay back Ian began to use his fingers on me as well, slipping a finger up my fanny at the same time as licking at my clit. They all took turns in doing this, and by the time they had all feasted on me for a while I was sopping wet and had a very, very, wet, open cunt again.

As they all continued to use their tongues and fingers on me, Sanjit asked if I would like a finger up my arse as well.

I replied by saying telling them, “You can all get more than a finger up there as well if you want.”

They all took another turn at licking me out as they not only fingered my slit but also eased a finger up my arse as well.

As one was then working away on me the other two took it in turns to suck on my tits and the other would offer his cock for me to suck. I lay back and loved the attention I was getting from the tongues and from the fingers both up my pussy and also up my wet arse as well.

As I sucked on them, they again all became enlarged and swollen. Dillips cock was a nice thick one, not desperately long but a real mouthful. Ian had his cock in my mouth and I could fully swallow his cock. Sanjit quite simply had the biggest cock I had ever had or have ever had. It was a monster! I could get both my hands around it and still have the tip and a little bit more to show.

I lapped at it like a schoolgirl on a lollipop and again must have looked a right plight: Legs spread akimbo, on my back, Dillip lying lapping and fingering my pussy and arse, Ian lying at my side sucking my titties and Sanjit standing by the bed at my side as I sucked, gobbled, licked, slurped, spat on, and generally worshipped his fucking massive cock.

We licked and sucked like this for several minutes and then Ian said he wanted to, “fuck this tight little cunt.”

I offered him myself saying, “Go on then you randy fucker, lets see what a good fuck you are.”

Ian entered me as I lay on the bed missionary style, as Dillip took his turn at my side for me to suck him off. Ian entered me with a shove and soon built up a nice steady rhythm. I sucked on Dillip in time with Ian’s thrusting and Sanjit continued to give my tits some attention.

Ian pounded at me for a few minutes telling me how, “tight and wet,” my “cunt” was.

I urged him on by saying he, “had a good cock on him,” and that I “needed a good fucking.”

I then told them that if they wanted my arse needed some cock too.

We changed positions, this time and he lay on his back and I climbed on top of him. His cock slipped up my wet cunt quite easily and I slowly rode on him.

Dillip got onto the bed behind me, spat on my arse, slipped a finger up, as Ian’s cock was up my pussy and he then nudged his cock towards my bum hole.

Sanjit was at the side of the bed and I took a hold of his cock and was slowly wanking his huge tool up and down.

Dillip slowly eased his cock up my arse and with a lunge he was fully up me. I was now totally stuffed, Ian’s cock stuffing my fanny from below and Dillips prick filling my arse from on top.

“Oh fuck,” I said. “That’s amazing, go on now then fuck it, fuck my fanny and arse you dirty bastards.”

Dillip began a slow steady rhythm as Ian lay and began to pump my fanny from underneath. It felt so good to be totally stuffed. Sanjit was now absolutely rock solid and massive in my hand and I urged him to get his fucking cock in my mouth.

He obliged and fed me his prick as I took the pounding from the two guys.

Dillip was building up a very hard and steady rhythm up my bum and I could tell he was getting close to spunking.

“You fucking dirty whore I’m gonna spunk, you slut,” he moaned as he began to leak his cum up my arse.

I could feel the wet cum flooding my bum hole as he unloaded up me.

“Go on spunk up my arse you dirty twat.” I urged him on.

He was cumming quite heavily and I could feel the ooze leaking out from behind me as his cock slowly slipped out of me, trickling cum down over my arse cheeks and onto Ian below me. Ian then began to thrust heavily at me from underneath as well.

“I’m going to cum as well, right up your fucking snatch you tart.”

He was looking directly at me as I stared at him and I ordered him to, “Fill my cunt up you fucker, go on spunk it up me, I fucking love it.”

He stared at me intently snarling with his climax approaching and spitting a volley of abuse at me as he came off. “You fucking cheap little Scottish slut, fucking hell you’re a dirty bitch.”

“Well fucking cum then,use me you bastard,fill it up,” I again swore at him.

We then exchanged a very wet and hard french kiss as he came up me, our tongues flicking at each other as we did so. I climaxed at the same time, my orgasm gripping me hard as I was flooded with the second load of spunk.

Sanjit was standing by me and as Dillip left my arse completely he took his place behind me. “Do you want this up your cunt or arse Anna?” he asked.

“Wherever you fucking want,” I simply said to him.

He positioned himself behind me on the bed, Ian slipping out from under me. My pussy was leaking his cum, Dillips cum was oozing out of my arse as Sanjit nudged his full, thick hard cock up against my wet arse.

He slipped it in using the cum from his brother as lubricant. Fucking hell it was sheer agony, and ecstasy at the same time! His huge prick slipped in and out of my asshole.

“Now take It you slut,” he was telling me. “Take it up your dirty fucking little arse,” he banged away in ever increasing ferocity and slapped and spanked my cheeks as he did so.

“Oh fuck Sanjit, your cock is the best,” I told him.”Please fuck me, fuck me with it, please.”

“Don’t worry you little tart I’m gonna fuck the hell out of you,” he informed me!

He continued banging away, my ass taking a massive pounding from his huge Indian prick, until again I could sense he was close to spunking.

He began to lunge out of time then he slurped and plopped out of my arse and began to shoot his hot, thick, sticky cum up over my arse and onto my back.

“Take it Anna, take his cum,” Dillip was telling me from the side.

He spunked and spurted off, splattering me with a good five or six jets before he finished.

We all collapsed in a heap on the bed and lay and kissed and chatted for a few minutes afterwards.

“Did you enjoy that?” Sanjit asked.

“Jesus yes,” I said, though my arse was now beginning to tingle a bit and I had definitely had more than enough cock up me for one day.

Once we had lain for a while we again got up to get showered etc.

I needed a pee and as I sat on the toilet in the bathroom, Ian entered and told me he was “bursting”.

With this he let go a stream of piss onto me!

I sat on the toilet with my tights around my ankles as he peed and peed on my legs and onto my tits!

“You dirty bastard,” I Jokingly said to him.

“Well you said you liked pee fun as well,” he laughed and with this the other two guys came in saw what was happening and they both began to let a stream of pee onto me as well.

“You don’t mind if we wash you down a little do you?” said Dillip.

I sat on the toilet and I could not have felt more slutty than I did at that point. I had let these guys spunk up me, on me, fist me, double fuck me and now they were using me as a pee target!

I sat and took their streams of piss onto me as I did a big pee of my own in the toilet. We then all showered together to get clean and the guys left to go to their own rooms for the rest of the night.

I saw them again the next morning as I was waiting for my friends to return to the hotel. As I saw them I was terrified that they would approach me and maybe embarrass me. I needn’t have worried they merely gave me a little wink and a smile as they stood at the receptionists desk.

My friends noticed Ian winking at me.

“Look at that cheeky bugger!” one of them said to me. “I think he fancies you Anna,” said the other.

“Ugh,” said Tracey my friend. “They are old enough to be our dads, dirty buggers!”

I laughed as we walked away, if only they knew!!

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