Indian maid’s husband accepts new cuckold lifestyle change

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Fateh picked me up at 7.20 pm from the main market (I had been late — he had waited patiently). It was a hot evening, so I was sweating and was hungry. I noticed that Fateh was squirming every time he had to sit on the driver’s seat of the rickshaw, and I grinned. My plan was working! Narges must have spanked him, and spanked him hard. (Read prev story – Indian maid’s husband is humiliated by her and her lover)

“I say, Fateh,” I asked him as he pedaled hard. “Tell me about this debt of yours. Narges was telling me you owe some people a lot of money.”

Fateh told me he had a gambling problem some time ago, and owed a lot of people money. To get them off his back, he had borrowed 100,000 rupees from a money lender who had a reputation for organized crime. He had paid off all his creditors, but now owed this one man 100,000 rupees with interest, and he had only a year to pay it. The amount due now was nearly double at approximately 200,000 rupees. The more he delayed paying it, the greater the interest was.

“What happens if you cannot get the money in a year?” I asked him.

Sahib,” Fateh’s voice was sad. “If he does not beat me up, I will lose my rickshaw and my house, and Narges and I will be forced to be on the streets.”

“Not only that,” I continued, “I heard such men don’t like losing money. They will make a lesson out of you for others. Either they will really beat you up, or they will kidnap and repeatedly rape your wife.”

“Yes, sahib.”

I did not say anything after that, but let him ponder on the consequences he knew he was facing, as he ferried me back to his residence. As far as he knew, I was staying for one more night, so Fateh knew after tonight he would get back his wife. Little did he realize my plan! Once I had a taste of Narges, how could I just enjoy her juicy delights for only one more night! Narges was like an intoxicant — once you had a taste of her unbridled passion, you didn’t let go easily.

Narges greeted me with a wet, sloppy, slurpy kiss on the lips, on the doorstep of the house within full view of the neighbours as Fateh squirmed uncomfortably. I had Fateh take my bags to the bedroom. Narges had just taken a bath and smelt like fresh roses. I could see the faint outline of one of the new bras inside her blouse. Still at the door, I grabbed her boobs and pinched her nipple through her blouse, jiggling them for my pleasure, and she laughed. Wrapping my arms around her exposed waist, we walked in.

“My sister Urmila visited me today,” She told me, when I asked her if anything was new. “And she forgot her cellphone here. I have to return that tomorrow.”

“Hmm. Is Urmila as beautiful as you, or is she even sexier?” I playfully asked her.

“Oh, you!” She playfully swatted at me. I once again grabbed her, and kissed her forcefully on her lips as she melted in my arms. After probing her mouth deep with my tongue, I let her go as she caught her breath. All this time, Fateh watched awkwardly as I enjoyed his wife’s charms openly.

I took a bath, and soon, dinner was served. After we had eaten and washed up, I sat down on their new sofa and discussed Fateh’s loan with him. I told him his life was ruined and he would be out on the streets in a year. He could probably go to jail, and Narges would then have to fend for herself, if the loan shark didn’t kidnap her and ravish her every night. Fateh agreed, and looked hopefully at me. I took my time, before I replied.

“Fateh, you certainly have more than 200,000 rupees in this house.”

“I am sorry, sahib, I don’t have any such money,” Fateh replied, looking at me as if I had gone crazy.

“Fateh, I have already seen the wealth in this house, and if you wish you can clear your debts with the loan shark with that money,” I said.

He asked me, “Sahib, where have you seen such money, please tell me! I would be the most relieved person in the world!”

“Narges!” I called out. Narges came from the kitchen, wiping her hands on her sari‘s pallu. She walked and stood beside me obediently. I got up and walked around to her back. Fateh was watching me keenly as Narges let her hands loose on her side. The sexual tension in the air was palpable. Here was a man, Fateh, who had just watched his wife cuckold him the previous night and then spank him, now hoping expectantly for debt relief from the very same man that had ravaged his wife. And that man, I, was circling the vivacious Narges like a shark circles its prey.

I pressed my dick into Narges’s ass cheeks, reached around and cupped her breasts through her blouse.

“Here, Fateh.” I rubbed her left breast.

“100,000 rupees.”

Then I massaged Narges’s right breast.

“100,000 rupees.”

Narges giggled, as Fateh looked at me, puzzled, and helpless to stop me from groping his wife’s mammary glands. “I am sorry, sahib, I don’t understand.”

“It’s very simple.” I continued to knead Narges’s boobs, getting no objections from her, or from her cowardly husband. “I am here for the night. You are to allow me to spend the night with your wife and she has to do what I order her to do. If she gives me her body absolutely, then I will loan you 200,000 rupees. You can pay off the money lender, and take your time in paying me back, with no interest.”

Of course I could have just gone to bed with Narges, and she would have been my willing fuck toy, but I wanted to drive home the point to Fateh that I would be sleeping with his wife, on his marital bed, with his explicit permission. My cock poked Narges’s butt crack.

“Think about it.” I told him. “If you say no, your wife will have no recourse but to submit to me anyway, but then you will still owe that money. You may even go to prison! And then who knows who your wife will submit to!”

I pinched Narges’s left nipple. It was a signal to her that it was her line now.

“No, dear husband, I will not allow you to go to prison,” Narges declared bravely. “I am your wife and your welfare is my concern. You tell sahib that he can have my body for his pleasure, if that’s what will satisfy him.”

I could again see a bulge grow in Fateh’s lungi.

“It will be only for one night and no one will know your wife has slept with another man, and that you were helpless to prevent that,” Narges told her husband. “So dear, do what I say; let him enjoy my body and he will loan you 200,000 rupees.”

“You wife is very pretty.” I told Fateh. “I like her breasts. And her ass. And her lips. And her cunt.”

Once again I grabbed Narges’s left teat, and held it up. “100,000 rupees.”

Then I grabbed her right boob and kneaded it. “100,000 rupees.”

I could see Fateh’s bulge growing bigger. It was time to close the sale.

“Fateh,” I told him in my most authoritative voice. “I want your wife, and no one will know except the three of us. Your honour will remain intact, but if you get arrested, your self-respect will be torn to shreds, and besides, I plan on enjoying her wet loins anyways.”

I rubbed Narges’s crotch, through all the layers of clothes, and held my hand up.

“She’s wet and dripping like a faucet, Fateh. You wife is as turned on as me by our affair.”

Sahib,” Fateh croaked. “You are very generous to offer me that money, and my wife is so brave to help me by satisfying you. I agree to your demands for the night, sahib.”

“Excellent.” I pressed myself more firmly onto Narges, and she could feel my manhood now invade the space between the cheeks of her buttocks. I could feel the dampness of her through her clothes, and she seemed to encourage me by pushing back onto me. Fateh felt defenceless and tried not to stare at me molesting and mauling his buxom wife, cupping her tits and fondling them to my heart’s content.

“Let’s watch some television.” I ordered Fateh to put a cricket match on. “We can sit on this new sofa that I got for you, all three of us.”

“Yes, sahib.”

“You know, Fateh, you are not man enough to even afford a sofa. You should be glad I am giving you 200,000 rupees for this randi.”

“Yes, sahib.”

We sat on the sofa and Fateh handed me the remote. I put it to one side as the cricket match came on. Narges came down and sat on my lap. I turned her around so that she was facing me.

“What do you think, Fateh, who will win the match?” I asked him, as Narges pressed her boobs to my face. She was a woman in heat.

Sahib, hard to say.” Fateh hummed and hawed, trying desperately to concentrate on the action on the screen, rather than on the sofa.

I pulled away Narges’s pallu, un-hooked the blouse, and pushed her new bra up to expose her large round breasts, the big black areolas standing erect. I put the left nipple into my mouth while I played with the right breast, squeezing and pinching it, rotating the nipple between my thumb and fingers.

“Narges, you are a very attractive woman and I am going to fuck your beautiful firm body,” I told her in a loud voice.

“Thank you, Sarun!” Narges replied with a smile. “I will do whatever you ask of me to please you, that’s the agreement my husband made with you.”

I turned to Fateh. “What do you say Fateh?”

“I … I…” Fateh was at a loss for words as I pinched Narges’s left areola. “Sahib, you have the full right to enjoy her as you wish, tonight.”

To demonstrate my power in his household, I mocked, “Who is going to fuck your wife, Fateh?”

“You will, sahib.” He replied. “And I remain your grateful slave for your generosity.”

“Then you will watch me powerlessly as I violate your wife, Fateh. You are the cause she will be penetrated by another man’s penis,” I pronounced.

“Yes sahib you such a considerate person and a dear friend that you are most welcome to fuck her anytime you want,” Fateh groveled.

Narges was now moaning loudly.

“Oh, husband!” She gasped. “I must satisfy sahib and we must do everything to please him.”

“Yes, dear.” Her husband feebly agreed.

“Fateh,” I instructed Narges’s husband. “Your wife is sacrificing her honour and her izzat to another man just for your sake. She is going to lose her chastity and it’s all due to you. Show her your appreciation by licking her feet.”

“Yes, sahib.”

Fateh jumped to his feet and knelt down in front of us, lowering himself on his stomach at Narges’s feet. He started to lick and kiss her feet as I tweaked her nipples.

“That’s it, Fateh. Pay your respects to your brave wife.” I demanded. “Lick her feet like the lowly dog you are. You are the dog and your wife will be my bitch.”

“Dear husband,” Narges taunted him, “a man is in your house, he has your wife’s breasts in his hands, and calls her a bitch, and you grovel at his feet. And look, you have a hard on!”

Poor Fateh had no place to hide. There was a damp spot on his lungi now.

“Husband, stand up!” Narges ordered, and he complied.

“Take off your lungi.”

“I … I …” Fateh turned to look at me for help, but I was having none of it.

“Do as your wife tells you to do!” I ordered him. “She’s helping you out — the least you can do is be an obedient slave to her!”

“Yes, sahib.”

Narges’s husband undid the knot, and his lungi fell to the floor. His small dick was now rigid hard.

“Husband, take off your shirt too.” Narges ordered, and he complied. Fateh was now standing before us, completely naked.

“Look, Sarun!” Narges told me. “He is hard. My dear husband gets aroused when he sees you enjoy his wife’s body.”

“Really? How do you know, Narges?”

Narges was getting into her part. “Sarun, I asked him today if he saw us together last night, when you ravaged my body. He said he did.”

A visibly humiliated Fateh was turning bright red, standing there butt naked, his small dick erect.

“He said he saw us last night, and did nothing but jack off in that corner.” Narges told me. “Even when he was confessing this to me, he could not control himself and came in the bedroom. I had to punish him for that.”

“Really, Narges, how?”

“Sarun, I spanked him. If you ask him to turn around, you will notice his ass has red marks!”

Fateh was now trembling. I ordered him to turn around. His embarrassment complete, he faced the other way, and I could clearly see the results of Narges’s handiwork on his butts.

“You wife will now punish you, Fateh, when she wills.” I told him. “No matter how humiliating it is for you, you deserve to be her whipping boy.”

“Yes, sahib.”

“Now turn around, and get on your knees.”

Fateh turned around, and knelt in front of us. We were still seated on the sofa.

“Apologize to her for putting her in this situation, and humbly beg her forgiveness.” I ordered him.

Fateh swallowed what was left of his ego and pride, and began to meekly plead for forgiveness from Narges, who was having none of it.

“Husband,” She told him. “I am going to slap you now.”

“Yes, dear. I deserve it.”





As if having your own wife violated in your own house wasn’t bad enough, Fateh was now a cuckold who was being humiliated by his own wife in front of the bull who was going to fuck her. As I watched Narges slap her husband, I decided it was enough for the time being.

I tapped Narges, and we both stood up. Narges grabbed her clothes, putting on her bra, then blouse, and then moving her pallu in place. I walked up to Fateh and ordered him to stand up. His cheeks were now bright red with the marks of Narges’s fingers on him. Whether he was red due to the slaps, or due to the embarrassment of his situation, I didn’t know, and didn’t care.

“Fateh! We are going to bed now.” I informed him. “I want you to remain completely naked through the whole night. If you put on your clothes, I will not give you the money. You are a lowly dog, and dogs don’t wear clothes.”

“Yes, sahib.”

“Also,” I continued, “you will remain here in this room while I enjoy your wife on your marital bed. In case we decide to call you, you will come at once. Otherwise, you are to remain out of sight and quiet. You may watch us if you wish through the other side of this partition.”

“Yes, sahib.” Fateh was relieved. He was afraid he would be sent away and not be allowed to watch.

“Come, Narges.” I put an arm around her waist, poking her navel with a finger, and led her to the bedroom. My hands made an unmistakable brush across her hips.

Once in the bedroom, I stripped completely, my cock now rock hard. I sat down on the bed, reached out and pulled Narges down onto my lap and kissed her. She was still dressed, and returned my kisses loudly. My hands wandered over her body and stopped to pay homage at her breasts. If my intentions weren’t plain enough, what Narges felt through my shorts as she sat my lap made them abundantly clear.

“Thank you Sarun for helping my husband with the loan.” Narges told me, as I unbuttoned blouse. “You are truly an angel.” She rubbed her breasts in my face.

“Mmm… your breasts are lovely, Narges. They just cost me 200,000 rupees.”

I feel her tits jiggle and bounce in the palms of my hands.

“Ohhhh my goodness! Wonderful!” I sighed, “Ohhhhhhh my goodness. You are a sex goddess, Narges!”

Narges laughed, and allowed my tongue to enter her mouth and her tongue to enter mine. She shivered as my hands reached under her breasts and slowly lifted them up and then down. As we continued our long French kiss I gently bounced her breasts and squeezed them playfully.

Through a reflection in the mirror, I could see her husband watch us through the partition, his pecker in his hand.

My fingers slowly slipped down inside the front of Narges’s brassiere. I softly caressed and then cupped one of her breasts, and tenderly lifted it out of the bra. It flopped out to hang free. Narges’s other breast was then similarly lifted gently and it too flopped out — so now both of her enormous breasts hung naked for all to see. The soft flesh on her massive boobs jiggled in waves as she French kissed my mouth before coming up for air. Fateh could see his wife heave a loud sigh as I stared at her with my mouth open, drooling at the sight of her incredible chest.

Lifting a breast in each of my hands, I leaned forward and asked her loudly, “Does your husband appreciate these nice big jugs of yours?”

“No, Sarun, he just undresses my sari and cums quickly.”

“Does he suck your tits?”

“No, Sarun. It causes him to cum quickly, so he tries not to.”

“Does he like to suck your nipples?”

Without giving her the chance to reply, I then started to suck at her udders.

Fateh’s face flushed a deep shade of red as he watched and heard his wife’s reaction to me fondling and sucking her breasts. He stiffened and shook each time Narges grunted and squealed as her nipples were bitten and flicked by my tongue.

Releasing one tit from my mouth, I moved to continue to suck and nibble the other one. Then I bounced them gently up and down, looked into the Narges’s eyes and asked, “Does Fateh bounce your tits like this while he’s sucking them, honey?”

Narges squealed a little girl squeal and replied, “Nooooo.”

“FATEH!” I yelled loudly. “Come here!”

Fateh ran into the room, his hands holding his dick, and stood to one side of the bed.

I lifted his wife’s breast with one hand, and with the other I grasped the nipple between my thumb and middle finger, rolled it around and asked him, “What do you call these breasts, Fateh? What do you call your pretty wife’s great big tits? Melons? Jugs? Boobs? She really has an amazing rack. Come on, what do you call them? Knockers? ”

Fateh didn’t reply, puzzled at my taunts, as Narges started to moan loudly. I felt a bit of dampness between her legs. Narges’s face was now beet red and she was wheezing hysterically as both her breasts were ravished again. She started to groan and buck.

“Look, I am giving your wife an orgasm by just playing with her tits.” I told Fateh.

“Yes, sahib. You are a much better man in bed than I can ever be. It’s an honour for me that my wife is pleasuring you in bed, sahib.”

Narges continued to cum for some time. Both the men in the room, her husband and I, watched her face as she closed her eyes and grimaced. She was on my lap, and her body quivered and trembled uncontrollably in the throes of a passionate orgasm. I could now feel her wetness leak through her clothes and dampen my thigh. When she was done, I told her to stand up.

“Strip her.” I ordered Fateh, as Narges stood up and wobbled. Fateh caught her and steadied her. Then he obediently took off her blouse, her bra, and her sari, leaving her in her petticoat. One tug and the petticoat dropped to the floor. Narges wasn’t wearing any panties, so she was now completely naked.

“Here she is, sahib, ready for you.”

“Step back.” I told him. Then I stood up and turned to Narges. “Look, Narges, your husband has undressed you and presented you to me. He has bartered your body, and his respect and manhood and honour, for a measly 200,000 rupees.”

“Yes, sahib.” Narges moaned. “My husband is not a man like you are!”

Every word reminded Fateh of his inglorious demotion in status in his own house.

I told Narges to open her mouth. She opened big. I gathered my saliva and spit into it. She squealed in delight. I collected more of my hot spit in my mouth and commenced my perverted liquid assault on the Narges’s glistening big tits and her pretty face all over again. Laughing and hooting, Narges tried to dodge, and it became a sick contest to see how I can land the biggest wad into her screaming, gurgling mouth.

Fateh watched as his wife’s cheeks and bosoms were filled with the slimy, gray saliva. Narges tried desperately not to swallow but I suddenly pinched her nostrils shut and placed a big hand over her mouth, forcing her to swallow the bubbly swill. Fateh watched as his dazed, naked wife was being hugged and given hot sloppy kisses as if her husband wasn’t even there. But he was there. And Fateh felt very defeated and useless. And aroused.

“Fateh, I know what I’d like to do to her………look at that big, round, beautiful ass.” I told him. I then placed Narges on the bed, on her back. She was now lying there, like a woman waiting for her man to mount her. I then climbed over onto the bed, and with one move, plunged into her.

Narges’s feverish passion was at a peak as she cried out, “Sarun! Darling! Don’t stop, oh please don’t stop, fuck me harder, fuck me dear, fuck me now, I love you!”

I plunged into her, and out, and into her, and out. My cock rubbed against the wet damp skin of her clit, ploughing deep into her folds, going where her husband could never hope to go. With her eyes tightly shut Narges hugged me tightly, screaming as she once again had a massive orgasm, cuming for almost a minute. I slowed down and fucked her with long slow deep strokes deep kissing her mouth. Then I looked over and saw that Fateh was masturbating.

I shouted, “See Fateh, that is how to fuck and satisfy your wife, now watch me plant my seed in her unprotected cunt, she is going to be sullied by my semen, her pussy belongs me now.”

Sahib, it will be an honour and pleasure if you deposited your hot sticky sperm into my wife,” Fateh said.

Fateh watched as my butt cheeks tightened to form a slit, my face contorted as I bellowed, “Kutti, bitch! Take my sperm into your fertile womb.”

I squeezed Narges’s massive boobs. She was now blubbering incoherently.

“Yes Sarun fill me up with your seed, put your sperm in my belly, oh my dear come inside me,” She screamed as she hugged and kissed me, wrapping her powerful chubby legs around my ass.

I grunted as I ejaculated, filling up her vagina with my semen till it overflowed, once again staining the bed sheets. Narges grasped my balls squeezing out as much juice as possible. I bit her neck and kept ejaculating for quite some time. I then collapsed on top of her, lying there as my dick throbbed, the sperm slowing down to a trickle.

Then I decided I no longer wanted Fateh there.

“Fateh, turn off the lights and get out.”

* * *

The next morning (which Fateh thought would be my last day here), both he and I ogled his wife Narges’s gyrating fleshy ass and wildly swinging breasts as she happily carried out her duties around the house, humming a Bollywood tune, completely uninhibited about being naked in front of us. Even Fateh seemed to have come to peace with his own nakedness, standing there obediently carrying out mine or his wife’s orders as needed. In fact, the only one dressed was now me.

When Narges went in the small washroom outside to take a piss, I told her to wait.

“Fateh”, I took her husband with me to the washroom. Narges stood there, naked, ready to pee.

“Yes, sahib?” Fateh was trying desperately, like he had all morning, to hide his hardness.

“Your wife has saved you from being in debt, and perhaps from going to prison,” I informed him, “You must show her your gratitude by satisfying her.”

“Yes, sahib.”

I ordered Fateh to lie down on the dirty wet washroom floor.

“Narges,” I turned to his wife. “Squat over to his face, and urinate there.”

Narges didn’t hesitate at all, and quickly placed her ample thighs either side of Fateh’s head and with her cunt over his open mouth, gushed out a salty piss drenching Fateh’s face and hair.

“Now rub your ass over his filthy face.”

She sat down with her full weight on his head, rubbing her wet pussy and the smelly unwashed anus back and forth over her husband’s crestfallen but aroused face. He could almost hardly breathe as Narges began to cum, squirting her pussy juices all over Fateh’s face and into his mouth.

I wasn’t done humiliating Fateh yet.

As Narges got off Fateh, he could see my zip undone, and my cock dangling over his piss and cum covered face, and his wife Narges was then standing behind me, giggling like a schoolgirl while holding my cock.

I then started to pee. I poured out a hot stream all over Fateh, drenching him from head to foot. Shaking the last drops of pee from my cock, I ordered Narges to lick and clean my cock.

“You are fit to use as a toilet,” I told Fateh, “And your wife is my toilet paper, cleaning my dick of pee.”

“Yes, sahib.” Both husband and wife replied in unison. Their submission to me was now complete.

I smiled. The first of my slaves were now here.

Ever since Narges had come willingly into my arms, leaving her hapless husband watching, I had hatched a plan. I am a rich man with a big business in the USA. I also do some import work from India, so I have a mansion in Kolkata. My family lives in the USA, but I come every month to Kolkata for ten to twelve days. And I usually hire maid servants from a temp agency. Now, I could see myself at the head of a harem. A harem headed by Narges, my chief concubine, with her willing cuckold of a husband as a bonus servant. The first of many, I confidently thought. Seeing the husband and wife, naked, on their knees, submitting to me, was the first step in the realization of that plan. I had to make sure Fateh was a willing slave. If he had the slightest hesitation in this affair, this wouldn’t have happened. He enjoyed being a cuckold; he enjoyed the humiliation. I knew I had the slaves I wanted to start my household.

* * *

“Fateh”, I told him, once the couple were inside, and cleaned up and dressed. “I have decided to stay a while longer.”

“Oh.” His crestfallen face betrayed his anxious disappointment. “Sahib, were you not supposed to leave today?”

“Are you telling me to leave?” I thundered.

“Of course not, of course not, sahib!” Fateh hastily tried to pacify me. “I was merely asking, sahib.”

“I am going to stay here in your house for some time more, at least a week.” I told him and Narges. “While I am here, Narges will be my wife and you will be our servant. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sahib.”

“Narges.” I turned to her. “Come here.”

“Yes, Sarun.” Obediently she stood in front of me, overshadowing her husband. “I am glad you are staying a bit longer, dear.”

“How can I stop myself from enjoying your lovely body, Narges.”

“Thank you, Sarun.”

“Now, Narges.” I listed my orders for her. “While I am here, you will remain naked or dressed, as I tell you. I will fuck whenever I want and you are to pleasure me before, during and after our copulation, do you agree?”

“Yes, Sarun.”

“What about you Fateh?” I turned to the husband. “What do you say?”

Fateh turned to see his wife smiling and surrendered to his fate.

“Yes sahib, I accept fully,” he replied.

The next week was utter torture and humiliation for Fateh.

When he was away working on his rickshaw, his mind was on what I was doing to his wife, and it kept him hard all day. He would often arrive home where he would find his wife naked, in bed, serving her master — me. Sometimes I would make him watch as Narges knelt in front of me and sucked me to hardness, before I had Fateh put my cock inside his wife and watched us fuck. Narges and I were like a freshly married couple on our honeymoon. We didn’t care where Fateh was. I loved to grope her all the time and play with her tits and her gyrating buttocks. Sometimes after our lovemaking we would call Fateh and have him masturbate to the sight of us kissing, and laugh at his tiny manhood as he shot his sperm on the floor. Then we would have him clean up, of course.

After seven days were up, I gave Fateh his 200,000 rupees that he gave to his money lender, who was no doubt surprised that this pathetic man was able to cough up the money. What he didn’t know, of course, was that Fateh, and more importantly his wife, were now my property. I was heading to Kolkata, but before leaving I gave Narges one quick good bye fuck, and told the couple that they would hear from me shortly. On my next trip to India, I would be the lord of a harem.

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