Erotic Cuckold Love Part 2

Hii Everyone it’s Manish here with the continuation of my story “Erotic Cuckold Love” part 2. Those who haven’t read my first part plz read it ones. So coming back to the story….

As Nilesh ( Mr. Agarwal ) was fucking Meetali in standing position, Meetali asked Rahul to “kneel down and start licking Nileshs balls while he fuck me”
Rahul was so humiliated he wasn’t having any other options he had to do it and he started to lock Nileahs balls as Nilesh was fucking his wife in standing position.
Fter 10 mins Nilesh brought down Meetali to the couch and started fucking her with passionately kissing her lips, in fact they both were kissing each other very passionately while Rahul staring on them. Fter 15 mins Nilesh asked Meetali he was going to cum in her pussy be ready and fter 5 mins he cummed very dipped into her vagina and fell on her body exhausted.
Seeing this Rahul cried and begged to Meetali “Plz Meetali let’s get out of here Ill never ever share this incident with any1 and also will not become angry on u, plz stop this, let’s go.”
Hearing this words Meetali started laughing and gave a slap on Rahuls face and said ” U fool loser, I am not urs anymore, I am now the Queen of my King Nilesh and u are our Slave. Haven’t u read on contact palers, it’s written u ll be our Slave untill we fire u from ur job or u’ll have to face the consequences.” Nilesh got up slap hard left and right on Rahuls face and said “don’t bark a single word from ur dirty mouth, from now on U’ll just say Yes Master or Yes Ma’am and should obey each and every order of ours. Is det clear..?”
Rahul : Yes Master ! I’ll
Meetali : So listen U pathetic loser y don’t u go to our bathroom and get it ready for us to bath…
Rahul : Yes Ma’am I’ll
and he walks to bathroom to complete his work… Seeing this Nilesh and Meetali started laughing and kissing….
After they finish bathing Nilesh and Meetali came out naked.
Rahul was standing their outside.
Nilesh saw Rahul and slap on his face and said “Whenever u see us fter coming out of bathroom u should go on Ur knees kiss my cock, put Ur head under my balls, worship my cock and put my leg on Ur head and ask me for permission to touch Meetalis body. If I gave u permission u’ll suck each finger of Meetalis legs go behind her lick her asshole and again put her legs on Ur head and wait for the order….
Is it clear ??
Rahul : Yes Master I’ll do it.
Nilesh : That’s my poor boy.

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Nilesh and Meetali were going to their bedroom as Rahul was walking fter dem…
Meetali saw him and slap on face again and said “u’ll follow us till our bedroom door but not walking, by Crawling like a baby”…
They again started to move to their bedroom and Rahul was following dem by Crawling on his hands and knees.
All three were naked…
As soon as they both reach to the bedroom door Nilesh spit on floor right outside of his bedroom door and asked Meetali to spit there on d same spot, and Meetali did it. Nilesh said to Rahul : Come here my dog lick our saliva for the floor and be sitted here unless we call u in. This will be Ur place from now on…
Rahul did it as he was told and Nilesh Meetali went inside the room and the door shuts…
In the morning Meetali came open the door of bedroom and saw Rahul is sleeping. She went inside and told bout this to Nilesh and he got angry came with force and kicked right on the mouth of Rahul. Rahul got up m very painfully and started apologising to both ..
Rahul : I m very sorry Master nd Ma’am I’ll never repeat this again, plz forgive me.
Nilesh told her come inside in 5 mins We r waiting for your service.
Fter 5 mins Rahul came inside the room and saw Nilesh and Meetali kissing each other naked on a very large bed. Nilesh broke the kiss and order him suck his cock and again started to kiss Meetali very passionately. Rahul took Nilesh cock in his mouth and started to suck his cock. Fter 6-7 mins Meetali broke the kiss and asked Rahul “Dies it feels good to suck a man’s cock loser….?”
Rahul nodded his head in acceptens.
Seeing this Both started laughing and Nilesh kicked Rahul and said go in washroom and wait for me…
Rahul went in…
Nilesh took handycam and Meetali followed him in washroom…
Nilesh ordered Rahul to suck his cock again and started to record it on Handycam…
Fter few mins Nilesh moved Rahul aside and started to per in/on Rahuls mouth/face and started laughing.
Nilesh gave Rahul his piss bath their and all this was recorded by Meetali in Handycam.
Nilesh asked Rahul to first clean his cock and balls with shampoo then wait for the next order….

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