Eye attraction in train led to best sex.

Hi this is shanky live in Mumbai. I want to share my best felling I had in last few month. As people known local train in Mumbai. I travel from one of suburb station from Mumbai where train start. Every day I you travel from same train in same coach. Due to regular traveling. We have a group where we enjoy traveling. One day one lady come in ladies coach she was average looking age is some where 32. But looking at her she look like 24. She was married. I saw her and even she saw me accidentally. It took me more then 1 hour to reach office in train. During those time we seen each other so many time. In next she came again. As seen her I was feel good, what was the reason I don’t Knw. I just trying to see if she is also looking at me or not. She was also looking at me. As day passes. Due to some work I was not in Mumbai I went outside for 15 days. Then after I come back she saw me and given me smile. To which I have also given her smile. Same continue for at least month. Then on day I dcd to get down with her at same station where she work. I went to her introduce my self same way she introduced her. We exchange our number. One Saturday I received her msg. If your free can you come my home and have a lunch together. To which I said yes without taking any time. Day which I was waiting for it comes true. That night I didn’t sleep. Sunday I got ready and went to her house as it was only 15 min from my home. As I reach there and rang the bell she came and open the door. She looking damn hot. Just came from shower her hair was wet. And her Ash was poping out with 32d pair of boobs. She told me to be seated. And brought me class of water.

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She sat next to me and we started talking about each other. I asked here where is it husband. She started crying and said I am alone my husband left me. She had a son who is studying at boarding school. I told her DNT cry ur strong lady. By looking at her I ask her do u have whisky she said yes then we had 1st pack while having a word we don’t kwn it was almost 2 pm we order food. As it was taking time we were already 2 pack down we start music and started dancing. While dancing my body was touching her body part to which I am trying to control my feeling. After having food I dcd to sleep for a while. I told I will sleep on sofa to that she told you go and sleep in bedroom and I will sleep here. I went inside and fast to sleep. After some time I feel warm to my dick as I open my eyes I saw she was sucking my dick very hard. This is what I am wating for. My hot lady was in front of mine. I lift her up and started kissing as if there is no tommorow. I lift her nighty and she start open my shirt. Den I started sucking her boobs one with other with mouth and my other hand is under her pant fingering her Virgina. I make her sleep in bed and open her panty and started sucking her Virgina. She started shouting oho common do it fast yes yes yes eat me up.. dnt wait yes yes yes. And by the time she was pressing my head deep into her Virgina… She was about to cum and I started fingering her.. after I put monster inside her it was tight as she DNT have sex for a longer time. I was fucking to godess lady. After that I tried all short doggy by holding her hair and fucking her as if there is no tommorow. She was crying yes yes yes common yes do it was yes yes yes yes.she was satisfied with me and we kiss each other and slept nude.

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