My true love

Its dinner time and my step mom has this tight dress on that hugs every curve in her body. Shes serving dinner to me and my step sister bending over in front of me boobs in my face and boy am i getting excited. Under the table my dick is starting to stand. God i need to go jerk off really quick. May i be excused i ask. Yes you may she says. Everyone us looking away as i stand up perfect except my step sister walking thru the hallway towards dinner and run right into eachother and your never going to believe it but my boner stabbed roght into her pussy.

Our eyes lock and my face turns red. This is so embarrassing. i just know she can feel my hard dick. why are we still standing here i back off and apologize. She peeks around the corner and with no hesitation she grabs me by my shirt and shoves me into the office area. She pulls my pants down and begins to suck on my hard dick. this feeling is amazing her mouth is warm and slippery.


She jerks my dick off spitting and slurping while looking me in my eyes. she says fuck my throat big brother. so i grab the back of her head and begin to drive my dick deep in her throat. Shes gagging and choking trying to push me off but i cant stop. I fuck her mouth harder and grab the back of her head tighter im about to explode. i can see her face turning purple as i fuck her face faster adn faster. without warning i shoot a huge load down her throat and let out a soft moan as my strokes begin to lighten up and my grip loosens. She smiles swallows my cum and says glad i can help and turns to the door. I grab her from the back and say oh im not done yet she has her catholic school dress on and i feel underneath and see that her pussy is ready.

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I throw her on the table and pull her panties to the side and begin to slurp on her pussy it tastes like heaven she moans and grabs the back of my head grinding her soaked pussy on my tongue and squeezing her tits. i feel my dick rising again so i flip her over and eat her ass she loves this playing with her pussy while i slurp on her ass hole im ready to enter thats when she yells fuck me already so i slide my dick in her warm pussy omg its like a hotdog in a microwave i grab her waste and begin to drive my dick in her faster and faster. Her ass is clapping on my balls fuck i love this pussy i want to cum in her so bad she yells fuck me harder so i grab her by her neck and begin to plow her pussy shes squirting all over my dick and yelling yes yes yes fuck me brother fuck my pussy.

I turn her over and fuck her mouth some more dick deep in her throat i can see the imprint im about to explode but i dont want to so i turn her over and i begin to fuck her even harder i say im about to cum she says not in my pussy in my ass surprised cause i had never done anal i pull my dick out and put it in her tight ass omg this is better than thee pussy. fucking her harder aand harder i finally cum so hard in her ass deep and hard in that tight ass hole fuuuuuck i yell out she says yes baby cum in that ass you like it huh mmmm im still cumming fuck this is great. she gives me a kiss we get cleaned up and head back down to dinner my step mother is no longer an issue because her daughter had my virginity.

The whole night she played with my dick and i played with her pussy under the table. after dinner i went to get in my bed and in the middle of the night she came to my room kissed me and layed on my chest and said thank you for being my first i love you. After that we fucked every chance we got she was my tru love.

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