A married Indian wife is seduced by old neighbour

A married Indian wife is seduced by old neighbour

My lovely Indian wife Geeta has been very bold and seductive in bed since we had our adventure with Indian bull as per our last story. Just to give everyone a background, we had a one-off meet with a guy in hotel which rejuvenated our sex life.

Geeta, 5’8, young shy Indian wife was starting to dress sexy and be more provocative. However, she resisted the idea of meeting any other guy or so. This was disappointing for me as I love to watch her. However, it was OK as I was still getting a lot more sex then before.

Soon, I was transferred to New York office of our Company. Moving from UK to US was a big change for us. Geeta enjoyed the larger than life things in US such as houses, cars and even the meals. We got a nice house and settled in New Jersey. Due to work permit restrictions, she was not allowed to work so she had lot of free time on hand.

I was commuting daily from New Jersey to New York and doing long hours. This was taking a toll on our relation but she was understanding. We enjoyed weekends hanging around Times Square and cruising around Manhattan.

One day when I returned home, I saw her talking on phone and she was very chirpy and excited. Soon she hung up and told me about her day. Apparently she has met an India guy Mr Kumar in neighbourhood who is a local tennis coach. Geeta always wanted to learn Tennis but never had the opportunity. She also found something to do in afternoons. She said he is an old guy who is divorced and been living here for number of years. She is supposed to be meeting him from next week at 2 in afternoon for one hour of lesson. Before that, we had to buy her tennis gear such as good quality racket, balls, shorts, top and shoes. Mr. Kumar has even promised to take us out on Saturday for this shopping. Apparently he knows some good local shops for sports gear. We being new to area, Geeta was happy to take up the offer and invited Mr. Kumar for dinner on Friday night. I did not think much of it as he was an old man and surely he will only be concentrating on the tennis.

On Friday night, I came home early to help Geeta prepare for dinner. This was first time we were hosting someone for Dinner since moving to US. I got some good Wine and Geeta prepared an Indian meal to impress Mr. Kumar.

Geeta changed to knee length skirt, buttoned up top and was looking very stylish but not provocative. The doorbell rang exactly at 8, I went to open the door. Outside was a tall 6′, broad shoulder guy with a big smile on his face. He shook my hand and said, you must be the lucky hubby. We exchanged pleasantries and I invited him in the house. Geeta came out to greet him, Mr. Kumar gave her a bear hug and handed the flowers he got for her. We sat down to chat and he mentioned he was so looking forward to Geeta taking some private classes from him. He also insisted he won’t be charging her for his time. Geeta insisted but he replied he is just happy to see a sexy wife in short skirt around him in afternoons. He said this as a joke but alarm bells were ringing in my mind. After few drinks, we started the dinner. Mr. Kumar was very complimentary to Geeta about the food. At one stage he took her hand in his hand and gave it a kiss. He looked at me and winked while doing it. I was not sure how to react to it but all seemed like light fun. He left fairly soon after dinner and promised to pick us up at 11 in morning to go for shopping.

In bed I mentioned to Geeta that Mr. Kumar seem like a touch-feely type of guy. She brushed me off saying, I should not be worried as he is an old lonely man and surely he means no harm.

Next morning he arrived on time. He drove a nice Porsche 911, it definitely impressed Geeta. As this is two door car, I decided to squeeze in the back while Geeta set in front seat. She was today wearing jeans and white top. Luckily that meant her legs were not for display to Mr. Kumar. He first took us to the sports shop specializing in Tennis shoes. He was very adamant that Geeta needs good quality shoes. We soon found nice pair of shoes. Mr Kumar asked Geeta to wear both of these and walk around for a while. He enjoyed look of watching her boobs shaking a little while walking around for him. He gave a thumbs up and soon we moved to another shop for sports clothing.

Geeta picked up some skirts which she thought were good enough to play Tennis in. Mr. Kumar took her hand and said, no darling you want something which keeps your legs free to run around. You don’t want to be restricted. He then looked at me and asked if I mind her wearing short skirts as it’s just for sports. The way he asked, I had no choice but to agree. He selected some skirts and handed to Geeta. He wanted her to try those. One was a plated white skirt which hardly reached her mid thighs. The other was a colorful but very provocative skirt. Geeta was unsure about both and looked at me. Mr. Kumar intervened immediately and said she should take advice of coach rather than hubby. And she needs to start following his instruction if she want him to train her. There was some command in his tune, Geeta clearly did not want to offend him and lose the opportunity to learn Tennis. She gave me a look and walked in to changing room.

Mr Kumar gave me a wink again and said Geeta will look great running around in those short skirt. At this point he picked some t-shirts for her, and asked me to pass those to her so she can try them with skirt. I gave those to attendant to give to Geeta. She walked out wearing the white plated skirt and a top which hardly touched her mid-riff region. I could see her naval and she was looking more like a cheer leader and less like a sports player. Mr. Kumar whistled and said, she will make a good player if she keeps listening to him like this. Just when I thought the nightmare was over, Mr Kumar through another shocker. While my wife was standing in a short skirt and t-shirt showing off her toned legs and 32B size boobs on a tight t-shirt, Mr Kumar asked if she has good sports Bra. After all, he don’t want her tits to get tired off running. Geeta went red with embarrassment and I just tried to hide and ignore the question. At this point, I should have put a stop to all this but somehow could not take control from Mr. Kumar. He simply took her hand and guided her to section for sports Bra. They selected a few and soon she was trying those on in changing room. Luckily, she did not had to parade around in sports bra.

We settled the bill and headed towards his car. He insisted we visit him at his place now for a tea and then we can go for some Tennis practice. He looked at me and said hopefully I don’t mind being the ball boy while he teaches some tricks to Geeta. I was really tired and frustrated after the shopping session and did not want to go. But Geeta was as excited as a school girl and insisted we can start today. Soon, we were at Mr. Kumar’s house. He had a very luxurious place and he showed us around his property. He served us some tea and asked Geeta to go get changed for her first session. He guided to Geeta towards his bed room with shopping bags. And his parting comment was to remember to put new bra on, don’t hurt those lovely blossoms and gave a light pat on her ass. He was treating her just like a school girl. Surprisingly, Geeta was excited and happy to be treated that way. I was just confused on what’s going on.

Geeta walked out in plated white skirt, short top and sports shoes. She looked exactly what I thought – a cheer leader!!

Mr. Kumar picked his tennis gear and soon we headed out. This time she was sitting in front seat, struggling to hide her modesty. Mr. Kumar got a good glare of those legs, at one point he put his hand on her leg and commented -“these look well toned, you will make a good player”. He kept his hand on her leg for longer than comfort.

At the Tennis court, he taught her first how to hold the racket and try forehand only. He was throwing balls at her and asking her to hit those back to ground. Geeta was really enjoying this. When she hit the ball too far, Mr. Kumar asked me to get it for them. I felt a bit silly but was happy to play around.

Next he said, he will throw the ball in air and Geeta has to jump and slash the ball down. It started with small jump but Geeta could hardly get to them. Mr. Kumar told Geeta to try harder. If you can’t jump high then how will you play near the net. He asked her to concentrate on ball and time her jump so she can get to the ball. Soon she was able to reach them and hit them back in ground. Now he asked her to hit these balls hard. He was really pumping her up to push hard. I saw this as typical thing a coach will do. But I was being naive. The next he threw the ball real high and shouted at Geeta to go get it. She jumped real high to reach the ball and hit it hard, in doing so her skirt lifted high and both me and Mr. Kumar got a good glance of her white panties she was wearing. A big smile came on his face. Geeta felt awkward as she knew everyone got a good view. Mr Kumar moved towards her and shouted well done!! He gave her a good hard hug with hands around her. This was end of day one and he asked her to get together on Monday for next lessons.

While leaving, he asked her to wear thongs for next session as he don’t want anyone to view traditional panties in-case she jumps high again. A sport star should be well presentable. I was shocked beyond imagination but Geeta took it as an advice from her coach.

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