Indian wife’s old lover the milkman returns, with friends

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Vidya’s old lover Ramu returns, with friends — Rajesh.. The world can be so small. If you are not careful, who you can hurt today can easily come back to hurt you tomorrow. I was reminded of this fact personally over the last few months. I guess I better start at the beginning.

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“I don’t like that man.” My wife Vidya told me as we entered our gated community.

I turned to look back at the guard she was pointing out to me.

Vidya and I had just returned from a walk. The complex where we had our house, in the outskirts of Pune, was next to a small ravine with a small river below. There was a big sandy area on the banks of that river, which was popular with many of my neighbours. It was busy on the weekends, but during the work week it was hardly occupied. I had a day off, so Vidya packed a picnic lunch and we had an enjoyable couple of hours enjoying each other’s company. We held hands, stole kisses, and had a great time. However, since the ravine was outside the gated community, we had to exit our complex whenever we visited, and then reenter on the way back. One of the gates was closer to our villa, so we always used that.

“It’s a new guard, right?” I remarked, as we walked back to our place. “What’s his name … Wasim?”

“Yes, that’s him.” Vidya made a face. “I don’t like him at all.”

Now this was surprising in itself. Vidya was always a very jolly woman, and someone who got along well with anyone. Especially guys, who were always extra nice to her. For obvious reasons.

“Oh.” I tried to think why she could have an issue with this new guard. Wasim had been polite as we had entered. He had stood up when we had touched our key card to the gate, and greeted us with a nod as we entered after the gate opened.

“There’s something about him.” Vidya was on a rant. “It’s his attitude. So disrespectful!”

“Why? What did he do?” I asked. “He seemed fine to me.”

As soon as I said it, I regretted it. You never disagree with your wife, especially when she’s bitching about someone else!

“Of course he would seem FINE TO YOU.” Vidya turned and hissed at me in anger. “Why do I even bother talking to you?”

“I am sorry, darling.” I tried to meekly apologize. “Please tell me what happened.”

However, Vidya was in a huff. And once she got into one of those moods, I knew I was in trouble. So immediately I started to apologize, grovel and plead with her to forgive me. And of course, it took a lot of apologizing, groveling and pleading before she relented.

“It’s his arrogance.” Vidya said, once we were in the house and relaxed in front of the TV. “Every other guard stands up and salutes me, or says ‘Hi, ma’am. How are you? Lovely day today’ or something like that. And what does Wasim do? He merely sits there, looking at me when I come in. Sometimes, only when I am with you, he nods an acknowledgement.”

“I see.” I replied, not really seeing it. The less these lower class people interacted with me, the better, I thought. This time though, I kept my opinion to myself.

“And then, the other day,” Vidya continued, “When you were at work, I was going shopping with Prakriti and Laila, he was leering at me. Literally LEERING! I was trying to find my key card in my purse and he was behind me, and I could sense that he was starting at my bum. Prakriti even said so to me later. And when I turned and caught him looking, he had the audacity to say, ‘you are looking lovely today, ma’am’. What cheek!”

“So he only told you, and not your girlfriends?” I asked.

I could see why. Vidya, as I have said many a times before, is not only the best looking wife in our community, but probably one of the best looking women in India. In the words of one of her previous lovers, she is an aasli desi taadka maal. Not the scrawny skin and bones type models that populate the ramp nowadays, but a proper Indian woman with curves, a lovely gaand (ass) and actual big titties to match.

She kept herself fit through exercising religiously even after our marriage, which is when most Indian women let themselves go. When Vidya would go out with her girlfriends Prakriti and Laila, no one would give those two wives a second look because everyone would be staring at Vidya, my drop dead gorgeous wife — with her raven black hair, her milky white skin, the way she wore her sari exposing her toned tummy and navel, and her voluptuous buttocks swinging to and fro as she walked. Oh, how many times I had let her walk ahead of me, just to see who else was staring at her sashaying buttocks! Sometimes, if we had to take public transit on some rare occasions, many a man had “mistakenly” placed a hand on her voluptuous derriere, only to withdraw after a scorching look from her.

“Yes, only me.” Vidya complained. “It was so humiliating. For my bum to be given the look over by a lowly guard! The guard!”

“I see.” This time I took a venture and agreed with my wife. “That is certainly reprehensible.”

“And that is not all.” Vidya was on fire. “You know I don’t have anything against the lower class folk, right? I mean, I even let Ramu — a milkman — shag me. I even let him cum inside me, without a condom! But this man … Wasim … sometimes when we ladies pass, he makes comments about me to his fellow guards, and he thinks I can’t overhear. But I do. I have very good ears. All lowly comments typical of that class.”

For a moment, I wondered why Vidya was so upset at being leered at by this guard. My buxom wife was used to being catcalled on the streets of India and hardly gave them a second thought.

It must be due to Vidya’s situation with Balachandra, I realized. She is missing him.


He was our neighbour, an older man formerly from the army, now retired. For the last little while, in addition to me, he was also the only other man who was fucking my wife on a regular basis. But it has been two months since his last visit, and I knew Vidya missed that big cock of his. It must be that frustration of not having sex with him that was making her get angry at little incidents, such as the one with this poor guard Wasim.

Like many of Vidya’s dalliances ever since we had opened our marriage, her fling with Balachandra had been a torrid one. It started roughly eight months ago, when Vidya and I had celebrated the fourth anniversary of our marriage. Around the same time was when Balachandra had gotten her alone and made her his “biwi” for the night. That one night had led to months of them fucking like rabbits almost every day, until Balachandra had to move to New Delhi. He still owned his house in our neighborhood, but he had now rented it out to a young couple — some relatives of his. Balachandra did visit our city once or twice a month, during which time he stayed with them, and on those visits he would come to my house when I was at work and proceed to reacquaint himself with my lovely wife’s charms.

I would come home to find my wife passed out on the couch, bite marks all over her neck and breasts, and her pussy all sore from the pounding it had received.

Vidya would kiss me on my return from work, and mockingly say she was kissing me like the cuck I was. Her loving smooch would put me in my place as she would swirl her tongue in my mouth. I would be gently reminded of the fact that this same tongue of hers had given her lover pleasure all day. The same tongue that has licked another man’s cock to hardness was now inside my mouth. And how I loved her for all of that.

“How was your day?” I would ask her, knowing how it was. And my wife would grin. And later on, if Viyda had mercy on me and we were having sex, the stark difference between me and her lover was so obvious. I was her husband, the small dicked cuck with a shaved feminine landing strip for pubes. Balachandra, even though he was a senior citizen, was the stereotypical proper former army man, well built with broad shoulders, and had a cock that was well hung and thick. I knew that the mere sight of his girth was all my wife needed to see to start having an orgasm, whereas I would have to work with my fingers and tongue to give her one.

And now, for the last two months, that cock had been missing from her life. Vidya never said anything to me, but I realized that she was taking out her frustration on this guard Wasim.

“Well, if you want,” I ventured, “I can have a word with the committee …”

Vidya gave me an appraising look, and then shook her head.

“No, honey. It’s OK.” She said.

“Well, why not?” Foolishly I persisted. “If you are upset about this man …”

“No, honey.” Vidya shook her head. “You are not a man who likes conflict, and I don’t want to trouble you.”

“No. No.” I insisted. “I will speak with the board committee and complain about Wasim. They will have a word with him.”

“Well,” Vidya mused, “Why not just speak with Wasim directly? Tell him you don’t appreciate his behavior with your wife.”

“Oh. Well, sure, I could do that.” I said, while internally cringing. Vidya was right, I hated confrontation.

“No, leave it, darling.” Vidya leaned in and gave me a loving kiss on my lips, before continuing, “You are my husband and you are good at many things, Rajesh. But two things you can’t do really well.”

Vidya grinned, gave me another peck on my cheeks, and then continued.

“The first is sex. A good, rough, taking-your-woman-like-a-proper-man sex, darling.” She said. “And the second is confronting another man. It just isn’t your style, honeybuns. I will ask Balachandraji to have a word with that guard Wasim next time he is in town.”


And now not only did Vidya unknowingly puncture my ego by telling me I wasn’t capable of dealing with Wasim, the lower class guard who was leering and passing comments at my wife, but she also told me she was going to get another man — Balachandra — the man who cuckolded me — to deal with the matter, since he was better not only at sex with my wife, but also in confronting another man.

“No.” I told her. “You don’t need to involve Balachandra. I will speak with Wasim myself.”

“I see.” Vidya then had a note of concern in her voice.

“Um … baby, you are not jealous of me and Balachandraji, are you, babydoll? You don’t have to prove anything to me. It’s just sex, and remember, it’s been two months since his last visit! Wasn’t it your idea by the way, for me to see other men-”

“Darling, darling!” I tried to muster a grin. “I am not jealous. You know that I just want you to be happy, my dear.”

It was true. It was me that had made us embrace this cuckold life style. Vidya used to tell me size doesn’t matter. But after sex with Gaurav, Ramu and then now Balachandra, she doesn’t say that to me much anymore.

“When is Balachandra due to visit next?” I asked her, to change the topic.

Vidya smiled her beautiful smile.

“I love how nervous you get just before he comes over.” She taunted mischievously.

“I am NOT nervous.” I replied indignantly. “I just need to know … when … to schedule some overtime at the office.”

“Ah, of course. Well, I don’t know, jaanu. I don’t think for another couple of months, maybe.”

Vidya then kissed me again. She continued to kiss me. Her hands softly stroked my in between my legs. Then she looked at me with a twinkle in her eye.

“Come darling. Let’s take this to the bedroom. I want to suitably reward my cuckold.”

I followed the contour of her body, and how her sari clung to her curves, her buttocks sashaying to and fro as she turned her back to me and slowly walked up the stairs, before gently turning back to look at me, chuckle, bend over slightly and beckon me to follow her with her finger.

God! I loved my wife.

* * *

Wasim came to apologize at my house three days later. It was just before breakfast, and I had just gotten ready to go to work.

You see, I had thought it over and decided to complain to the Committee, rather than confront Wasim, after all. I knew one of the board members well, playing table tennis with him often, and they also knew we were good friends with Balachandra, one of the Board members who had considerable influence. So when I made the complaint, it was taken seriously.

“Saheb!” Wasim literally fell at my feet. “I have an old mother and unmarried sister to support back in my village, sir. Please don’t get me fired from this job, sir.”

I decided I could project power, for once, in front of my wife and at the same time appear to be magnanimous.

“It’s not me you should apologize to.” I told him, even as he was on the floor, groveling. “It is my wife you should ask forgiveness from.”

Wasim literally fell at her feet, touching her toes and humbling himself. Vidya at first wasn’t buying it.

“I heard your comments the other day.” She replied haughtily. “What did you describe me as to Feroz, your fellow guard? An item? A maal?”

“I am very sorry, memsaab. It was just in jest. Please, I assure you.”

“You behenchod!” My wife swore. Behenchod is a slang which meant sister fucker and is an insult. When the mood struck her, Vidya could swear like a drunken sailor. And right now she was pissed at Wasim.

“You think, behenchod,” She railed on him, “Just because we wear sleeveless blouses or call our husbands by our name, we are some type of bazaari aurat that you can pass lewd comments on?”

Wasim continued to plead for forgiveness and grovel on our floor. In the end, Vidya snootily dismissed him.

“Go.” She told him. “Jao tumko maaf kiya. You are forgiven. Just be on your best behavior around me. In fact, I want you to salute me every time I walk by.”

“Yes, memsaab.”

After Wasim left, I shut the door and turned to my wife.

“See?” I told her. “I CAN handle a man like Wasim.”

For some time Vidya looked at me. Then she broke into a smile.

Vidya has a beautiful smile that can light up a room. A woman can be pretty, but she is really drop dead sexy when she smiles and is a jolly person to be around. Seeing my wife seated on the sofa, regal, elegant and like a Queen, I leaned in and gave her a quick kiss on her rosy cheeks. I really wanted to kiss her feet, but I had just projected strength in front of her for the first time so I didn’t want to ruin it.

“I’m getting dressed and heading out.” I told her. “Already I’m late for work.”

Vidya had some other plans. She immediately grabbed my shorts, much to my surprise.

“Rajesh, I need to reward you with a blow job.”

“I … I …” I spluttered.

My wife stood up. I was now DEFINITELY getting late for work, but what the hell! I threw my arms around her and started to grope and massage her tits and ass. I loved my wife’s tits. Well, to be honest, so did other men! Vidya had nice tits, just like her mother.

My wife inserted her soft hands into my pants, and started to play with my cock and balls.

“Such a small penis you have, dear.” She told me, even as I kissed the nape of her neck. “I can hardly tell if you are hard or not!”

I grunted. Vidya was careful not to stroke me too much lest I started to cum. I was pawing her breasts now, and Vidya made some slightly encouraging sounds. I then kissed my wife on each of her luscious cheeks again. Vidya decided it was time.

Vidya knelt down like a good wife and lowered my shorts so it fell to my ankles. I, the helpless, devoted soul before this ravishing beauty, was now naked from my waist down, and undoubtedly hard. My little picker was glistening with precum. My hot wife gently kissed the tip of my manhood before placing it in her mouth. She began to lick my penis up and down its small length. I caught hold of her by my hair and tugged at it.

“You are cute,” Vidya withdrew my penis from her mouth, looked up and grinned at me. “Trying to play a little rough, my little man, eh?”

I didn’t know what to say, and merely nodded. I felt silly now, trying to act tough. I still had her hair in my hands. My wife now held my manhood in one hand and gingerly kneaded my balls.

“Baby!” I croaked. Vidya knew I wasn’t going to last long now.

She stroked me and felt my dick get a little larger as she placed it into her mouth one more time. She started to suck on my now turgid penis as hard as she could while moving her head back and forth. She also moved her other hand, wrapped it around my ass and placed a finger on my asshole.

In less than two minutes, I felt my legs start to give. My hips started to buckle as I began to shoot a big load of sperm into my wife’s inviting mouth. Even though I had a small penis and couldn’t cum often, I did have a fairly large load of cum for my wife this time. Vidya continued to suck me until the last vestiges of my seed dribbled into her mouth.

“There you go, darling.” She licked her lips seductively and stood up after swallowing my cum. “An early morning treat for you. And for me.”

“Oh babydoll!” I gushed, hugging my lovely wife. “You are the best wife any man could have!”

Vidya gently patted my naked buttock as I hugged her.

“Yes, baby. I know. I know.”

* * *

It was simply by chance that a couple of weeks later I overheard Vidya on the phone with Ramu. If you have been following our story so far you know that Ramu is a milkman and the second man after my old boss Gaurav to fuck Vidya since I married her. Her affair with this low class manual labourer had been her idea of an anniversary gift to me.

It had just been sometime after Gaurav, and at that time we still hadn’t embraced the cuckold lifestyle fully. In a moment of weakness I had blurted out my fantasy of seeing her with yet another man. That was when Vidya decided she would have a love liaison as an anniversary gift.

And what a gift it had been. Ramu used to bonk her every day. Daily he would do his deliveries in our neighborhood and visit our place, when I was at work, to make love to my wife. I would switch on my cameras and watch them screwing all over the house. Ramu’s favourite position had always been making Vidya bend over the kitchen table and taking her from the rear.

Being from that lower category of society, Ramu had a few peculiar kinks that Vidya was only too happy to indulge. He used to love having her sniff, kiss and suck on his balls. Many a times he would be sitting on my sofa, watching TV, while Vidya would be on her knees, between his legs, taking a testicle in her mouth and licking it. He also liked Vidya to remain unshaved down there, much to her chagrin.

This was also the first time I had seen the submissive side of Vidya. When my wife was with me, she was cocky, commanding, assertive and confident. She liked to be the one in charge. Yet when Ramu was here, Vidya would quietly sink into a submissive role, doing whatever that dirty old milkman would ask her to do. She even submitted to some “punishments”, much to my surprise. Often it would be a spanking on her buttocks, leaving them red. Some rare times it would be a slap or two.

I initially thought Vidya liked being treated roughly by Ramu simply because he was a lowly milkman, but even in her affair with Balachandra she played the same submissive, obedient role. Balachandra would punish her often, slapping her, or making her stand humiliatingly in a punishment pose, often naked, while he had his way with her. Yet I never enjoyed my wife in a similar manner.

I remember the day when Ramu told my wife he had to leave for his village, and wouldn’t be back in the city for a long time. She had been his mistress for a few months then. Oh, how she had moped and cried. And how he had humped her, four times that last day, once cumming in the mouth, once shoving it up her ass, and twice ravaging Vidya in the kitchen, my wife taking his monster cock up her cunt for one last, good-bye fuck. When I had come home that evening, I had found her sleeping on the sofa, exhausted, covered in love bite marks and dried cum, her butt covered with red crimson welts from Ramu’s rough spanking. I had just looked at Vidya and started to cum in my pants at the sight of my well used wife!

So, back to my story. I had been sleeping. It was a Wednesday, and I was leaving on Saturday to go for a business meeting, and would be away for two weeks. I had taken the Wednesday afternoon off to do some packing, as well as relax. My office, sympathetic to my frequent travel requirements for work, was understanding. Once at home, I packed for some time. Vidya then gave me a nice massage, ending with a hand job, and after that I was fast asleep.

I didn’t know when I woke up, so glanced at the clock. It was 6 in the evening. I had been sleeping for nearly two hours. I put on some clothes and walked towards the kitchen.

Vidya had been sitting at the kitchen table, making some jewellery. This was a pet hobby of hers, and she even sold some online. Her hands were sticky with glue, so when her cellphone rang, she simply put it on speaker. I was just outside the kitchen, so I stopped walking and listened in on the call.

“Memsaab!” Ramu’s beaming voice greeted her. “How’s my little rakhel?”

It took Vidya a minute to place the voice. I could see her momentary shock, and then a huge smile lit up her face just from hearing that voice. Not to mention Ramu referring to my wife as his mistress — a rakhel.

“Little?” Vidya feigned a little indignation, and I heard him laugh. “Ramu! Is that you? Wow it’s been a long while. I am good, Ramu. How are you? I missed you.”

“I am sure you did, memsaab. I missed you too. Or to be more truthful, I missed your choot and your gaand and your mummay, madam!”

Hearing him grossly describe my wife’s body parts — her cunt, her ass and her breasts — while respectfully calling her madam, made me go weak in the knees. I softly stroked my manhood through my shorts, while taking care not to make a sound as I eavesdropped on the conversation.

“My choot, my gaand, my mummay are all available for you any time, Ramu, you know that.” Vidya told him. “If you are back in town, that is.”

“Oh Vidya, I have missed you.” Ramu gushed. “I missed putting my dick into your well lubricated tight pussy. I missed spanking your bubble buttocks. Every time I used to fuck a roadside prostitute, I used to think about you, Vidya. And now that I will be back, I am going to make up for lost time. I am going to come and fuck you like you have never been fucked in a long time, Vidya.”

Vidya’s heart must have fluttered as she realized what he had just said. He was back! And she was going to get fucked. Not by her husband, but someone who actually had a large penis.

“You are in the city, Ramu?”

“Yes, my raandi. I am coming here this week. Now tell me when I should come and give you a good fuck the way your husband never can.”

Vidya ignored Ramu’s casual taunts of me and answered his question.

“My husband is leaving for a business trip.” She told him cautiously. “He’s leaving on Saturday. He will be gone for almost two weeks.”

“When’s he leaving?” Ramu asked. “What time is his flight? I can’t come Saturday, but Sunday I think I can. And then for two weeks, Vidya, you are mine.”

“His flight is at two o’clock, Saturday.” Vidya told him. “My mom’s picking him up here at noon, so I am available for you any time after that.”

“Available for me, and my friends.” Ramu told my wife ominously.

“Your … er … friends?” Vidya asked hesitatingly. “What do you mean, Ramu?”

“Friends.” Ramu replied. “I told some of my friends about you, memsaab. They are all eager to … have a taste … of you. As I might have told you sometime before, Vidya, I share my women with my friends. And of all my bitches, you are the best bang. My friends are eager to see how good you are in bed.”

“No, no.” Vidya was adamant. “It’s only you, Ramu.”

For some time there was silence. I wondered what Vidya was thinking.

Ramu and his friends.

As in, more than one other guy. If this happened, Ramu, and at least two other guys, would be here next week in our house. And my wife Vidya would be home, all alone. At their mercy.

It’s been a long while since she had been part of an orgy, or a gang bang. Definitely not since she got married. And only in the last couple of years had she started to cuckold me and have affairs with other men. Now she would be opening up my home to Ramu and some strangers.

Knowing Ramu, his friends were probably from a similar social standing as him. Poor, dirty, low class, day labourers. They had probably never even been with a rich, high class, gori memsaab like my wife. Never mind one with such supple fair skin, firm and athletic figure, with great firm boobs and an awesome ass to match, and a personality that is eager to please. What would they do to my wife? What was she getting into?

Ramu would probably take charge, and strut around my home as if it was his, and use my stuff as if he owned it. Well, he would own my woman! And so would his friends. They would probably stay over for some time, and use everything in the house, including Vidya. She was going to have a sore pussy by the time I would come back, not to mention have some other holes plugged as well. Was she prepared for it?

“Memsaab.” Ramu suddenly interrupted her thoughts. “There’s this guy in the city, right? An old friend. He’s a friend but also a bastard when it comes to money. And yes, I do owe him some money. Now I could spend the next three months working hard to get it, so I will never see you. Or I could let him enjoy you for some time, and he will clear off my debt. And I get to fuck you as well, and you get to have some nice sex for a change instead of whatever that hijra husband of yours does to you. Isn’t that better for everyone?”

“I …” Vidya was still a bit hesitant. “Will you be here, Ramu … when your friend is … er … here?”

Already she seemed to have acquiesced to his demands!

“Er … no.” Ramu told her point blank. “When I told my friend about you, he wanted you to himself while he was here.”

“Oh.” Vidya was now silent.

“I will be here though,” Ramu continued, “with some more friends later. And we will ALL fuck you then, memsaab. You better be prepared for it. It will be a good old fashioned party and you will be the entertainment, madam!”

“I don’t know, Ramu.” Clearly Vidya was having trouble being persuaded. “I don’t know any of your friends …”

“Vidya!” Suddenly Ramu’s tone was authoritative, commanding. “Do you want to see me and spend time with me, or not?”

“Er … of course, Ramu.”

“I told you before, Vidya. If you want to see me, you have to do what I say. I am not your puppet who you bring out for your enjoyment at only your convenience. YOU are MY bitch. Saali kutti hain tu. Is that clear?”

“Er … yes, Ramu.”

“I didn’t hear. Say it again. You will do as I say. Is that clear?”

Vidya paused for a moment, and then let it out.

“Yes, Ramu! I will do as you say. I am your bitch. I am your friends’ bitch.”

“Good. I will see you Sunday, randi!”


The phone went silent.

My mind was spinning. As I went back to our bedroom, I wondered if Vidya would tell me about the phone call. She had been secretive about her affair with Balachandra. She only told me much later. And, as she reminded me from time to time, it was my idea for her to have some affairs to spice up her sex life, and she wasn’t obligated to tell me about each time she fucked someone.

I think she also forgot the fact that I had cameras installed in the house. When she had sex with Gaurav, we had used those videos to get him in trouble and fired from his job. After that, Vidya probably assumed I had gotten rid of those cameras. But in fact, ever since Vidya embraced our new lifestyle, I actually had enhanced those cameras with newer models and software, and even put one in the bathroom last month.

My office travel just got more interesting.

* * *

My mother-in-law Poonam pulled into my driveway. It was Saturday, noon, and Poonam was my ride to the airport.

“Hi, mummy.” As she rolled down her window, I leaned in to give her a kiss on her cheek. Oh boy, her skin was so smooth! And she smelled really nice.

“That’s a nice perfume you are wearing, mummy.” I told her, dutifully kissing both of her cheeks, spending extra time on her right cheek. I loved kissing her on her cheeks. Poonam grinned.

“It’s called ‘Seduction’.” She said. “Although I would hope it doesn’t work on my own jamai babu!”

“Haha!” I laughed at her joke. As she popped the trunk, I placed my carry on and laptop bag there.

“There’s my beautiful daughter.” Poonam said as my wife Vidya appeared in the doorway. “Go, jamai babu, give your sexy wife a goodbye kiss.”

“Yes, mummy.”

I went back and walked up to Vidya. She just wrapped her arms around me and pressed her beautiful succulent lips to mine.

“Mmm.” I was in heaven as Vidya sucked on my lips, and pressed her tongue deep into my mouth. Her hands wrapped around me body and grabbed my butt. I did the same, fully groping her bodacious buttocks as we kissed amorously like love sick teenagers.

“Oh my.” I took a deep breath as we came up for air.

“I will miss you, darling.” Vidya told me, as I got into the car.

“Oh,” I grinned at her knowingly. “I am sure you will find ways to entertain yourself.”

Vidya gave me a knowing wink as she exchanged kisses with her mother. Then she turned back to me and fired off some last minute instructions.

“Make sure you text me when you are about to board. And make sure to message me as soon as you reach your hotel in Mumbai.”

“Yes, dear.”

Vidya then leaned in through the car window and gave me another kiss. As she leaned in, my eyes went momentarily to her cleavage, visible through the low-neckline-blouse that she was wearing. I kissed her hungrily again.

“Alright, lovers, we don’t want to miss the flight.” Poonam hurriedly shooed Vidya away. “Besides, I think jamai babu already is excited enough.”

Both mother and daughter burst into mischievous laughter as I sat there awkwardly with a hard on, blushing a bright red color. These girls loved to playfully embarrass me.

As the car speeded away on the freeway to the airport (well, as much as you can call an Indian trunk road a freeway), Poonam spoke to me.

“You love Vidya deeply, don’t you, jamai babu?”

“Er, of course, mummy.” I replied, somewhat surprised. “Why do you ask?”

“No, nothing.” Poonam seemed to have something on her mind. “I mean, most Indian men try to take charge in a marriage; but you are such a sweet soul. You simply let Vidya have all the say in your life, I have seen, and you adore her.”

“Well,” I knew what she was saying was true, so I didn’t challenge her, even though she was implying, even if innocently, that I was a henpecked husband. “I am just comfortable being there for the ride, you know, mummy. Your daughter is one gorgeous sexy woman!”

“She is also very outgoing! Sometimes,” Poonam laughed. “I feel like Vidya is my son and you are my daughter-in-law! You are Mr Vidya the way you are the quiet and shy one!”

I joined in her laughter, earnestly hoping she didn’t realize that this statement almost made me cum, given that I was already aroused by my wife’s sultry kissing!

“I love her.” I told my mother-in-law. “I will miss her during this next two weeks.”

“Hmm.” Poonam still seemed to be thinking about something, but chose to let the topic die. We made small talk for the rest of the drive. As I bid good bye to her at the airport, I leaned in and kissed her again. I kissed Poonam on her cheeks, very close to her lips.

“Mummy,” I told her, as she prepared to drive away, “Next time stay away from ‘Seduction’. You don’t need it. Your smile is enough!”

“You are a devil, jamai babu.” Poonam grinned as she drove off. I laughed too. I was so lucky having a fun, flirty mother-in-law like that.

An hour later, as my plane took off for Mumbai, I tried to think of why Poonam was so curious as to the state of our marriage. My mind went back to the talk I had last night with my wife Vidya.

“Darling,” I asked her. We had just finished having sex. It was my goodbye sex — the kind I got the night before I left on a business trip. “You do love me, don’t you?”

This was almost the opposite question of what Poonam had asked me. Poonam wanted to know if I loved her. And I had asked my wife if she loved me.

“Darling.” I persisted, even as Vidya made a face. “You do respect me as your husband, right?”

Vidya’s answer had been straight forward. She placed a hand on my cheek. I grimaced, for I knew what was coming.



A couple of tight slaps, and then she leaned in and kissed me. A very passionate kiss that I responded to in kind.

“Darling.” Vidya’s hands now lingered on my limp penis that was slowly trying to come back to life. A couple of sperm drops were still present from our sex. Then she raised her hand again.



“I know,” Vidya told me, softly patting my cheek where I had been slapped, “When you are away on your trips and I have a lover over, you question my love for you. My respect for you.”

I didn’t say anything.


Vidya didn’t hold anything back. The slap was hard, and tight.


“My dear husband, you know you are a cuckold. You are my cuck, Rajesh. But you also know that I love you. Why do you think otherwise?”

“I …” I didn’t really have a proper answer. Vidya was meanwhile rubbing me down there. “Sometimes … I fear … one of these days … you will leave me for another man … with a bigger … penis.”

Vidya laughed. And then she slapped me. Quite a few times.






My cheeks were stinging when she was done. Then Vidya laughed again.

“I always laugh when you say that, dear. That sex with another man will make me leave you. That I would be attracted to another man just because he has a big penis. Then I would leave you for another man simply because of sex. Then I would have left you a long time ago.” She smiled at me and then vehemently shook her head.

“No, my darling. I love you, my dear husband Rajesh. I respect you enormously as my sweet, loving, respectful, devoted husband. And if you ever question your manliness — well — I won’t say anything to that except point out the fact that it takes guts to allow your wife to experience other lovers, running the risk that she will leave you, while being confident that she won’t. You, my dear husband, allowed me to ‘cheat’ on your own accord. Just for my own happiness. Who can leave a husband like that? The whole world can be on one side, and you on the other, and I will gladly follow you, my dear.”

We kissed for some time. Vidya was rubbing me all over my penis and bum. It was clear she was trying to get me up for another round.

“I mean,” Vidya remarked, as we took a break from making out and just cuddled, “I know you do get aroused when I am with another man. I then have to balance how much I humiliate you with how much I think you can take. Oh, don’t try to deny it Rajesh! I have long ago accepted the fact that my husband gets hard at the thought that I have another man’s penis in between my legs.”

It was true, I had to admit. I was aroused right now thinking about Vidya and Ramu.

In a way, Vidya and I are probably perfect for each other. She has been with many guys before marriage, mostly Indian. Many Indian men, if I can say so, have an inferiority complex. Most men think they are a Bollywood hero. Yet, the majority are not, but they will still have an ego and be chauvinistic and so on.

As Vidya likes to tell me, I am very different. I know I am no Bollywood hero, and I’m comfortable with that. And I know Vidya is a prize catch for me. She is sexy, sophisticated and smart. She is beautiful, fair skinned, and tall. She is intelligent, she has boobs that make guys go honka honka and she has an ass that just begs to be pinched. As my former boss Gaurav would say “a very spankable ass”. She is every Indian man’s wet dream cum true (pun intended).

“You, my dear, are also a prize catch for me.” Vidya told me, perfectly reading my thoughts, and stroking me hard. “Don’t think it’s just you who got lucky with this marriage. Where else in India would I find a man who is so much in love with me that he totally surrenders himself to me? You don’t have any false ego, you are happy to obey anything I say, and you are completely deferential and respectful to me and my mum. You love and worship me so that my happiness is your only concern. That’s what every Indian girl wants.”

All this conversation came back to me as the plan soared into the sky. As we had talked, we both also knew one more reason why Vidya wouldn’t miss me too much on this particular work trip of mine. You see, she told me she was waiting for Ramu. She didn’t tell me the whole conversation though. All she said was that Ramu was back in town and would be coming to visit her. And, naturally, fuck her. Nothing about her being pimped by Ramu to another man, or of the planned gangbang orgy with his friends.

Saturday and Sunday I was very busy. Once in Mumbai, I had to meet with some stakeholders for our company and the branch manager there, even though it was the weekend. All Sunday morning I was in meetings, while at the back of my mind I couldn’t wait to go back to my hotel room. When was Ramu coming? When would he meet Vidya? I would miss all of that!

It was roughly 4 in the afternoon when I got back to my hotel room on Sunday. I showered, ordered some lunch, and then turned on my laptop and the camera app. And not a moment too soon!

I could see that Vidya had cleaned up and tidied the house. It might sound paradoxical, given that she was preparing for two weeks of debauchery with her husband away, but Vidya was still a respectable housewife from the upper class, and the house should look that part.

After she was done, Vidya had taken a shower, and then tried to decide on what to wear. I had rolled back the camera to see her pausing and trying on various outfits in front of the wardrobe. Again, it sounds funny, given that in probably an hour’s time she would be on her knees, naked, getting spanked, slapped or fucked, but for the moment, Ramu the low class labourer was expecting a high class fashionable buxom respectable young housewife, and that is what he was going to get. A proper Indian lady.

I forwarded the clip and saw that Vidya had chosen a black satin bra and thin thong panties. For some reason, black lingerie drove Ramu crazy. I guess it was the contrast of the black against my wife’s fair skin. Then she decided to wear blue for the remaining. My wife put on a dark blue petticoat, and a dark blue designer blouse, and completed the ensemble with her designer light blue chiffon sari. Vidya tied it in such a way that her waist was exposed, along with my wife’s beautiful navel. The pallu went over her shoulder, leaving her blouse, encasing her big breasts, visible. My wife unbuttoned the top button of the blouse, so her cleavage was just peeking out.

After applying some make up, Vidya put on her mangalsutra, the necklace every married Indian woman wears, and then applied her vermillion — once again the sign of a married woman. Ramu wanted to fuck a housewife, he was going to get a housewife to fuck.

I now went to the live video.

Ramu was inside the house.

He was as I remembered him. Ramu had always been very dark. It seemed he had actually become darker since I last saw him. He was tall, and still well built. He seemed to have put on just a little weight, but not much. He had been working all his life with his hands, and his ripping muscles showed in the old shirt that he was wearing which clung to his chest. His ebony skin contrasted sharply with that light coloured shirt. This time I saw he was wearing a pair of blue jeans rather than a dhoti or a lungi.

Ramu’s eyes became wide open as he looked at my wife.

“Saali! Kutti!” He had a grin from ear to ear. “WOW! You look amazing Vidya!”

“Why, thank you, my dear Ramu!”

He rushed and embraced my wife in a bear hug, leaving Vidya grasping for breath. This was the hug of a strong man who had strength of muscle. His arms roamed all over my wife, pinching my poor Vidya’s buttocks and cupping her breasts. I could see that Vidya too hugged him back. Ramu pressed his lips against hers and kissed Vidya deeply. Even as there was a stirring in my loins, I felt jealous watching them kiss like that.

“Mm …” Ramu bit my wife’s lips and probed his tongue deep into her mouth. His hands smacked her ass repeatedly. “Kutti. You are still a slut.”

“Thank you, Ramu.” Vidya came up for air once the kiss was over. My wife, a respectable housewife, was just thanking this low class labourer for calling her a slut and a bitch. “I missed you. I will always be your slut, Ramu. I will always be your bitch.”

She was true to her word. Ramu wasted no more time and then proceed to roughly fuck my slutty wife Vidya right there in our living room. Meeting again after such a long time, they couldn’t wait to even go to the bedroom.

It started with him casually dropping his pants. Barely had Vidya time to shut and lock the front door and turn around, Ramu had unbuckled his belt and let his pants fall to the floor. Vidya turned back, looked at her lover and grinned, as if it was the most normal thing in the world to have your milkman expose himself to you in his underwear. They hugged and kissed each other again with a passion that made me slightly resentful. He continued to grope her big buttocks, squeezing them, cupping them and lightly spanking them. For some reason it was most erotic watching this milkman grab my wife’s amazing ass.

Ramu then seized my wife by the waist and led her to the sofa. Our sofa. My wife smiled and then knelt down on the floor in front of him. She knew what this lower class worker wanted. It was a sight to see this upper class housewife, a high society woman like my wife Vidya, kneel down on her knees and pull down Ramu’s underwear, submitting herself to his crass desires.

His giant cock, freed from the shackles of clothes, sprang out and hit my wife on the face. Ramu laughed.

“Did you miss that, chutiye?” Ramu taunted my wife. Vidya simply answered by placing a slow kiss on his dick, leading Ramu to groan.

“Did you miss that, Ramu?”

“Oh, boy, yes! Oh yes! Did I miss those lips of yours, Vidya!”

My wife, still impeccably dressed in her sari, was now sucking off this milkman. She had his penis in her mouth, and she was slowly licking and taking more of it inside her throat, even as he called her by the vilest of names.

“OH YES!” Ramu closed his eyes and titled his head back as Vidya began to suck his cock in earnest. “What a totta item you are, memsaab!”

My own cock was now out of my underwear and I was stroking myself even as my wife Vidya was taking another man’s cock in her mouth. I was watching Vidya treat him so reverently and only one thought came to my mind — she’s my wife, but she’s Ramu’s whore. And for the next two weeks she is going to whore herself out to Ramu, to this other friend, and then to a group of friends of his.

Ramu suddenly had enough. His cock was now rock hard, and he grabbed Vidya’s hair and pulled his penis out of her mouth. Vidya looked up at him expectantly. Ramu gently patted her cheeks.

“Time for your inner prostitute to come out, memsaab.” Ramu laughed. “Stand up!”

Vidya obeyed him and stood up. Ramu then unceremoniously stripped my wife naked.

I was now stroking myself harder, and was almost at the edge. Even as I was slowly getting to my own orgasm by just pleasuring myself, it was amazing to see how much in command Ramu was of the situation, even with a raging hard on, and my own hot wife rubbing and stroking him. He quickly unwrapped the sari from Vidya’s body, and then expertly unbuttoned and removed her blouse. Ramu then told Vidya to raise her arms, and then in a swift move he unclipped her bra. My wife now stood there, dressed in only a petticoat, her giant melons flopping around.

Ramu let her stand there for a while, and then played with her nipples. Vidya groaned as Ramu expertly squeezed and pinched her areoles, and teased her with slow cupping and caresses. Vidya continued to hold on to his dick and rub and stroke him, but Ramu kept himself in control.

He then tugged at the nada of her petticoat, and it dropped to the floor.

“Take off your panties.” He commanded her.

“Yes, Ramu.” My wife bent down and rolled her panties to her ankles, and then stepped out of them. She was now fully naked, her nipples erect, her pussy glistening with juices, awaiting her lover.

Ramu gave a slow appraising look at her body, grinning at his prize acquisition, and then took off his shirt. Both the lovers were now stark naked. I marveled at Ramu’s firm, athletic, muscular body, compared to my pitiful frame.

“Lie down on the floor, randi.” Ramu ordered my wife.

“Yes, Ramu.”

What followed next was a hot, passionate, perverted scene that I had seen now many a times. It is a spectacle not many Indian husbands get to see. It was the sight of my beautiful and gorgeous wife, lying on her back with her legs spread, getting banged by yet another man in the middle of the day, in my own house.

It wasn’t the first time, of course, that I was seeing Ramu have sex with my wife. Right now they were doing it in the classic missionary position. As I continued to watch, Vidya was on her back, her legs were locked around his waist as he was banging her in slow, deep strokes. It was a huge turn on for me to see her legs wrapped tightly around him so he could fuck her even deeper with his monster manhood. I watched Ramu as he slid his cock again and again into her, and Vidya’s face each time he did so, and I could tell they were both equally enjoying their love making.

I started to cum. For a moment of two I simply tilted my head back as my semen hit my palm, my thigh and then the floor. Even as I reached my orgasm, I felt pathetic, masturbating to the sight of my own wife cheating on me with the milkman. As my penis started to go limp, I switched my attention back to the screen, where my wife Vidya was unashamedly committing adultery with this lower class labourer.

Vidya was clearly relishing the feeling of a big dick inside her, and of getting slammed by Ramu. Even from across the country, through the small screen and speakers of my laptop, I could see that she was jutting back against his thrusts. Occasionally she would kiss Ramu, run her fingers through his hair and feel his back and chest. I could see the milkman’s naked ass flexing and unflexing as he pounded my wife’s cunt. And her toes kept curling and uncurling in pleasure.

“Oh my God! Oh my God!” Vidya was screaming at one point, and started to take her lover’s name, something she never did with me. “Ramu! Ramu! OMG your balls are so fucking far up inside me!”

My own semen had now run dry, but on screen the lovers continued to fuck for a long while. Ramu was clearly bent of enjoying my wife’s body to the maximum.

“Deeper. Oh, God, go deeper. Split me wide open, Ramu.” My wife was moaning. “Harder, baby, harder!”

Finally, after about fifteen minutes of humping my wife, Ramu’s ass flexed one last time and then started to buckle wildly for several seconds. I assumed he was now pumping his virile seed into her unprotected womb. He remained inside my wife for almost five minutes, as his body continued to throb and deposit his cum into her. They caressed and kissed before he finally moved.

“Oh memsaab!” Ramu exclaimed, after pulling out of her. I could see oodles of semen gush out from between her thighs as he did so. “You are my best fuck. I fucked many housewives, but no one is like you, Vidya!”

That was Sunday.

For the next four days, Ramu made my house his home. He wore my clothes, used my perfume, ate my food, drank my whiskey, slept in my bed and of course, fucked my wife.

I was busy working all day, but my mind would be thinking about what my wife and her milkman was up to. All day while I was busy with spreadsheets, I was sure she was busy in the sheets. I could hardly wait to get back to my hotel room and watch the videos.

He fucked her often. Vidya hardly cooked, except for making tea, and ordered in home delivered meals while Ramu sat on the sofa like a king. When he wasn’t fucking her, he was spanking her, or they cuddled and watched movies. They truly felt like newlyweds who had just discovered the pleasures of sex. It was hot when he would give my wife a bare ass spanking. But it always blew my load when she would be on her knees giving him a blowjob.

Ramu had a particular fascination with placing my wife in servile positions and taking pictures on his cellphone. He would sit on the sofa, and Vidya would be on her knees, between his legs with his cock in her mouth and he would take a selfie. He had quite a few pictures of Vidya giving him a blowjob. Or he would spank Vidya until her butt was crimson red, and then take a picture of her from behind, with Vidya on all fours, looking back at the camera and her red ass. I knew my wife was enjoying herself, but those pictures worried me. Vidya wasn’t that careful at all — what if those pictures found their way to the net?

Thursday evening I had to work late. I was back in my hotel room at 10 in the evening, after I had dinner outside with some company folks. After freshening up, I fired up my laptop.

Vidya and Ramu were in bed. They were naked (of course!) but it looked like they hadn’t had sex yet. They were talking, so I bumped up the volume.

“So, when is this friend of yours coming?” Vidya asked. “We have been having so much fun that I forgot you were pimping me out like a whore to settle your debt.”

“Well, memsaab.” Ramu leaned in and gently nibbled on one of Vidya’s breasts. “You ARE a whore, Vidya. You are MY whore. You are my bitch. Remember that.”

They kissed for some time.

“My friend will come tomorrow.” Ramu told her. “I told him to come in the evening. That way I get the whole Friday morning and afternoon with you. And he’s done his work and then when he gets here, he can then spend some time with you. Be sure to make him happy, and obey him!”

“Hmm.” Vidya made a face. “So he will be here for just one night right?”

“Well.” Ramu had a guilty face. “I sort of told him your husband is not here for a while. So he may want some repeats.”

“Well. OK.” Vidya was clearly not amused, but clearly Ramu had left her no choice. “We can talk about it when he’s here. Right now, I need you to fuck me.”

Ramu grabbed my wife and kissed her passionately. Then he pinned her down on the bed, and climbed up on top of her. By now, Vidya’s legs were invitingly spread wide open and Ramu was in position, with his monster-cock poised at the entrance to my wife’s obviously wet cunt. He had the air of a confident man, a man who knew he had a large cock, and someone who was going to bury it to his balls into my wife. It didn’t matter to Vidya that he was going to force his friend upon her — she was in heat and ready for a prime humping.

My own cock was now out of my underwear and I was stroking it. How familiar this feeling was to me — to masturbate while watching another man enjoy my wife! I gasped as Ramu began to slowly work his giant rod into my wife’s stretched open pussy. Vidya was moaning and grunting, pounding on Ramu’s back with her hands. Slowly and steadily, Ramu kept up his invasion of her cunt. Soon, Ramu had his entire length buried in my wife. They laid still together, for a few minutes, then after a few more moments of slow thrusting, Ramu began to pound that big dick in and out of my wife’s cunt with all of his energy. He lifted his hips away, until he was almost out, and then slammed back down into her. Even through the tiny speakers of my laptop, I could hear her wet cunt slurping loudly as it succumbed to Ramu’s onslaught.

“What if your husband could see us now?” Ramu, as if magically reading my mind, suddenly taunted Vidya, as he pressed deep against my wife. “He would probably just stand there, taking in the sight like the coward he was!”

“Mmmm …. mmmm.” Vidya was too lost in her thoughts and could only moan as her cunt was being stretched apart by the huge cock.

“What a wimp!” Ramu continued, “I’m sure I would have given him a nice performance by fucking his wife in front of him. What a pathetic bastard. I am ravishing his wife. And on his bed too.”

“Oooh, Ramu!” Vidya crooned, as Ramu once more pushed into her.

For some time, Ramu stopped his pumping. He kissed my wife, with his cock buried deep in her. Vidya was now shaking, so Ramu let her subside and then whispered something in her ear. Whatever it was, it made Vidya open her eyes and laugh.

“My husband?” She grinned. “Why are you after him? He’s a nice man, a sweet husband, leave him alone!”

“No, I want to know. What would he say if he saw us right now?”

“Oh, I don’t know.” Clearly Vidya wasn’t too interested in this line of conversation. “I mean, if he was here, he would probably be hiding in the bedroom closet.”

Like the first time I had been hiding when Ramu had taken my wife.

“His pants would probably be on the floor at his ankles, and his underwear down,” Vidya continued, playing up the fantasy for Ramu. Ramu seemed to take particular delight at cuckolding one of the upper class “gentlemen”.

“And he would shamelessly have his tiny pecker in his hands, stroking himself while listening to the rhythmic creaking of the bed springs and the loud, orgasmic moans of pleasure from me, his darling wife, as I was pounded again and again by you. Ramu. My dark skinned lower class lover who now had his penis buried deep inside me.”

“Oh, yes, exactly.” Ramu seemed to like what she said and started to bonk her again.

The fantasy was almost too real for Vidya as well. I heard her gasp as Ramu pumped the air out of her with his thrusts. When he wasn’t mauling her huge breasts or slapping her cheeks, Ramu used his strong, piston-like arms to raise and lower his waist as he thrust in and out of my wife. She now had her legs wrapped around Ramu’s pelvis, her nails pressed deep into his back. My wife’s eyes were shut as Ramu’s big balls slapped repeatedly – thunk! thunk! – against the flesh of her thighs.

Then, his tempo and power increased even more and Vidya went completely wild. She was delirious with lust and passion, scraping his back with her nails, pulling his ass deeper between her legs. She was fucking him like some animal locked in mortal combat.

“Oh, God! Oh Gooooddddddd!” Vidya cried out. A shiver ran through me as I realized she was having yet another orgasm. Vidya started to hump Ramu harder, moving her lower abdomen to match his thrusts. He kept on pounding, with a grin on his face. It was clear he was completely in control, and savouring the fact that he was making the wife of another man climax. He, the lower class sudra, the dark skinned day labourer, enjoying the body of a gori, the fair skinned upper caste lady like Vidya.

I started to erupt. I couldn’t control it any more. Ramu’s fucking and his taunting and Vidya’s tacit approval of that mocking all built it up for me. I started to splurt huge amounts of cum as I listed to both Vidya and her lover approaching their own orgasms.

And, then, they both started to cum with their orgasm. With a deep grunt, Ramu tightened his asscheeks and curled his toes as he shot his cum into my wife’s cunt. It wasn’t slow or gentle. Even through the speakers of my laptop, it was an explosion! I was watching it, and I could almost feel Ramu’s butts clench as he started to cum in my wife. He was cumming inside a married woman’s unprotected womb. My wife’s womb. Ramu groaned loudly as he thrust his member into Vidya, depositing gallons of his love juice between her legs and into her baby canal. Vidya gave a muffled cry as she too climaxed with him. She then erupted with a scream followed by moans and gasps. Again and again, she clenched her arms and legs around Ramu.

Ramu kept pumping his semen into my wife for what seemed like ages. He took his time before he and Vidya lay on the bed in a heap, his dick still buried into her. My wife was still panting, sweating, her eyes still shut. Vidya was still in the throes of her fifth or sixth orgasm, brought about by this stud and his huge prick. Something that I, her “sweet husband” could only dream about. They laid together a few moments, catching their breath. Ramu then removed his dick and Vidya’s cunt lips slowly closed. I watched a huge wad of Ramu’s slimy cum flow out of her pussy and run down between her ass cheeks to the bed sheet below her.

I would have to remember to change some of the bedding when I got back. And also be here early Friday afternoon. Tomorrow. Friday was tomorrow.

Somehow I have to take half a day off tomorrow.

* * *

I managed to do it. I finished all my Friday’s work and was in my hotel room by 2 pm.

I got the shock of my life when I turned on my laptop. There were three people in our living room.



And his friend, Wasim.

Our guard. The one Vidya had called a behenchod.

Clearly, this wasn’t in Vidya’s plan. I wondered what was going to happen. Did Ramu know?

He clearly didn’t seem to know that Vidya and Wasim were already known acquainted to each other and was speaking to both of them, oblivious to the situation.

Vidya clearly wasn’t happy, but she was going along with it. For now.

Ramu turned to look at a smug, smirking Wasim. I didn’t like the looks he was giving my wife.

“See! This is your memsaab.” Ramu said. “Didn’t I tell you she’s a first class maal?”

“I know.” Wasim replied ominously. “And I am going to treat her like the maal she is.”

“This is Mrs. Vidya Mathur.” Ramu laughed. “Her husband, Mr. Rajesh Mathur, doesn’t know what a first class slut this woman is.”

By now I realized that Vidya had been told, probably this morning, that Wasim was going to show up. She was now trying to prepare herself for what she knew was going to be a tough few days. Wasim, the man she had humiliated some time ago, was now going to take his revenge.

Vidya suddenly blushed a deep, humiliating red as Ramu abruptly began to knead her butt cheeks in full view of Wasim.

“An asli item, this randi is.” Ramu continued. “She’s a complete slut, my little married whore. A fucking sex slave of mine that I used to enjoy every day when I worked here. The saali can suck your cock like a vacuum cleaner, and knows how to use her tongue. A proper lund choos.”

As he praised my wife’s so-called sluttiness, his hands went around her and landed on her breasts. Vidya stood there, red-faced, as this milkman openly groped my wife in my own house in front of the guard and talked about her depravity.

“Vidya is not just an expert with the mouth, Wasim. Her choot is so tight, and so wet. She’s the best fuck you will have.”

Ramu was clearly trying to make sure Wasim would wipe off whaever debt Ramu owed him. He was pimping my wife hard.

“She knows how to use her body too.” Ramu continued. “If you push her over on her hands and knees and slip it to her from behind, she’ll give you a slow grind for a while, as long as her hot little pussy can take it slow. Then, when her hot box really gets excited she’ll start really moving her ass. She has a way of whipping her ass up and down, really moving it on a hard dick … it’ll drive you wild.”

I could feel myself slowly getting warm. Something about the way Ramu so casually described sex with my wife was having an effect.

“And if you think her cunt’s tight, just wait until you slip your cock in her ass.” Ramu still wasn’t finished. “This saali’s got the hottest gaand I’ve ever been in. She can really let go when she’s taking it in her tight hole, she slings her ass, hunching it up and down until your poor cock just can’t hold out any longer … in short, she’s the best ass fuck you’ll ever have.”

Ramu raised a hand and smacked Vidya right on my wife’s bum. As if on cue, she made a cute face.

“Oh, Ramu, stop it naa!”

“The best tatti I have seen.” Ramu said, smacking my wife’s big rear end again.

Vidya stood there as Ramu kept smacking her ass. Then he pinched it, causing her to yelp.

“Vidya, it’s so rude of you not to welcome Wasim just like you welcomed me. What sort of a hostess are you?”

“Er … I am sorry, Wasim.”

This was the moment of truth. I leaned in on my chair, watching my laptop monitor intently. What would Wasim do to Vidya?

Vidya walked demurely to him. She clearly didn’t know what to do and turned to look back at Ramu. He had a grin on his face, and gave her an encouraging nod.

Vidya didn’t have to do anything. Apparently Wasim decided enough was enough — she was a proper maal after all, and if Ramu could have some, why couldn’t he. Revenge is a dish best served as a hot wife. He grabbed Vidya in a hug, and forced his tongue into her mouth.

“Mmmm…” Vidya could only gasp for breath, as she felt his moustache on her face, and his hands grasping her buttocks. After he finished kissing my wife, or rather sucking her tongue, he then reached out and started to maul her breasts.

“What. A. Pair.” He seemed mostly to say to himself. “I can’t believe it.”

Vidya stood there as Wasim completed his assault on her breasts.

“Ramu.” He turned to the milkman. “I am going to enjoy this randi. You can leave now.”

“Yes, brother.” Ramu cheerfully replied. He was glad Wasim and Vidya had a good start, and just like that, nodded curtly at my wife and left, shutting the door behind him.

Even through the small screen of my laptop, I could see Vidya shudder as she realized she was now completely alone in the house with Wasim.

“Come, memsaab.” Wasim had an evil grin on his face. He came forward and cupped Vidya’s chin with his fingers. “Let’s go to your bedroom so we can enjoy this better. I have wanted to wipe off that smug, arrogant look you had on your face for a long time.”

“Wasim.” Vidya pleaded, as Wasim patted her on her cheek. “We barely know each other. Let’s share a drink first.”

I could sense why Vidya was apprehensive. Here was the man she (through me) had complained about to the committee. Wasim nearly lost his job, and had to come personally to our house to humbly grovel and apologize before Vidya. Vidya had insulted him and called him a behenchod. Now here he was, in the same house, and in complete control of the situation, looking forward to fuck the same lady that had complained against him.

I wondered why Vidya was surrendering herself to this man. She did not need to. Perhaps, I realized, she wanted to keep Ramu happy. Ramu had clearly told her he would not fuck her unless she also allowed herself to be fucked by his friends. For not the first time I was seeing my wife surrender to the power of another man’s larger cock.

“I don’t need a drink, memsaab.” Wasim laughed, roughly stroking my wife’s cheek. “I am already high with the thought of what I will do to you, and to this pretty face of yours.”

“Please, Wasim …” Vidya tried to beg, but Wasim was in no mood for small talk. He now had the chance to take one of the most beautiful malkins of the neighborhood to bed, and he simply wasn’t going to waste any time. Still grinning with a hungry leer, this tall, burly guard simply picked up my wife and swung her over on to his shoulders! Vidya was now helpless, in his arms, being roughly carried by him up the stairs and to the bedroom.

To OUR bedroom. To our marital bed.

Vidya still tried to wriggle and squirm out of his grasp. She attempted in vain to plead with him.

“C’mon, Wasim. There’s no use in holding a grudge, Wasim. I am perfectly happy to say I was sorry, Wasim. I shouldn’t have reported you. Now please! PUT ME DOWN!”

Wasm sighed, then gently put my wife down so she was now standing at the base of the stairs, facing him. Vidya looked up at him, and tried to smile, in an attempt to ease the tension. Wasim simply stared back at her, and then raised his huge hand.


The sharp sound of his fingers striking my wife’s cheek jolted me. Even Vidya looked at him in surprise, as a sting spread on her face.


He slapped her again.

“I don’t want to slap you, memsaab.” Wasim told her. “But sometimes, as Ramu told us, this is the only way to make you obedient.”

Vidya nodded immediately. I could see that she realized she was not in charge of the situation, and this could end up very badly for her. Suddenly even I didn’t her want to upset this man. I wanted my wife to do exactly what Wasim told her to do.

“Does it hurt, memsaab?” Wasim laughed an evil laugh as Vidya rubbed her cheeks where she had been slapped. My wife could only nod.

“Do you want me to slap you again, randi?” Wasim asked. Vidya quickly shook her head.

“Then you will listen to me and do exactly as I tell you to.”

Vidya nodded immediately, still rubbing her cheeks. She was humiliated, slapped in her own house by the guard.

“Good.” Wasim picked her up and once again swung her over his shoulder as if she was just as light as a pillow. “I would rather be kissing and cumming on that face than slapping it, memsaab, so please behave yourself.”

The commanding way he slapped my wife, and the demure way Vidya seemed to have accepted it, seemed to have given Wasim a fresh license to have his way with her. As he carried her up the stairs on one shoulder, his other hand was on Vidya’s butt, groping and pinching her. This time Vidya lay silent on his shoulder, allowing him to do what he wanted.

Wasim marched into our room as if he owned the place, and dropped Vidya on to our bed and immediately started undressing. My wife sat quietly on the corner of the bed watching the guard as he removed his grey shirt, exposing his brawny and fit torso and hairy chest. He was powerfully built. A shiver ran down my spine as I took in the size of Wasim’s body. This man was huge.

Holding the buckle of his belt, Wasim looked at Vidya and grinned.

“Memsaab, ready to see what will soon go inside you?”

In spite of herself, Vidya nodded. She couldn’t help it. Despite being slapped and humiliated, Vidya, the wife of a respected engineer, was waiting to be fucked by this lowly guard.

“After seeing Ramu’s video of you getting banged doggy style, that video has become the favourite video of the guards.” Wasim told her. “I have jerked off to it so many times. We cannot tell how many times we talked about you, memsaab.”

A chill went through my body as Wasim carelessly let the fact slip that not only had Ramu more compromising videos of Vidya — apparently in this one she was being taken doggy style — but he has shared them with others. The “guards” — plural — knew about it. I wonder who else in our neighbourhood community knew about me being a cuckold, and our unique lifestyle. I grew a little irritated at Vidya. The one condition I had laid on her was that she be discreet, and here I find there are videos being shared of her sexual acts.

Meanwhile, Vidya stared at his body transfixed as he let his pants fall to the floor. I could clearly see the massive tent in his underwear. Wasim was thinking about what he was going to do to Vidya, and it evidently showed.

“Oh my God!” Vidya audibly gasped as he pulled his underwear down, revealing a rock hard huge rod. It was thick and I could see pre-cum already oozing from the tip. While not as big as Ramu’s, it was still a giant. With a shudder I realized soon this would be going inside my wife.

“Do you like what you see, memsaab?” Wasim smiled. It was the smile of a man who was confident of his physical attributes.

Vidya nodded meekly.

A mistake on her part, I realized. She should have just shrugged and told him she has seen larger, which is true. Now she has given him even more power.

What I didn’t realize at that moment was that surprisingly how turned on Vidya was. Despite being slapped by this man, and after being fucked all day yesterday by Ramu, my wife was now ready, and eagerly waiting, to be fucked by Wasim. A true cock slut, that’s what she was.

“Good.” Wasim’s smile changed immediately to a sharp look. “Now get down here and rub my cock, randi.”

In an instant he had clearly demonstrated who was in charge.

Obediently Vidya slithered down from the bed and knelt down between his legs. He grabbed my wife’s hands and wrapped them around his dick. It was a massive penis. Just like Ramu’s, Vidya’s palm could barely wrap around it. Wasim groaned in delight when she touched it. Which man wouldn’t?!! Vidya’s hands were smooth like soft velvet. The sight of her fair hands on his dark cock was quite the contrast.

“Oh yes!” His eyes half closed, he then motioned a hand to my wife. “Stroke me, memsaab. And do a good job else I will slap you again.”

Vidya wrapped her hands eagerly around his member and started to jerk him off. She look up to see his expression as she pumped his cock and cupped his balls. Vidya no doubt felt hot and naughty, jerking off this hulk of man while crouching between his legs, after just having been humiliatingly slapped by him. After a few minutes of stroking this man and fondling him, Wasim had enough.

“Open your mouth!” He ordered.

Was he going to cum straight in her mouth, I thought. That would be so quick … and disappointing.

Vidya opened her mouth, and Wasim placed his monster on her lips.

“Mmmm … memsaab … your mouth is so fuckable!” Wasim groaned as Vidya took half his cock into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it.

As my wife sucked on this guard’s cock, I was watching Wasim’s face to see his expression. He seemed lost — intently staring at Vidya’s lips which wrapped around his thick rod as he thrust in and out. His hands rested on my wife’s cheeks as he patted her face appreciatively.

With one final thrust, he pushed his entire penis into Vidya’s mouth. The tip must have hit her throat and Vidya gamely tried hard not to gag on it. He held her mouth forcibly in that position with his hands as tears started running down my wife’s eyes. It was highly erotic for him as he groaned loudly but I could see that it was brutal for Vidya. She was chocking.

Vidya slapped his thighs hard to let him know that she wasn’t able to breath and it was only then that he pulled out. He was going to allow Vidya this small concession.

For a few seconds, Vidya shook her head and regained her breath. Wasim’s cock still stood proud and erect. Vidya stared at it, before grabbing his cock again. Wasim moaned as he saw my wife take his manhood in between her lips once more. As for me, I was just amazed how he was able to hold his load in. If it was me, I would have cum a long time ago.

Vidya was an expert cocksucker. This time she let it slowly slide in and controlled her gag reflex. Once fully in she looked at him straight in the eye. This time there was no gagging as my wife started bobbing her head on it rapidly. Judging by Wasim’s expression it was clear she was the first woman to have fully conquered his rod. Vidya sucked hard on his dick. I knew from past experience that her pussy was probably getting aroused at the prospect of taking this rod inside.

After a few minutes, Vidya probably felt she had enough of the cock in her mouth. No doubt she now wanted it in her vagina. She withdrew her lips from his rod and stood up. Wasim seemed to have gotten the message, and reached up to undress my wife. Her blouse came off quickly, followed by her bra. Vidya even helped him by moving her arms out of the way. Next to come off was her petticoat. He just pulled the drawstring and let the petticoat fall to the floor.

“Hmm. No panties.” Wasim grinned. “Memsaab, you are one true item. A true slut!”

My darling wife was now naked in front of this guard that she had complained about for leering at her, and she was clearly aroused, waiting to be taken. Wasim however, was in no hurry this time, and sat down on the bed He then made my wife sit on his lap and started squeezing her big tits as she smuttily wrapped her hands around his cock again.

“Your tits are just so big and juicy.” Wasim said as his rough hands fondled and squeezed them with gusto. He went wild with passion at the feel of my wife’s boobs and suddenly buried his nose in her arm pits and bite the soft flesh there.

“Ungh … What are you doing?” Vidya moaned sexily.

I had a bulge in my own pants as I watched Wasim’s antics. These lower class lovers could be quite crude! I then saw Vidya take Wasim’s hand and place it on her crotch. He started to grope my wife’s pussy, no doubt sending bolts of pleasure through her body.

“Hmmmm …”

After a few minutes of hardcore making out in his lap like a teenager, Wasim picked Vidya up and rolled her onto the bed. Wasim made her climb onto him in a 69 position and guided her head towards his cock again. It seemed like he never had his fill of feeling her lips on his manhood.

“Memsaab, I want to look at your jiggly butt while you suck me like a dirty randi.”

He grabbed and groped my wife’s butt assessing its size and firmness. He fondled her ass crack and buried his face in her butt in delight as she sucked him off enthusiastically. Having previously seen Ramu fuck Vidya, I knew these lower class workers tend to get overwhelmed when they see a firm, fair, bubble butt like Vidya’s and it was a great turn on for them.

“Just like it was in the video.” I could hear Wasim whisper to her, as he nibbled on her ass.

“Ummmm …” Vidya I guess was still very wet from all the action that her ass was receiving and no doubt longed to be fucked proper by his supercharged cock.

As if listening to her wishes, he slapped her ass and asked her to turn around. It was a sight familiar to me. My wife Vidya was now on her back, lying on the bed, waiting to be taken by yet another man.

“Spread your legs, memsaab.” Wasim demanded, while kneeling between her legs. I could actually see Vidya blush at his brazenness and shyly parted her legs. He leered at my wife’s exposed pussy.

“So wet!” He laughed, running his fingers over her clit.

“Wasim! Fuck me!” Vidya moaned. Clearly she couldn’t wait any longer.

He quickly got between my wife’s legs and positioned his cock head at her opening.

The sheer size of it sent shivers down my spine. A part of me was excited by the possibility of it stretching and pleasuring the deepest corners of my wife’s cunt while a part of me was apprehensive of the pain this could cause her. Then again, she had taken Ramu and had barely broke a sweat.

Wasim looked deep into her eyes as he pushed his cock in.

“Ungfh!” Vidya gasped. “Slowly please.”

He nodded and kept invading my wife’s cunt gradually.

“Stop!” Suddenly Vidya screamed. “Stop! Slowly, please! You are huge!”

For a moment Wasim stopped, and then continued without paying any heed to my wife’s screams.

“Aargh … oh my God!”

His cock had now impaled my wife. I could almost feel the burning sensation that no doubt was washing through her vagina. Wasim stayed motionless for a few second after he was fully in and gauged my wife’s expressions. Then he slowly started thrusting in and out. He gradually increased his pace and was soon fucking her properly. My wife’s whole body shook at the power of his thrusts.

“Mmmm….ah…ah! Ah!” She moaned.

Seeing that Vidya was enjoying it now, he held her right leg up and placed it on his shoulder to give himself more room.

“Oh my God!” Vidya uttered as Wasim burrowed even deeper into her.

“Randi! Even in my wildest dreams,” Wasim told my wife, “I never thought I would be fucking a sexy memsaab like you.”

My wife could only moan as Wasim moved like a piston with great intensity. Her body was exploding in pleasure now. The air was filled with the sounds of sex. Skin against skin. Wasim’s balls slapping furiously against her thighs. It was a lust fueled frenzy. I watched, helplessly aroused, as she spread her legs wider and gripped his ass to pull him into her all the way.

After a few minutes, he suddenly withdrew his cock. There was a plop! sound as it came out of her very wet pussy. Vidya looked questioningly at him in lust.

“What happened?” She asked.

In response, Washim slapped her thighs, grabbed her hips and in one move, calmly flipped her over.

“Arch your back, memsaab.” He commanded, and patted her ass. “It’s time to fuck you like the bitch you are.”

Without saying a single word, I could see Vidya obey. She was now in heat.

This time Wasim eased his cock in, feeling her tight pussy engulf his dick. Within seconds he was fucking my wife — doggy style, just like the video — and fucking her like a jack hammer with long and hard strokes. She moaned continuously at the rough treatment she was getting from this burly Pathan. Wasim grabbed her tits from the side and groped them.

“I am surprised your hijra husband even lets you go out of the house, memsaab.” Wasim taunted her as he continued to fuck her. “What will that poor guy think if he sees me fucking your broad ass and squeezing your tits like this?”

Saying this, Wasim groaned and slapped her rump. It was clear that the thought of going behind my back and fucking my highly arrogant wife was adding to his pleasure. He then slapped Vidya’s bum again.

“Your ass is too good, memsaab. I love how it jiggles when I ram into it just like in the video.”

Vidya could only mumble as pleasure surged through her body. She seemed giddy from the fucking and was moaning incoherently.

“Doesn’t your husband fuck you like this?” Wasim continued to taunt me as he kept fondling and groping my wife’s body while ramming her pussy from behind. His hands wandered over her naked flesh relishing every curve. As sex went, this was a feast for him.

“I love your sexy body so much.” He complimented my wife once again as he squeezed her ass and cupped her tits. I could see Vidya’s toes curling, and knew she was on the verge of an orgasm as he pumped her hard.

“Ah … ah … ah … ah … aaaaaah!” Vidya wailed as her body throbbed from an intense release. Wasim grinned as he saw the intense wave of orgasm pass through my wife. He held her in place and continued to pummel her ass. I could sense that he was close as his grunting became louder and louder. It was a hot scene, and it was a perverted scene, and I was watching my wife getting banged by yet another laborer in the middle of the night, in my own house.

Suddenly, with one final last thrust and a loud roar, Wasim came. He practically fell on my wife as Vidya’s knees buckled. It was intensely erotic. I could see Vidya lie still as Wasim’s ass bucked and jerked, spurting gallons of cum deep inside her cunt.

After a few minutes, Wasim rolled away after flooding my wife’s pussy with the last remnants of his jizz. Vidya was suddenly free, and stood up. I could sense that she wanted to regain some semblance of control and respect in the situation. She stood up and started to put on her clothes that were strewn all over the floor. I could see Wasim sit up on the bed and hungrily watch my wife dress.

Vidya seemed to be taking her time. She couldn’t walk straight from the fucking she had received. Her knees seemed to have gone weak and her body was probably sore and drained of all energy. Finally, after ten minutes, she was completely dressed in her sari.

With a sudden apprehension, I glanced back at Wasim. I realized he was now fully hard. Amazing! He had just cum in my wife merely ten minutes ago after an intense fuck session, and here he was, ready to go again. Suddenly, Wasim stood up.

“Memsaab.” He walked over to my wife. Vidya turned around and faced him defiantly.

“Did I tell you to get dressed?”

“No, but I thought …” Vidya didn’t know what to say.




Three quick slaps sent Vidya reeling to the floor.

“Please stand up, memsaab.”

Warily Vidya stood up, rubbing her cheeks.

“Why … why did you slap me, Wasim?” Vidya asked. “I … I let you … fuck me as you wanted! I obeyed you completely.”

“I didn’t tell you I was done, memsaab.” Wasim replied arrogantly. “Look at my lund. Does it seem done to you?”



Vidya stood motionless as Wasim slapped her a few times, and then grabbed the hem of her sari and started to undress her, once again. Off came the sari in a trice. He then unbuttoned her blouse and this time simply ripped the blouse off her body, exposing her bra covered tits. Vidya gasped at the suddenness of his force.

“I also thought it would be a one-time thing where I would fuck you and get it out of the system. But it has only made me lust for you more!” Wasim told her as he fiddled with my wife’s bra strap. He managed to unhook it and pulled it off roughly.

Vidya stood topless, humiliated, as he ogled at her naked tits. He groaned at their sight and grabbed them immediately. Just the fact that he fucked her moments ago didn’t seem to register.

“My God your tits are so delicious. I could play with them all day, memsaab.” He told my wife, squeezing her lemons.

Unable to resist, Vidya moaned softly as his rough hands felt up her boobs and pinched her nipples. She stood there, her petticoat hanging from her hips.

He sat on the bed and asked my wife to remove the dress completely.

“You don’t want me to slap you yet again, memsaab.”

For the second time that night I watched as Wasim proceeded to furiously fuck my wife once again. By the time he was done, Vidya was a blubbering mess.

I sat there and listened to my wife getting fucked by this lowly guard and couldn’t quite decide how I felt about the whole thing — angry, jealous, but also very turned on, very hot.

I could tell by the grunts and moans that Wasim was cumming again. He then rolled off Vidya and grabbed her by the hair.

“Lick me clean, woman. Suck all the cum off me.”

“Yes, Wasim.”

Shocked, I watched Vidya position herself over Wasim’s still-hard cock and lower her mouth to it, licking and slurping the goo between her lips. She was slurping up Wasim’s cum like it was too precious to waste!

Wasim held Vidya’s hair in his fist, pulling her head up and down on his erection.

“Yeah, that’s good, memsaab. Keep that up, just like that, you hot little whore. I’m loving it.”

Vidya’s head was bobbing as she sucked Wasim in and out of her mouth. She was moaning with pleasure (was it pretend pleasure, just to pacify Wasim, or was she really enjoying it?). Her ass was rotating in the air. Wasim took his other hand and inserted three fingers between her legs and into her exposed cunt. His fingers were glistening with lubrication when he pulled them out. He then roughly shoved one, and then two, and, finally, a third finger into my wife’s anus. I could tell that he was going to be very rough with my wife.

“Oh, that Ramu was right. You are a born cock sucker, Vidya! Keep that up, now. Oh, yeah. Now, listen, you little slut, I’m getting ready to cum and I want you to swallow every drop of it. Do you understand?”

Vidya looked up at Wasim and quickly nodded. Unbelievable! I couldn’t imagine how, but Wasim was hard and ready to cum again! Three times in a row!

Within seconds, Wasim began to hump his hips off the bed, pushing his meat even deeper into my wife’s hungry mouth. I could see Vidya’s throat working as she swallowed his cum. A glob escaped her lips and ran down her chin, dropping from there to her swaying breast. When Wasim was done cumming in her mouth, Vidya knelt, caught the errant drop on her finger and sucked her finger clean.

Wasim gave her bare ass a resounding slap, leaving a red mark.

“This time I am done, memsaab.” Patting my placid wife’s butt, Wasim stood up and started to dress. Vidya simply lay on the bed, trying to recover, even as Wasim finished dressing.

“Ramu will be here tomorrow morning, memsaab.” Wasim told her as a naked Vidya groggily sat up in bed. “And I will be here tomorrow night. Good night, memsaab.”

“Good night, Wasim.”

For the next few days I watched Vidya service these two men day and night. In the mornings, right around 10 am or so, Vidya would be woken up by Ramu’s doorbell. The milkman would have just finished his morning deliveries. I would watch as he relaxed at my place, pretending he owned it. Vidya would be the perfect hostess, giving him some breakfast and tea as he watched TV, kneeling by his feet and sometimes pressing them. After some time, when Ramu would feel the stirring in his loins, he would then drag Vidya to bed and proceed to fuck her long and hard. All I could do is just watch them from afar.

After wards I would see them in the bathroom, taking a shower together and often having another quick session in our tub. Right around 2 pm, right after he had lunch served by Vidya, he would make my wife the dessert. Their afternoon sex was almost always on the living room, either on the floor on my luscious carpet or on the couch. I would see Vidya on the sofa, cum running down her legs, as Ramu would stand up and start getting dressed. Often Vidya would remain passed out on the couch as Ramu would leave at 3 pm.

The front door is unlocked, I would scream at the monitor, as I would see Vidya simply passed out on the couch. But of course ours was a gated community and quite safe.

Right an hour after Ramu left, 4 pm, was when Wasim would start his shift. He worked from 4 pm to midnight. Vidya was still a new fuck for him, and he was fascinated with her body. He would show up at the house during his “breaks” and have his way with her. Almost every other hour, he would come and do to her as his heart pleased. Throughout his shift, for the next week, my wife was fucked hard, made to suck his dick, her boobs were pinched and squeezed, her nipples bitten and groped as Wasim took full enjoyment from her. Vidya was often spanked hard on her nice round big ass during every visit.

Wasim was rough with her. It was clear he still held a grudge about Vidya’s complaining of him early on, and he wanted to make her pay. He slapped her on almost every visit, often for the flimsiest of reasons. Being in that helpless subservient position seemed to tickle that submissive instinct deep inside Vidya. Wasim would stand over her as she was naked on her knees, and spray his seed all over my wife’s face. Then he would order her to keep it like that until it dried. It was only several minutes later that she was given “permission” to clean it up, before being fucked again.

I am ashamed to admit that as much as I hated everything he did to Vidya, a big part of me enjoyed it too. I stroked myself to a handful of orgasms throughout the day as I watched their antics. It was hard to keep my mind on my job when I went to work, knowing what videos were waiting for me!

It was once again Friday evening. Almost a week had elapsed of Wasim and Ramu taking turns with Vidya. I would be returning home in a couple of days. That evening, after I returned to the hotel, I took a shower and then had dinner. It was 9 pm by the time I was ready to see what Vidya was upto. I switched on my laptop. A small blinking icon near the top of my app told me there was a livestream right now. I clicked it on.

Suddenly I froze. I could hear multiple voices. Multiple! There must have been at least four to five men’s voices. And Vidya! As the video cleared up and began to buffer, I tried to make out what was going on.

It was our living room. There were four, no, five guys sitting there. All of them laughing. I could see Ramu, and Wasim. Wasim now stood up. He seemed to be the one in charge, with Ramu the second-in-command.

Vidya. I could see her. She was standing, somewhat nervously, in the centre of the room. Wasim walked up to her.

“What a slut.” Wasim smacked her bum hard, in front of everyone. “You have certainly made everyone’s lund quite erect, memsaab!”

Everyone laughed as he said memsaab. At that moment, I was sure Vidya felt anything but a memsaab. Here she was, impeccably dressed in an expensive chiffon sari, yet I am sure she felt like a whore. Our guard was openly slapping her butt in front of his low class colleagues.

“Why don’t you go and wear something Western and naughty, Vidya?” Ramu suggested. “The boys here are tired of seeing women in sari. We want to see something filmy. Don’t you have some nightie you can wear? Something nice. Black. Sexy. Like those American movies.”

Vidya gave Ramu a cold look as Wasim continued to knead her bum.

“I will see what I can do.” She finally replied.

Wasim stopped kneading her bum, patted it, and then gave it a squeeze.

“Alright memsaab. Off you go. But don’t take too long, OK?”

Vidya turned to climb back up the stairs. I could see several pairs of eyes watching my wife’s back as she ascended the stairs.

“Where did you find such a maal, Ramu?” One of the men said. I recognized him as Feroz, one of the other guards. Feroz was Wasim’s friend, the one to whom he had made a comment about Vidya. “She’s quite hot.”

“You haven’t seen half yet,” Ramu grinned. “Eh, Wasim?”

“She is something.” Wasim slyly agreed.

“She doesn’t realize what’s she’s in for.” Another man said, and then everyone joined in the laughter. I recognized him as Jeet. Jeet ran a small dhaba down the street from the gates of the community. I didn’t recognize the fifth guy yet.

Suddenly Feroz let out a whisle. Ramu actually stood up and went to the stairs. Vidya was coming down.

Vidya was wearing a satin nightie. It was black, went down to her knees, and was one of her favourites since it was so comfortable. I also loved it on her, since it was so flimsy and easy to maneuver when fucking her. It was sleeveless, and straps over her shoulders held the nightie in place. Vidya looked like a sensual movie actress gliding down the stairs where Ramu met her and took her hand in his.

All the men now stood in a type of circle as Ramu led Vidya into the centre of that gathering. The men’s eyes were lit up, expectant, and Vidya shuddered at the hungry vibes being sent her way. I could sense the unbelievable lust in those men from all the way across here in my hotel in Mumbai!

Vidya was not even allowed to steady herself when they all reached out to grab whatever body part of her was nearest. Five pairs of hands reached out and touched her, sliding all over her body. Vidya stood still while ten hands explored every inch of her, squeezing her tits, tweaking the hard nipples as she moaned. All the men moved in like animals in heat.

Vidya threw her head back and closed her eyes as a couple of the hands moved down to her pussy. She was being pushed and pulled as her bums and breasts became the focus of the entire group. Feroz pulled one of her thighs, forcing her legs farther apart, and Vidya shuddered as he drove several fingers into her snatch through her nightie.

“Man, is this bitch ready to fuck!” he exclaimed, “She’s soaking wet in here! Nice and tight, too! Isko chodne mei mazaa ayega! We’ll have fun fucking this slut.”

Ramu was squeezing her breast, Jeet was pinching her bum, while the fifth man, who I later found out was a local garage mechanic called Mithun, had his hands inserted into her anus.

“Damn!” Mithun yelled out in an incredulous voice, “Her ass is greased already! She’s ready for more than just fucking. This is not a pantie she is wearing. It’s a thong.”

Then the apparent gang leader, Wasim, stood up and grabbed Vidya by her hair.

“C’mon memsaab. Time to get rid of that nightie.”

“Look, Wasim.” Clearly things were moving fast and Vidya wanted to slow it down. “Let’s go to the bedroom, one by one, and I will gladly …”

“Memsaab. Memsaab.” Wasim shook his head sadly, and then raised his hand.



Two sharp slaps across both of her cheeks from Wasim made Vidya cry out in pain. The other men all watched in awe as this lowly guard slapped this respectable housewife in front of everyone. Vidya’s eyes were downcast, and her face flush with embarrassment and shame at being humiliated like this. Wasim once again grabbed her by her chin.

“Randi. Slut.” He said. “Abhi se mukh kholegi toh sirf lund choosne ya kiss karne (if you open your mouth now, it should be to suck a cock or kiss one). Got it?”

Vidya looked at his eyes, and then nodded fervently.

It was some sight to see my respectable wife being treated like some bazaari aurat, a woman of the street. Wasim’s roughness seemed to have once again brought out the inner submissive in her.

“Good.” Moving suddenly, he pulled up the bottom of my wife’s knee length nightie and lifted it up and at the same time ripped one shoulder strap downwards. Meanwhile someone else had grabbed the other end of the nightie and I could hear a ripping sound.


Vidya’s flimsy nightie was torn into shreds and she was now there standing in only a white bra and a small panty. Jeet moved behind her and unclasped the bra. Within moments, my wife was now standing in front of these hungry, wild men, completely topless, her big boobs bouncing about and complete exposed. Only her thin, thong panty remained.

I could hear the sound of belts being unclasped and pants dropping to the floor. Vidya was pushed down to her knees, so she was now kneeling in the centre of that circle. Cocks popped up on all sides of my wife’s face and then men struggled to get a grip on her hair or head to guide my wife’s mouth towards their throbbing projectiles.

Ramu, who seemed to be more of a facilitator here than participant, moved back, and I saw him take out a cellphone. He was recording my wife’s defilement on his phone! I wondered how many videos of my wife were now circling the dark corners of the internet.

By now Wasim had clutched the back of my wife’s head and grabbed a fistful of her hair. Vidya was being dragged towards his massive penis. Two quick slaps and she opened her mouth and swallowed the tip of his thick veined boner. He shifted his grip from behind Vidya’s head to the side and began face fucking her. After three or four thrusts Wasim shoved his shaft deep into my wife’s throat and held her head in place. All of his massive cock was now inside my wife’s mouth and further down her throat. His pubic hair seemed to tickle her nostrils while Vidya’s chin bounced over his hairy balls.

“Hey, how about the rest of us!” Someone yelled. It was Mithun. Reluctantly Wasim withdrew himself out of my wife’s mouth. Vidya got no respite, however, as she was immediately dragged backwards by the impatient Mithun who thrust his hard cock immediately into her mouth.

Soon the men set up a rhythm, as Vidya would be passed forward after four to five quick thrusts from one cock into her mouth, to another. As she went around the circle of men, my wife’s hair was used as a handle to face fuck her.

It was wild, but also systematic. The orgy was just getting started. As Vidya faced one cock and was forced to suck it, two other cocks were thrust in each of her hands, while the man towards her rear end would begin fingering her pussy with abandon. As she sucked one cock, if the other men thought this one guy was getting too much time, they would slap their cocks on her cheeks from either side and make loud lewd comments about her.

Soon, the men didn’t need to move Vidya around. Her raging pussy now seemed to have taken charge and she was moving on her own accord from one cock to the next!

Finally someone pulled her by the waist and tore her panty away from her body. My wife was now stark naked surrounded by four pulsating cocks (not including Ramu, who was still recording everything).

I had my own cock now out of my pants. I was stroking myself hard as I watched the action onscreen. Wasim was now holding Vidya up with his hands cupped under her full-sized tits, his thumbs and forefingers pinching and pulling at her rock hard nipples. Mithun and Feroz were sharing her pussy and clit, while Jeet was probing her ass. The sight really turned me on.

Suddenly, Wasim took charge again.

“Ok, Vidya memsaab!” He called out, sneering at the word ‘memsaab’. “Please stand up. Everyone, back off.”

I looked at the scene on my monitor. Vidya was standing stark naked, at the centre of the group. Her nipples were erect, sweat glistened on her body and her luscious hair was now matted on her face. And the men — they were by now all mostly naked any ways. Pants were all off, and some had even taken their shirts off. All of their rods were now hard, pointed, and awaiting the body of my glorious wife.

Wasim came up to her, standing in front of her and threw his arms around her waist, cupping her butt cheeks.

“Remember, Vidya,” He gloated, “You once made me apologize to you here in this very room?”

Vidya shuddered, but didn’t say anything.

“You also called me a behenchod.” Wasim grinned. “A sister fucker.”

“Er … yes.” Vidya admitted. “I am sorry, Wasim. Please forgive me.”

“Well.” Wasim threw his head back and laughed. “Saali…. behenchod nahi….bhabhi chod bol….. tu hamari bhabhi hai aur hum tujhe chodne wale hai!”

His threat was ominous. He just told my wife — I am not a sister fucker, but you are like our sister-in-law so call me a sister-in-law-fucker, as I am going to fuck you now.

Wasim sat on the sofa and nodded at one of the men. Immediately Mithun and Feroz grabbed Vidya by her arm pits and dragged her to Wasim. Not that my wife offered much resistance. She seemed to be resigned to her fate. In the hands of these strong men, Vidya seemed as light as a ragdoll.

Wasim lifted her in a single move and positioned her over his proud and erect cock. Then he let her go.

“Umph!” Vidya grunted, as she dropped, and Wasim’s cock ploughed its way into her cunt.

All the men watched jealously as their leader began fucking my wife in earnest.

Even as his hands fondled her breasts, he was now driving his cock deep into Vidya’s pussy. He was looking down as he fucked her, watching his prick alternately appear and disappear between her thighs.

Vidya had her eyes shut. Wasim knew how to play with a lady’s boobs. His tweaking of her nipples and his deep strokes were having its effect. I could see Vidya’s toes slowly curl and her breathing becoming rapid. With each stroke, as he pulled out, her tight pussy tried to turn inside out as it gripped his pole, while each stroke in made her pussy lips try to roll in with his thrusting cock. His shaft glistened with lubricating pussy juice, and a large wet spot on his thighs, just under her ass, showed that she had had at least one orgasm already. Wasim’s tempo of thrusts was increasing, his balls slapping against her ass as he bottomed out in her. Her tits were rolling in small circles in time to his penetrations.

Vidya now had her arms wrapped around the guard, and I could see her lips slowly murmur Wasim’s name. Her head lolled back and forth, eyes still closed and mouth now open. No doubt about it, she was getting her brains fucked out.

Wasim was pounding away in a frenzy now, and Vidya arched her back as he started shouting obscenities at her. Suddenly I could see his face clench, as he started to pump his seed into her. Soon, Wasim slowed to a stop with a dazed look in his eyes. This seemed to be the first time he had fucked Vidya in this position and his shrinking cock popped out of her pussy and a river of cum poured out after it, drenching the sofa. Wasim stood up and walked away, totally spent, leaving Vidya on the sofa on her knees.

“Good!” In a trice, Feroz had taken Wasim’s place on the sofa. “My turn, memsaab.”

Vidya tried to say something, but Feroz wasn’t having any of it.

“Chup! Teri maa ki chut! Chup gand saali!”

After telling her to be silent, insulting her mother and calling her an ass, Feroz moved one of her legs and made her straddle him. In a trice, he pushed her down so that she was now impaled on his cock. Feroz needed no warm up. He was already hard from watching Wasim screw my wife. He just squeezed one breast and started to fuck Vidya’s pussy.

No sooner had he begun thrusting inside my wife, I noticed that Mithun was now standing, also naked, right behind Vidya. Suddenly I could see Vidya’s eyes pop open. In the midst of being fucked by Feroz, she was startled. I guess she must have felt Mithun’s dick starting to probe her anus!

Mithun spit on his hands and rubbed the sputum on his erect prick. I could feel Vidya tense up. When he sensed he had lubricated himself enough, Mithun positioned himself and rammed his manhood hard inside my wife’s asshole.

For a second I could sense a muffled cry escape Vidya’s lips, but she literally got no time to feel any pain from being taken from the rear. The two men, Feroz and Mithun, soon got a rhthym going.

This wasn’t the first time I was seeing my wife being fucked in her anal cavity, of course. Gaurav, my former boss, had a particular fascination with her ass, and fucked her in the butt a few times. Balachandra also made her receive anal on the rare occasion. This was the first time however I was seeing my wife get doubly penetrated at the same time. And then there was another first.

Suddenly someone grabbed Vidya by the hair and yanked her head up. It was Jeet. He had climbed up on the sofa, beside Feroz, standing up, balancing himself by holding on to the wall, and had his cock out pointing at Vidya’s mouth.

He grinned. For a second Mithun and Feroz both looked at him, and then laughed. Then they paused their fucking for just a while, their cocks still inside Vidya, as Jeet pulled her mouth towards his penis. He then held my wife’s head still by holding her hair on either side, and then began to slowly face fuck her.

“Ugh! Glug! Ugh! Owwww….. Ugh!” Vidya was gagging and moaning as now ALL of her holes were being pounded mercilessly.

This was a triple penetration. I had so far only seen it in a porn movie — and now here I was seeing my wife get it done to her. Her ass was being pounded by Mithun, her cunt was being assailed by Feroz, and her mouth was being filled by Jeet.

For some time the three guys struggled to get a rhythm going, but they soon got into it. I could hear their laughter and their lewd comments, and the grunts and noises of their body against Vidya. The only sounds I heard from my wife were the involuntary gasps, moans, groans and probably pain filled yelps all of which were muted due to the presence of a cock in her mouth.

Suddenly Jeet let out a loud yell. He could not hold on any more and started to cum in her mouth. I could see Vidya’s throat move as she sucked and sucked. Finally, Jeet seemed to have subsided. He pulled out, leaving a trail of cum on her lips, his cock now flaccid.

I could see that Feroz was now erupting inside her cunt. Mithun too seemed to have enough, and started to spank her buttocks loudly as he too started to explode in her anus. Vidya seemed to gamely hang on as both men simultaneously deposited oodles of cum in both of her orifices.

Finally, they were both done. Feroz climbed out from under her, while Mithun withdrew. Both of them stood back and marveled at the sight of my well fucked tied up wife, lying helplessly on the sofa, drenched with cum on all of her holes.

Ramu now came and stood beside Vidya. He was naked, his cock erect and proud. He had watched (and recorded) all of his friends ravage my wife. It was he who had discovered this memsaab and now had shared her with his friends, so they stepped a little back to give him room now that he was going to claim her again.

Ramu didn’t take his turn right away but stood for a moment looking down at my wife. She was covered with sweat, her hair plastered to her forehead. Her pussy was twitching like it was still being fucked, and she continued to make mewing sounds. Ramu slowly got into the sofa and began to kiss her gently, working his way up her body. The others seemed to recognize the change of pace, and left the two alone. Vidya brought her hands up to caress the hair on top of Ramu’s head. I saw that her eyes were open for the first time since Wasim had driven her into semi-unconsciousness. Ramu spread her legs and Vidya helped guide him into her, and then wrapped herself around Ramu and held him tight.

The milkman started a slow, gentle rhythm of lovemaking, different from the violent pounding she had experienced from the others. I could see that Vidya kissed him passionately, her tongue probing softly for his. She was whispering something into his ear, something too soft for my cameras to pick up and transmit.

As Ramu fucked her, slow and deep, he said something back to her, and Vidya giggled.

“I love you.” She then told him, her voice clear. “I can honestly say that I was dreading this night with your friends. But I loved it! And I love you for arranging it. I think every girl should be gang-banged like that at least once in her life. I hadn’t been fucked like that in a long while.”

Ramu and Vidya kissed again as they fucked slow and easy. Her hands reached down and held his hips, and Ramu started making faster strokes, going deeper and harder, bringing her back to the pace set by the others. She responded, spreading her legs wider and giving her free access to her innermost body. I could see Ramu slowly clench his face, and Vidya start to shake. She was having another orgasm. Ramu was close to his. Suddenly he exploded inside her with force. He continued to pound my wife until he relentlessly emptied all of his balls inside her. My wife milked him until his very last drop.

* * *

I returned on Sunday afternoon. By then, the house has been cleaned. No trace remained of the debauchery that had gone on. The sofa, the bedsheets, they all had been cleaned and sent to the laundry.

It’s been six weeks since my return. So far, my wife hadn’t told me anything about the gangbang, even though I couldn’t get the vivid image of her perky tits bouncing around as those men made my queen their sex doll. All she told me was that she had an enjoyable few days with Ramu, and offered no details.

Life had been good. Vidya has been in an extremely good mood recently, and had sex with me often. From my vigil, I know that Wasim still stops by from time to time when I am at work, sometimes accompanied by his friends. Ramu manages to visit whenever he is in town. They keep Vidya happy. As they say, happy wife means happy life.

I love this situation, I keep telling myself. Yes, my wife was getting regularly banged by a few low class dirty labourers, but my marital life has never been better. I wonder how long this will last.

Continue… Indian wife is dominated by guard and construction foreman

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