Cuckold boss Part 1

Jaya was making coffee for her husband Anil, when I entered inside the kitchen and slapped Jaya’s ass and then hugged her from behind and started kissing her neck. Usually I don’t do something like this when my boss stays home but I couldn’t control myself seeing Jaya in this backless blouse.

“are you insane? My husband is home. He can come here anytime.” She said in a lower voice while pushing me back.

I knew my boss was watching tv in their bedroom. So, I told Jaya that and started rubbing my erect dick on her soft ass. I kissed her chick and placed my hands on her boobs and started fondling them.

“What are you doing? Why are you making me horny now when you know we can’t have sex now”, She said angrily.

I knew she was angry because we didn’t have any sex in last 6 days because her husband was always around. I understood it and said,” don’t worry. Tonight I will fuck you all night long.”


She turned around and said, don’t lie to me. Anil is home how do you plan to do that.

“Your husband has a meeting with his partners. And we both know what happens to him after this meetings.” I saw a smile in her face. Because she knows Anil always drinks heavily with his partners and he sleeps like a dead person when he is drunk.

She sat down and kissed my boner over the pants. “I have missed you but tonight I will suck all your cum out”, She told in a slutty voice to my dick. I caught her by hair and picked her up and told her, don’t worry. Tonight my dick will tore your pussy. Then I kissed her and started fondling her ass and that’s when my boss I called her wife for the coffee.

Jaya pushed me and poured two cup coffee. My mouth was was full of saliva so I spat on one cup as I was angry as he ruined the moment. Jaya just smiled and handed me a cup of coffee and took the saliva mixed coffee for Anil. I sat in the living room to drink my coffee.

I could not believe my luck. But I wanted to fuck Jaya infront of Anil. I have started to work on it and I believe I will soon make that little dick Anil my cuckold slave.

All of you may be thinking how this high class slut became my bitch.Let me tell you from the beginning.

My name is Sumit. My father works as a driver for Anil’s family in the village. I have always envied Anil as he moved to city and became a successful businessman. Although I was from a poor family but I studied hard and completed my graduation. I wanted to do move to city and wanted to do something big.

One day my father told me that he talked to Anil about a job for me in the city. I was very happy hearing that. I went to Ahmedabad to meet with Anil. I was excited that I would get a big job but he offered me the position of his driver cum assistant. I was angry at this that he offered me the job of driver because I was a driver’s son.

He told me, look you are new in the city. You need experience. Your father was very loyal to us and I want you to earn my trust and I will give you a good post. I knew what he said was true so I took the job. But I was upset inside but I didn’t show it.

He told me that he has a empty room in his outhouse where I should stay. He called someone and ordered to make the room ready. At night when we reached home I saw there was two rooms. One was for the watchman other one was for me. I felt humiliated because he lives in a big bunglow and there was many empty rooms yet he made me live with the watchman.

After half hour the maid brought my dinner in the outhouse. I can’t believe he didn’t invite me inside. I ate my dinner and slept that night. The next day in the morning the watchman woke me up and said, Sir is calling you.

I freshened up and went inside the bungalow. He was sitting in the dining table having breakfast with Jaya and their only daughter. This was the first time I saw Jaya. Although Anil was a fat bastard but Jaya had an awesome figure and the boobs on her were mesmerizing. I couldn’t believe how this fat bastard got such a hot wife.

She was wearing a night gown and nothing underneath it. I could see where his nipples were. She looked really hot. Anil introduced me to her and told me that sometimes I have to drive her car also. For me this was the first good news.

I started working for Anil. At first month I had to drive for Jaya sometimes and she became very friendly with me. And with times I gained trust of Anil. And I came to know the real Anil who drinks hard and fucks prostitutes. I can’t believe with a wife like Jaya how he could do that. I always had to take him in his bedroom after he became drunk. I used to chat with Jaya after that but I didn’t made a move on her.

Within three months I became Anil’s right hand. With my suggestion he even profited in some business. So, he said you don’t have to be my driver anymore. You will be my assistant only and you don’t have to live in the outhouse. You can live in the downstairs room in our bungalow. You are like family now. I have told the maid to made the room ready. I thanked him. He told me that he has another surprise for me. He took me to a hotel and when we went inside the room I saw two prostitutes were waiting for us.

I asked him, what is this? He told me this is your reward. Tonight we will fuck these bitches.

He started drinking and soon got naked and started playing with one girl. I saw he had no shame and how small his dick was. He told the other girl to satisfy me. But I was hesitating as I didn’t wanted to do it in the same room. But seeing his small dick gave me confidence. I started making out with the other one but I didn’t drink. I saw anil started fucking that prostitute. I didn’t even got out of my pant but I saw Anil had ejaculated and started drinking.

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I dropped my pants and underwear. And my 9 inch hard dick came out. The girl started sucking me. I saw the other girl and Anil both were looking at my dick. Anil ordered the other girl to join me. I couldn’t believe my luck. I started making out with two girls while Anil was sitting in the sofa drinking.

I fucked both the girls for 40 minutes while I saw Anil was jerking seeing me in action. I understood he is a pervert. That night he drank very heavily.

After finishing with the prostitutes I took him home But he kept praising how awesome my dick was. When I took him home Jaya helped me get him to the bed. As he laid down he murmered, Sumit fuck her with your huge dick.

I understood he still thinks we are with the prostitutes. I saw Jaya was looking at me. I came out of their room. Jaya came out of the room too. She asked me, Sumit what was that?

I didn’t know what to say. I can’t tell her about the prostitutes. Then an idea hit my mind. I thought maybe Jaya knows he is a pervert too and why not use it too my advantage. So I said, Anil saw my dick today while we were peeing. He then praised my dick but I didn’t know he was this much perverted that he would want me to have sex with you.

I saw Jaya was blushing. She in a slow voice said, your room is ready let me take you there. She started walking in front of me. I was watching her ass bounce. She was in her usual gown and that way her ass was shaking I understood she was wearing nothing underneath.

She took me to my room. She was going to go out of the room but I said, can we talk? She said , OK and sat on the bed. I said,Jaya please don’t feel embarrassed. Can I talk freely with you?

She said, what about? I said, look Jaya I saw your husband’s limp dick. I think he knows he can’t satisfy your needs. He wants to see you happy. And he saw my big dick and maybe he thought I could fuck you good which he can’t. While talking to her I removed my shirt. I saw she was checking my body.

I went near her and I don’t know how I had the courage but I started kissing her and soon started fondling her boobs. She was in a shock and I wanted to make the most of it. So, I make stand up and opened her night gown and she was fully naked in front of me. I threw her on bed. I saw she was going to sit up but I laid beside her and started massaging her pussy and soon started to finger fuck her.

She started protesting but I kept sucking her boobs while fingering her. She said , Sumit please stop. I don’t want to this. I understood she doesn’t want to cheat on her husband. I stopped got up and said, Ok I will stop. But can you at least let me jerk off. Look how hard my dick is and saying that I just dropped my pant and my erect dick came out.

“oh, my god. Your dick is huge”, She told while looking at my dick. I started stroking my dick and sat beside her. She also sat beside me and was staring at my dick. I took one of her hand and placed it on my dick. She looked at me with big eyes.

I smiled at her and told her that look I know you wanted to touch it. I don’t mind you touching it.

She started stroking my dick. I again started fondling her boobs. I saw she was looking at me with a lusty look and I took the chance and started kissing her again. She started kissing be back. I understood that this bitch is mine now.

“I can’t believe I’m playing with your dick.” She whispered.

“Do you want me to fuck you with this big dick?”

She bit her lip and looking at me she just nodded. I knew she wants it but I wanted to hear it from her mouth. So I said. Say it baby.

She kissed me again. “I want you to fuck me. I need this so bad.”

I asked her, “can you suck my dick”. She said, “yuck I don’t like it”. As it was our first time I didn’t force her.

I laid her down on bed and placed myself between her legs. I was going to enter her and then she told me to stop.

She pushed me aside and said, wait a minute. Saying this she went out of the room. I didn’t understand what just happened. But soon she returned with a condom packet.

I smiled, “Baby, there’s no way I can fit into those. These are for your small dick hubby. You can get a morning after pill tomorrow.”

She said, “yes I can do that.” I took the condom packet and threw it.

She then just got laid on the bed. She was biting her lips, blushing. She then spreaded her legs wide for me. Her wet pussy was inviting me.

I slapped my dick against her clit. I again asked, “Do you want me to fuck you?”

She screamed, “Don’t tease me. I want your big dick inside me”

Then I slowly entered my dick inside her. As my dick entered her she left a soft moan out. It was so tight I could barely get my dick head and a couple of inches inside her. I gently thrust an inch, and then retract, allowing her time to stretch and accommodate me. She gasped again as over half of me was now inside her.

She then moved her hands to her face, covering her eyes in disbelief. “Fuck you are so big”

I reached down and caught her tits, one in each hand, fondling them as I continued to stuff my dick into her married pussy. And the realization that her husband was upstairs, that she was a married woman willingly giving herself to me made me much more excited.

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After a few more thrusts I was completely inside of her. She screamed in delight as she locked her legs around my waist, pulling me into her to kiss me.

“Damn Jaya, You are so fucking tight.” I kissed her, our eyes meeting in lust while I was inside her. She moaned, “You’re stretched me outtt”

I was impressed by how quickly she had accommodated all of me. I knew this pussy was built for a bigger dick.

I grabbed her waist with control and started fucking her with full speed. I was fucking her and by the look on her face and the screams leaving her mouth, I knew it was like she had never experienced before.

“Mark! Mark! Mark! Ohhh! Wowww!! Ohhh my g-g-goddd!”

Our bodies slapped together, my heavy testicles smashing into her plump rear as I stuffed my cock in and out of her. I had found my stride, and I looked down to notice my black shaft lathered in a cream of her essence. She was lubricated, willing, and giving it up for me. The thought of it was erotic beyond words.

“Take it baby.” I grunted.

“It feels s-s-o good! Fuck!” She whined.

“You’re giving that pussy up for me baby. You’re taking this big cock.” I spurred her with my taunting.

“Ohh god Sumit ! Fuck me with your big dick!”

I kept ramming her in full speed. Her eyes begame close and her legs locked around my waist. It was finally happening for her, Jaya was experiencing the first powerful orgasm of her entire life.

“F-f-f-uccckkk!! ! I’m c-c-cumminggg!!” She started moaning.

I leaned down and whispered into her ear as the release exploded across her body. “Give it up for me baby. Cum all over me.”

Eventually, she fell still and I brought my thrusts to a halt. I whispered in her ear. “I bet you never experienced that.”

She kept still but eventually came her hushed reply, “I didn’t know it could be like that.”

“Does Anil ever fuck you doggy?” I asked, while lying on top her. She replied in negative. So I told her to get in doggy position.

I gave her a moment to recover, but soon she positioned herself. She was on her all fours. It was an incredible sight. She had such a gorgeous ass, fat and inviting. Her natural breasts hung down with natural sexiness.

I slapped my dick onto her ass. Soon I positioned myself again and then started slowly penetrating her once again.

She screamed in pleasure, “Ohh”

As I was fully inside her I said I think I know why your limp dick husband don’t do doggy cause his dick isn’t big enough to get past this perfect ass. She replied,”yes, I know. He is useless.”

This made me more excited. I grabbed her by hair and began to thrust in and out of her. She groaned in response.

I began to quicken my pace. I slapped her ass cheek again and again causing her skin to faintly redden in response.

“You like this baby?” I asked. She screamed in pleasure as the slapping sounds filled the bedroom, “I fucking love ittt!! Fuck meee!! Fuck meee!! Fuck meee!! I need itttt!!”

I slapped her ass again, pulling her hair back as I once again felt her pussy wall tighten down on my dick. She moaned, “Oh! Oh! Yess! Yess! I’m gonna cum againnn!!”

As I kept fucking her she moaned, “I’m cumminggg on that big dickkk!! I’m cumming on your big manly dick! Ohhh make me cummm!!”

“Do it!” I said, slapping her ass again as she violently bucked back into me, unleashing more of her cream all over my dick. My entire crotch was soaked with her wetness, her juice was splashing out across my groin with every thrust.

I smiled, proud of what I was giving her, delighted that she was enjoying herself.

I took my dick out and she fell backwards onto the bed, laughing. “This is unreal. I can’t believe I came twice. Usually it’s that limp dick who cums twice before I orgasm”

I went close to her and she opened her legs once again ready to take my dick once again. I was an infinitely better lover than her husband and she now knows it. She will do anything to please me now.

I again entered inside her. We continued to stare into each others eyes as we fucked each other. She ran her hands across my body, opening her legs and once again locking them around my waist, this time with a sensual delicacy.

She was totally satisfied. It was clear she needed this, a real man inside of her.

“You like my big dick. You like it better than your husbands little dick, don’t you.” I said, continuing to pump my big dick in and out of her, knowing the truth would arouse her.

She nodded her head in agreement, whispering her own truths into reality. It was a hiss. “I love it. I love the way you fuck me.”

I leaned down kissing her passionately and eventually turning my head to the side as I continued to focus on my increased thrusts. The room was filled with the sounds of my heavy ball sack flopping into her ass.

Suddenly, Jaya said, “You fuck me like a real man. Please, don’t ever stop fucking me.”

“You love this fat dick in your married little pussy.” I replied.

“I love it so much. I love letting you fuck my pussy.” She groaned.

“You like to get fucked by me baby? Will you spread your legs for a real man in front of your little husband?” I asked her while increasing my face.

“You can fuck me whenever you want. I mean that. I’ll make his little dick watch while you fuck me whenever you want! She moaned. It made me so aroused. I told her, baby I am going to cum.

She screamed, “Cum in me with your big dick!! Oh god please cum in meee!! Cum in me and make me your bitch!!”. It was the last words she said before I unleashed.

I felt my orgasm explode, my heavy balls releasing a big load of semen in her married pussy. I was cumming deeper than her husband had ever been. She screamed in complete submission as she finally experienced the orgasmic explosion of a real mans dick.

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I roared as I continued to pump my seed into her womb, claiming her married pussy. I saw a glowing satisfaction on her face. She whispered in unspeakable satisfaction, again, “I’m fucking yours.” I kissed her deeply as our life altering love making finally came to an end.

I took my dick out of her pussy and told her, “will you lick my dick to make it clean.”

I saw a smile on her face and then she took my cream mixed dick and started licking her juice out of dick like a lollypop. “I can’t believe you are doing that. I thought you hate it.” I said.

She said,”I will do whatever you want to please you.”

I knew she was now fully under my control. So, I took some pictures of her cleaning my dick. As she finished cleaning my dick I told her not to ask Anil about what he said. And then she left my room. I went to the bathroom, cleaned myself and after that had the best sleep.

After that day she became my bitch. I even got her on pills which she didn’t like. I fucked her whenever I got the chance. And I even forbid her to have sex with Anil. Even If anil insists he can only fuck her with condoms on.

Now, I focused more to make Anil our cuckold slave. I became more friendly to him. Every week, when he wanted to fuck a prostitute I made him take me with him. He always insisted to have two prostitues for us. But I made him book only one.

Every time we go to fuck, I fuck first and stretch the pussy out so that he has to fuck the loose pussy. Even sometimes he didn’t got the chance as he jerked off watching me in action. And soon after sometimes it became the routine. I would fuck and he would drink and jerk off. I made her mind like a cuckold.

But Soon I got some information that gave me more hope cause after some research I found that the company and house both was in Jaya’s name as Jaya’s father invested in it. Now I was confident that he couldn’t take any step or Jaya could kick her out.

I wanted to take action on it but I was waiting for a good timing. Almost 15 days later I decided to take action on it. It was their 10th anniversary. We had dinner outside.

After dinner finished we came home. Anil went to their bedroom and I told Jaya to wait. As Anil went, I kissed her and told her, I want to take you in front of Anil tonight.

She pushed me and said, are you insane.

I replied, you promised me you would do that if I want.

She said, I was horny and I said that in heat.

I grabbed her ass and told her, your pathetic husband would like it. And if he reacts I can tackle that drunkard. And the company and house in your name. You can kick him out. And believe me he wouldn’t do any thing.

She said, Okay let’s do it. I told her to go inside her bedroom and change into a sexy gown.

I became naked and went to their bedroom. I saw she was waiting for me in a see through gown. But Anil was not there. I asked her about him. She said, he is in the balcony smoking.

I started kissing her. Hearing my voice Anil came in and saw us kissing. In a angry voice he said, What the hell is going on?

I told him, It’s your surprise. Why don’t you sit and jerk like always. You can’t handle a horny bitch like her. A bitch like her needs a real man. Saying this I just tore down her gown and made her boobs pop out.

“Stop it Jaya. You are not a whore. You can’t do this in front of your husband, Don’t you have any shame”, he asked angrily.

She hold my erect dick in her hands and showing it to her husband, She said, what shame? If you had a dick like that I wouldn’t have done it. So, you better watch and jerk off your tiny dick while he fucks me

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I told her, please Jaya don’t tease her. Saying that I went near him. Took the cigarette of his hand and whispered in his ear,”look you always jerked off while I fucked the prostitutes. Why waste money by hiring prostitutes while I can fuck your wife and you can jerk off”. Then in a loud voice I said, get your dick out and start jerking you asshole.

Saying that I sat beside the bed and Jaya sat infront of me. She kissed my erect dick gently and then started sucking it like a whore. I looked at Anil and told him, your wife didn’t do it with you but she likes it.

He couldn’t bear it anymore and took his dick out started jerking. Seeing this Jaya whispered to me, why don’t you tie his hand. I don’t want him to cum before you.

I liked the Idea so with Jaya’s tore up gown I tied his hand so that he can’t jerk off.

Again I sat on th bed, then Anil said,”Sumit, I gave you a job. I took in you in my home”.

I replied, that’s why I am returning the favor by fucking your unsatisfied wife in your home.

Anil became silent and started watching her wife giving me a blowjob and while I made her choke on it.

One day we were in the living room watching tv. I wanted to watch porn. Jaya was out for shopping so Anil agreed. I started a cuckold porn. We both started jerking off. He jerked off within five minutes. But I wasn’t done. I kept stroking my dick. I saw he was look at it.

I asked him, if you want you can feel it. He took my dick in hand and started stroking it.

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