My love story : reloaded

My Love Story (First Experience)

I am Rahul 27 year old and live in Thekkalur, a rural village in between Tiruppur and Coimbatore. I am working in NHAI and actually I am from Kerala.

I am residing in a rented BHK Flat. Actually I am resides in the first floor of the big House and the ground floor occupied by a family hailing from Kodaikanal. That Family consists of a lady (heroine), her small kid and her father in law. Her husband is in abroad and father in law works in a Textile Manufacturing Company as Security.

She is 33 years of age and having good body structure. She uses to wear nighty and most times she use to be alone in the house or with her mobile in the terrace.
Even though she is 33, her figures will reflect her just 26 or something.
Since me and my friend were employees we use to leave the room by 9:30am and will return in the night only.

I use to go to the gym, so early in the morning when I am on the way to the gym I will see her in front if the house. That scene is somewhat very beautiful. I will describe it and try to imagine it by yourself.

I am stepping down from the outdoor staircase and entering in to the porch to take my bike. A lady of 33B breast size in nighty is seeing the skies sun shine with her closed eyes. She will put her wet hair in to the back. While doing this one drop of water from her hair will fall on my face. Aww. It smells like the Arabain spray. Then she turns back and sees me, gives me a cute smile. Her face is glowing in the misty morning sun shine. Slowly she takes her long hair from back and makes it a bun, while doing this her breasts will point out and feels like her bra is crying to hold those melons. Slowly I will take the bike and will kick start it. While moving from the porch I will turn back will look at her to get a glance of her back. Her back, her thighs everything will make me mad. I am the only one entering the Gym in the early morning with a steady and tight dick.

On one Sunday I was leaving the room for some shopping from the city. I have seen her in the gate talking to an old stranger. By passing near to her I came to know that he is actually in search for an address in our street. When I passed her I have seen that her Bra strap is seen in her neck, it made me disturbed suddenly. The old man is also looking in to same and she continues to talk without bothering it.

When I am leaving from there she has given me a smile and told that he is search for an address here. I said “ok”. He asked for water when she turned back to get it from her home I told ”No Need akka I have water with me”. I have given the water to him. While her drinking it, I pointed her Bra lace and signaled her to put it inside. She has done the same. While I am leaving from there when I turned back she was looking at me with a smile.

There starts the romance story..


Days passed and as usual we exchanged smiles but with a little change from that day onward she uses to wear much more good dresses. Next Sunday arrived. I was in a phone call and I have seen her with her kid sitting the porch. I have just came near to them by talking over the phone. They are actually searching for a saree in amazon. Suddenly her phone rang. It was her husband and she asked “anna which color saree will suits for me. I have to buy one for pongal”

“I am busy janu. Called you just to remind that tomorrow is the due date of our home loan. So don’t forget to remit the money”. He cut the phone. She was sad. Suddenly she has seen me and hidden her sadness by wearing a fake smile.

I have cut the call and came near to them.

“Since you have bright skin tone, RED will suit you very much. Don’t ever lie with a smile” I have smiled

She also smiled. I just don’t know how to explain that situation. Her eye brows were widened. Eyes were wide opened. One of the cutest smiles I have ever seen. She has smiled because of me. Oh my GOD, What a feeling.

I have taken her mobile and searched for some red saree’s in amazon and selected one.

“This will be super for you akka”

“Thank you Rahul” she have told in a low voice

“Oh, so you know my name na?”

“Yeah I heard many times that your friends calls you”

“Oh so you are watching me. Is it?”

“Hey no no.. Nothing like that”

“Ha ha ok I was just kidding”

“Let me suggest you some good designs of blouses” by saying that I have searched for nayanthara photos in google and selected one with saree.

She didn’t said anything. Suddenly her father in law arrived and we have just parted.


Yesterday I came back from office at 11pm and the sad thing is that I have a strong fever. Usually I go to home on alternate weekends but due to fever I think it’s better to stay back at room and take rest.

As soon as I entered the room I went to sleep. Actually I couldn’t sleep properly due to the heavy fever. So I thought to go to hospital on next day.

Next day morning I woke up from sleep by hearing the knocks on the door. Actually I was not even able to walk. Slowly I have opened the door and stunned by the view.

She is standing in front of me like an RED angel. She was in the saree that I have chosen for her. I don’t know how to describe that view. Her red lips were requesting for a smooch. Her low cut blouse was revealing the big valley of her melons. Even though it is a transparent saree, her navel button is not visible due to her traditional wearing style. She was with a plate of kesari (PONGAL SPECIAL). By seeing me she also stunned. I was in heavy fever and I was about to fall. (I have already fallen for her).

She asked me. “What Happened?”

“Just a Mild fever” I told.

Suddenly she have put her hand on my forehead to check the temperature.
Her first touch. I was melting at that time. Actually the temperature was about 41 degree. Suddenly she removed her hand and asked.

“Are you mad. Its high fever. Did you take any medicines?”

“No”, I nodded my head.

She looked the surroundings and suddenly enters in to my room and locked the door.

“Why didn’t you go to the hospital?”

“I was about to go”

“You are going to ride the bike in this condition? No I wont allow” I felt her careness at that moment.

“Now shut your mouth and sit here. I have to go back before they start to enquire me”. She pointed in to the chair and I just obeyed her.

She prepared a hot tea for me. At that time I have seen her backside. She wore the blouse that I have selected.

“By the way good blouse. Who selected this?” I started to play.

“Ha ha one mad boy” she replied with a smile

“Oh is it? Tell the boy that he has a good taste of selection” I have replied.

“Ok sir. I will”

“Oh madam is very serious while preparing tea na?”

She turned back and asked “now can u please shut your mouth for sometime or may I leave” she giggled.

“Oh no. Ok fine. I have stopped” replied with a smile.

“Good Boy” she smiled.

She guided me and I have obeyed everything just like a kid. She gave me the cup of hot tea and after finishing it she have taken me to the bed. She has applied vicks on my forehead and given a gentle massage. She have leaned on me and taken the mobile that placed on my side. I have got the smell of her sweat. Ho…. unexplainable. She have taken the mobile and dialed a number.
Then she told me to take rest and gone away.
I have slept for an hour and a notification sound in phone made me to wake up.
I have seen a whatsapp number from an unknown number.

My god its she. I was super happy. Message was “hows you now? Please open the door and take the things now”.
I just rushed to the door and opened it.
2 Tiffin boxes were there. One with lunch and another one is having some tablets.
My phone again beeped.
“Did u take it” she messaged
“Yes doctor” I replied.
“Ha ha doctor? Me? Ok fine, anyway have food and then take those medicines, catch you later”

“I have one thing to say”
“tell me fast”
“you are sooo cute today”
“oh.. Appreciating for the treatment na”
“hey don’t say so. You are too beautiful today. That blouse suits you very much”
“oh so you have watched me today na? Ha ha I thought that you haven’t seen it due to your illness. Everyone told me that blouse and saree is too good. Anyway thanks very much for the selection”
“you are welcome”
She gone offline and I had food and medicine.

Again I slept and woke up in the evening. Now the fever is ok and I am feeling good. I thought to message her but then hesitated to do so, I don’t know why. After sometime I have got a message from her. “Are you awake”
“yes. I have waken up 1 hr before”
“then why didn’t you tell me?”
“I thought not to disturb you, that’s why”
“oh great thing. Then please don’t disturb me. Bye”
“hey doctor madam. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean that.”

“Ok just kidding. Hows now?”
“I am fine now. Your caring really worked out”
“that’s me “
“so I can call your assistance whenever I needed na?”
“We will see” she replied.
For the next one week I didn’t went to the gym due to the hangover of that fever. Meantime we have developed a good relationship.

One day I was at the terrace with some music in my headset. Suddenly she came there to take the dried cloths. We exchanged smiles. Suddenly a wind will come and some cloths will fall down from the hangers. One cloth also fall on my face and it was her bra. Ha ha she laughed a lot. Then I have taken it in my hands and asked. “What to laugh this much. If you again laugh then I won’t give it back and will wear by myself”. She again laughed and I have given it to her. She rushed away from the terrace.
I have texted her eye blinking smiley to her in whatsapp.
“What” she replied
“ok then” she replied.
“Hey I was thinking whether that bra will suits me or not”

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“I don’t know”. She replied
“ok then bye”
“hey bad boy. Don’t go. Now what you want to know ask directly”
“hey nothing akka”
“I know you want to know its size na. Nothing bad in saying that na”
“hey I just thought”
“stop I know what you people will think”
“akka no nothing”
“I was just kidding da. Its 33B”
“it’s the same bra that you have wore on that day. Na?”
“Which day?”
“One day I have informed you to put in inside na?”
“I don’t remember. But how did you know that it’s the same one”
“I have noticed on that a day a black patch was there on the lace”
“oh my goodness. What an eye you have. I think I must have worn a metal shield in front of you”
“hey akka its not like that. Its striked on that day. Today also seen it by chance so just asked. That’s all”

“Hmm, anyway I don’t remember every bra I have is white in colour so how can I remember it”
“ok. Why can’t you buy coloured ones”
“coloured or colourless its inner wear na. So whats the point”
“colour makes sensations in viewers”
“ohhh that… I don’t have to make sensations because the only one to whom I have to make sensations is in abroad, my hus”
“what happened?” She asked.
“Nothing akka”
“ok then I have to go” she replied.

Few days later, while I was in the terrace I have seen some coloured bras were hanging. I am sure its her bra. I was looking around if anyone is watching me. Then slowly I have took on red bra and kept it in my pocket.
In the evening I have got a message from her.
“When you are going to give me that?’
“my red bra”

“Your bra? I don’t have it?”
“Hey I know. You are the culprit”
“Hey no akka. You use to wear all white na. And now you are talking about red? You have told me that you don’t have to make sensations to others etc”
“Hey don’t play”
“I’m not kidding. I’m asking the truth”
“What truth? That’s mine. I have purchased some colored bras few days back”.
“Hey akka. What are you saying it will make sensations akka” I was laughing when I was typing it.
“Why? Am I that much old to make any sensations”
“ha ha you are an angel akka”
“oh my GOD praising started” she replied.
“So tell me, whom you wanna seduce?”
“Leave me bad boy. So when you are going to give me back?”
“Any time”
“ok I will tell the time later”


One night I have got a message from her saying that her kid is having heavy fever and they are planning to go to the hospital in the night itself. It’s heavy raining outside and I am in the office with my extra work.

After sometime she messaged me saying that no vehicle is available and her father in law has gone to the junction to search for an auto.
Suddenly I got an idea and asked the vehicle of my superior. I told him that I need to rush to the city because my friend is coming so I have to pick up him. My superior is a nice guy actually so he given me the keys.

I messaged her “don’t worry. The vehicle is ready and waits for 10 minutes”

I came back to home and knocked on her door. Her father in la has opened the door. I convinced him that it’s not a better idea to travel now in auto because the kid is already shivering. He also agreed. I told him that I have car with me so it’s better to go in it. Firstly he hesitated to say yes but later I made him to say yes.
This time when she has seen me she didn’t smiled. She was anxious at that time. A real mother.

We rushed to the hospital in my car. I have done all the things like I am her husband. We moved to the casuality and the doctor attended the kid. She was with the kid. Me and her father in law were moved to the billing section and I told him that after billing section we have to move to pharmacy and it’s not sure whether the pharmacy is open or not. So it’s better you sit infront of the casuality and I will take care of it. If there happens any urgency please give me a call.

Billing, Pharmacy everything I have done and returned back to casuality. Her father in law was sleeping in the chair. I moved near to the bed and met her. Handed over the medicines to her. She smiled and I asked.

“Did you had food?”

“Yes, I had”

“Ok, hows she (kid) now?”

“Doctor has given the injection and now it’s getting ok”

“Ok. Good. Now have it and call me if anything needed. I will be in the chairs”

By saying that I have given her a juice bottle and a bun packet.

She has smiled.

“Don’t say anything. Had food and take care of her”

I left the room and sat in the chair. I have started to play some movies in YouTube.

After half an hour I have got a message from her.

Rahul I think I has go outside to the pharmacy. I am having stomach pain”

Suddenly I thought that may be it’s her periods starting. Without hesitation I asked her.

“Did your periods started”

“Yes” she replied.

“Ok. I am in a hotel having my dinner so please wait 10 minutes.” I lied to her.

I rushed to the pharmacy and bought a pack of sanitary napkin and a small hot water bag.

Rushed to the casuality and met her. She told me “please be here I will go the pharmacy and will be back in no time”. She was about to go.

“For what? Pads?” I asked her

“Hmm” she replied

I have given her the kit. She has opened it and found the pads and hot water bag.

She smiled, but not just a usual smile it’s filled with pure romance, pure love.

I have left the place with a smile.

On next day her kid got discharged and we moved back to her home. After dropping them I drove back to my superiors place to hand over the vehicle.

I have bought some fruits, biscuits and lunch and driven back to home. Saw her house door is wide opened and there is no sign of her. Suddenly I heard the sound of cloth washing from terrace. I went to the terrace and fund her washing the cloths. Rushed to her and given a small slap on her shoulder.

“Are you mad? You have told na you are in periods. So you must take rest na? Don’t you know that? Don’t make me angry please.”

By saying that I have put my hands on her shoulder and made to move her away from the washing site. Handed over the kit and told

“Go to your home and have it along with your kid. Take rest”

“Hey Rahul..its too over na? I will wash it”

“ I have told you already don’t make me angry”

“Ok then keep the dresses be like this. I will wash it later”

“Ok let us see. Now you leave” I replied.

She left the place. While leaving she turned back and smiled at me.
After she let the terrace I have washed all the dresses. It includes her nighty, saree, under garments her kids dress etc.

In the evening I got a message from her.

“Thank you Rahul. You are not a bad boy, instead a super boy. The girl whom you gonna marry is a very lucky one. Not everyone will get a guy like you”

“Hey akka what happened now?”

“I am serious rahul. Understanding a women’s mind is not an easy task. Understanding her feelings, taking care of her all were great things for her. Marrying someone and making a kid is not a big thing. After having kid even the phone calls from husband will just to enquire about the kid not about the wife. He wont ask her did you had food? Hows your fever? Anything. He will forget to appreciate her. She too had a mind which expects appreciation, happiness, romance everything. Being a husband is not a big thing but being a life partner is a very big thing. I think you will be a great life partner for your wife”

In a simple text message she has narrated her entire story.

She continued “even I thought that you are just usual boy but you understands things very well. When you came to know that I am in my periods without saying anything you have bought me the pads and hot water bag. You don’t know how much relaxed was me then. I was not in a a position to even to walk, but lot of cloths were there to wash. So somehow I have to wash it. But you had washed all those dresses. I don’t know how to say all these things.”

“Akka its fine. I like you very much akka. That’s why “

Yeah I have told it but instead of I love you told her I like you.

“I know Rahul that you like me very much. I am not blind I can feel it in your care”

Wow….oh my GOD at last I convinced her that 27 year boy is flattened for that 33 year old lady who is a mother of 2 year old kid.

“If you were not a married one…”

Rahul stop it.. I know what you are going to say”

“Ok” I replied.

“I will message you later”

“Take care akka” I replied

“Ha ha that’s what you are now doing na?” She is happy

“Ha ha..ok see you later” I replied.

From that day onward we were like lovers. We have shared everything. Her childhood, studies, marriage, sex life everything she had shared. I also told about my details, fantasies etc. Every day we use to message. Even if I am out of station she will call me and ask things.


One day she invited me to her home.

“Come to my home tomorrow for dinner at sharp 9 pm”

I was super excited.

On next night sharp 9pm I have texted her “can I come now?”

“No problem come in” she replied.

Knocked on the door, and she opened it.

Wow…. GODDESS is just standing infront of me. She signaled me not to make sound an come in. We have closed the door.

She was in the RED saree, the one that I have chosen for her. But this time she has wore it with a little change. I can clearly see her navel button through the saree.

I have asked for her father in law and her kid. Her father in law went to duty and will return back at 8am only and her kid is with her grandmother at their village.

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That was a surprise. Because she use to say each and everything to me in phone but she missed this matter. So I came to know it’s her plan to make a dinner just for me.

She welcomed me in to the dining table. Wow it was decorated for a candle light dinner. She has served the food and we had the food. We didn’t spoke much. Last I have started to speak.

“You are looking like an angel today”

“Oh so you know to speak na? Anyway thanks for the compliment. But you have seen me in this dress before na? So what’s special now”

“I think belly button will seduce men. Am I right?” I replied

“Ha ha” she have burst in to a big laugh.

After completing the dinner she served me ice cream. While having it she has switched on the TV. One romantic movie was in the channel and we ate the ice cream by watching it.

Suddenly she spoke

“I don’t know is it right or not? I have thought a lot about it”

“What” I switched off the TV

“I am in love with you” she have told it in a low voice.

“I am married. I am a wife, I am a mother. I know that but I can’t lie to my mind na? So I has to say it to you that I love you very much”

I came near to her and taken her face in to my hands “I was waiting long to hear this from you. I love you more than you can expect”

We hugged tightly. Hugged for a long time. She told me in my ear “I know that we cant marry each other no one is gonna accept. I cant make my husband, my kid and anyone to cry for me. But my mind is saying to enjoy these moments. Rahul please at least in these surrounding darkness we can be a lovely couple?”

We have broken the hug and looked in to each other’s eyes.

“I love you” by saying this I have kissed on her forehead.

She has closed her eyes.

Kissed on her nose.

Her lips were shivering and waiting for my kiss. Slowly I have kissed on her lips.

Slowly I came bottom and kissed on her neck. Bitten her ears. She was moaning and kissing on my neck.

Then we broken the kiss. She told not to make noises and guided me to her bed room.

She has switched off the light but I switched it on again.

“I wanna see you in full light and I wanna show me also in full light”

She hugged me. I have kissed on her lips. Slowly I put my tongue in to her mouth.
Then its like the mating of snakes. Our tongues’ were like snakes.

She opened my shirt and there comes the surprise. I was wearing her red bra.

She started to laugh and we have laughed a lot. Then she stripped me fully now I am in just my under wear.

By keeping a distance she has looked me from top to bottom. “A perfect body “

“Thank you for the compliment” I replied.

“Oh how selfish you are. I have stripped you na? Now you are just looking what? Come on man. Strip out your angel”

We kissed again.

I have removed her saree.

Placed my hands over her belly. How many times I have dreamt of licking it. Licked her belly button and drank the saliva.

I have removed her blouse and petticoat. Now she is just in bra and panty.

Wow what scene the sex goddess is standing in front of me in just in her under garments.

She came near to me and taken my hands and put it over her boobs.

“Press it, squeeze it and drink from it until your belly is full”

I have squeezed it and she was started to moaning.

I have removed her bra.

It’s the first time I am seeing a breast in real.

I have taken her soft boobs in my mouth and drink her milk.
I have squeezed it she was full of pleasure.

Then I came to bottom and taken away her panties. I just smelled it. Wow what a smell. It was wet. I have licked it.

“Lick it from there” she guided me to her pussy.

It was shaved one. She just parted her legs made me to be comfortable in between her legs.

I have started to lick it.

“Wow…lick it” she told

She was pulling my head more deep in to her pussy.

I swirled my tongue in her pussy. Licked and drunk all her pussy juice.

“Now its my chance” she told

She came close to me a pulled down my under wear. My dick was begging me to take it out. It did have the mind of it’s own though. When she pulled down my underwear my cock plunged out and to my surprise she put the thing in her mouth. The touch of her tongue on my penis was very ticklish at first but as my mind slowly accepted the fact that its in a gorgeous woman’s mouth, It grew harder and harder. She sucked onto it for a while and then got up and with steamy eyes has looked at me. She turned around and lay down on the bed. She got her legs up in the air and wide open. She whispered “ Oh, Fuck me, Fuck me hard” I got on top of her. I looked down at her vagina. The lips of the pussy were pink. I first felt the hole with my fingers and then slowly guided my prick right inside her. Her pussy was warm rather a bit hot. Her head went back with pleasure and she moaned. I started with a slower pace and worked my way up to a steady motion. She held my arms very tightly and her long beautiful nails were embedding in my arms. Her breast was jumping up and down with every stroke. From time to time she got her tongue out and rolled it over her lips.She was feeling orgasms over orgasms. As, I was ready to cum I pulled my dick out of her but she grabbed it and guided it right back in and told me to continue “ I am on the pills, cum inside me, deep inside” Within few seconds I butted all inside her. She must have felt that because she screamed and yelled “ Oh Yes”

I slowly pulled my dick out side. She was beautiful seeing her there naked. I laid down beside her, she held my hand and said “Now you are my man.” I smiled back. She went into the bathroom for a while but kept the door open. I could hear the sound of her pee going down the flush.. She came out holding a brush in her hand. She started to brush her long brown hair. And I said to myself “ Is it all over” My dick was coming back to life and she realized it too. She climbed the bed and said “ you are ready again, that’s quick”.

She bent down and kissed me. Holding my cock in her hand she got on top of me and guided it into her still wet pussy.. I was holding her breasts and pressing her nipples with my thumbs. She got very excited and got very fast. We fucked for about ten minutes and felt like if its not going to stop.

After completing the session we have clicked some nude selfies. She was resting in my chest

“Its not sex. Its our romance na?” She asked

“Yeah, my lover” I replied

“I want to travel with you, I want to shop with you, I want to talk with you, I want to walk with you and I want to fuck with you”

“I will do whatever for my love”

“Thank you my love” she has given me a smooch.

We both slept in that bed without any dress..

She called me and I waken up at 7 am and given me a cup of tea. She was in her nighty.

While drinking it she asked me “do you that it is wrong”

“No its pure love. Marriage is not a coir to bind anyone. Love has no boundaries. If you loves me then we will do it again. We will stop it when the love is no more. I won’t disturb you when your love is lost. Now you say is it a sin?” I replied.

She has kept the tea cup in the table and came near to me. Sat over my lap

“Never going to stop loving you” she kissed me.

She has waved bye and I rushed to upstairs.

After sometime I got a message from her. “I think I have missed my panty last night”

I have stealed that panty from her room

Then I clicked a selfie of I am licking that panty and sent to her.

“Ha ha caught the thief. Anyway keep it safe and give it me back next time” she replied

That was the first time….

After getting fresh up i went to the office.

At 11am i got a whatsapp message from her.

She: Hi

Me: hi my love

She: how’s my dear?

Me: feeling like a man now

She: oho why feeling so?

Me: because yesterday i was in a hunt. Actually she hunted me down. She made a boy to a man. Man of her

She: ha ha naughty boy

Me: hey am I boy?

She: yeah you are son, brother, husband and father everything to me

Me: oh sounds awesome

She: so how was the night?

Me: I lost the virginity yesterday and that was my first experience. What to say. Enjoyed a lot. And still want to enjoy till my last breath.

She: you made me to feel like I am young again. Iam not lying that i have enjoyed alot and till now didnt enjoyed this much in bed.

Me: you know something? Body without mind is bullshit.

She: yeah. You have won my mind that’s why I have given you my body

Me: I have fallen in love with you a lot earlier. But I have to give you time to feel the same towards me. I can’t force you to love me na? Sex is only the byproduct of love.  Have waited all these days just to hear “I love you” from you

If are says like i can’t make love with you. It’s ok for me. Because love is 50/50 for men and women.

She: i know dear. The most valuable thing that you have given me is your time. I love you very much. I am speaking straight from my heart that i love rahul very very much.

Me: thank you dear if you were hear surely i will smooch you till you plead me for have some air.

She: ha ha. Don’t kill me

Me: hey i am wont.

She: ok see you later

Me: bye

After 2 days she messaged me saying that her husband has told her to invite me for a tea for all those helps in hospital. I thought that she is kidding on me.


Next day was Sunday and i was simply watching some movies in my laptop. Suddenly she messaged me

She: my father in law will now come to meet you

Me: for what?

She: he came to know about our love. He is very angry and coming with knife to kill you

Me: ha ha that’s funny. Ok let he come and kill me. And the funniest part is that by knowing that he is going to kill me you are simply sitting and messaging me na? Next time come with a good story

She: ha ha … you are too clever

Me: clever enough to love you

She: ha ha .. Anyway he is coming

Me: for what?

She: surprise

Me: ok let me see

After few minutes i heard the knock on my door and i opened it. It was her Father in law.

He came to invite me for a tea. I hesitated first and then i said ok “i will be there in 5 minutes”

He smilled and gine back.

When i have taken the mobile there came her next message

“Welcome home my love. I am waiting for you”

I have sent her a kissing smiley.

I have dressed up and went to their home in 5 minutes. Her father in law has opened the door and welcomed me along with her kid. We have started to talk casually. At that time she came to the room and smiled at me and she called her father in law. They both have gone to other room and have seen that she is saying something in his ear. Her kid was with me and she was playing with my mobile. I have taken a cartoon video in youtube and given the mobile to her. Her father in law came back to the room with a cover in hand and told me to please wait for 5 minutes and i will be right back. I said ok no problem.

I thught that he went outside for buying some snacks for me. Since the nearest bakery was 2k away from home it will take atleast 10 minutes.

I was so excited.

My eyes were in search for her. Suddenly i have heard a song.its an engish movie song

“love me like you do

Love me like you do….

Touch me like you do

Touch m elike you do….

Kiss me like you do

Kiss me like you do..

What you waiting for….”

I have checked the kid. She is busy with my mobile and then i slowly closed the door and followed the song. It comes from the kitchen. When i entered the kitchen she was making tea along playing that song in mobile.

I was stunned by the view. The most loved lady with perfect body shape in a sexy saree is standing. He ass was welcoming me. Without making sound i came behind her and hugged her. Actually she was waiting for me.

My hands were on her shoulders and i was kissing her neck. She was moaning with pleasure.

Slowly she has taken my hands from her shoulder and placed it over her bare belly and made me to feel her soft belly button.

She: love you my dear. I missed your touch so much. We don’t have time. Only 5 Minutes we have.

Me: i love you and i was waiting for this moment

She has taken her long hair from back and put in front.

Now her bare back is accessible for y mouth.

I have kissed all over her back but her blouse was stopping me from further proceeding.

She: for what you are waiting.. Remove the blouse hooks and feel your lover’s body

Without wasting anytime i have removed her blouse hooks. Its a special type blouse so the hooks was on the back side.

Resumed the kissing and she was bending her body due to the overwhelming pleasure. Now the next hurdle is her bra.

I was kissing her bare back and its full of my saliva.

I have tried to remove the hooks of bra but i can’t. She started to laugh and then she herself removed it for me.

From her neck to ass its full free and full of my saliva. She turned back and was facing me. Then she slowly kissed on my lips. I have pushed my tongue into her mouth and then it was a passionate kiss. I have never kissed someone like that. Actually she was dominating there. I have squeezed her breast over her saree. Then we parted from the kiss.

She told me to keep quiet. She has taken the mobile and called her father in law. He told that its bit rush in the bakery so will take 10 minutes and she told its ok our guest is busy in playing with the kid. She cut the call.

She: time extended to another 10 minutes

I was so happy. We again kissed passionately. We have exchanged our salivas.

Then i taken her saree bottom in my hand and raised it up to her knee. She has climbed on me and kept legs crossed over my ass. I have taken her to the slab and made her to sit in that. I bent down and made myself to get in between her legs. now my head is covered by her legs and saree. I felt the warm of her pussy.

She was pushing me deep in to her pussy.

Her panty was already wet. I have removed it and made myself to lick her pussy juice. She has moaning and i kept my fingers in her mouth for not to make much noise.

I have pushed my tongue in to her pussy. I swirled it like a sword.

She: ohh yeah.. its coming. stop it

Me: no i won’t

She:  will squirt

Me:i am waiting

She pushed my head deeper and within no time she has squirted. I kept my mouth wide opened and drink it all. Wow what a taste for her juice.

I came back from her pussy and she was heavily breathing. i rearranged my dress. She was really enjoyed.

She: i don’t know what to say. I think i will die due to pleasure. Your tongue is awesome.

Me: Deeper to go

She: not now. Im really tired. Why did you drink that?

Me: its my angels juice i have full freedom to drink it. Am i correct?

She came closer to me and taken my face in her hands

She: you have full freedom over me

We hugged and parted.

She has rearranged her dress and instructed me to go back to guest room. I gone back and played littlie with her kid.

Her father in law came and she had served me the tea and snacks. While i am talking with her father in law i have seen that she is laughing by looking at my bottom. What that? I looked down and have seen that my dick is hard enough to tear down my trousers. I just hided it under my shirt.

Then i looked her, she was laughing, me also. she sent me flying kisses.

After few minutes i said bye to them and got back to my room.

Afer sometime i got a message from her.

She: what’s that bulg?

Me: what bulg?

She: the on i have seen in your pants

Me: oh that.. if you dont say to others i will tell one secret

She: tell me

Me: that’s a disease

She: oho.. is it? What disease?

Me: it will be hard when it want to be rest in deeper holes

She: chi naughty

Me: ha ha..ia m telling the truth

She: hows it now?

Me: i am adjusting with it. Today it was hard but didnt get such a hole. So may be some other time

She: oh so sad..

Me: yeah exactly

She: so what you are going to do now? Going to console it with your hand? Hi hi

Me: ha ha no no.. it wont be satisfied by my hands now. Earlier it gets satisfaction by my hand. But now there is a problem

She: what problem?

Me: once it has tasted a hole then it need that hole for satisfaction

She: ha ha thats good. But so many holes will be available for you if you pay some money na?

Me: yeah thats possible. But i made a promise to myself

She: what promise?

Me: i am not looking for just a sexual pleasure. If that was my aim i have so many ways. I am in love with someone. I need her care and love to satisfy myself.

She:hey dear i was just kidding

Me: ha…

She: hey speak something

Me: love you

She: love you too dear. Rahul i wanna spend time with you da

Me: me too… i wanna go for a travel with you

She: is my dream

Me: we will

She: ok bye take care

Me: take care what myself or that bulg?

She: ha ha

Days passed..our relation had grown more thick. She is not just a lover a mother, wife, daughter all to me. I will get the wake up miss call at 6am sharp. According to her i have to take Lunch at 1:30pm sharp. She will wait for my bikes sound untill 7pm and if there is no sign of me then she will message me asking where am i.

Once she told that while her husband calls her he told like she is more active now, more happy now. She says i am the reason for that. I told na, this is not just a mere sex story its a love story. I love to call it like that.

Once while we were chatting she told that she misses her home very much. Even her parents also says the same and they want to see her.its 150 km from thekkalur to her home.

Me: do you wanna see your parents?

She: yeah

Me: when did you last met them?

She: its almost 6 months.

Me: then for what you are waiting go and visit them

She: it will take about 5-6 hours in bus to reach there. So i cant return by same day. Husband says me to return on the same day because his father is here. That is why

Me: cut the crap. Now you want  to visit your home and have to rush back to here on the same day na?

She: yeah

Me: ok. When you want to go? Next Sunday is ok for you?

She: hey what you are up to?

Me: nothing i am taking my lover and her kid to their home thats all

She: hey how it will be possible. ?

Me: leave that to me.

story will continue in the next episode …

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