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My Love Story (First Experience)

I am Rahul 27 year old and live in Thekkalur, a rural village in between Tiruppur and Coimbatore. I am working in NHAI and actually I am from Kerala.


I am residing in a rented BHK Flat. Actually I am resides in the first floor of the big House and the ground floor occupied by a family hailing from Kodaikanal. That Family consists of a lady (heroine), her small kid and her father in law. Her husband is in abroad and father in law works in a Textile Manufacturing Company as Security.

She is 33 years of age and having good body structure. She uses to wear nighty and most times she use to be alone in the house or with her mobile in the terrace.
Even though she is 33, her figures will reflect her just 26 or something.
Since me and my friend were employees we use to leave the room by 9:30am and will return in the night only.

I use to go to the gym, so early in the morning when I am on the way to the gym I will see her in front if the house. That scene is somewhat very beautiful. I will describe it and try to imagine it by yourself.

I am stepping down from the outdoor staircase and entering in to the porch to take my bike. A lady of 33B breast size in nighty is seeing the skies sun shine with her closed eyes. She will put her wet hair in to the back. While doing this one drop of water from her hair will fall on my face. Aww. It smells like the Arabain spray. Then she turns back and sees me, gives me a cute smile. Her face is glowing in the misty morning sun shine. Slowly she takes her long hair from back and makes it a bun, while doing this her breasts will point out and feels like her bra is crying to hold those melons. Slowly I will take the bike and will kick start it. While moving from the porch I will turn back will look at her to get a glance of her back. Her back, her thighs everything will make me mad. I am the only one entering the Gym in the early morning with a steady and tight dick.

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On one Sunday I was leaving the room for some shopping from the city. I have seen her in the gate talking to an old stranger. By passing near to her I came to know that he is actually in search for an address in our street. When I passed her I have seen that her Bra strap is seen in her neck, it made me disturbed suddenly. The old man is also looking in to same and she continues to talk without bothering it.

When I am leaving from there she has given me a smile and told that he is search for an address here. I said “ok”. He asked for water when she turned back to get it from her home I told ”No Need akka I have water with me”. I have given the water to him. While her drinking it, I pointed her Bra lace and signaled her to put it inside. She has done the same. While I am leaving from there when I turned back she was looking at me with a smile.

There starts the romance story..


Days passed and as usual we exchanged smiles but with a little change from that day onward she uses to wear much more good dresses. Next Sunday arrived. I was in a phone call and I have seen her with her kid sitting the porch. I have just came near to them by talking over the phone. They are actually searching for a saree in amazon. Suddenly her phone rang. It was her husband and she asked “anna which color saree will suits for me. I have to buy one for pongal”

“I am busy janu. Called you just to remind that tomorrow is the due date of our home loan. So don’t forget to remit the money”. He cut the phone. She was sad. Suddenly she has seen me and hidden her sadness by wearing a fake smile.

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I have cut the call and came near to them.

“Since you have bright skin tone, RED will suit you very much. Don’t ever lie with a smile” I have smiled

She also smiled. I just don’t know how to explain that situation. Her eye brows were widened. Eyes were wide opened. One of the cutest smiles I have ever seen. She has smiled because of me. Oh my GOD, What a feeling.

I have taken her mobile and searched for some red saree’s in amazon and selected one.

“This will be super for you akka”

“Thank you Rahul” she have told in a low voice

“Oh, so you know my name na?”

“Yeah I heard many times that your friends calls you”

“Oh so you are watching me. Is it?”

“Hey no no.. Nothing like that”

“Ha ha ok I was just kidding”

“Let me suggest you some good designs of blouses” by saying that I have searched for nayanthara photos in google and selected one with saree.

She didn’t said anything. Suddenly her father in law arrived and we have just parted.


Yesterday I came back from office at 11pm and the sad thing is that I have a strong fever. Usually I go to home on alternate weekends but due to fever I think it’s better to stay back at room and take rest.

As soon as I entered the room I went to sleep. Actually I couldn’t sleep properly due to the heavy fever. So I thought to go to hospital on next day.

Next day morning I woke up from sleep by hearing the knocks on the door. Actually I was not even able to walk. Slowly I have opened the door and stunned by the view.

She is standing in front of me like an RED angel. She was in the saree that I have chosen for her. I don’t know how to describe that view. Her red lips were requesting for a smooch. Her low cut blouse was revealing the big valley of her melons. Even though it is a transparent saree, her navel button is not visible due to her traditional wearing style. She was with a plate of kesari (PONGAL SPECIAL). By seeing me she also stunned. I was in heavy fever and I was about to fall. (I have already fallen for her).

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She asked me. “What Happened?”

“Just a Mild fever” I told.

Suddenly she have put her hand on my forehead to check the temperature.
Her first touch. I was melting at that time. Actually the temperature was about 41 degree. Suddenly she removed her hand and asked.

“Are you mad. Its high fever. Did you take any medicines?”

“No”, I nodded my head.

She looked the surroundings and suddenly enters in to my room and locked the door.

“Why didn’t you go to the hospital?”

“I was about to go”

“You are going to ride the bike in this condition? No I wont allow” I felt her careness at that moment.

“Now shut your mouth and sit here. I have to go back before they start to enquire me”. She pointed in to the chair and I just obeyed her.

She prepared a hot tea for me. At that time I have seen her backside. She wore the blouse that I have selected.

“By the way good blouse. Who selected this?” I started to play.

“Ha ha one mad boy” she replied with a smile

“Oh is it? Tell the boy that he has a good taste of selection” I have replied.

“Ok sir. I will”

“Oh madam is very serious while preparing tea na?”

She turned back and asked “now can u please shut your mouth for sometime or may I leave” she giggled.

“Oh no. Ok fine. I have stopped” replied with a smile.

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