Fucked my junior girl

Hi all ! This is Rahul from hydrebad. This is a real incident happened when i was in my college. I was studing b.tech from a reputed college in hydrebad. So there was this day where I had to give 3rd year mid semester exam. I completed my exam way early and left the classroom.

Love and love only: AN UNUSUAL LOVE STORY

ITS A PURE LOVE STORY AND NOT JUST A SEX STORY ———————————————————– LOVE AND LOVE ONLY =============== Hi I’m Rahul and now I’m here to describe an incident which happened few months before. It is all started in a bus travel from Bangalore to Coimbatore. Some of my friends were working in Bangalore so went

Lonely girl’s sexual desire

Hi all This is a true story of myself and my friend in Delhi. This story might go slow, as it depicts true incidents between me and my friend. However, please do read it completely and you will understand how strong the bond was between us and how we fulfilled our desires. This happened about

Sex with my sister – Mili

Hi guys my name is Krish. I am a medical student. This is the story when I was in 10th std that is about 2 years ago. Let me tell you about myself. I am a handsome dude. I go to the gym. I have a 6 inch cock. At that time I was 15

Hot Sex with Trainee

Beep beep. My mobile buzzed. I got the list of new trainees who would be joining my company. There were three of them. Two girls and a boy. I’m Santosh, 32 years, well built and very handsome. I work in a good software company in Bangalore and had been blessed with hot wife. But, I

Neetu a MILF

It was a chance encounter with Neetu, the MILF I dreamt of fukng and had been shagging at the very thought of touching her. happened to go to jammu on personal work. checked in to transit camp very late in the eve and on getting into the room realized the ac wasn’t working. thus, went

Cheating with friend’s wife

Hello friends, I am Rahul (name changed) from bangalore, i am 38 and happily married, I am 5.8 in height and 65 kg in weight, i have athletic body type and mischievous naughty mind. the story is about wife of a friend, Naina (name changed) she was my friend Suresh’s wife, they had two kids

Fun-times With My Indian Sex Story Reader Sabina

Hi, I am Rahul I live in Chennai now. This is my story when I went to Mumbai on a business trip for a few days I had what was a rather unexpected but delightful experience. I was staying in a 3 star hotel, since i was traveling alone, I was planning on spending my

Threesome With A Milf

Hi, this is Rahul with my sex story of how my friend Sanjay & I met a horny woman and had a threesome with her while I was working in Bangalore. Please share your comments. On a Wednesday night, on our way home, we stopped by at a pub for a drink, while we were

Seducing and getting seduced…cheating and exploring with hot lady

This is one part story of a long term affair I am involved in. My name is Rahul (name changed). I am 5.7 height and 65 weight. I am a north indian, born and bought up in bangalore. I have few businesses that i own and i am 38 and happily married with 2 kids.

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