Confession of a housewife

Confession of a housewife,
Today I am going to confess one truth of my life. I am a housewife. Its absolutely a true story of my life. It happened about a year before. My name is Rohini. I was 38 then, today I am 39 with attractive looks and a good figure to turn many heads around. My figure is 38-32-40 and I am aware that my breasts and my buttocks get the maximum attention.

My husband is working as head of marketing department for one of the reputed petroleum companies in India and often keeps travelling a lot within and outside India. He is almost 9 years older than me. I have 3 more sisters and I being the eldest, I was married at an early age of 22 and I too agreed to marry him although he was 9 years older than me because he belonged to an affluent family. Although I enjoyed all material comforts with him, we did not have kids for 5 years since he suffered from diabetes at early age. After some treatment, we got a baby girl after 5 years and soon after another 2 years we got another. Today they are 11 and 9 and are put up in good schools. Although I lead a very happy life with my husband, my sexual life was not that good due to his Diabetes.

He was always under medication and faced erection problems and premature ejaculation problems. Although he tried his best to satisfy me, he still had limitation and I too ignored this since he was a very good and loving husband to me and a good father to my children.
He also took me to trips abroad whenever he got a chance and always tried to keep me happy. So my life was really good until about a year back.
Then suddenly my life took a twist. My youngest sister Shikha got married about 3 years back to a guy called Milind, who is a gem of a person. Like Shikha, he used to call me Rohini didi. He works as a Manager with a multinational company here in Bombay.

He is 29, about 5-8 tall, handsome, muscular and a very jolly person. Everybody in our house like him since he is very humorous.
My parents too love him very much. Since my middle 2 sisters are settled out of Bombay, Shikha & Milind were regular visitors at our place or we at their place. Milind had a huge stock of jokes and used to entertain all of us at parties and get-togethers. We two couples and our kids even visited some places together and everything was normal between us for first 2 years of their marriage.

However, a year back things started to change particularly between him and me. Since I liked jokes a lot, I once asked him his source of all these stuff and he said he got it from his friends through internet.
He also offered to forward these to me if I was interested and I immediately accepted. He then started sending me a lot of jokes/articles which were very funny and I enjoyed them.

Slowly he started sending me non-veg jokes & erotic stuff and asked me if I was comfortable with it. Initially I felt very shy and awkward but slowly I started enjoying this stuff since it killed my time especially during the afternoons when I was alone at home.
Since at 38 I was in prime of my sexual life and I was not so satisfied, I started enjoying this stuff and it gave me a great kick. I started thinking about sex all the time, reading stuff on internet and even masturbating with my fingers to relieve myself.
It was during this period that I gradually started sensing that my brother-in-law Milind was getting attracted to me as he used to look at me differently. He used to stare at me for long especially at my breasts and buttocks and when my eyes met him, he would look the other way.
Initially I used to get embarrassed by his looks but slowly I too started liking it as I felt proud that even at 38 I was able to attract a young man of 28, who was younger than me by 10 years… also in spite of the fact that his wife and my sister was also beautiful.
As the time passed, his visit to our house became very regular. Practically every Sunday we used to meet with our families, but sometimes even on Saturdays when my hubby was away, he would visit alone without the knowledge of his wife. We used to then chat, crack jokes, discuss on various topics.

I started enjoying his company as he was always eager to help me and flatter me a lot. He would complement me on my looks, my sexy figure, my voice, about my saree, my hair etc. and I liked the way he talked, especially his humour… he made me laugh a lot. I used to really miss him if I did not see him every week.

After a few days, I noticed that Milind was paying special attention to my breasts. He would stare at them, peek at my cleavage whenever I bend down to offer him tea/snacks, stare at my buttocks while passing through him.
He had now started exciting me in a strange way and I enjoyed flirting with him a bit. I too liked the way he looked, his shapely muscular body, his chest, his shoulders, his wicked naughty smile, his lusty eyes. On many such occasions, I saw a huge bulge in his pants and that used to make me horny but I tried my best to stop all this since I did not want to cheat my loving husband and my loving sister.

But on that fateful day… I still remember it was a Thursday, 10th May. Around 11:00 in the morning, Milind suddenly came to my house without telling me. My hubby was on tour to Bangalore for a week and my kids were off to school.
I had just come out of my bath and wore a simple light blue printed saree with matching blouse. I was really surprised to see him without any notice. He was wearing jeans and a T-shirt which was showing his muscular body.
I asked him “How come you are here at this time? You did not even phone me?” and he replied “Rohini didi, I just can not stay without you, I think I am in love with you and I keep thinking about you all the time”.
I was really shocked to hear that and some how managed to say “look Milind, I appreciate your feelings but it is not good for us. You should not cheat your wife. You have such a beautiful wife at home so please look after her.”
But he further shocked me by saying, “I agree my wife is very beautiful… but I find you more sexier than her. I am very much attracted towards you and I know you too like me. Tell me frankly whether you like me or not? If u do not like me then I will not come here again. I will not show you my face again.”
I was in a dilemma what to reply. It was a fact that I liked him but I had never thought of having any relations with him since he was my sister’s husband.

I did not want to hurt his feelings so I just said, “Look Milind, I definitely like you, but we cannot do anything that will ruin our families.”
But he kept saying that he was madly in love with me and wanted me at any cost. I could see that lust in his eyes that he wanted to fuck me. I wanted to stop at this point. At that very moment, my phone rang and I went towards the sofa to answer it.
My hubby was on line from Bangalore and just wanted to say hello and check whether everything was ok. I just signalled Milind to keep quiet and he understood that it was my hubby on the line.

While I was talking on the phone, I suddenly sensed that Milind was standing behind me, very close almost touching my body. Since I was standing in a corner close to the wall there was no further place to move, yet I tried to move but Milind shocked me by putting his arms around my waist and holding me tight against his body.

I felt his body was damn hot and I struggled to get away but he was really strong. As I was talking to my hubby, I could not say a word to Milind, just signalled him to move away but he instead tightened his grip.

I did not know how to react, my body became very unsteady, I started breathing heavily and Milind noticing this suddenly slid his one hand upwards and caught hold of my right breast above the blouse and started caressing it. I tried to protest but he hold me tight.
My hubby on the other side also sensed that something was wrong with me since I suddenly became silent and asked me what was the problem. I just replied nothing much except that I was having a headache and hence I was just lying down on the bed.
So he apologetically said that he just casually phoned up and that I should take rest. Saying so he kept the phone and I felt relieved.
I somehow turned around & tried to protest Milind and told him to immediately stop all this but he was full of lust. He pulled me towards him and before I could react, he put his burning lips on mine and kissed me passionately for a long time.
I felt suffocated and just managed to move away my lips… but only for a few seconds.

He again gave me a long passionate kiss… then again and again until I became weak in my knees. I just could not move against his strength.
His rock hard body was tight against mine and I couldn’t help but be turned on by how well my breasts fit under his massive chest and above his rippling stomach. I couldn’t talk, I was feeling this rush of sexual tension like I never felt in my life.
My whole body tensed as Milind’s burning lips touched mine repeatedly. His lips were unlike those of my husbands, and even though I knew I shouldn’t be doing this, I opened my mouth and we began kissing.

Our lips melted together as if they were becoming one. Frankly I enjoyed such a hot passionate suffocating kiss for the first time in my life. He pushed his tongue into my mouth and pulled me close as he began to rub my bottom again. It felt sooo good.
I was now literally trembling. I could feel my inner thighs moisten as my angelic mound was gushing. Nothing else was on my mind but this powerful kiss. As he pulled his tongue from my lips, he started to lick my neck.
His warm breath and wet tongue was triggering a deep sexual desire inside of me. Somehow I made it to break away from his kiss and muttered to him that we shouldn’t do this and asked him to go away before it was too late.
But Milind, with his innocent face, whispered his apology in my ear and told me he was having trouble controlling himself because I looked so hot. Milind knew how I felt about him and he said that he fantasized me for a long time and wanted to make love to me. He said that he will stop at any moment when I ask him.

I opened my mouth to feel his tongue once more. It had been a long time my husband had not fucked me. Milind began to gently stroke my left breast through the soft material of my blouse.

My breasts have always been very sensitive and it’s the quickest way to get me hot. It felt so good it made my knees weak. I convinced myself that it was just a little harmless petting, my husband would never know. Just a little harmless thrill. It felt so good I had to let him continue.
Milind re-entered his tongue into my mouth as we started to kiss wildly again. I couldn’t get enough of him as he again made his way down my neck. He began to grab intimately my huge breasts with his hands. His hands were now on the buttons of my blouse.
Already the pallu of my saree left my shoulders and was lying on the floor. He had unbuttoned my blouse and started kneading my boobs over my bra. Then he moved up the bottom of my bra, exposing my nipples as we kissed.

He began to gently roll my nipples between his fingertips as I rubbed his muscular chest. He picked up the hint and immediately removed his T-shirt exposing his bare chest, strong shoulders and fatless stomach. This guy was gorgeous, had a great body unlike my husband who was shapeless, fat with a huge belly.
So, I too felt like exploring his muscles and just moved my hand across his bare chest and shoulders. He then unclasped the strap of my bra, releasing my tight fun bags from my black bra.

When he tried to lick and suck them, it startled me again. I started to pull him away but he increased his sucking to a point it felt too good to stop. I just couldn’t believe what I was doing and my mind was racing so fast.
My knees started getting weak and I had to sit down on the sofa. But then Milind literally picked me up and carried me to my bedroom and slowly kept me on my large bed.

He then knelt down and took one of my inflated nipples into his mouth. His warm tongue licked across my swollen nipples, sending me into a sexual confusion. Milind sucked my nipples one by one.
The blood rushed to this hot zone and filled my breasts. My ripe melons looked too huge in proportion to waist and expanded my rib cage. Milind licked my tits up and down and was starting to have his way with me.

I soon felt his hands began to caress the silkiness of my inner thighs. When I didn’t resist, his hand pulled the hem of my petticoat, loosened it and began pulling it down. Instinctively, as if to help him, I raised my hips and allowed him to pull it down and he removed it thru my legs.
When he slid his hands across my naked legs and thighs, I realised that I was now only in a piece of my panties and felt so shy and embarrassed before my brother-in-law. Soon he touched my pussy above my panty’s and softly began massaging my pussy through the material. I moaned. His hands pushed my legs farther apart, inserted his hand through the panty and gently cupped the soft moistness of my cunt. I thought I would wet my panty right there. It felt so good. I figured I would let him do this for a few minutes more and then I would have to make him stop.
By this time, as I was lost in my thoughts, Milind had removed my panties and his hand was now on my naked cunt caressing it and massaging it gently. As my pussy got wetter and hotter, he inserted his fingers in my pussy and started finger fucking me.

Finally I managed myself to moan, “Milind, we have to stop, please! I’m getting so hot, we shouldn’t continue more!” Milind responded by moving his mouth down my stomach and tried to cover my clit.

My God! He was going to eat my pussy, something my husband has never done! When he began to press his mouth over my clit, I finally stopped him and told him we were getting carried away and I couldn’t let that happen.
He promised me no one would know. I simply moaned that he shouldn’t carry on further & should stop once for all, once he finished tasting my pussy.
The exotic feeling of being totally nude in front of another man sent a shiver up my spine as instinctively my legs spread open. I just couldn’t believe the sensation of his mouth on my cunt.

I lay back and closed my eyes in ecstasy. Milind began by slowly kissing the area around my labia before he began to lick my very wet cunt lips and clit. While he did this, he continued to move his fingers inside out. Milind knew just what to do with a woman.
Before long, I began to feel my orgasm build within me. He sucked and licked inside of me. I thought I was going to explode. He licked me deeply as my pussy was on fire. My body was quivering and instinctively started to buck.
Milind was licking and sucking my clit and I was overcome by this sensual feeling erupting inside of me. I had never felt like this before. My husband had never done this to me before.

I was really enjoying it. My tight little cunt was in spasm. He was sending my body into a sexual frenzy as his face was buried into my drenched pussy. I looked forward to the release that had been building for so long.
My husband, very rarely makes me cum, so I was really looking forward to it and told myself I would stop afterwards. I was getting so hot now, I was moaning very loudly and didn’t even notice him remove his pants & underwear and move up between my legs.
When I felt his lips touched mine, I opened my eyes to see Milind above me and looked down to see him guiding his huge erect cock in between my quivering cunt lips. Oh my God! It was so big nearly twice the size of my husbands. I trembled at the huge size, it was rock hard. I guessed, it was more than eight inches and it was quite thick, more than twice thicker than my hubby’s. His girth made me worry if he would fit inside me. I trembled at the huge size, as he began to push his cock in my wet cunt.
I came to my senses and said “Milind no, please stop, It is so big.” He put his thick rod on the tip of my vagina and gave his torso a gentle push. I cried, Oh my God it is so thick, please stop, it is so thick. He stopped. After some time he gave another push. I cried out again, Nooooo. please no.. stop it please..

This time, I think one or two inches went inside, I could feel my love hole became so wide.
Moments later I started little enjoying and whispered, “Please go slow, it is thick.” He gave gentle push and it was in, a little more. Now there was a little pain and pleasure.

I moaned, Aahhhhhh…. Oooeeeeeeeeeeeee…Oh my God! Yes….yes, He gave another push and this time half of his manhood went inside.
Yes… I feel… so gooood!”, and he continued to piston a few more inches into me. I raised my head to see, still couple of inches left.
He continued pounding me. Oh God! he gave another push, he completely went in and said, Ah!!!! Oh my God! Rohini didi you are so tight.
Milind’s hard rod was inside me and reached the other edge of my fuckhole and buried there. And now oh! God I had started enjoying it. He was so thick and long. I could feel, he reached near my naval. It was so big…so thick.. so hard like a bamboo. He withdrew himself, hardly an inch, I moaned in strange pleasure. He then gently started humping me slowly and softly and he just kept ramming inside out.
I was now enjoying a fuck by a long thick rod. Soon, I was starting to cum as he sank in further, stretching my cunt lips apart, already more than ever before.

By this time, I couldn’t control the passion I felt. My body was erupting, my boobs were swollen, my love mound was panting and my inner voice was demanding more of him. My body betrayed me as my hips began to push and move against him with my building orgasm.
I couldn’t help it, I couldn’t even speak. I could only moan. I looked up at Milind. His fully loaded love gun was throbbing & pulsating and was thrusting in and out with full force, sinking deeper into my cunt with every push and… I was pushing my cunt up to meet each thrust.
I exploded into my first real orgasm of my lifetime, as wave after wave of pleasure went through my body. I moaned & screamed with ecstasy.
My legs were straight up in the air and my fingernails dug into Milind’s muscular arms as I held him tight and close to my body. My huge boobs got crushed under his chest and I could feel his whole hot body on top of me, melting me completely.
For the first time I felt envy about my sister since Milind was a great lover!! I realized my cunt had adjusted to his huge size and his massive cock was sliding smoothly in and out of my wet slit. All thoughts of betraying my husband were gone.
I was moaning as Milind slammed himself into me, bucking with the pure pleasure his cock was giving me. It was fantastic having such a hard, powerful forbidden cock inside me. Tears of ecstasy raced down my face as I begged him for more, Aaahhh…sssss…ooooo…eeeeee..I whispered in Milind’s ear,” Tumhara lund bahut bada hai, phaad dalo meri choot ko… aahhh…(your cock is so big, tear my cunt.) Please fuck me hard… harder…harder.

Milind was surprised to see the change in my reactions and he continued to pump me fast and hard. I felt my second climax building up in my stomach very quickly.

I was going to come again! Soon I exploded.

Now, he pulled back his cock. I was surprised what he was going to do. For the first time I touched his cock, took in my hand, squeezed Oh my God! It was so hard and so big and thick, I could not close my fist. I whispered,”Kitna bada hai tumhara lund! Shikha is very lucky. (How big is your cock!).” I smiled and lowered my head and kissed on the tip of his throbbing rod. He moaned ahhhh…ohhh!!! Rohini didi you are soooo gooood and he pressed my head, his tip went inside my mouth. I started moving my tongue around his penis. Milind was moaning loudly. I was getting hornier and wanted his rod inside me. I withdrew his cock and with a smile whispered, fuck me.
He then turned me around and this was the first time I was going to enjoy this position, doggy position. Seeing my big buttocks, he became so excited. As soon as his shaft touched my pussy, I gave a back push, his big tip went inside, how wonderful it was. He gave a big push and all the eight inches went inside. I moaned, Ahhhh!!!

He started thrusting in and out and my hips began to meet each of his thrusts.
I blocked out all thoughts of my husband, about cheating, about everything!
I was only enjoying his wonderful cock, the way he was fucking me… so long…so hard… with appropriate pauses.
My entire mind was focused on this pleasure now and I screamed with the greatest sexual experience of my life. It was wonderful.
Soon he increased his humping speed, he stiffened and Milind groaned loudly and shot the first spurt of his semen deep within me. My god, he was coming inside of me! I was filled with both the feelings of ecstasy and pleasure. He shot load after load of hot sperm inside me.
I could feel the hot liquid gushing in. It felt like he was peeing with a force. His hands were holding my buttocks and he was pushing into me with all the strength and intensity of his orgasm.
I could feel his hot sperm literally shooting into me.
At the same time my body also once again came… I came so hard I felt like someone let the air out of me… .oh no… oh no… not now… oh God my hips involuntarily began to push hard against him.
My cunt was pulsating as my body fought to ingest all of his love cream. The most intense orgasm I’ve ever had as he continued to thrust. …?” My response still surprises me to this day.
It felt as if the whole world was whirling round; it was so wonderful.

God, it felt so good.
When Milind finally rolled off me and pulled his cock out from my red and swollen pussy, I slowly sat up on my elbows and looked down at how totally fucked I looked. I could feel his liquid pouring out of me and down the crack of my ass. I couldn’t believe there was so much of it. I just lay there for a moment in a dreamlike state marveling at the feeling of what was happening inside of me. I looked at him, his naked body and found that even when his cock was soft, he was still larger than my husband. I moved closer to him and kissed him as if to thank him.
My dresses were bunched up around the bed and my soaked petticoat & panties were lying at a corner of the bed. My breasts were red.
Milind smiled and assured me it would be our secret. Trusting him, I embraced his naked body and soon we went to sleep. After about an hour or so, I woke up and went to the bathroom.

I had a nice shower and when I returned back to my room, Milind was still in bed sleeping innocently, with no fear, no guilt, as if he was the master of this house.
He sure was the master… atleast for today, because he had fucked me like his wife… on the very bed where my husband had fucked me for last so many years. But it was so very different… so good… so satisfying!!
For the first time I felt Milind really deserved to be my master, the master of this house, the master of this bed and the master of this sexy body!! I looked at the watch… it was 4 pm and my kids would be returning from school.
I went to the bed, woke him up and told him that it was time to wrap up. He immediately got up, took a nice shower and quickly dressed up. He then took me in a tight embrace and said “Thank you Rohini didi… it was really wonderful. I hope you too enjoyed it”.
I told him “yes… I too had enjoyed it for the first time in my life” and added surprisingly… ” hope its not the last time.”
He was pleasantly surprised and assured me that he was available as and when I needed him and it would always remain a top secret between us. I promised to meet again and revealed that I had never enjoyed fucking of this standard ever before in my life and that I wanted to experience it again and again.

We hugged and kissed each other in a more relaxed mood and then he left my house well in time before the kids returned from school.
We again met in the next week and kept on meeting and fucking regularly but very discreetly. Whenever my husband went on tours it was a festival time for us. Its been a year now that we are into this clandestine relationship, but we do still cherish our first encounter. It changed our lives completely.

Today, when I look back, I have no regrets whatsoever about what happened on that fateful day. No regrets for cheating my husband, no regrets for breaking the sanctity of my marriage.

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