Confession of a housewife

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Confession of a housewife,
Today I am going to confess one truth of my life. I am a housewife. Its absolutely a true story of my life. It happened about a year before. My name is Rohini. I was 38 then, today I am 39 with attractive looks and a good figure to turn many heads around. My figure is 38-32-40 and I am aware that my breasts and my buttocks get the maximum attention.

My husband is working as head of marketing department for one of the reputed petroleum companies in India and often keeps travelling a lot within and outside India. He is almost 9 years older than me. I have 3 more sisters and I being the eldest, I was married at an early age of 22 and I too agreed to marry him although he was 9 years older than me because he belonged to an affluent family. Although I enjoyed all material comforts with him, we did not have kids for 5 years since he suffered from diabetes at early age. After some treatment, we got a baby girl after 5 years and soon after another 2 years we got another. Today they are 11 and 9 and are put up in good schools. Although I lead a very happy life with my husband, my sexual life was not that good due to his Diabetes.

He was always under medication and faced erection problems and premature ejaculation problems. Although he tried his best to satisfy me, he still had limitation and I too ignored this since he was a very good and loving husband to me and a good father to my children.
He also took me to trips abroad whenever he got a chance and always tried to keep me happy. So my life was really good until about a year back.
Then suddenly my life took a twist. My youngest sister Shikha got married about 3 years back to a guy called Milind, who is a gem of a person. Like Shikha, he used to call me Rohini didi. He works as a Manager with a multinational company here in Bombay.

He is 29, about 5-8 tall, handsome, muscular and a very jolly person. Everybody in our house like him since he is very humorous.
My parents too love him very much. Since my middle 2 sisters are settled out of Bombay, Shikha & Milind were regular visitors at our place or we at their place. Milind had a huge stock of jokes and used to entertain all of us at parties and get-togethers. We two couples and our kids even visited some places together and everything was normal between us for first 2 years of their marriage.

However, a year back things started to change particularly between him and me. Since I liked jokes a lot, I once asked him his source of all these stuff and he said he got it from his friends through internet.
He also offered to forward these to me if I was interested and I immediately accepted. He then started sending me a lot of jokes/articles which were very funny and I enjoyed them.

Slowly he started sending me non-veg jokes & erotic stuff and asked me if I was comfortable with it. Initially I felt very shy and awkward but slowly I started enjoying this stuff since it killed my time especially during the afternoons when I was alone at home.
Since at 38 I was in prime of my sexual life and I was not so satisfied, I started enjoying this stuff and it gave me a great kick. I started thinking about sex all the time, reading stuff on internet and even masturbating with my fingers to relieve myself.
It was during this period that I gradually started sensing that my brother-in-law Milind was getting attracted to me as he used to look at me differently. He used to stare at me for long especially at my breasts and buttocks and when my eyes met him, he would look the other way.
Initially I used to get embarrassed by his looks but slowly I too started liking it as I felt proud that even at 38 I was able to attract a young man of 28, who was younger than me by 10 years… also in spite of the fact that his wife and my sister was also beautiful.
As the time passed, his visit to our house became very regular. Practically every Sunday we used to meet with our families, but sometimes even on Saturdays when my hubby was away, he would visit alone without the knowledge of his wife. We used to then chat, crack jokes, discuss on various topics.

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