Bully protection 2

It was Sunday and mum was getting ready for the game later. I was all ready to go, we just had to wait for Marcus to come pick us up. I still had mixed feelings about what was about to happen because I don’t think I could stop it if I wanted to. However it would make my life so much easier if Brad and his friends left me alone. (Read prev story Bully protection part 1)
Marcus arrived at the house and rang the doorbell. Mum came down stairs as he rang the bell and started to get excited. Mum was wearing a red dress that had very thin straps, showed a lot of cleavage and was very short. It was so short that when she came down the stairs I could see a pair of black laced panties covering her crotch but only just. She walked to the door and I could see that her dress only just covered her arse. She had red shoes with that made practically on her tip toes and could barely walk in them.
Mum moved to the door and grabbed the keys out of the key bowl by the door and was so excited she dropped them. She bent down to pick them up and gave me a glimpse of how short her dress really was. As she bent over I could see a little black triangle that was being swallowed by my mum’s pussy lips. She picked up the keys and opened the door and greeted Marcus like he was her friend and not mine. She hugged him and kissed him on the cheek and said
“Hello Marcus, it’s so good to see you, I think we’re ready to go so, shall we?”
“Alright let’s go” said Marcus
So we left the house and went to Marcus’s car. Mum ushered me to sit in the front and she sat in the back behind me. We headed off to the college where the game was being played. Marcus’s team the black bulls were playing the red lions in the first game of the season. It was ten minutes to the college but I had a nervous feeling we may never get there as Marcus was swerving a little whenever he looked in the mirror. I was fiddling with my phone when I dropped it and when I leant over to pick it up I saw why Marcus was swerving. Mum was teasing him in the mirror by opening her legs and rubbing her pussy through her very small panties.

After very tense journey we arrived at the college and made our way the sports hall. Mum was escorted mum to the family and friends seats while I sat down at the front where players will be sitting. The hall soon began to fill up with spectators and players were sat on the bench ready for the game to begin. I looked behind me and could see mum several rows behind, I could see up her short red dress whenever I looked back, and she really wasn’t trying to hide herself at all.
I wasn’t really sure how basketball worked other than bouncing the ball around and passing it to someone who can score and that it helped being tall. The game began and everyone was cheering on the black bulls and I got caught up in the action and started cheering the guys on and shouting
“COME ON MARCUS” I shouted along with everyone else.
I could hear mum a few rows behind shouting the same thing, then I remembered that I’m cheering on the guys who are soon to give my mum a blow bang in the changing rooms after this game. Not to mention Marcus knew that I knew because I heard them planning it when I caught him getting blown by mum in my bathroom. So far into the game I needed to go to the toilet so got up and walked past the players and headed off to the toilet.


I left the sports hall and could still hear people cheering the guys on. As I walked down the corridor I heard footsteps behind me. I carried on until I heard more footsteps, I took a quick look and saw Brad and his friends gaining on me. I didn’t think they’d even bother me after last time but here we are.
“Hey loser” shouted one of the bullies.
I carried on walking trying to ignore them but they kept gaining on me and trying to grab my attention.
“HEY we’re talking to you, loser” shouted brad.
He grabbed my arm, spun me around and slammed me against the wall and wrapped his hand around my throught.
“You’re not so tough now are you loser, I thought this would be a good opportunity to beat you bloody now that your friend isn’t around to help you” said Brad through the grit of his teeth.
I started to choke on his grip and my eyes slowly began to close. He let go and I dropped to the ground and could hear shouting but couldn’t hear what was being said. As I became conscious again I looked up and saw four of the players from the players bench all looking down on me, one of them who I recognised Jay spoke
“Hey little guy, you ok?”
“Err I don’t know what happened?”
“Brad and his friends caught up with you, they choked you out but we saw them follow you and stayed close behind” Jay said looking me up and down, making sure I was still conscious.
Then one of the other players called Buzz said
“Yeah don’t worry little guy, we got your back”
I was a little dazed and really know what I was saying and why but asked
“But my mum hasn’t paid you guys yet” I said stupidly.
“Ha yeah, don’t worry about that, we’ll sort that out later” said Jay
“Oh ok” I said as I try to pull myself up.
Jay pulled me to my feet and then I realised I needed the toilet still so they escorted me to the toilets. The four guys stood guard while peed like I was some kind of rich superstar then escorted me back to my seat. When we got to the bench Jay gave Marcus a thumbs up then I saw him give mum the thumbs up. I turned to look at her and as I did she opened her legs to give Marcus a view of her panties as a thank you. Then I realised that without this deal mum had with Marcus I would have probably been beaten up in the corridor. Suddenly I was a little more ok with this whole situation than before.
The game was ten minutes to the end. I looked to my right and saw mum walking down the steps and towards the changing rooms, then disappeared through the door. The game came to an end and the black bulls had won the first game of the season 62-43. People began to leave the sports hall and then they headed into the changing rooms and as a rule I had to wait until everyone had gone before I could go in and wash the kits for Monday.
I sat and waited for over two hours before Jay came into the sports hall and said
“Hey little guy, I’m the last one and I’m leaving” he said
“Oh ok, thanks um, where’s my mum?”
“We’re all going to the bar to celebrate and your mum insisted on coming too, don’t worry she’ll get home safe” He said and turned and left the hall.
I walked into the changing rooms to see that there were clothes everywhere. Shorts and shirts were scattered around the place along with boxers and socks. Except in the middle of the room where there was a spot free of clothes but there was quite a lot cum left on the that must of dripped of mum.
As I began picking up clothes I put them into a basket. I picked up something that was wet and soggy. I pulled the shirt off whatever the soggy thing was and reviled its identity. It was a pair black laced panties just like mums covered in cum. There wasn’t an area of them that wasn’t covered in cum, big drops began to fall from them. I could see lipstick on it, this must have been her rag to wipe her face.
I washed all the kits and put them in the store cupboard. I also washed mums cum stained panties and put them in my bag and began to walk home. After I got in I showered and changed then went downstairs to watch TV. It was about six o’clock and mum still wasn’t home so I made dinner for one and continued watching a film.
The clock turned to seven and I heard a car pull into the drive. Then the door flung open and two large black guys from the team, Bob and Jay helped mum into the living room and sat her down on the couch. Mum looked obviously drunk and started kissing my cheeks all excited to see me.
“Hi baby boy, I missed you so much, you know you a great bunch of friends out there, really nice guys” she said slowly being careful not to mix up her words.
“Err yeah I know, can get you anything mum, something to eat maybe?”
“No thanks baby boy I’m full, I think I’ll just go to bed”
She got up with a struggle and made her way up the stairs. I could see what was underneath those panties before she left the house. A smooth shaven pussy as walked up the stairs was glistening as she put one leg in front of the other. Before she got the top of the stairs I called out to her.
“Hey mum?”
“Yes baby?”
“I love you”
“Oh I love you too baby”
And she went to bed. I didn’t realise that Jay and Bob were still here. I looked at them wondering why they were here when Jay said
“Hey little man, if there’s anything you need just give us a call” he said as he left a phone number on the coffee table.
Jay and Bob left me on my own, So I went to bed and all I could hear was a vibrating noise through the wall of my mums room followed by a few moans until I fell asleep.
The next morning was Monday, I got up to go to work as usual and mum had already cooked breakfast for me. I still wasn’t sure how I felt about this whole situation but I soon realised that it was a good arrangement when I saw Brad and his friends all bearing cuts and bruises across their faces and I had two huge black men follow me around wherever I went like body guards.
The players came in from practice and the all got changed then began to leave for their classes until Marcus was the only one left.
“Hey Sam, come here, I want to talk” he said calmly
“Err sure what about?” I asked when I think I may already know the answer.
Marcus and I haven’t talked at all since I caught him getting a blow job of mum.
“Well it’s about the other night when I saw you watch your mum and me fool around”
“Err ok”
“Are you mad at me?” he asked looking genuinely concerned.
“I don’t know how I feel about this, on one hand its keeping my bullies away but on the other I’ve really heard any woman talk the way mum was while she sucked you”
“So you’re not pissed that I got sucked off by your mum and arranged a blow bang with 15 black guys?” he looked surprised when he asked this.
“Well it’s not really anything I should be getting involved with, it’s my mum and she has her own private life but it’s keeping me safe from Brad and his friends so there’s nothing I can do but I’m ok with that”
“How long were you watching us for the other night?” asked Marcus with a smile on his face.
“I think I caught the whole show also I found the note she left you in the spare room”
“So why did you keep watching?”
“I was mesmerised by what I was seeing, I’ve seen porn videos but actually seeing I just couldn’t take my eyes away”
“So you’re saying you enjoyed watching?”
“I suppose, I would have peeped yesterday if I could but I did find her panties so that’s probably the closest ill get”
“First of all you can believe me when I say that it won’t be the last time and second we filmed it”
“Really!” I said feeling a little excited.
“Ha yeah she asked us to film it and send it to her, I could send it to you if you’d like” he said inquisitively.
“Err I err”
“It’s ok I won’t tell a soul”
“Do you promise?”
“I promise”
“Well if it were to appear in my emails I could watch it” I said with a hinted look.
And just like that Marcus sent the video by email and moments later I had a notification to say it had arrived in my inbox.
“Hey I’ve got to go I’ll meet you outside at my car”
“Ok thanks”
I went through the rest of the day thinking about what things I’d see on that video. I couldn’t believe I actually want to watch it either. I was doing a lot the washing with a hard on just thinking about it.
I walked over to Marcus’s car and got in and he said
“I bet you can’t wait to get home?” he said
“It’s a little exciting I must say”
“I’ll warn you Sam it hasn’t been edited so it’s pretty long”
He drove me home and straight away I started on my chores to get them over with but I never managed to get a chance to watch the video until later that night when mum was probably asleep. I uploaded the video onto the laptop and plugged my ear phones into the speaker so I could listen to the sound effects. Here I go, I press play.
It started at some point about 15 minutes before the end of the game. The camera was moving around and the guy holding it was laughing and joking with the other players on the bench. Not much happened apart from the camera pointing at me a few times until eventually the camera pointed at mum and she was looking straight at it. She opened her legs to reveal her panties and then smiled. The camera stayed on her for a moment or two when she stood up and blew kiss at the camera and walked down the steps. The camera spun over to me as I was looking at mum leaving the room.
As the game ended the camera moved in and out of the players on the court until eventually moving to the changing room behind all the players. The guys all started whistling and howling and cheering at something. As they spread out the camera moved forward and there stood mum in her red dress, high heels and her blonde hair in a bun. Her dress was so short you could almost see up it while she was standing and her tits were bulging out of the small structure of her dress.
“Well, well, well, what do we have here boy’s?” the cameraman shouted.
“We got the hottest milf in town that’s what” another replied.
“Yeah and she wants some black dick, why don’t we give it to her, what do you say boy’s? shouted Marcus followed by cheers.
“What do you say milf? You want some black dick?” Asked Jay
Mum stood there and smiled at them and said
“I want as many black dicks and as much black sperm you can give me”
She pulled on a hairpin and her hair fell down past her shoulders. She reached for either side of her dress and lifted it over her head and was standing there in just her panties. She turned around and placed a thumb in both sides of her panties, bent over and pushed them down as the 15 black men around her cheered and whistled. She exposed her shaven pussy to them and one guy stepped forward and gave her hard slap on her arse causing it to jiggle. She stepped out of her panties and kicked them away then dropped to her knees and said
“What are you waiting for? I want to taste those black dicks”
They didn’t need a second invitation. One by one they dropped their shorts and revealed their thick dicks and low hanging balls. The first in was the camera man, he stepped forward and pushed his cock into mum’s already open mouth as she grabbed two more with her hands and started jerking them while sucked. She alternated between cocks but she always had one in each hand and one in her mouth. Another guy stepped in behind her and began to push his fingers in her pussy causing her to moan.
“Yeah suck it you whore” said Jay as she sucked his long and thick cock.
“Mmm I’m a dirty whore” replied mum.

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After she said this she pulled her head back and took a deep breath then plunged her mouth on his cock and it disappeared in her mouth. Followed by cheers from the guys who no just couldn’t wait for their turn. This went on for a while as she switched to different guys and sucked cock after cock that was put in front of her.

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