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I was 20 years old and I had finished school 2 years earlier and I was looking for a job. My grades weren’t so great since I didn’t do so well in classes. School wasn’t my best time as I didn’t have any friends and I was mostly bullied by some of the other guys. These guys were the ones who would hide behind the bins smoking and get into trouble a lot because they messed around.

They would call me names and press rumours which made others draw away from. I had no friends in school. The closest I had to a friend was one of the popular guys in the basketball team. His name was Marcus and he was tall, muscular and black. He seemed to do well in classes and was respected by his peers. The whole basketball team were tall black guys and all hung around together in and out of school.

One day my bully Brad and his friends were pushing me around in the corridor and stole my money for dinner. Marcus and his friends then walked around the corner and saw what was going on. His friends didn’t seem too interested but Marcus didn’t take kindly to the abuse I was receiving. He confronted Brad and his friends which sparked a stand off between the two groups. Thankfully nothing happened because I was on the floor between them. Brad backed down and he and his friends left without a word. From that day Marcus would nod as we passed in the halls but that was the closest we ever got.

After school he went to the local college with his friends and I was stuck at home looking for work for two years with no success until now. I found a job at the college that was only temporary but it would suffice for now. I would start my new job on Monday.

Today is Sunday and my mother is helping me sort out some clothes suitable for work.
My mother is 5.8 feet tall, blonde hair with a slender body that she would work on several hours a day as she was home all day. She has good sized tits which were very perky for a 42 year old woman. Although she was at home all day she would still dress nicely in a sundress or in a mini skirt, sometimes she would just wear her pyjamas all day which was next to nothing. Her pyjamas are very tight hot pants that would show the bottom of her arse cheeks and a sports bra which was also very tight to her chest.

The reason she was at home all day was because she is an accountant with her own business. She rarely had to leave the house as everything was emailed to her. She does well with her business as she makes good money so has never needed a man to help out since my dad left us years ago however she did have a string of lovers she would bring home after a night out occasionally but nothing ever lasted that long.

My mother was always very protective of me and often smothered me. Other boys might call being a mummy’s boy but I didn’t really care about that, she loves me and I love her. She never had time to do chores during the day so that was my job. I did the dishes, laundry, dusting and general tidying up. When I finished mother would come and kiss my cheek.

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