How I fucked my mother while she was sleeping (True story)

Hello, in this post I will tell you how I fucked my mom. Let’s begin!!!

I live in a 2 room apartment with my mom and my sister, I’am 17, mom 43 and my sister is 22. Dad divorced mom like 10 years ago.
Because we have just 2 rooms I sleep with my mother in a big bed, and my sister in the other room because she is a little bit crazy and we can make her sleep with mom. So I sleep with her, no complain from me, hehehe!
A short description of my mom would be:blonde, nice ass, nothing crazy, the boobs are medium and she is not fat, just a little bit of belly from the pregnancy. My dick is 6.5 inches long and 6 inch thick (I am not 100% but its around a deodorant can, like Nivea idk) and quite wide.
Mom usually sleeps in a t-shirt and a thong and shorts. So in a middle of the night I woke up and my mom was withe her back towards me. I was thinking in that moment “What if I will grab her ass” and that what I did. I come closer to her and put my hand on her ass. Her ass felt amazing. And after that I start to squeeze it and played with it about an hour. I had a massive erection in that night. After the fun I go back to sleep. After some nights playing with her ass, I was getting bored and I decided to go to the next level. In the next night after playing with her ass I pressed my dick against her ass. She did nothing, she was sleeping I guess. Than I wiped out my dick from my underwear and put it along her pussy on her shorts. I didn’t have a good scoop position so i lowered my self and that was the right spot, hell yeaaah. I started moving back and forth with my dick pressing against her pussy, after 3-4 minutes I was about to cum and stopped, that felt AMAZING.
After that happened several times, something weird. I was doing my thing with my dick and mom pussy and of all the sudden she receive a notification on her phone and I stopped immediately, but my dick was still on her pussy. She lifts her head up check the phone and go back to sleep with my dick between her legs. After 20 minutes I go back to sleep. Sooo my mom was not sleeping, she was enjoying, HOLY SHIT!!!
At that time mom was dating a younger man(I think only for sex), and one time she commented on a TV news who was about penises sizes :”Oh common, it needs to be at least 12 cm (4.7 inches)” and I my mind I was like:”Only 12? that guy must have a small dick”. And that guy was quite muscular, and she told me muscular guys have small penises (Not true,I go to the gym 3 times a week, lol).So for sure the guy had a small dick.
So after couple of nights of fun and getting familiar with the feeling I gained some more stamina and decided to undress my mother in her “sleep”.
In the next night I did my routine, playing with my dick on my mom shorts and after some time I grabbed her shorts and start pulling them down. It was not easy. After 5 minutes I successfully moved her shorts to her knees. My heart was pounding. Her ass was right next to me just in a thong. I grabbed a full hand of her ass and start playing, than I grab my dick and put it on her pussy and start thrusting gently. After like 5-10 minutes my mom moaned, I was like WTF, she must like this shit so much. I continued but no more moans. Grinding your mom pussy with a hand full of her ass and the view of her ass, life is good.
When I was about to cum I stopped and put my hand on her thong in the pussy area and oh my God It was soaking wet. I was thinking maybe its from my dick, I pulled her thong aside a little bit and touched her pussy and It was SUPER WET, after that I pulled her shorts back and went back to sleep. After some more nights doing the same thing.
I started to pull her thong down aswell and grinding on her naked pussy. Uhh the feeling was amazing, and wet as fuck! But I could not resist a long time. After some more training with her pussy and some kegels I decided that was the night I will fuck my mother.
The same story, I put her shorts to her knees, play with my dick with her panties on, than I remove the thong and play with her naked pussy. This time I use my hand to press my dick against her clit and than i use my hand to put my head inside her pussy. That feeling has no words to describe. My mom is super tight. I struggled to put my head inside her and she was so wet. Than I put my head in and out. And after some fun I was ready for the serious thing. I put my head inside and start pushing my dick in. I put half of it (I could not push more) and started to thrusting gently. My mom put her hand over my ass and start squeezing it gentle, omg she was awake(but still pretending to be asleep). She lifts her legs more and scooped in more and my dick was fully in inside her followed by a gentle moan. I started to fuck her faster, going 2:1 (slow thrust, strong thrust and mixing them). After 10 minutes when I pulled my dick out and cum on her ass(and wipe it off with my t-shirt). On my dick was some white stuff from her pussy. And that’s it. Our relation is unchanged ( but I grab her ass whenever I want, and she is not saying nothing) and she pretend never happened.


Thanks for reading my story (this is 100% real).

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