Sharing Wife with Niggar Friend (pt3)

After seeing Esha was truly possessed with Robert’s huge dick ,I felt a bit low but I never expected that there is a good news waiting for me when I saw an advertisement in the website.Its about a massage parlour where the massauer are ladies and they do all kind of manhood treatment.To my thinking this will help me to enhance the performance and could match up Robert and surely will have a threesome soon with Esha and Robert.
Immediately I call up the masseur named Jacinta and told my problem.She was so happy and told me that nothing to worry and she will help me in the process of manhood treatment.I took a day rest and go for the treatment without Esha knowledge.It was almost two hours treatment and Jacinta get the nerve back to the norm.I could feel the difference of the hardness.She kept massaging it until its fully erect and stands hard.She assure me that I have to use the tool as soon as possible to get the hardness firm as it is.The session ended after I pay the charges to her.
I went back home and slept in the ground floor guest room while Esha was cooking and Robert was out to meet his friend.After taking the good sleep,I take my bath and while bathing ,I stroke the dick as what been done by Jacinta .The dick slowly increases the hardness and become stiff.I was in my changing room when I heard some noise coming from upstairs on the second floor where the bedrooms are and decided to go up and find out what it was. When I reached the top of the stairs I could hear sounds coming from Robert’s bedroom.Quietly I approached the bedroom door that was left slightly open and peeked inside to see what was going on.I saw Esha was lying with her both legs spread widely.Robert was licking her toes and gradually kissing up her thighs to her cunt. I can feel that Robert inhaled her aroma and started licking her cunt and putting a finger in it.He uses his tongue to lick her pussy and his fingers was digging deep into the open pussy mouth.Esha was keep mourning “ Ohhh so nice …fuck me with ur tongue.. ohhhh “Her mouth was wide open.After licking and digging ,Robert pull Esha and make her sit at the edge of the bed.Esha practically leapt into Robert’s embrace, wrapping her arms around his neck and her thighs around his waist. He hooked his left forearm under her butt and easily supported her weight while with his other hand, he reached for his enormous dick and pressed the tip into Esha’s pussy. There was no point in waiting. They both knew how badly they wanted to fuck each other.
Esha’s tight pussy was already wet, but she moaned and squirmed in his clutches as she tried to accommodate his monstrous size dick. Esha arched backwards as Robert slide into her, giving him a good view of her breasts. “Oh my god, I love that,” she gasped. “I’ve been wanting this, Robert!” Wrapping both arms around Esha now, he jammed the rest of his cock into her with a flick of his hips. She started to scream, but he placed a large hand on the back of her head and pressed her face into his shoulder to muffle out her cries. Then he began to push Esha up and down the length of his shaft, and let her body drop and impale her pussy on his thick dick.Over and over, Robert repeated the process.
After kept watching for a long time,without any second thought ,I enter the bedroom .Since it’s a sudden entry,Esha was caught shocked but she smiled at me.I can see her bright face. She said “ Dear , I am glad u woke up early and make yourself comfortable.Your presence will give me some confidence” .Nodded my head and fully agree with her .I went closer to her mouth and slowly shove my dick out of my boxer and move to her wide open mouth while Robert continuos fucking her.She was a bit surprise to see my hard rock dick . ”Ohh my ,its hard dear.Wat did you do” I said “ Had a good massage and it turns to be good enough. Suck me well while Robert can take care of your pussy” Esha sucks my dick and I started to cares and played with her erect nipples.
I moved my hand away and alternated watching Robert fuck my wife and watching her make love to me with her mouth. Again she was very passionate about what she was doing that I was blown away by just watching her. After just a few minutes of hard pounding Robert abruptly pulled out of Esha and announced that he was going to cum. He moved up further between Esha’s legs obviously positioning himself to cum on her abdomen and stomach. Esha reached down with her right hand and let me fall out of her mouth as she grabbed Robert’s dick and began to rapidly stroke him. She was still sort of stroking my cock but it was obvious she was more interested at that moment in making him cum and watching him cum. Robert grunted and began to shoot his cum all over Esha’s stomach. She watched in awesome as the first shot of cum flew out of him and traveled halfway to her face. She continued to stroke him fast as his dick spurted cum on her. She had now moved up into a sitting position and had one hand stroking Robert while the other squeezed his balls. She then moved completely up on her knees and moved down to take Robert in her mouth again.As she did this I now had a view of her pussy right in front of me and it was so obvious that her lips were completely swollen and red.
Without any delay ,I entered my hard rock dick to her pussy and start to fuck her. Esha started saying, “Fuck me, dear! Harder! Harder! Fuck me ! And I obliged. I was holding on to her ass and slamming my dick as deep inside her as I could. I was mesmerized watching myself go in and out of her. I took some lube which is at the bed side and apply around the ass mouth.I suddenly pushed against her ass with my thumb and with all the lubricant on it and slid right in. She moaned and continued to beg me to fuck her harder. I began moving my thumb in and out of her ass as deep as I could and kept rhythm with how I was fucking her pussy. I felt her ass tighten first and she grabbed the covers on the bed with force as she screamed,” Ohhhh my god “ She came hard and I could feel her muscles contracting on my dick trying to push me out. I continued to fuck her as hard as I could while my thumb was still buried deep in her ass. I felt my own incredible orgasm building deep inside me and I told her I was going to cum soon. She said, “Tell me when you are going to cum because I want you in my mouth when you do “ This was so unlike my tame wife that her words sent me over the edge. I said, “Now,I am cumming” and the first waves of cum shot from inside of me deep inside her. She immediately turned around and grabbed my cock in her hand right in the middle of another wave of cum. It shot all over her face and then she engulfed me in her mouth as one wave after another shot down her throat. She was pumping me rapidly with one hand and squeezing my balls with the other. My entire body was pulsating and it felt as if I would never stop cumming. I was obvious to everything around me at that moment and just felt more physical pleasure than I had ever felt in my life. It was totally amazing.
I collapsed on the bed and felt as if I would pass out. Esha moved up beside me and gently kissed and licked my lips. I tasted my cum on her and wondered how much of Robert was mixed in with it. But I really didn’t care. It was all good at that moment.
As I began to get my bearings I realized that Robert was now dressed and coming out of the bathroom. He said that he was going to go back to his room and sleep. He was speechless and just keep saying the wonderful things about Esha and the sex just now and told us that he had never had such passionate sex in his life and that he would be there always to have Esha. He came over to the bed and Esha sat up. I couldn’t move away as I was sitting next to Esha . He bent down to kiss Esha on her cheek and she grabbed him and planted a long wet kiss on his mouth. This, surprisingly did bother me. Funny how he could be in her mouth, cum in her mouth and fuck her and that was all good but him kissing her kind of pissed me off a little. Esha finally let him go and told him to get a good night sleep .

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