Sharing Wife with Niggar Friend (pt3)

After seeing Esha was truly possessed with Robert’s huge dick ,I felt a bit low but I never expected that there is a good news waiting for me when I saw an advertisement in the website.Its about a massage parlour where the massauer are ladies and they do all kind of manhood treatment.To my thinking

Sharing Wife with Niggar Friend (pt2)

Since I have seen Esha and Robert together having sex and Esha never knew that I saw it ,I have decided to keep it as a secret only. After few weeks ,there is an urgent issue at supplier again which need me to attend.And that happens on Saturday.I felt so frustrated but due to job

Sharing wife with Niggar friend -Pt 1

My name is Mark and am working in a multinational firm.My wife,Esha and myself married for twenty four years and we are blessed with three kids.Recently I was so turn on with some album bucket where the females are pierced in the nipples. I kept watching the method of piercing and read about the articles.Since

Sharing My Wife – Part 3

Philip was sweeping the floor of the restaurant where he worked when he finally heard a knock. He set the broom aside and quickly bounded across the room to open the door. (The previous story Sharing my wife – Part 2) My wife Amanda poked her head in and smiled. “Hello, Philip. Sorry I’m late, I