Sharing My Wife – Part 3

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Philip was sweeping the floor of the restaurant where he worked when he finally heard a knock. He set the broom aside and quickly bounded across the room to open the door. (The previous story Sharing my wife – Part 2)

My wife Amanda poked her head in and smiled. “Hello, Philip. Sorry I’m late, I got caught up in traffic.”

The tall Asian man smiled at her. Philip was a shade over 6 feet, standing about 6 inches over Amanda. He had a wiry but muscular body, and always seemed to have a solemn expression on his face. Philip had long black hair which he currently had tied up in a ponytail, similar to my wife.

“No worries,” he greeted her with a warm smile. “What’s that saying, better late than never, right? Please, come in.” Philip took her hand and admitted her into the deserted restaurant. It was a small establishment, consisting of only a dozen tables. All the chairs had been overturned and placed on the tabletops in preparation for closing.

But one small table for 2 in the middle of the restaurant was still set.

Philip shut the door as my wife stepped in. She was wearing a nonde olive trench coat and black high heels. There was an “Open” sign still hanging in the front window that Philip quickly flipped over to “Closed”, and then he lowered the shutters. Philip turned back to Amanda, bringing her hand to his lips to give it a respectful kiss.

Amanda blushed. “Thank you,” she said simply. Her heels clattered on the clean wooden floor as she stepped into the center of the restaurant. “I hope I didn’t catch you at a bad time.” She looked at Philip, and she tried her best to sound casual. “Is everyone else gone?”

Philip nodded. “I started cleaning early to get ready for you. I wanted everything to be right for…” His voice trailed off and he looked embarrassed. “Yes, we’re all alone.”

“Great. I hope you don’t mind if I take off my jacket.” Without waiting for a response, Amanda slid the trench coat off her shoulders and down her arms. She was only wearing a silky lilac-colored bra and panty set that hugged her curves beautifully.

Philip tried to keep his expression neutral as he drank her body in. “Here, let me hang that up for you.”

“Thank you.” She pulled her cell phone from the coat pocket as Philip took it from her.

Amanda walked into the center of the restaurant while Philip hurried off to hang up her trench coat. She approached the lone table that was still set with tableware and utensils. A single candle burned as its centerpiece. She looked at Philip. “Is this for me?”

Philip nodded as he approached. “Yes, it is. I—I don’t know how your experience with the other men have been,” he began softly. “I don’t know if they….just got right to the point. But I was hoping to make this night a little more special. I actually cooked something for you, I hope you’re hungry.”

Amanda beamed him a bright, genuine smile. She kissed Philip on the lips, and the stoic Asian man was so caught off guard that he blushed. “How wonderful,” my wife told him in her most girlish voice. “I came to see you straight from work, so I haven’t eaten dinner yet.”

“Fantastic! Please, sit down and make yourself comfortable. I’ll go and get your meal.”

As Philip disappeared into the kitchen, Amanda sat down and placed her cell phone on the table. She was smiling to herself, lost in her own thoughts and anticipation of the night. Philip quickly reappeared, carrying a plate of pasta, covered in a savory red sauce, with a slice of bread and a tall glass of red wine. He placed them carefully on the table before my wife, arranging everything meticulously.

“So, your husband told me that you have a love of spaghetti, so I prepared a plate with my restaurant’s secret sauce. To bring out the flavor, I poured a glass of Italian red wine for you. I think you’ll find they taste fantastic together.”

“You are so thoughtful! Thank you, it looks absolutely delicious!”

Philip hesitated and suddenly looked embarrassed. “I…I was wondering if I could ask a favor from you?”

Amanda’s eyes twinkled at him. “Yes?”

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