First time as a cuckold

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First time as a cuckold.
As a young deputy in a small department we would have ride a longs. Some officers would have their wife ride along; some would take some woman they met. This happened on midnight shift. When things were quite, we would find someplace and fuck. My wife Debbie, LOVED fucking in the sheriff car.
My sergeant Mike, had a known reputation as a real hound dog. He was married, but everyone knew he was fucking any woman he could get his dick into. Several times he mentioned my wife, was a fine looking piece of ass, & if she needed a real man to let him know. When I told her she would want me to repeat it to her during sex. I told Mike Debbie would get excited & thanks for the good sex. He smiled and asks me if I wanted Debbie to be turned into a slut? I was shocked, and I couldn’t answer. He told me women love aggressive men & I wasn’t one.
Here watch this, he had me call home on the speaker phone, & tell Debbie Mike wanted to talk to her. He told Debbie, I was telling him that she got all wet thinking about him, is this true? Debbie nervously laughed & told Mike, Maybe, but Jack should have never said anything to him. He ask her if she was aware he fucked around and loved to fuck married women? Debbie stammered the other wife’s & Jack have said some stuff. I have a very important question; does your pussy belong to you or your husband? Debbie told him pussy & body was her husband.
So tomorrow night when you ride along with Jack, if I was to take you out of his car & place you in mine, it would be up to Jack to stop me right? Debbie breathlessly ask “Mike are you saying, would take me from Jack & use me?” Mike said “Debbie, you know Jack is listening right? Debbie said “yes”.
“Jack do you have any problem with me taking Debbie & turning her into my slut to use as I wish?” Debbie spoke up & said “Jack I am your wife & I don’t want to be a slut.”
“Mike I do not know why but I can’t stop you, even if I wanted to”.
Mike stated good it’s settled then, Jack pick out something sexy for Debbie to wear & Debbie you can start by shaving your pussy for me. Ok Debbie? She said Yes sir and hung up.
When I got home Debbie showed me her shaved pussy & complained that I was making her do this. I told her she could stop this any time. She said she’s not a chicken & I could stop this, not her. She told me Mike called her back & explained you were a classic cuckold. Mike wanted me to tell you, He made me shave “HIS” pussy while he told me the nasty things I was going to learn to do. So when you allow Mike to take ownership of your wife, don’t get mad at me.
The next night, at 2 am when things settled down, I took Debbie out of my car & gave her to Mike. She became a very good slut for him.

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