Sharing my wife – Part 4

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It was late, and the gym was sparsely populated when my wife Amanda arrived. She and her partner of the day had chosen this time to meet for that specific reason. ( The previous story Sharing my wife – part 3)

It was late, and the gym was sparsely populated when my wife Amanda arrived.

She and her partner of the day had chosen this time to meet for that specific reason. My wife was wearing a bright pink tank top that contrasted sharply with her heathered-gray yoga pants. What was similar about her top and bottom, however, was the way the fabric stretched across her body, hugging every curve and accentuating her best physical attributes.

Amanda spotted Jansen easily. It was hard to miss him, he was tall and a hulk of a man, standing well over 6 feet with the broadest shoulders she had ever seen. Jansen had long wavy blonde hair and deep penetrating blue eyes. Powerful muscles rippled under his t-shirt and shorts whenever he moved, and Amanda couldn’t help but smile and feel her heart flutter when she saw him.

A skinny scantily clad blonde, seemingly dressed more for attention rather than for functional purposes, was talking to Jansen. Amanda was all the way across the room so she couldn’t hear their conversation, but it was obvious that the blonde was flirting with him. However, Jansen immediately noticed Amanda, quickly dismissed the other girl, and walked over to my wife.

Jansen smiled. Amanda tried not to blush like a schoolgirl, but failed. “Hey, Amanda.”

“Hey, yourself, handsome.”

It was Jansen’s turn to blush. “I’m glad you made it tonight.”

“Me, too.” There was a slight quaver in my wife’s voice. Of all the men who had gangbanged her just mere days ago , it was a poorly hidden secret that she wanted Jansen the most. Sure, Amanda had a deep connection with her boss Glenn, whom she had slept with only 2 days ago . And she also had a special relationship with my best friend Dimitri, who had openly adored her for years. But in terms of pure lust, there was no comparison: she wanted to have wild, crazy sex with Jansen.

I couldn’t blame her. Jansen was extremely handsome, built like a god, and owned the hugest cock we had ever seen . To be honest, I was seriously attracted to him, too.

Amanda quickly composed herself and hurried by the tall blonde man without another word. Jansen stared down at her beautiful cleavage and caught the scent of her hair as she eased past him to set herself up on a nearby exercise machine. She mounted the inner thigh press, first adjusting the resistance, then leaning against the cushioned backrest before gripping the handles on either side of seat. My wife positioned her knees against the machine’s padding, her thighs spread out in a wide V-shape at the starting point.

Amanda commenced her workout by slowly squeezing her thighs together against the tension as she held tightly onto the handles, then letting the machine spread her legs apart again. She kept her breathing nice and relaxed, her ample chest rising and falling with each breath.

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