Sharing wife with Niggar friend -Pt 1

My name is Mark and am working in a multinational firm.My wife,Esha and myself married for twenty four years and we are blessed with three kids.Recently I was so turn on with some album bucket where the females are pierced in the nipples. I kept watching the method of piercing and read about the articles.Since our sex life are getting from wild to average wild,I tried to ask Esha to get piercing.For many months she keep refusing to do so but finally one day when we are watching a black porn,she agree to have it soon.
I was so glad and tirelessly looking for the parlour to have her nipple pierce. Finally I found one in the nearest area where the piercer are very kind enough to offer the aftercare service.We had an appointment and we went there.The piercer was so gentle to have Esha nipple pierced.It was so awesome and we get some gift to enhance the sexual activity.From that day ,we are having some great sex.And my desire to see Esha with another man specifically nigar kept flaming.I would always ask her when we are together watching the adult movie and she will deny and still refuses to admit. I always keep saying about my dreams and fantasy.
And one day,surprisingly there is a nigar senior manager relocated to admin our department and his name was Robert.We became very close friend soon.After few months of staying in a rented apartment ,he ask me if he could stay with me to have some home food. Initially I was glad but I still haven’t disclose my desire to him about seducing Esha. One day I brave myself and told him about my fantasy to him and he was very happy indeed.He told me there is nothing to be scared of as this is common in his country.He promised to keep it as a top confidential secret and only we both knows. I convey Robert message to Esha to see if she rejects the tenant offer but gladly she agree for him to relocate soon. Next day I showed him Esha photos .Robert say he wanted to follow me back home sameday as he need to prepare to relocate by next week.He wanted to see the distance and the surroundings .I leave office with him and he was happy with the distance and also the environment around my house.He likes the room that we allocated to him.Its in the down floor.Its spacious enough.
We had a nice talk and discussion .She likes his attitude and politeness. He is very friendly with us.Since he was attach in our firm in India for 2yrs before coming to Malaysia,he is fine with the indian cuisine.We had dinner where he ate the Indian dish.He praises Esha for her nice cooking and I took time to drop him at his apartment.
The next day,she was shocked to see me bringing luggages .She tought I am going outstation but told her that Robert has to vacate his apartment early and will come here on Saturday.She was reluctant but finally she agree after I tabled up the consequences he faces if he overstay in the current apartment where he need to pay extra one month rental.
Saturday as promise Robert relocate to our house and welcome him .We told him to make use of the house well.He clean up the room and arrange the things in his cupboard.After few days,Robert had an urgent meetingand he cant attend to a supplier discussion which are far away from home.He arrange me to overnight in that town and meet them .I didn’t thought anything bad about Esha as she said work comes first.But deep in my heart wish that Robert would take this opportunity to seduce her.
That night was the first day that Esha stays with Robert where the kids were always stays far away from home. Robert has been seeing the way Esha staring him few days ago.Tonight he takes the absence of me and try to seduce her.He pretend to sleep with just wearing the boxer and his hard dick was bulging.Esha was on the way to kitchen and she needs to bypass Robert’s room.Esha was a bit off a peeping and Robert knew she watching his hard dick bulging.
Suddenly Robert turn to the door side and Esha was taken to shocked.He call her in and chatted.The solid conversation slowly turn into erotic signals and he started to hugged her.He kisses her and caressing Esha’s pierced nipples and making them nice and hard.Slowly she kneel down and pull his boxer.She was too shocked to see his erect 8’ inch hard dick .”Omg …Omg..” that is the words that comes sponteneosly from her.She smiled and hold the hard dick with her both hand and started to suck.She deep throat it until she can feel it reached her throat.She keep splashing her saliva and sucking his dick.” You like it” ask Robert.She see him and smile.”Its kinda my dream to have it”said Esha erotically and continue sucking.
At that time, I return home and go to our bedroom and notice that Esha was not there. Slowly I went down and heard some mourning sound in Robert’s room.I came back to our bedroom and after about an hour ,notice that she comes quietly and sleep.
The next day ,I went to work as normal with Robert but he told me that he will be having a meeting and go back home after lunch.I knew he is going to fuck Esha again and I really wanted to peep them.After having my lunch ,I return home and park my car far away and slowly move in.Notice that Robert’s room is locked but the window is open.I stand near the window and hear them chatting.They were talking some erotic stories and suddenly there is a silence.I could see Robert and Esha hugging each other as its visible to see from the small window.They keep hugging and caressing . Robert saw me peeping them and give a smile .He whispered to Esha that her husband is watching them.Esha was so wet knowing that her husband watching her. After a few minutes Robert slowly pulled her bra buttons and pull her panties down, exposing Esha pussy,slowly opened her legs and she started playing with herself, sliding fingers in and out of pussy. I could here her mourn.Esha got so carried away and Robert nearly forget about me watching and his goal was to fucked properly. Esha looked up at him and he untied her gown and let it fall to the ground. He stared at Esha naked body, then caressed her nipples. She begged him to fucked her.He dropped his trousers and she get down there and suck his hard erect dick. Esha dropped to her knees, he had about 8 inches but Esha didn’t care. She licked and sucked him hard, even felt him push her head onto his cock. “Suck it you slut” he shouted, which made Esha more wet.Esha got up and dragged him into the sofa and lay on seat, opened her legs, “fuck me now I need cock” She screamed. Without hesitation Robert entered Esha’s soaking wet hole, it felt like heaven as he thrust deep inside her. She held onto him as every movement was making her moan and cum, he sucked her tits and then fucked her like a dirty whore, he seemed to fuck her forever.He keep fucking her at various style but doggie style was the favourite for both.It tooks about twenty minutes just in that position and then I heard him shout “I’m going to cum, o yes as I had a orgasm” that sent her wild. Then felt him shoot his load deep inside her well fucked pussy.
They both lay on floor shattered, Esha was sore as she hadn’t had huge cock and this was the second day for his monstrous dick to get into her pussy.She slowly touches Robert’s dick and it got sensitive. But Robert had other ideas and soon felt him get hard again. Esha still had Robert cum dripping out of her pussy. As he slipped his cock back inside Esha, she moaned “yes use me”. He held Esha waist and fucked her with slow thrusts, which sent her crazy. Then he grabbed her hair and fucked her hard. “omg omg : Esha screamed. by now he was using her pussy as he wished. He was pounding her without mercy. then he pumped her hole full of cum. “Wow you’re a great ride” he said and made her lick his cock clean. Both cleaned up and kissed and he went to their room.Esha went for shower and had sleep.
When Robert went outside ,he noticed that I am still there watching .He can see that I am so hot .Robert smiled and tell me that next time I will be in the ring too. To be continued at Pt 2

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