Sharing Wife with Niggar Friend (pt2)

Since I have seen Esha and Robert together having sex and Esha never knew that I saw it ,I have decided to keep it as a secret only. After few weeks ,there is an urgent issue at supplier again which need me to attend.And that happens on Saturday.I felt so frustrated but due to job nature,I have to go.Esha and Robert were alone and I told Esha that I will be back only the next day as the issue are technically involve. But fortunately it could be settle early.I wanted to tell Esha that I will be back that night and I have been trying to call Esha but her phone went unanswered This makes me curious and wanted to get back home as early as I can to make sure everything are fine. Once reach home I made my way to the kitchen to get something to drink. While bypass the route I heard some noise coming from Robert’s room. When I reached the door ,I could hear the sounds more louder. Quietly I approached Robert’s bedroom where the door was left slightly open and I peeked inside to see what was going on. I was totally taken off guard when I saw Esha on the bed having sex with Robert. I was shocked to say the least. I standstill and watched Esha and Robert fucking one another for about ten minutes hoping I wouldn’t be noticed.But I knew Robert has seen me as he smile at me.He did whisper to Esha but I do not know what he whispered.
He was fucking my wife in doggy style, his big black dick slapping into Esha’s pussy, his balls pressing against her engorged clit as he buried his shaft deep inside her with each stroke. Esha was lost in ecstacy, her face flushing red as she gasped for breath and moaned encouragement.
“Oh god that’s it, fuck me harder huney. I love u,I love u…Hmmm yes, fuck me with that big cock” She scream in ecstasy as his strokes grew faster, until he was banging her like a piston. “Oh fuck! Yes!” Esha screamed and I knew she was cuming hard. As her body quaked he began to cum, holding his dick deep in my wife’s pussy as he filled her with his seed.
As he began to withdraw his softening penis I backed out of the doorway, afraid of being seen. But I could see Robert walk to my way and whisper to me” Did you saw it ,Mark” I just smile and nodded yes. He say “ Just pretend to Esha that you didn’t know anything as she was thinking that you are not around” I told Robert “this is what I want . I will take care of it and will catch her red handed one day”. Robert say once she knows about my knowledge ,she can have threesome.
As I crept out of the house I reflected on what I had just witnessed and my reaction to it. Our relationship had been founded on love more than sex and I have to admit that we had got out of the routine of intercourse. My reaction to lack of sex because of the job. And past to it was my dream to see Esha with a niggar.I have get in touch with Robert and plan him to stay at our home so that he can seduce her.But I never once considered that Esha would react by fucking around while I was away.I knew that I like to see it because of my reaction just now. Why hadn’t I stormed in and demanded retribution when I came home from work early to find my wife fucking with Robert. Well ,very true say that it turned me on. My cock was throbbing hard as I watched and the image of that big black cock sliding into Esha’s pussy, wet with a mixture of their cum played through my mind, both tormenting and teasing me.
I drove around for a couple of hours, fantasizing about what I had just witnessed before eventually pulling up on the drive as normal. Get into the house and open the front door for the second time that night. But this time I was not greeted by groaning noises from Robert’s room but by my wife Esha with her normal warm hug and casual conversation.
Over the next few days life was shockingly normal. Despite what I had witnessed, my love towards Esha grew more deeper. I felt that my secret discovery and my fantasies of her with another man could be known earlier.But anyway I am happy that it happens now with the help of Robert.
That weekend Esha had planned a day shopping, a haircut and to get her nails done. I kissed her good bye as she started the engine.I told her “ Baby, make yourself pretty with the needs” .She smiled and started to drove away.I relaxed and laydown in the sofa while watching the television.But my mind were flying and roaming as I started to think of the fucking scene between Esha and Robert. I should thank to Robert for his best ever effort to seduce and get Esha melt with his hard 8” inches dick so soon. And eventually my dick were growing hard.I was just wearing a boxer and Robert also not around.He was out with his friend.My dick was not that big as Robert but its an Asian size about 6’.It is bulging over the boxer as my eyes were closed and half sleep when I heard a gentle cough from behind .It makes me freeze in a second and awake me.I spun around and saw my wife Esha just standing there and seeing the bulging dick inside the boxer.
She was smiling and ask me “ Dear ,are you resting or dreaming with some wild scene“ I I was caught off guard with her question and smile.Then only I noticed that my cock was bulging under the boxer. I brave myself and started my conversation with her ” Baby,infact you are right.I was dreaming about some wild scene which makes my dick erect and hard.It started to bulging out from the boxer”. She ask me” Ohh god ,tell me what is the wild scene that makes it so hard” Again I pull my breath and brave myself and started to voice out “ Well baby.Actually,I was peeping you and Robert the other day.I finish my work at supplier and came home.To my luck,I get to see what was going on between you and Robert” “Ohh my god .so now you know then?” Esha ask as I stood up. Then she just walk towards me and hugged me, bursting into tears . I held her close to me as she sobbed on my chest. She just kept on whispering, “I love you so much dear ,I’m so sorry,please” She was saying tens of times. I told her “I love you too baby.It’s Ok”, I whispered as she began to calm. “I don’t mind”. I told her in a loving manner.She sniffed a little and looked up at me, her face smeared with tears. “What did you just say dear?” she sobbed and ask me. “I said I don’t mind” She ask me again and sobbed “So you’re not going to leave me?” “No, I would never leave you baby” I held her close to my chest, “I saw both of you fucking with full of emotion and erotism and I have to admit that it turns me on very much.And I am moderate husband ,baby.I will not block your desire as well” She was really shocked again with my words “Really?” She looked at me quizzically. “Yes”, I said, “really” and holding her tight I explained how I had watched her and how turned on I was at the thought of watching her again. “Are you serious?” She asked when I had finished by saying I wanted to watch her fuck Robert again always. “Yes babyI’m damn serious” I replied.

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Then I reached down between her legs, slipping my hand up the flimsy dress she was wearing. She opened them a little and I began to massage her pussy beneath the material of her panties. “I want to watch you take his big cocks in here”, I whispered and pulling her panties to one side and running my finger along her soaking wet clit. “I want to sit and watch Robert slip his cock in you and fuck you hard”, I continued as I slipped two fingers into her pussy and massaged her clit with my thumb. “I want to see you cum again and again as you are fucked by Robert.You know something,if you request I will make it another two or three huge black cocks”. “God I love you so much dear.Right now ,I am very much fine with Robert and perhaps you are here as well with hard throbbing dick ”, Esha whispered as we collapsed onto the floor, fucking right there and then, still fully clothed.
She was so excited after she knew about my feeling and acknowledgement.Time was running fast as the evening turns to night seven. I told Esha “ Baby ,Robert will be back soon and let us have light dinner and you get ready.Tonight ,I want to sit and watch both of you fucking each other.No more peeping”
Esha was now in a much happier mood and said, “Now that we have sorted things out, I just want to be clear about all this, you’re seriously ok with me fucking Robert ?” “Yes baby.I’m very serious and I’m looking forward to watch you” I replied. Then she said, “So since it’s ok with you, I can start making arrangements?” I ask her “What arrangement baby?’ She told me she wanted to have some make-ups to make the night more horny and seductive. ” Yes, you can” I said confidently.She went upstair to our bedroom and put on some foundation cream with green eye shades and thick reddish lipstick.She dress with a camisole lingerie and was waiting for Robert’s arrival.At meantime ,Robert was back and myself serve some dinner to him.He ask me “Where is Esha?” I told him she is upstairs folding some clothes and will come down soon.After finish our dinner ,we sat in the sofa and watch television.And to my surprise ,Esha comes down gorgeously.She stunned me and Robert with her camisole lingerie and slutty looks makeups.Robert was speechless and he stare at me.But Esha sounds first“Are you sure you want this dear?” Without any hesitant ,I replied “Yes baby.This is my long awaited fantasy and god promise I wont leave you ” My heart was beginning to race.

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“Good, I’m sure you can’t wait to be seated in the corner with only your eyes to use on me because you wanted to watch your loving wife with your close friend,right”.Esha smiled and speak up. ” Yes baby,I will sit and watch both of you and this gonna makes me turns on much” I replied ”Wait a moment.Mark ,what is this ? Are you sure to let your wife to get screw by me” pretended Robert. ”Yes man.i am very sure and I am gonna love it ,sit and watch.Go ahead and the night is for you and her”I smiled and reply Robert. Without further delay,Esha moved real close to him and, with her body pushed against him and her hand on the bulge in his pants, Esha said to Robert, “He wants to watch us fucking”.Robert smile
Esha began to move rapidly against him and rubbed his bulging cock through his pants. She pushed him back on the sofa and kissed him passionately as she unhooked his belt and began to release his fly zipper. Robert soon forget about me watching and leaned back on the sofa as my wife eased his big black cock out of his pants. I was stunned to see how big it was as today I am very close to it. I know my dick is quite small but seeing his monster cock in Esha hand made me realize there were some things I could never give her.
Esha looked over to me and I nodded my approval. Esha started at the tip of Robert’s dick and slowly sucked on it. She then licked from his balls all the way up to the tip before reinserting it back in her mouth. Even with both hands wrapped around , there was plenty exposed. She managed to get half of his cock into her mouth with ease.Robert’s eyes were closed and he laid his head back and started breathing heavily.
He grabbed her ass cheeks and squeezed them hard. She started moaning loudly while still working on Robert’s dick. Esha then started increasing her pace by removing her hands and taking in more and more of Robert’s big cock down to his balls. His hands were now on top of her head and he was pushing down in order to jam it down her throat. She opened her mouth wide for him and slowly took Robert’s huge black cock deep into her throat. I could hear her gag but just then the entire cock disappeared from the sight. She repeated the full length deep throat a couple more times before stopping for a second to moan, “Ohhhh, yesss, fuck my mouth honey!”
My cock throbbed at the sight of my beautiful wife going down on his huge black cock. I had expected to feel jealousy but I dont, I just felt an intense sense of love and desire for Esha. As she sucked his cock Robert slipped his hand up Esha’s tight little dress pulling it up over her ass. He began to finger her pussy, first running his fingers along the length of her clit before plunging his index finger into her tight pussy. Esha groaned with delight and, still sucking his big cock, she began to pull Robert’s pants off as he took off his t-shirt. When he was finally naked she stood up and pulled her dress over her head and tossed it on the floor beside me.
“Dear , are you sure you’re ready for this?” She asked me once again. “God yes Esha”, I replied, “Fuck him good and hard while I watch you” She replied smiling, “Oh I will”
That was all the encouragement Esha needed. She knelt on the sofa facing me and guided Robert’s huge black cock towards her pussy. I could no longer bear the throbbing in my pants and released my cock into my hand as my wife impaled herself on Robert’s manhood. Then, as I stroked my cock, my wife began to fuck her black lover, smiling at me as she slid up and down his pole.
Esha fucked him in a number of positions while I watched. She was looking directly at me most of the time and my presence seemed to increase her pleasure, driving her to increasingly violent orgasms. After a while I could not hold back any longer and went over to the sofa to get a closer look. Robert was laying along the sofa now with Esha riding him in a cowgirl position. As she fucked Robert I gave her a passionate kiss and ask her “ Baby,my dick is hard and waiting to slide to your mouth “ She smile and say “ Dear ,I was waiting for you to bring it into my mouth” I smiled and slowly slide into her mouth while she keep fucking Robert.She keep doing double job.After few minutes ,slowly I pulled out and kneel near her and watching close up as Robert’s big cock pounded into her pussy. As he fucked her I put my hand on Esha’s tummy and felt his big cock moving within her. I knew I was about to cum and sensing this Esha grabbed my dick and took me into her mouth again.
As soon as I felt her hot lips on my dick again,I began to cum, pumping my cum into her mouth as Robert fucked her. As Esha was swallowing the last of my cum Robert grunted that he was cumming. I watched closely as he filled my wife with his cum, his seed oozing out of Esha’s pussy as they continued to fuck.
My face was only inches from Esha’s pussy as she lifted herself off Robert’s shrinking dick. She sat on the edge of the sofa and motioned me closer. Her pussy was still gaping from Robert’s big cock it had taken and I could see his cum deep in her cunt hole. As I watched a drip of his cum trickled out of Esha’s pussy and she reached down and scooped it on her fingers then licked it off greedily.

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To be continued to part 3

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