Wife Customized by Black Lover and Boss

Wife Customized by Black Lover and Boss I am Robert 27, my wife Bethany 28. Chapter 1 Situation I am a writer of fiction stories. Beth was my classmate. After a few years, I proposed, and we have been married for 3 years. She is a college lecturer, very boyish pixie haircut, slightly dark skin

Sharing Wife with Niggar Friend (pt3)

After seeing Esha was truly possessed with Robert’s huge dick ,I felt a bit low but I never expected that there is a good news waiting for me when I saw an advertisement in the website.Its about a massage parlour where the massauer are ladies and they do all kind of manhood treatment.To my thinking

My wife their slut chapter three :- based entirely on our sex life

My wife…..their slut:- chapter 3 That first night was a catalyst for the next couple of years. (read the first chapters to catch up, you may enjoy) When Penny and I eventually rolled into bed that night she had been soundly fucked by her new lover James. She giggled while telling me how much she

CUCKOLD: As foreplay, he watches his wife with a stranger

CUCKOLD, As foreplay, he watches his wife with a stranger … I was going crazy thinking about my wife, Anita, making love to another man… But I knew that I wouldn’t really like her making it with another man. I talked her into it! Not all at once of course… but after a while of fantasizing

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Sex stories, Cheating wife cuckolds hubby with kinky neighbor. I have lived next door to Nick and Sheri for several years now. I have secretly lusted over Sheri since the day we met. Every time we talk and chat, we flirt endlessly back and forth and I use any excuse to touch her. I decided to invite