Gokuldham Society : Ch 10

It was six in the morning. Sundar awoke and saw that he had a huge hard-on. Just two days ago he returned from his darling Bahena Daya’s house after completing the sacred “Rakshabandhan”, and reminiscing the torrid fuck-session with her, his young cock began to throb. Gokuldham Society : Ch 9 It was much firmer

My Sister-in law

Ok, so this just happened with my sister-in-law..  My exwife and kids recently moved into a new place in town. Myself and my exwifes brothers wife Pamala helped with the move. It took most of the morning and just into the afternoon. It was nothing special, just loading stuff into the trucks and then unloading

From Female to Shemale

Female to Shemale…This all happend the summer when I had my 19th birthday. It started with my boyfriend: -Ooh yeah… You feal tighter every time! -I do? -I’M CUMMING!!! I felt his 5″ dick hitting deep in me while cumming. I wasn’t very impressed by his preformance. We had been fucking for 4 months, but

Little sister’s vagina

It’s a rainy season as rain is outbursting ,so I have bunked my classes as my younger sister Lili is also in home.she is a 18 years gal with cute face as her sexy body is in transformation periods, so Garry is looking towards road while sitting on chair in balcony.later on Lili came with

Mom caught me with my cousin

Last 1-2 months have been memorable as I have lost my virginity with my classmate and than my lover Anuj and classmate Nikhil have enjoyed me together,really two cocks at a time give more pleasure and my sexy organs are getting hot as it’s growing big and glittering like a diamond.now Swati have become a

Busted by aunty

I cant beleave it, my aunt had seen us fucking. Shit im in so much trouble. Why didnt she run down there screaming at me. Whats she gonna do when i get back to the house. As i walk slowly up the path, mary catches up and ask whats wrong with me. I tell her


When i was in my teens i would spend the summers with my moms cousin. I looked forward to thus every summer cause she had 3 daughters. June, marie and mary. All 3 were very hot but as we all got older and they discovered guys summers started getting boring. Beisdes the occasional camping trip

Dads visit 2

The next day i couldnt even look at my dad (Dads visit part 1), i avoided him as much as i could the whole day. My mom and granny both asked if i felt alright was anything wrong. I couldnt tell them what happened as much as i wanted to. My dad managed to catch

The Awakening

For as long as I can remember my daughter Lindsey has always been my favorite. At thirteen years old she has grown into quite an amazingly beautiful young woman. She stands about five foot nine with incredibly long legs, beautiful curves, wavy, sandy brown hair, and a gorgeous smile to boot. She is super skinny.

Trip to shimla :part-04

Hi readers, It’s a day four in shimla as my mom Nancy and sister Renu have left bed and after having a nice bath,they are having breakfast as I am still sleeping (Prev story trip to shimla part 3).my eyes opened as my mom put her hand on my chest and shouted…….. “Raju it’s 09:30

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