Gokuldham Society : Ch 10

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It was six in the morning. Sundar awoke and saw that he had a huge hard-on. Just two days ago he returned from his darling Bahena Daya’s house after completing the sacred “Rakshabandhan”, and reminiscing the torrid fuck-session with her, his young cock began to throb.

Gokuldham Society : Ch 9

It was much firmer than normal and the young man attributed this immediately to the incest stories he read last night. Automatically, his hand reached down under the sheets to grip his lengthening cock. In his mind’s eye, Sundar replayed every last lurid detail of the incest stories over and over, squeezing and rubbing his hard, young cock until it was in a state of full, throbbing erection.

He had not had sex only for two days, but he felt excited tremendously and began to jerk himself off with deliberate strokes, trying to get excited thinking about his favourite matured film-actress Jayaprada. But he did’nt get much excitement thinking about her. But then it struck him… why can’t he try some of the things he had read in the incest story magazine last night which excited him! There was a most desirable women close by – his 55 year-old widow mother!

His cock leapt at the thought, and he jumped quickly out of bed, hurrying down the hallway to the master bedroom, hoping that his sexy matured mother was still in bed. He went back down the hall until he stood before his parent’s bedroom door. His father was died recently and his widow mother Padmabati was sleeping in her room alone.

Sundar quietly opened the bedroom door and looked in. His mother lay sprawled in the centre of the big double bed. She was still fast asleep, with the checkered bed sheet fully covering her lovely curvaceous body. He moved slowly towards the foot of the bed, his cock stirred again as he looked down at his sleeping mother. She was so beautiful… so sexy.

Carefully he reached down and grabbed the sheet, pulling it away. He stood staring at his mother’s shapely breasts tight against her choli. A thin golden-chain with a pendant was draped over her left breast caught on the nipple. His mother’s breasts were larger and more shapely than his elder sister Daya or her lover Rita.

He wanted to fondle the beautiful bulges and suck the nipples. But he first wanted to see his mother’s cunt, nestled between her shapely white thighs. So he started to pull his mother’s thin white saree slowly, higher and higher over her hot, sleek, naked thighs. To his delight, Padmabati stretched in her sleep, opening her thighs wide apart as the saree moved, ever so gradually, up over her lower body.

Sundar’s young heart began to beat like mad as his widow mother’s fur-covered cunt came into view. The moist, swollen lips were wide open, giving him a clear view of her juicy, inviting cuntslit. Unconsciously, Padmabati was giving her son exactly the kind of show he craved. In his sexual fantasies, young Sundar had frequently visualized his beautiful, sexy mother, lying before him, just like she was at this very moment, spread-eagled and naked. As the saree finally reached his mother’s hips, he stared hungrily at his mother’s exposed pussy, licking his lips as his eyes devoured her nakedness.

He stood transfixed for several seconds before leaning over her. Padmabati had the body of a woman at least half her age, even more beautiful than the nude young film-actress like Alia Bhatt or the matured film-actress like Shilpa Shetty or Kajol Debgan who posed in the “girly” magazines that he used as he jacked off in the privacy of his bedroom.

With a lustful smile on his provocative featured widow mother, the young man climbed onto the bed and knelt between her carelessly spread thighs, careful not to wake her. At least not yet anyway! The heady, aromatic fragrance of his mother’s moist cunt filled his young nostrils as he bent his head towards her open crotch.

The smell of his mother’s pussy was so pleasing, much different from his sister’s cunt smell. Ever so carefully, Sundar eased her smooth, creamy thighs wider apart and lay down on the bed, positioning his mouth directly above Padmabati’s long, glistening slit. The lips of his sleeping mother’s cunt gaped beautifully open, revealing the juicy, pink wetness within.

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