Incest as a group activity

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Incest as a group activity, 1st MOVEMENT – bombastico

(with lots of noisy percussion)

Joanna was stunned. And she was angry. And she felt betrayed. In an instant her high opinion of her boyfriend Pete had been shattered. She had always trusted Pete to be faithful to her, at least for as long as they lived together, and she certainly never thought of him as prone to sexually deviant behavior. But now her eyes told her otherwise.

When she came home to their apartment and entered the bedroom, a few hours earlier than Pete would have reasonably expected her to arrive, she got the shock of her life. It took her a long moment to grasp the full implications of what she saw going on in the bed that she and Pete shared – the very same bed where they had made such beautifully sweet love just the night before.

There were three people in the bed now, obviously engaged in some sort of group sex. All were totally naked, their glistening bodies suggesting that they’d been at it for some time. They were obviously unaware that they were being observed. Pete was in the midst of it all. He was stretched out in the classic missionary position over a woman, fucking her vigorously. Another man knelt beside the pair, toying with Pete’s swinging ball sack, fingerfucking Pete’s anus, occasionally kissing Pete and the woman, and generally assisting in the fuck the other two were enjoying.

And then she recognized who these people were. OH! MY! GOD! The woman on the bottom was Pete’s mother, Doris! And the man assisting in this incestuous horror was Pete’s father, Fred! Joanna was so shocked by this that she couldn’t move. She just stood there and stared. She felt like screaming.

The threesome on the bed all noticed Joanna’s presence at the same moment. The scene confronting Joanna froze, just as if it was a scene in a porn video put momentarily on Pause.

Holy fuck!, she thought, staggering backwards out of the bedroom and out into the hallway. Or rather, Unholy fuck!

She heard Pete calling something to her, but she didn’t care what he said. Nothing he might say could save his sorry ass from the anger and disappointment she felt toward him at this moment.

Joanna almost ran from the apartment building to her car. Having nowhere else to go, she drove tearfully to her parent’s place, hoping to find sanctuary there from the disaster which had just turned her personal universe upside down.

She had no idea what she would tell her parents. She couldn’t tell them the whole truth, of course. Incest was such a bizarre practice that she couldn’t imagine herself openly admitting to her parents that she had actually fallen in love with a man who fucked his own mother, kept it a secret from her, and did this at the very same time that he was having daily sex with her.

Joanna had herself felt fleeting moments of sexual attraction for her own father, Evan. But then, who wouldn’t? He was handsome, fit, and fun to be around. But even those harmless daydreams about him might never have occurred to her if some of her girlfriends hadn’t told her repeatedly how hot they thought her father was. Sometimes they went further, telling Joanna that she was crazy not to have taken advantage of having a mature stud like Evan around the house to play with, and that she should have let him fuck her long before she moved out from her childhood home to a place of her own – and later to a shared apartment with Pete.

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