Incest as a group activity

Incest as a group activity, 1st MOVEMENT – bombastico

(with lots of noisy percussion)

Joanna was stunned. And she was angry. And she felt betrayed. In an instant her high opinion of her boyfriend Pete had been shattered. She had always trusted Pete to be faithful to her, at least for as long as they lived together, and she certainly never thought of him as prone to sexually deviant behavior. But now her eyes told her otherwise.

When she came home to their apartment and entered the bedroom, a few hours earlier than Pete would have reasonably expected her to arrive, she got the shock of her life. It took her a long moment to grasp the full implications of what she saw going on in the bed that she and Pete shared – the very same bed where they had made such beautifully sweet love just the night before.

There were three people in the bed now, obviously engaged in some sort of group sex. All were totally naked, their glistening bodies suggesting that they’d been at it for some time. They were obviously unaware that they were being observed. Pete was in the midst of it all. He was stretched out in the classic missionary position over a woman, fucking her vigorously. Another man knelt beside the pair, toying with Pete’s swinging ball sack, fingerfucking Pete’s anus, occasionally kissing Pete and the woman, and generally assisting in the fuck the other two were enjoying.

And then she recognized who these people were. OH! MY! GOD! The woman on the bottom was Pete’s mother, Doris! And the man assisting in this incestuous horror was Pete’s father, Fred! Joanna was so shocked by this that she couldn’t move. She just stood there and stared. She felt like screaming.

The threesome on the bed all noticed Joanna’s presence at the same moment. The scene confronting Joanna froze, just as if it was a scene in a porn video put momentarily on Pause.

Holy fuck!, she thought, staggering backwards out of the bedroom and out into the hallway. Or rather, Unholy fuck!

She heard Pete calling something to her, but she didn’t care what he said. Nothing he might say could save his sorry ass from the anger and disappointment she felt toward him at this moment.

Joanna almost ran from the apartment building to her car. Having nowhere else to go, she drove tearfully to her parent’s place, hoping to find sanctuary there from the disaster which had just turned her personal universe upside down.

She had no idea what she would tell her parents. She couldn’t tell them the whole truth, of course. Incest was such a bizarre practice that she couldn’t imagine herself openly admitting to her parents that she had actually fallen in love with a man who fucked his own mother, kept it a secret from her, and did this at the very same time that he was having daily sex with her.

Joanna had herself felt fleeting moments of sexual attraction for her own father, Evan. But then, who wouldn’t? He was handsome, fit, and fun to be around. But even those harmless daydreams about him might never have occurred to her if some of her girlfriends hadn’t told her repeatedly how hot they thought her father was. Sometimes they went further, telling Joanna that she was crazy not to have taken advantage of having a mature stud like Evan around the house to play with, and that she should have let him fuck her long before she moved out from her childhood home to a place of her own – and later to a shared apartment with Pete.

But Pete’s father Fred had been part of the threesome, too! She knew that Pete wasn’t gay, but he certainly didn’t seem to mind having his balls and his asshole played with by another man! Joanna had never consciously looked at her own mother Ruth that way, even though Joanna could easily see how sexually attractive her mother was to her father. Ruth was pretty in a quiet, girl-next-door sort of way, attractively proportioned, and sweet in a way that seemed almost old-fashioned these days but was still very endearing and motherly.

Joanna loved both of her parents dearly. But sex with either of them was quite unthinkable. And sex with both of them was just too weird to even think about. Pete must be out of his Dorisfucking mind, she thought.

* * * * *

2nd MOVEMENT – seductivo

(softly, on vintage instruments)

Evan and Ruth were happy to see Joanna, although they sensed immediately that the reason for her unexpected arrival was not a happy one for her. They didn’t press Joanna for details. They were able to learn that Pete had somehow messed up bigtime, and that Joanna needed to be apart from him. Possibly forever. They doubted that this would prove to be the case, but they knew better than to try to convince their daughter right now that things couldn’t be as bad as they seemed. Persuading her of that would take time.

Joanna retired to her former bedroom, closed the door, and asked to be left alone.

The next morning, after Joanna was sure that Pete had left for work, she called the apartment and got the answering machine, confirming that Pete and his parents were not there. She hung up the phone without leaving any message. She didn’t even like listening to Pete’s voice on the damned machine.

She drove to the apartment and took away several armfuls of her personal belongings, things that she would need at her folks’ place. She left a note for Pete telling him that he should be ashamed of himself, that he didn’t deserve her – or any other decent woman for that matter – and that he could just fuck off. Permanently.

Pete guessed correctly where she had gone. He called her parents’ home several times every day, asking to speak with her. Her parents had to tell him, every time he called, that Joanna had said that she did not want to come to the phone and did not want to talk to him. Pete said how sorry he was for what he had done, without being specific about what that might be, although in one call he mentioned something about how fond his parents were of Joanna and how sorry they were for everything that had happened. Joanna hadn’t said anything about a part that Pete’s parents may have played in this matter, but perhaps they were involved in some way.

Joanna’s parents had met Pete’s parents only a few times, but Evan and Ruth agreed that Fred and Doris seemed like very nice people. Pete seemed to be part of a very warm and loving family. Joanna’s parents tried to understand what could possibly have gone so terribly awry in their daughter’s relationship with Pete – and perhaps with Pete’s family as well. They had to find out, somehow. If Pete wasn’t willing to tell them what was going on, maybe his parents would.

Two phone calls later Evan and Ruth felt they knew all they had to know, and the very next morning Joanna’s parents decided to intervene in their daughter’s unwholesome and unhelpful isolation. They knocked on Joanna’s door and came into her room without waiting to be invited in. Joanna was lying in the middle of her bed, face down, in a tee shirt and jeans. She may have slept in her clothes. They sat on the sides of the bed, one on each side of her. Ruth spoke to her daughter in soft soothing tones, not really expecting her daughter to join in the conversation but wanting Joanna to hear what she had to say.

“Your father and I are saddened by this turn of events in your life, Joanna,” said Ruth. “But we suspect that you may have exaggerated the seriousness of whatever it was that Pete said or did to you.”

No, Mother, thought Joanna. You haven’t a clue how serious this really is.

“We know how much you love Pete, honey,” said Evan. “You mustn’t forget how much your love means to him. He must be heartbroken that you walked out of his life so abruptly.”

Sure, Dad, thought Joanna. Take the man’s side. The prick’s side.

Ruth smoothed Joanna’s hair with her hands, and then rested her hand on her daughter’s shoulder. “He wants to apologize to you, darling. He needs to apologize to you. You should at least give him the chance to do that.”

Evan bent and kissed Joanna’s cheek softly. “And we love you too. It hurts us to see you so deeply unhappy. You must let us be of help to you in some way.”

“We’ll just stay here with you awhile, sweetheart,” said Ruth. “If you feel like talking about it, we’ll be here to listen. We both want to help you deal with this.”

Ruth lay down full length on the bed close beside Joanna. Ruth was also on her stomach, facing her daughter’s moist and reddened eyes. She draped an arm affectionately over Joanna’s shoulders. She gestured to Evan that he should join with her in this physical demonstration of solidarity with their daughter.

Her father lay down too, close to Joanna’s other side. He let his arm fall gently across her waist.

Joanna felt the warmth of her parents’ closeness and of their love for her. She whispered a thank-you to them, and kissed them both lightly. She was facing her mother’s smile. Why couldn’t Pete’s love for his own parents be as ‘right’ as Joanna’s was for her own parents? Why did he have to turn it into something he was so ashamed of that he wouldn’t even tell her about it?

The three of them lay side by side, in silence, for several minutes. And then Ruth kissed Joanna again, and began to gently caress Joanna’s neck with the hand that had rested on the girl’s shoulders. Joanna sighed, showing Ruth that she liked the affectionate gesture, so Ruth went on with it. Ruth cuddled even closer to Joanna, and her cheek touched her daughter’s. She kissed Joanna’s cheek again.

Evan got the hint, and his hand on Joanna’s waist began a gentle massage of the girl’s lower back. Joanna sighed again, and she turned to give her father a thank-you kiss on the cheek. He used his fingers and thumb to add some intensity to his massaging movements, showing that he had a lot of experience in this sort of thing, and soon Joanna was wriggling unconsciously with the very pleasant sensations flowing through her.

It was some time later that Joanna felt a subtle change in her feelings about what her parents were doing to help her relax and feel better. She wasn’t sure at first what she was feeling, but part of it was certainly the togetherness she felt with her parents and the physical pleasure she was getting from their tender caresses. She turned to her father and saw only love and compassion in his eyes. She kissed him lightly on the lips and then, without knowing quite why, she kept her mouth pressed to his.

Evan held Joanna’s face to his own as their kiss went on and, when it was clear that both of them found the kiss to be a pleasurable one, he moved his hand from the small of her back to her far hip and pulled her lower body closer to his. Her eyes went wide for a moment, and then she relaxed and let her body fit itself comfortably against her father’s.

How do parents get to know, so much better than their children do, what is right and good for them? thought Joanna.

Joanna became aware that her mother must have seen what she and her father had been doing. Amazingly, Ruth didn’t seem to mind. In fact, a moment later Ruth showed how much she actually approved of what was going on.

Ruth got up and moved to lie full length over both of the others, her legs astride the others’ hips and her face close to both of theirs. She began to kiss both of their faces, and when their mouths parted for a moment Ruth kissed both of them full on the mouth, in turn. Joanna watched in wonder as her parents tongue-kissed each other deeply and lingeringly. Then Evan kissed his daughter again. This time his tongue entered her sweet young mouth and was received with eager playfulness by the young woman’s tongue. And then it was Ruth’s tongue playing with Joanna’s, and then a sort of general sex play began among the three of them.

Joanna felt that she was being happily brought along on a fun outing planned by the other two, and that any objections from her would be foolish. It appeared that this was going to be a very pleasant experience for her. She couldn’t quite believe what was happening, but she had no interest in putting a stop to it.

Her friends were right. Her father really was hot. And he was obviously eager to share his sexual nature with her. He lifted her tee shirt up about her neck, revealing the absence of a bra beneath it, and began to lick and suck her nipples. Joanna lay back and cooed contentedly. Her mother somehow got Joanna’s jeans and panties off. Ruth’s mouth went to work between Joanna’s legs, and the girl gasped with pleasure at the contact of Ruth’s tongue with her sensitive pussy lips. As soon as Ruth had succeeded in turning her daughter’s pussy into the warm and wet haven her husband’s cock needed it to be, she removed her husband’s clothes and then her own. She moved to the side and let Evan take charge of things.

Evan parted and raised his daughter’s thighs, resting her legs over his shoulders and hooking his arms under them. He looked directly into his daughter’s eyes for a long moment. He seemed to be waiting for some sign from Joanna that she wanted him as much as he wanted her.

“Fuck me, Daddy,” she said. “Please.” Her father entered her, causing her to gasp in the intensity of the sensations his cock was generating within her. Evan made it last a good long time. Joanna thought that her girlfriends were more right about her father than they could possibly have known. She joyously rode out two powerful orgasms before her father flooded her cunt with his cum. Ruth reached a hand under him to cup and fondle his weighty balls, and bent to kiss Joanna wetly on the mouth.

Suddenly the apparent strangeness of this whole event was gone, and the good intentions behind it became clear to Joanna. Ruth and Evan hadn’t been present when Pete was caught in a threesome with his parents, but somehow they knew what it must have been like. They had deliberately arranged this threesome to give Joanna a delicious taste of exactly the kind of sweet mischief that she had accused Pete of being part of.

Joanna knew now that her parents had been right all along. She had indeed exaggerated the seriousness of Pete’s transgression. Pete’s mistake was not in having sex with his parents. That was just something that his family did. His mistake was in not letting her in on the secret before she caught him in the act in such an embarrassing way.

“Thank you, both of you,” Joanna smiled. “I think I should talk with Pete soon.”

She then proceeded to repay her parents by eating out her mother’s pussy and later, after her father had had a chance to catch his breath, by giving him a very satisfying blowjob.

When Pete called two hours later, Ruth answered the phone and told him that Joanna was willing to start rebuilding the bridges between Pete and herself, bridges that had been badly damaged in the past few days. Ruth invited him to drop by in the early evening, when hopefully the peacemaking process could begin.

The last things that Joanna heard her mother say on the phone to Pete were, “Yes, dear, it went very well … We’ll have to find a way to thank your mother … Yes, I think that’s an excellent idea. Bye.”

* * * * *

3rd MOVEMENT – orgioso

(rhythm section only, as used in tacky porn flicks’ fuck scenes)

Evan and Ruth stood appropriately in the background when the doorbell sounded signalling Pete’s arrival. After all, this was Joanna’s moment, not theirs.

Joanna answered the door, and was a bit taken aback to see Pete’s parents standing on the front step behind their son. Joanna had wanted this awkward reunion with Pete to be a private one, but she felt she had no choice but to ask all three of them to come in. She closed the front door behind her guests, and wondered how their presence could possibly make this easier for either Pete or herself. Fred and Doris gave little waves of hello to Evan and Ruth, and a glance at her parents told Joanna that the appearance of Pete’s parents did not come as any surprise to them. The whole world seemed to be conspiring to keep her in the dark about everything, she thought.

Everyone got seated comfortably. Space was made for Joanna and Pete to sit together on the big sofa. The four parents sat quietly. letting the young people decide how they wanted this to be done.

“I feel so stu …” Rose started to say to her boyfriend, taking his hand in hers.

“I never should ha … ” Pete started to say to Joanna at the same moment.

There was an awkward silence when neither knew what to say or do next, and then Pete decided that a kiss might be a good way to start the negotiations. He leaned toward Joanna and touched his lips to hers. She returned the kiss, grateful for Pete’s loving gesture. It was clear that a simple kiss was indeed the best way for each of them to start saying they were sorry and to accept the other’s apology. They remained in a warm hug for a moment, took a deep breath, and then spent the next few minutes tumbling over each other verbally in their eagerness to apologize to one another.

The four parents waited in silence until these rather comical exchanges of mutual self-incrimination had run their course. Peace had been restored between the alienated parties. Ruth, always the perfect hostess, knew what needed to happen next.

“Please give me a hand in the kitchen, Doris. I think we could all benefit from some dessert and coffee about now.”

Evan and Fred stood and talked in a corner of the room, getting better acquainted. Joanna and Pete remained seated, relaxing in a continuing hug. The young people didn’t seem to want to be separated, not even for a moment.

The ladies rejoined the group. The refreshments were distributed and enjoyed. Someone dimmed the room lights slightly, and someone put some soft music on. It was time for the parents to congratulate their reunited children, and to congratulate each other for their efforts in making the reunion possible. It seemed that everyone needed to give a hug and a kiss to everyone else. And the embraces and kisses were soon not at all like casual congratulatory gestures.

Joanna found herself swept into Fred’s arms, and his kiss caught her by surprise by its intensely sensuous nature. She looked out of the corner of her eye to see if this had been noticed by anyone, and saw Ruth playing tongue games with Pete. Evan had Doris up against a wall, their lower bodies moving lewdly against each other as they kissed with passion. Joanna turned her attention back to Fred and let him know, by grabbing a fistful of his genitals through his trousers, that she was up for whatever he had in mind for her.

Later it was Evan who was dryhumping Joanna on the sofa. Fred’s hands were between Ruth’s thighs, and her dress had somehow come mostly unbuttoned. Doris was pulling her son’s ass tightly against her, to allow her to feel the hardness of her son’s cock poking insolently at her belly. Doris was using sensuous movements of her lower body to effectively masturbate her son through their clothing. Their clothing was beginning to be a bit of an inconvenience for all of them.

Clothes started to come off. The happy reunion of the young couple was rapidly on its way to becoming an orgy. And everyone seemed eager to enjoy it to the fullest.

The participants kissed and caressed and sucked and fucked, in twos and threes and fours and mores. As Joanna braced herself against the back of a chair and let Fred hump her doggie style from behind, she was in a perfect position to watch in wonder as her mother knelt between Pete’s legs and sucked his cock as Doris lay on her back under Joanne’s hips and noisily slathered her tongue in Ruth’s pussy.

Later, as Evan fucked Doris, he was surprised to feel a finger probing at his asshole. If was Fred’s finger, bringing a generous dollop of some sort of lotion with it, and a moment later the finger was replaced by Fred’s cock. Evan did his best to relax his anus ring muscles, as he’d learned to do many years before when he and another boy had experimented with each other’s bodies at summer camp. Fred proceeded to sodomize Evan with lustful enthusiasm. To Evan’s credit, he never missed a beat in his thrusting into Doris’ deliciously snug pussy sheath. Joanna made a mental note to lick out her father’s anus later. She realized that its taste would be highly unusual, but she guessed that it might also be unusually good.

And so it went. And it went on and on.

* * * * *

CODA – disneyoso

(hummable Happy Ending themesongy)

There was never a formal schedule put in place, but everyone seemed to get a chance to play with everyone else on a regular basis. Evan and Ruth visited Joanna and Pete now and then, as did Fred and Doris, and on every one of those visits the four participants would enjoy each other in the raunchiest traditions of good raw sex. Evan and Ruth began to spend their winter vacations travelling with Fred and Doris to a number of sunbaked destinations, so a large number of hotels in a large number of exotic resort locations ended up providing them with suitable settings for the sharing of sexual pleasure.

Joanna never forgot the time when she nearly lost Pete, due to her unfamiliarity with one of the more intriguing byways of sex. She would never make that mistake again. Now, whenever some new quirk or kink appeared on the horizon of her sexual world, she didn’t shield her eyes from it. She went for her binoculars, to get a better look.

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