First Time, with Mom, A mother instructs her son towards a happier life in love

First Time, with Mom, A mother instructs her son towards a happier life in love, It was yet another discussion I had with my mother on the constant source of my youthful distress. Young women, that is, and their apparent lack of affection for me.

“That Jenna seemed like a nice girl, didn’t she” mom started. I knew what she was doing, she wanted to see me with a girlfriend as much as I did. But how could I explain it to her that once again it was not my opinion which had lead to Jenna choosing the dashing football player instead.

“Ah- we, kind of broke up. Again. I mean she dumped me, that is” I spoke, irritated.

“Hmm, and you two seemed to be doing so nicely. Well, don’t distress, it’s another experience which you’ll remember and it will be helpful the next time”.

I turned away. “Experience, yeah… I’ve never, um, you know, like, been with a girl, mom”

“Well, that isn’t the only kind of experience I meant. Oh, that’s nothing to be ashamed of, honey. Lots of girls respect that in a man. Many wait until they are married, even.”

“Yeah, but, but…”

“You’d want to do it, you’re trying to say, pumpkin?”

“Yeah” I said, imagining the nude nubile form of Jenna in my mind. Entirely fictional, of course, how would I have ever seen her naked?


“Sure, but…” Duh, any time. But with who?

Mom touched my cheek and gently turned my head so I looked into her big brown eyes. “No, I mean really, right now.”

My eyes widened, and I stuttered: “Uh, um,” as I felt the softness of breasts against me, “but, I mean, er, how can I… I mean, eh, you’re my mom”.

“Well certainly,” she smiled, “the same way as with any girl”.

“But, ehm, what I mean, it’s, er, not quite…” Mom had kind of a pretty face, actually, though, which was causing my thoughts to wander. I mean, if you were allowed to think like that about your own mother. But she certainly seemed to be allowing it right now, which was pretty confusing, although not nearly as bad as I would have thought such an idea should perhaps have seemed.

“Oh, I’m no girl,” mom said, “But I am a woman,” she took my hand, “And sure I’m your mother,” she took my hand and pressed it against her breast. “But I’m here. Right now. If that is good enough…”

“I…” I started, biting my lip, as mom was staring me in the eyes. She was moving my hand, so I felt the soft heaviness of her breast, and saw the promise in her warm eyes. Nervously I swallowed and whispered: “Yes”.

Mom didn’t say anything, but I felt her lips touch me. She first kissed me rather reservedly on the lips, although a normal motherly peck on the cheek it was not. When I finally found the courage to start responding to this, mom brought her tongue into play as well, and started opening my shirt.

Mom undressed both me and herself down to our underwear. She was still very slender for her age, but her hips and breasts definitely had a more full and rounded, motherly, figure than the young women I was used to drooling after. This did strangely catch my attenetion more than I thought it had any right to.

Tousling my hair she sat on my lap, long legs on each side, and gave me a kiss on the lips. It was difficult to be this close, not being used to it. Mom was reaching towards her bra, and this made me really nervous, which she of course noticed, and said: “Don’t worry, honey. Nothing here you haven’t already seen.” Smiling, my mother reached behind her back and unlatched her bra. Her breasts were very different from the girls I lusted after (not that I’d seen them naked), as they bouncily fell away from the lacy fabric. They were large and heavy, hanging low and sagging, with large aureolas and nipples; they certainly held my attention very well despite this. Mom took my hand and pressed it on the left one; it was soft and… nice.

“Go on, get a good feel of them” she said, her hand on my shoulder. I did, pushing their large soft forms together, held them from underneath, feeling my mother’s breasts’ weight and shape.

“Touch the nipples, try to make them react to your fingers, like this” she said, and showed how it grew all perky when she rubbed with her fingers, and I tried it too.

I noticed I was getting hard, and tried to not let mom notice it. Mom of course noticed it. “Oh, don’t worry, it’s completely natural.” she smiled, and kissed me again, this time pressing her breasts tightly against me.

“I can ride you on top if you want to,” she said nonchalantly, “But I think it might be better if you did it yourself, so you’ll get used to it, or what do you think,” she asked with a questioning look.

“I… ah – um -er – all right,” I blurted.

“Good boy,” mom smiled and got up. I watched and sweated cold as my mother slid her fingers under the waistline of her panties started slowly taking them off, my gaze nervously alternated from her face and the adorable view that was being revealed.

“It’s so pretty,” I sighed instinctively at the sight of the cute brown fuzz between my mother’s thighs.

Mom smiled and took my hand, and saying: “Come on,” lead me to bed.

Mom laid on the bed, her auburn curls spreading on the pillow. Her legs were modestly turned to the side at first, and she asked with a caring look in her eyes: “Ready?”.

“Um- I think…” I said, and mom opened her legs wide, and I bit my lip. There it was. My own mother’s pussy. It’s not something you think you’d see, but it was… beautiful, and I wanted so much right now to know how it felt.

Mom could sense this, and said with an encouraging smile: “Do it now, sweetie pie, will you?” she whispered.

The fuzzy hairs tickled a bit, and then I slowly slid into the vagina. “All the way, baby” mom said, touching my arm. I moved my hips, and it wasn’t hard at all; at least not with mom.

“It’s so warm,” I sighed as I finally felt my balls touch mom, and my whole length was in her. I could feel every little movement mom made, familiar from the time I was born, and noticed I had instinctively started thrusting my hips along with these movements I knew so well. It was easy, exactly because of that; I knew that with a girl in this situation I would have been scared out of my wits, with mom it was all just natural instincts and feelings.

Mom instructed and guided me with her experience and maternal instinct, softly whispering along the lines of: “Deep and hard, yes, just like that. Long thrusts, all the way. You can go faster, but take it easy, don’t rush it; we have all the time in the world. Just follow the rhythm of my hips, pumpkin. Yes, yes”.

The way mom’s hips moved taught me all about the magic that was love, and I learned easily and well, following their motions. “Hmm-h. Yes. Like that. Good” mom commented, as natural instincts totally took over. Mom’s large breasts were so soft and heavy they didn’t stay still under the force of my thrusts, and the motion was captivating to me as I repeatedly drove myself towards heaven.

I lasted surprisingly long, thanks again to mom’s help, but finally the ache in my balls became unbearable and I moaned: “H-here it comes, mom, just for you,” and then it happened; my first time. My entire body bucked, concentrating on my hips, driving them forward hard, and I whimpered from the immense feeling of the rush as I fired my warmth back into my mother’s womb with such a force it made her thighs twitch.

“Nnh! Mom! A-anh!” I groaned as I tightly held onto my mother’s hips and, instinctively timing the thrusts with the rhythm of my ejaculations as was natural, repeatedly rammed into her so hard her heavy breasts bounced. Mom breathed in deep sighs and her hips moved in mysterious ways which felt like wonderful tightening and shuddering ripples around me as I sent all my love and affection into her in copious bursts.

“That’s it, darling. Good. Good” mom whispered to me as I finished with a hard, desperate thrust that sent the last remnants of my sperm as deep as possible, and then slowly pulled out. I cuddled against her soft breasts, with my thoughts and gaze still lingering on the beauty between her legs. She took my hand and laid it on her belly, against her womb now containing a warm memory of me.

“It wasn’t so bad after all even with just mom, or was it?” she asked, smiling.

“I-” I started, biting my lip sheepishly, “It was wonderful, mom”.

“That’s good. You’ll have many long years to spend with pretty girls, don’t worry if it doesn’t happen right away”.

“Yes, mom, I can see that now. Thank you so much”.

“I have a little more advice if you care,” she said.

I believed it to be worthwhile after my recent experience, and agreed. Mom turned and pulled me with her, onto my back and kissed me. I felt her hand touch my balls, gently. She held them with motherly care, fondling with her fingers in a skillful fashion which caused a new tingling warmth come rushing to my testicles to replace what I had ejaculated earlier.

“Blowjobs are a good measure of a girl’s character, you know, so it’s a good idea to try to get her give you one, when you find a girlfriend. If she constantly keeps refusing, or doesn’t swallow, you might start having thoughts on how much in love she is with you despite what she might tell you” mom explained.

“Oh, I see” I answered with deep interest, as mom’s soft wet lips started a track of little kisses that were constantly going lower towards the obvious destination.

“You’ll need something as a comparison” she stopped to whisper, “Of course, mother’s love isn’t really the same thing as romantic interest, as I’m sure you know”.

“Uh-huh” I bit my lip.

“But just relax and don’t worry, and we’ll see where we can get with that” mom said, and bent down to warmly kiss my balls. I sighed and laid back, closing my eyes as her tongue started working on them. After a while I could feel her lips and tongue started moving upwards on the shaft, I was completely hard again, unsurprisingly. Her hand took a deliberately firm but loving hold of the hardness, retracting the foreskin, and I felt mom’s lips touch the tip for a second as she shifted into a better position, and then they slipped around the shaft and slid down.

Mom worked slowly and carefully, her head bobbing first with little motions, and little by little increasing the tempo and depth of her suction, as well as the movement of her tongue and hands. I reached to brush mom’s curls off her face, and looked her in the eyes and she slowed down again, as it wasn’t the time so soon. Her large dark eyes carefully studied the depths of my soul, my feelings and expressions, and what she saw in them made her lips tighten their hold again and soon her head was in bouncing motion again, her tongue fluttering with each downward movement.

After several preparative goes like this, mom’s gentle maternal instinct and the way I groaned and twisted under the movements of her mouth told her when the right time had arrived, and she quickly started stroking and sucking hard and fast, in a steady, constant rhythm which I knew wasn’t going to stop until I had given everything.

“Oh mom!” I screamed as I came so hard mom’s cheeks bulged and even her eyes widened in sudden surprise of the amount and force of my ejacualtion. She couldn’t help swallowing immediately, though, as it was after all her own child’s warm sperm and she knew what a precious gift that was. Mom made a little whimpering sound every time I squirted in her mouth and she gulped wetly, showing how much she appreciated everything I was giving her. She fondled and caressed my balls, wanting to suck them dry, and I let her do so, gently caressing her curly hair and softly gasping: “Here. You. Are. Mom…” through spasming ecstacy as she caught full mouthfuls one after the other.

Afterwards mom covered my balls in kisses, and, still seemingly surprised by the amount of sperm I had shot, and spoke in warm with warm compassion and admiration: “Well, there’s no doubt of your love for your mother after that”.

“Thank you, mom” I said and smiled, and hugged her. Mom let me suckle on her nipple until my breathing and heartbeat calmed and I fell asleep in her arms, instinctively pressing against her soft breasts.

“Sweet dreams, little darling,” she whispered.

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