I fucked my sister and my mom

Name has been changed. Im kumar 16 , I have a sister her name is meera 17 and my mom shweta 37 she get married in her 20 with my father now my father has divorced my mom when my sister is 14. So that incident only three of us living together I am the only male in my family. One day my sister’s panties laying on the floor in the room and it was full of stain in the panties where the pussy is. Im a horny boy and always masturbating watching porn atleast four times a week , I then headed to the panties and pick it up and the aroma the scent of the cum of my sister is amaizing. L started to grow inside my short , I quickly get my long shaft 7 inches of my dick in my palm and started to jerk off in her panties for the first time. For my surprise I cumed very fast and it was full load with heavy semen smell fill the room, unfortunately my sister came in and shouted, what thell hell are u doing with my panties, you masturbates with my dirty panties. I was like um um im sorry sis I am abit curious thats all nothing else.

Nothing else? You masturbates with my panties and you said nothing else! My sis yell at me.

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Im sorry pls dont tell about this to mom I beg you plssss plsssss dont issue this to mom I will do whatever you say. I begged my sis with my cock pounding at her.

Thne I notice that my sis is looking at my huge dick . She ask me what made you curious about, then I explain that your sexy body ,your butt, boobs in this age make me cum every time when I see you do you know that.

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My sister, why didn’t you tell this to me earlier, I could help you!


Really but howw ?I asked!
Then she hold my cock and stroke it up and down I was shocked but it gives me pleasure.

Then i use this golden opportunity to fuck my sister because it is my dream to fuck my mom and sis but time only sister is able.I then asked my sister to get undressed. After she get undressed her cleavage looking so good, to tell you the truth she is sex goddes oh my god without wasting time I started to fuck her hard snd came inside deep in her womb since that day we were gucking around the house whenever mom is not at home.
I asked my sis how would it be if mom join us? I asked my sis.

Sounds good! I will help you to fuck ok.
Ok my sweety I nodded.
My sis begin to give a sex talk with mom to activate her lust mode.

One day my mom saw me with my sis fuking on my mom’s bed and she what the hell are you guys doing on my bed , fucking around? . Shitt!
Now you must be punished with saying that my mom get undressed quickly. Her body is stiil fresh even in her thirty’s. I then know what will she do , my sis quickly grab my mom with her arm and push her on the bed and got on the bed and spread her leg and get between her leg, it was a perfect view of pussy oh my god first my mom now my sis I am very lucky to get them.

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I insert my dick deep inside her amd my sis sit on top of mom’s face yo satisfy her clit and mom was moaning out of pain instead.
She the started to move her hip up and down she is was fucking thight with squeezing my cock. After a while my sister started to moan because mom is sucking and licking sis cuntand she came in her mouth and I gave a heavy load cumshot in her womb now I two slutty bithces in other word sex slave of mine.

From that day we are vigrously everyday.

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