Seducing My Shy Indian Aunty Sajitha – Part 1

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It was 4:30 pm in the evening and I was waiting for Sajitha aunty to come from the airport. I was the one, assigned to pick her up and help her with setting up her things here as it was the first time she was travelling to a big city like Bangalore.

Half an hour passed and finally, I saw her walking steadily towards me with the luggage. As she came near me, I took her luggage and kept it inside my car and turned towards her. That’s when I properly looked at her.

Sajitha aunty was wearing a red saree and there was sindoor on her forehead. She was around her 40s, fair and average-built. She was shorter than me.

I gave her a hug. Hugs were not a thing back in our village. But I just hugged her hoping she won’t mind. She didn’t hug me back though. She asked me how I was and thanked me for coming and stuff like that, which I didn’t pay attention to.


Aunty then got into my car and we drove to my place. I had already prepared dinner for her. So we sat there and ate the food without wasting time.

Me: So, all prepared for your first day at the job?
Sajitha: Oh yeah! But I am tensed, you know?

M: That’s normal. Don’t worry. You will get through. After all, you are my dear aunty, right?
S: Haha, hopefully!

Me: Remember the time when I used to be young and you taught me Math?
Sajitha: Ohhh yeah. You remember that, even now?

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Me: Yes! That was a fun time. See, if you can teach me, you can teach those 5th-grade students as well. Don’t worry!

She felt a little calm inside talking to me.

Me: Hey, I just remembered. I have bought a few dresses for you to wear here. I have kept it in your room there.
Sajitha: Thanks, dear.
Me: (with a smile): You wear it and show me.

She went inside and saw the dresses. All of them were t-shirts and pants. I knew she never wore them outside.

Me: It is okay. Here, everyone wears all this.
Sajitha: Still? I feel shy.

Me: Only I am here, right? Wear it and show me.
Sajitha: I love to wear all this, but your uncle never allows me to wear this anywhere.

Me: Lucky that we don’t have my uncle here now.

I laughed. She went inside and changed to the dress I bought. It was a blue tank top and jeans. I took my phone and said we should take some pictures of her because she looked so beautiful.

Me: No no! If uncle sees this, then he will kill me!
Sajitha: It is just between us. Don’t worry.

Saying this, I took several photos of her in various poses. She gave some sexy poses as well, unknowingly.

Then I went near her and took a selfie with both of us. I was holding my phone with my left hand and I held her waist with my right hand.

I pulled her towards me for taking a photo of us together. She wiggled a little and tried to move out of my clutch. I didn’t leave her. I took so many selfies like that. After some time, she was getting okay with my touch.

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I then tried being a little bold and moved my hands towards her front stomach and pressed it on top of the dress, while taking pictures, simultaneously.

Sajitha: Hey! Don’t show this pictures to anyone, okay? They will think bad about us.
Me: Sure. Don’t you worry?

I became bolder and bolder and my hands went inside her tank top a little. I put my index finger on her belly button. She got tickled and laughed. I laughed back too. She then took off from my hands.

Sajitha: Enough photos for today. Let’s sleep.
Me: Okay! Tomorrow we can continue then. (I said with a hint).

She just smiled and left to her assigned room and I went to my room. So, she was staying with me until she found a girls’ hostel near her school.

I went to my room and removed my clothes and jumped onto my bed. Now I was fully naked (that’s normally how I used to be in my room). I started stroking my already erect penis. It felt good.

Suddenly, Sajitha aunty barged into my room. She wanted to say something. But she stood there still looking at me naked! I didn’t bother to cover up. She apologized and left the room. I went after her, grabbing a towel nearby and covering my essentials.

Me: Hey! Why did you just barge in like that?
Sajitha: Sorry, dear. I didn’t realize..

Me: Realize what? That I was naked?
Sajitha: Sorry! Hey! Consider this. We are family, right? I am your uncle’s wife. So it is okay for me to see you naked. No need to be ashamed of it. I will not tell anyone, okay?

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Me: Really? Is it okay to see me naked because I am your family?
Sajitha: Yeah!! (She gave a shy smile)

Me: Then it would be also okay if here I barge into your room when you are naked and saw you naked?
Sajitha: Well you won’t see me naked. Haha. I would close my room before getting naked, you know.

Me: But it is okay if I see you naked, you said!
Sajitha: Sure.

Me: Really? Then I want to see you naked now. Then we will be even.
Sajitha: Oh oh!

Me: What? You said you had no issue, right?
Sajitha: Let me think, okay? Your uncle shouldn’t know about this okay?

Me: Sure. Go ahead!
Sajitha: Noo! I am shy!

Me: Hey you saw me naked. So you don’t get to be shy. Okay! I will remove my towel in front of you now and be naked. Then you can start removing your clothes. Deal?
Sajitha: Hmmm.

I removed my towel and threw it away. Now she could see my 6-inch boner in front of her.

Sajitha: Okay, I will do it. But you don’t tell uncle, okay?
Me: Deal!

Sajitha: So should I start now?
Me: You want me to remove your dress?

* * *

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