My Sister-in law

Ok, so this just happened with my sister-in-law..  My exwife and kids recently moved into a new place in town. Myself and my exwifes brothers wife Pamala helped with the move. It took most of the morning and just into the afternoon. It was nothing special, just loading stuff into the trucks and then unloading it at the new place. After we had finished getting everything moved My Ex told me I could take a recliner that wasn’t gonna fit in her new livingroom. Pam volunteered to swing by my place to help me unload it and get it into my house since she live in my direction.

Pam followed me to my place and we took no time getting the recliner into my house and into a good spot so that I could see my TV and also see out my livingroom window. We chatted for a few minutes about her husband Brandon who was paralyzed several years ago in a car accident. He had regain his ability to walk with the help of steel plates in his back. Being Pentacostal we all were thankful in what God had done in his life.
As I talked with Pam she seemed depressed about some things that she was dealing with in her walk with God and with her own marriage. As she began to leave, I reached out and took her into an embrace to let her know everything was gonna work out for her. In my innocent gesture, I tilted my face towards her cheek near her ear and gave her a soft kiss. It was only to show her I cared and was there for her. But what happened next was unexpected, yet surprising none the less. As my kiss pressed against her cheek, Pamala slowng tilted her head away exposing her neak and she gave out a very noticable moan of arousal..


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Her actions gave me the impression she was inviting me to continue.. I took a chance and kissed her alittle lower and with just a hint on a tongue touch to her skin. Which she again replied with another soft moan.
She raised her right hand and placed it just behind my head and gave a pressing motion which pushed me closer to her neck. I was very aware of the actions we were now playing out. I opened my mouth and kissed her neak as she tilted more and more. With her free hand she ran her hands up my chest and then switch to her chest and pressed her hand into her breast. I inctintly match her hand on her breast and for the first time I was touching Pam in a very intimate way. I rasied my head and she turned to me and we kissed as lovers. She moaned and was transported to another plane as we kissed. She broke our kiss and without a word between us she moved her hands to my belt and undid it as she stared at me with eyes of passion, yet eyes of hurt and shame. I brought my hand up and placed it behind her neck and leaned forward and kissed her again as I felt her hands undoing my pants. I was instantly hard with lust for her as she gently pulled my shaft from my boxers. With just a few strokes I was ready for whatever.

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Again Pamala broke our kiss and she slowly knelt down infront of me and took my manhood deep into her mouth and throat. I looked down at her and made eye contact again. She watched me as she pleasured my body. I was able to reach my front door to lock the deadbolt as she continued with her new found lovers member. After what seemed like heaven for several minutes, she released her hold and stood up infront of me. “Don’t stop.” She said me. “Don’t stop no matter what you hear me say. Don’t stop.” I replied in a curious “Okay..” And with that Pam turns away from me and lifts her typical pentacostal jean skirt up to reveal her panty covered butt. I stepped forward and ran my hands up the sides of her thick thighs and hooked my thumbs into her panties waistband and pulled them down until they where just above her knees. My cock was raging hard as I grabbed ahold with one hand and guided it towards her. Pam had moved her hands to her butt cheeks and had spread her butt and eager pussy wide open for my easy insertion. And that is what happened, my entire shaft slide into Pamalas warm body with just one push. I felt her body except mine as she bent foreward over the back of the recliner we had moments ago brought in. As I got into a slow rhythm. Pam began to softly moan and began telling me this is wrong.. “This isn’t right.. Stop.. You’re not my husband..” At first I thought she ment it, and I stopped, apologized and was pulling out, “NO! DO NOT STOP..” she says as she whips her head back to look at me in an angry look. I could see her eyes were teared up but she hadn’t shed a full tear yet.

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“Are you sure?” I asked her with compassion. She answered with “I’ve been without sexual attention for so long.. Do Not Stop..” And she turns back to face away. I felt her pain when she looked at me.. I knew she and her husband have not been intimate in a very long time due to his inability to please her. I returned to my original mindset and pushed repeatedly into her very wet and welcoming body. I picked up the pace and before long, I was pounding away as Pam moaned and cryed out in pleasure. My only goal was to make this last as long as I could.. And I believe I reached that goal. After what went on for sereral minutes, I felt her body begining to shudder and she climaxed in a load cry of pleasure. She went limp in the aftermath, I continued to pound her backside for a few more minutes until I exploded a volcano of cum deep into her love tunnel. As the last burst of cum left my body, I stood motionless inside her pussy. I felt her working her inner muscles in an effort to milk my shaft of every drop.

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I finally steped back and exited her pussy. She stood up and pulled her panties up and lower her stirk back down as she turned towards me. I was first to say anything after we looked bewildered. “Are you ok?” She looked down for a second, then looked at me and said “I’m better. Thank You for the attention I’ve been needing..” And with that, she leaned in and kissed my cheek, unlock the front door and walked out…

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