Mom caught me with my cousin

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Last 1-2 months have been memorable as I have lost my virginity with my classmate and than my lover Anuj and classmate Nikhil have enjoyed me together,really two cocks at a time give more pleasure and my sexy organs are getting hot as it’s growing big and glittering like a Swati have become a dream gal for them but my cousin brother Yogesh have also fucked me once,it’s a nice evening as I reached my home from college,in the terrace I can see my mom sitting with cousin Yogesh as I walked to him and than touched his feet as a sense of looking at Yogesh,I smiled…….

“talk you soon,let’s took refreshment
(Yogesh)sure why not ?.”

And my mind reached to our past ,when he have forced me for sex and than I have fulfilled my desires,his long thick cock is still in my eyes as I put my bag on table and closed the door from took out my tops and leggings,looking hot in my red panty and brassier,I took out a boxer from wardrobe with a short shirt,I removed my undergarments also and frisked nude inside I have urinated as I took a brief bath and rubbed my wet body with towel,put boxer as well as shirt on my sexy body.In last 2 months my physical measurement have not changed as brassier’s are not fitting well,it’s tight on my boobs and panty is still comfortable,I think it’s the sexual activities that are making my boobs I slept on bed as I am thinking about cousin Yogesh,will he love me tonight or not? .Swati will have to approach him first or he will show his desires? ,Let it happens .later on I heard mom’s voice……

“Swati have your coffee soon.”

And I walked out ,mom and Yogesh is sitting on sofa in dinning space as I sits on a chair opposite to them.yogesh is eyeing my sexy nude legs to thighs as I put my legs crossed and hold the cup to drink coffee,as mom is watching t.v,my eyes are also going on him especially on his bulge of penis on bermuda.looking at me,he smiled as I felt bit shy and after drinking coffee,I put empty cup on table and left them.I closed my room’s door from inside as I slept on bed with a magazine,trying to divert my mind from Yogesh as I have already got two cocks in my purse to love,sorry it’s not here but I am sure they can do anything to have my sexy why love my cousin’s penis as it’s illicit and not good for relationship but it’s the start only when relatives also made sins frequently.It’s 07:15 pm as I am reading magazine while lying on bed and than I can hear sound of door’s opening,I wake up to see cousin Yogesh standing near my bed and he smiled………

“Swati ,how are you?
(Swati)fine and you ,sit please
(Yogesh)fine , actually I got the job in a private firm
(Swati) oh ! You have passed your interview,so you are here
(Yogesh)yes Swati,too happy for it .” And he inches forward to hold me in his arms as I pushed him back…….”leave me ,mom is in home what are you doing?
(Yogesh kissed my face)no she have left for evening walk baby.”

And it’s my sexy body demanding his love while I am showing my resistance ,he have hold me tightly in his arms.yogesh is kissing my cheeks to lips as I put my arms on his back,rubbing it fastly and he took me on his lap as I am sitting with my legs wrapped on his waist,like a sexy Gao,boobs are brushing on his chest as he put his lips on my lips,my hand is rubbing his back hard and than,I took out my tongue as he opened his he started sucking my tongue ,while holding him I pushed him on bed as he fells ,I am lying on his top and he is sucking my tongue hardly as his hand is lifting my shirt up,just touching my nude eyes have been closed as I have put myself on his top,Yogesh sucked my tongue till I took out my tongue and now I smiled……….

“now see your sisters love making efforts.”

And I started removing his Bermuda as I took out his vest,he is completely nude as his long cock is making me I took him by surprise as I removed my shirt and than boxer,making myself nude ,as I knelt on his body but putting my face in his opposite direction,it’s a 69 position as my face is facing a long thick cock and my sexy ass is up over his face ,legs are wider as I hold his penis and removed it’s skin to kiss it with my lips.suddenly ,I can feel yogesh’s lips on my vagina as his hand is holding my I kissed his long tool and than opened my mouth,took his cock inside it and started sucking it while keeping my head still.its a longest hardest cock for me as I am feeling horny and he is distracting my labias and than his tongue starts licking my vagina,it’s have little flexibility as his tongue is licking it fast and sexy voice”oohh aahh ” is coming out of my mouth and I started sucking his penis with my face moving faster ,it’s his cock growing harder in my mouth and I am enjoying his 8-9 inches long cock ,while getting sucked ,he is licking my cunt as his penis grew harder inside ,I took it out and started licking it with my long tongue.really I love such a long ,thick and hard cock to please myself as I rolled my tongue on his base to shaft and glans,I can feel yogesh’s licking makes my cunt too hot ,like a stray dog,his tongue is moving faster inside as I took his cock again in my started sucking it wildely with my mouth giving it a nice and hard jerk,he is screaming

“oohh aahh uumm you are so sexy my sister, love to fuck you soon.”

And he left licking it and my mouth is full of penis as I felt his one long finger in my vagina.yogesh is fingering my cunt fast as I am sucking his penis hard and than he slapped my ass twice .while feeling too hot and horny ,I left his penis.He is still fingering my vagina but as I left his body,it’s out of glory hole,we both are sitting nude on bed and Yogesh walked to washroom as I am waiting for my fuck.

Yogesh came back as he made me sleep on bed,like a indian wife waiting for her Hubby’s fuck in missionary he put a pillow under my ass as he hold my both legs,keeping it up in air as I felt his cock in my vagina,I put my hand on hot tool and started pressing it under my his long cock’s 1/2 portion vanished inside it,he left my one leg and hold my waist and fucked me hard as I shouted

“oohh aahh Yogesh your cock is too hard FFF fiiuu fuck hard” and he started fucking my vagina with speed and my sexy ass is just above of pillow,sexual organs are straight and than his 15-17 hard hits have made my vagina filled with cum and Yogesh is still going hard in my vagina.its a nice fuck for a gal of 22 years,having height of 5’6 feet with figure of 32-25-34 and lovely boobs are filled with milks(as I think) and vagina is getting fucked by his cousin’s penis .as I started sweating ,he stopped fucking and now knelt me on bed like a bitch,as doggy position is good for fuck,it makes your vagina more satisfied as penis hits deeper vagina looking at him,I can feel his cock going inside my wet cunt and as his 2/3 Rd penis vanished inside,I pushed my ass back as my cunt swallowed his long cock and he is fucking me hard.its a nice effort from me to my cousin brother as getting satisfied is not my primary concern on bed but making my lover satisfy is also my he is fucking my wet pussy,I started moving my ass fast and it’s a climax of sex as both are getting it on bed ,in a sudden some voice came”oohh nice you brother and sister are enjoying fuck love your dirty minds” as looking back ,I can see my mom standing there as she is looking in anger,Yogesh asked him………

“aunty leave us soon ,no need to become vamp here.”

And she left us in anger as I started swinging my ass fast ,now begging for cum……..”oohh aahh my vagina is in fire ,rain your cum.” And as he hits my vagina for a while,my vagina got the sperms and I took my cousin’s dick in my mouth to suck and got the taste of it.

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